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Secret Lessons

10 days until the Ball in Saint Lyons

"Only ten more days," Sabrina thought in a panic. "I still don't have a dance partner." A knock on the door startled her out of bed. She looked back at Kip's sleeping figure before slowly opening the door.

"Good morning, Princess." Prince Kiefer said politely. Sabrina shushed him and pointed to Kip. The prince gave an understanding nod and continued quietly, "I was wondering if you would like to go practice dancing."

"Oh." Sabrina was shocked, but considering her current predicament replied, "I would love to."

They arrived in Foxtrot Forest a few minutes later and began to practice. Sabrina was a bit confused about Kiefer's sudden interest in dance, but did not complain. And so they began having secret lessons everyday in Foxtrot Forest early in the morning while Kip was still asleep.

7 days until the Ball in Saint Lyons

By their third day of practice Sabrina and Kiefer had become great dance partners and even greater friends. Then Sabrina brought to the prince's attention her problem with performing the dance to Voices of Spring. They tried dancing it and Sabrina managed to trip over her own feet. Kiefer was able to catch her and set her back on her feet.

They spent their time that day going through the steps until they were ready to dance the whole thing.

The dance was perfect, every step perfectly placed. Not once did they mess up.

When the dance was finished Sabrina jumped happily and hugged Kiefer and he hugged her back. When they ended their embrace they didn't let each other go. Sabrina's hands were hooked behind Kiefer's neck and his were around her waist. They were smiling. Sabrina blushed while Kiefer, for once in his life, seemed very confident as he leaned in to kiss her on the lips. The girl didn't protest and, in fact, she welcomed it wholeheartedly and kissed him back.

When they stopped they looked at each other, smiling.

3 days until the Ball in Saint Lyons

That day Foxtrot Forest was filled with people who were there for the music festival.

Sabrina and Prince Kiefer were standing together by their favorite oak tree while they watched the festivities. The couple smirked at each other, both thinking the same thing. How the forest was their forest. The forest where they had their secret dance lessons away from Kips watchful eyes. Kiefer reached over and squeezed Sabrina's hand lovingly.

It was then that they noticed a creature in the band beckoning them. They didn't understand so the creature was forced to walk over to them and say "We would like you to dance to the next song."

Kiefer held his out to Sabrina and said, "Well then, shall we dance?"

Sabrina giggled and answered, "Indeed we shall."

Then a creature announced, "And now Princess Sabrina and Prince Kiefer will dance to Voices of Spring." The announced pair was shocked and looked at each other, both thinking, "How much do they know?"

The music began and the dance partners began performing their favorite dance. A dance that meant so much to them. They danced and twirled gracefully and with ease, enjoying every moment.

As the creature watched the pair dancing, Kip thought they looked a bit too comfortable. And when had they become dance partners?


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