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I know some people may read this and wonder why the hell such a big deal was made over something not quite so dramatic, but honestly I watch these movies and think that if something liek what I'm about to describe truly did happen, you wouldn't dismiss it with a "I'm okay". I hope you'll agree. Again, this will probably be edited later!

This is part one of a series I think. It reads like a one-shot, but not quite. ;)

They were glaring at each other over Sulu's unconscious body, the only thing separating nurse and captain was the infirmary bed between them.

"He's fine" Kirk stressed, blue eyes flinty as he tried to use his height and position as advantage over the young Nurse Chapel, her braided blonde hair and doe eyes giving her the appearance of a young naïve girl. People who knew Christine Chapel, especially Doctor McCoy who swore to God that she was some damn witch (he was bitter that she often put him in his place), knew that she was anything but, and it was a lesson Jim Kirk was discovering for what had to be the 6th time. They tended to butt heads.

Christine put her hands on her hips and leaned further over Sulu's prone body, matching Kirk's glare with one to rival it. "I am the nurse, and it's my express," she hissed, trying not to draw more attention than they had already garnered, "medical opinion that he is not fine!" To Kirk's credit he didn't flinch at all when she practically shouted the last word.

Christine watched as Kirk's jaw tightened perceptibly.

"Nurse," oh, there he went with the command voice again. "while it's no concern of yours, I need my pilot to fly this ship through the mine field that separates us between the people we're trying to rescue and where we're currently stationed. So," he was all arrogance, it was practically rolling off of him in waves and Christine wanted to lean over and smack him in the face. "It's unfortunate that he has a nasty bump, and I'll be sure to send him back to your waiting arms when we're clear," he sniped and she bristled, "but right now I need him."

His stare was unwavering ,demanding no room for argument.

Christine clenched her teeth, wondering where the hell McCoy was. He should be dealing with his friend over here while Christine tended to the wounded. If she spent another second looking at the Captain's stupid face, she would probably knock him out just for the sheer pleasure of it.

But she couldn't say no to him. Sulu probably had a concussion,. Maybe even a skull fracture. Christine was more than a little concerned that his brain could be bruised or slowly swelling up. It was the result of hitting one of the mines that Kirk was mentioning, they were made invisible by a magnetic field that none of the senior staff had caught until the first one exploded right in front of the deck, knocking nearly everyone to the ground. A few of the deck crew had received injuries, but Sulu had slammed his head on his workstation , immediately knocking himself unconscious and leaving an unsightly mess.

She could wake him, he would be disoriented, and Christine highly doubted he would be able to fly through a minefield, no matter his talent. And he was drooling, she thought as she looked down to the Asian man, laying completely still, mouth open, and legs sprawled. It was an entirely dignified position. She kind of wanted to take a picture.

Christine took a deep breath and looked back to Kirk, who was unwavering as ever. "Captain," she started, knowing that she couldn't continue to argue with him, so she would try to reason. " the Helmsman could be suffering from a fractured skull, a concussion at the very least. Even if I were to let him go with you he would hardly be in any condition to fly," she bit into her lip, slowly losing her will to fight with the captain. "Jim," she said more softly, and watched as his mouth twitched, "why are you pushing this? If it was just a scrape then fine, but he's clearly not capable of navigating through a minefield."

Christine didn't understand it, the people they had been hailed to rescue must be of some importance to the Captain or else Christine couldn't imagine why she'd demand that a badly injured Sulu guide the ship through mines. Hell, he'd probably pilot them into one. It wasn't like the Captain to demand so much, especially when he had to know it just simple wasn't feasible.

She watched as he waged a war with himself, before his shoulders relaxed and he braced his hands on the infirmary bed, leaning in, head down for a moment. Christine waited patiently before he looked back up to her.

"Damnit you're right," he sighed and caught her eyes, a small smirk gracing his features. Christine smiled back more hesitantly, still unsure what was going on. Her blood was still pumping from nearly leaping over the bed and clawing at him, so the abrupt change had her feeling a little off kilter. She waited for an explanation he gave none. True, they weren't very close, Christine who had become better friends with Bones, had begun to see more and more of Kirk and the Senior officers. She and Kirk were on fairly good terms, but both were a bit….decided in their opinions, and often clashed with one another.

Kirk opened his mouth, maybe to give some sort of explanation but was interrupted when Sulu cleared his throat, voice slightly raspy. "No, I can do it." Both Christine and Jim snapped their heads in Sulu's direction, taking the Asian man in as he tried to sit up.

Immediately Christine set her hands on his shoulders and eased him back down onto the bed. "Easy," she said softly, turning away from the men to get her scanner. He lifted one of his hands, which wavered slightly as if he was unable to control it. "I can do it," he repeated, and Christine arched a brow at him, entirely unconvinced, and not at all liking the smile on Kirk's face as he patted his pilot on the arm.

"No," Christine asserted before Kirk could open his mouth, and the Captain glared at her again, and no she did not imagine the slight pout of his mouth. Such a child. "I don't care, you're staying here," she ordered, hands now on her hips and staring at both men angrily. Sulu's hand and expression was frozen as he stared back. "Uh, okay, right," he coughed and the hand went back down . "That's what I meant," he muttered, and Kirk let out an annoyed sigh.

