Chapter 3: Twenty Years Later

I own nothing…

Sitting near a tombstone contemplating death is not really anyone's definition of normalcy.

Well, except for mine.

It has been twenty years since the day that I saw my first vision. It was of my family.

Every single woman in my family that has ever had that necklace, and as I shudder to think about it; died in it. They left a memory that I can see, whether it is their last moments on Earth, the birth of a child, passion with a loved one, or anything else significant in their lives. I see it all.

You learn a lot from these things. You learn a lot that you didn't want to know.

I know that my grandfather is not really my grandfather because my grandmother cheated on him with his best friend.

I know what giving birth to a child feels like, even though I am barely a virgin.

I understand what it feels like to be raped, and then choked to death.

I also know what the truest kind of love feels like.

Love that I will never feel, and you know; I am okay with that.

It works the same way with people to. Whenever I touch them I see their whole lives. Everything that they have forgotten I remember; I know.

I say that I am barely a virgin because in Webster's Words: a person who has never had sexual intercourse. I have had sex before but…it wasn't the greatest experience....

Anyway, why am I sitting near a grave? Well, it is because I am getting paid. Yes, horrible. But, I am helping this family that really doesn't have much money. Their names are Angela and Ben Cheny, they have a one month old little girl by the name of Claire. See, Angela's father was a billionare who didn't approve of Ben so he disowned her and then died soon after. Leaving billions of dollars hidden in a safe deposit box. At least that is what she thinks, so she and Ben hired me to find where the money is. I get a cut of the money, a pretty penny to.

This is how I make a living.

Looking in a dead mans memory for a safety deposit box and a location.

So far I had…nothing.


It is as if this man didn't have any good memories.



I have been to his house.

Pet his dog.

Raided his closet.

Touched his car.

Swam in his pool…by the way pool boy, I know what you did.

And I got absolutely nothing.

It was as if he didn't feel anything. At all.

Now, I am sitting near his fresh grave contemplating why I cannot get any readings from him.

This hasn't happened before.


I look around at the other graves lined up around me like some sick game of tetris. There are a few people at the other graves sites, some laying flowers, others crying, and still others talking, their mouths moving like the person they were speaking to was sitting across from them.

I leaned forward slightly and touched my palms to the ground.

I close my eyes and I empty my mind.

Calm, peaceful, that is what death is; it is only we who are left behind that feel empty and alone.


I sit up fast in frustration.

Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Not that I am surprised, really. He never touched this ground, why would he, it wasn't like he pointed to a section of earth and said 'why yes that looks like a lovely spot, bury me here', no, I highly doubt that.

Anyhow, remember how I said how that I work on commissions? Well, I am not really sure how anyone finds me, it just sort of happens. One minute I am sitting in my apartment next minute I am getting a call from a random person who needs to know something; and of course they will pay me. After all a girl has to eat right?

I wasn't sure how they found me until I was bored one day and I Googled my name; to my chagrin, I have my own site, that I was never told about.


I reach into my raincoat pocket and dig for my keys wile trying to keep my balance on the slick pavement; but me liking to test gravity, I trip and fall to the ground my wrist twisting painfully.

I clamor to my feet and inspect the damage.

It doesn't look too bad, maybe a bad sprain but nothing that ice and a brace cannot fix.

"Excuse me, miss?" A voice asked from behind me.

I turn around and am awestruck.

"I think you dropped these." The Adonis in front of me said dangling my keys in front of me hanging from one finger.

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