"Fine," he said finally, letting the word out as if it honestly pained him. "But," and he pointed a finger in her face, "if we explode I entirely blame you Nurse," she gave a sigh of exasperation and rolled her eyes. "Well it's not like you'll be able to throw it in my face in the afterlife," she retorted and turned back to Sulu, gingerly touching his head to feel out the bump. Sulu winced.

She thought Kirk had left but she heard his voice from over her shoulder, "and why not?"

Christine snorted, "because I, unlike you, wont' be burning in hell," she said sweetly. There was a silence before she heard Kirk's laugh, deep and honestly amused, the sound getting further away as he left the medical bay.

The small smile that tugged at her mouth was only seen by Sulu, who despite his head injury, was staring at her with a knowing look.

She refused to acknowledge it and instead went back to her scanner, hovering it carefully over the goose egg on Sulu's hairline. "No fracture, just a concussion," she reasoned, glad Kirk wasn't here to probably declare it not serious at all and whisk Sulu away. It didn't surprise her, she'd seen Kirk bruised, bloody, and practically heaving with a collapsed lung, ordering people around in full battle mode. Idiot.

"Great so I can go fl-"


"Right, that's what I meant."

The second time she saw Kirk that day he was the unconscious one, blood pouring from a wound over his right eye, his wrist which was twisted at an odd angle , was hanging limply beside him as he, Commander Spock, and Bones, materialized on the transporter pads.

It was 8 hours since her confrontation with Kirk. Sulu had stayed in the infirmary for a further 4 hours before returning back to the bridge, pumped full of muscle relaxants and sporting what looked like a third eye at the center of his forehead. Christine wasn't sure who Kirk had gotten as his replacement but they had navigated through the mine field easily, and within the hour Kirk had put the crew on alert as he and a team prepared to board the other craft to rescue children.

That's what it had been, children.

The ship in question had been a smuggling ship, carrying what Christine could only assume to be over 20 children, all kidnapped or orphaned in a smuggler's bid to gain money whether by ransom or by selling them.

Christine understood why Kirk had been so insistent. They were children for God's sake.

Bones had breezed into the medical bay with a severe expression on his face barking to the other staff to be prepared, the children were of different species, backgrounds, and lord only knew what their health was. Christine had felt sick with the knowledge.

"Sick bastards," Bones had uttered as he stood next to Christine, as his head nurse they were in charge of the majority of the team, and while she knew what was coming she couldn't help but feel a little weak. There were no children aboard this ship so Christine hadn't had to deal with the prospect of injured kids until today.

Christine had sighed and clenched her fist. "Do you know what happened? How could someone just take—" she broke off and looked away, met with a short burst of silence as McCoy gloomily stared forward. "Damn if I know, I'm—" Bones was interrupted as Ensign Chekov's voice filled the speakers calling both she and Bones to the transporter immediately for retrieval of patients.

In waves the children were being transferred to the ship, Christine counted 19 before the transporting apparently stopped. The team spent the next 30 minutes forming a triage of sorts, looking at all the kids, some not even 4 years old. As Christine put salve on the bruises around one particular girls' neck, she couldn't help the flood of emotion that went through her as the little girl just stared back at her blankly, as if she wasn't really part of this world It broke Christine's heart, and with a watery smile she guided the little girl to one of the other nurses before turning to the next kid, a taller boy, who looked more malnourished than injured if anything.

"Hi," she said softly, smiling slightly as if it in some way could comfort the boy. He wasn't as despondent as the girl, there was real anger in his eyes, and despite his frailty she could see the tenseness in his shoulders, speaking of a great deal of pain to come. Biting into her lip she placed a hand on the boy's cheek, his bluish skin pulled tight over his cheek bones, his face gaunt.

"It's going to be okay," she said after a moment, swallowing as the boy looked away from her, closing his eyes as if shutting her out. She reached for him again but flinched when she was suddenly called, Chekov's voice urgent as he called her back to the transporter with a gurney

Confused, she left the boy in the care of another nurse, sick with the dread that perhaps there were more children.

But as she arrived just in time to see Commander Spock materialize, she stopped, confused. Sensing her presence Spock lifted his head to meet her, face emotionless as ever, but she could see the tightness in his mouth, and body, something different from his regular rigidity.

And suddenly in a flash, Bones appeared on one of the pads, an unconscious and heavily bleeding Kirk in his hands.

Christine didn't bother to stifle the gasp as she strode forward instinctively, the weight of Kirk apparently too much as Bones grunted, Spock immediately coming to his side again, both men carrying the Captain by his shoulders.

"Nurse," Bones shouted, and she snapped to attention , wheeling the bed she'd brought with her to them. Spock and Bones heaved Kirk over the frame, Spock waited only a moment to see that Bones had the situation under control before sidestepping around Christine, with a curt "excuse me," no doubt to take his place as acting captain and deal with the other ship.

"Doctor," Christine heard herself say, sounding at a loss as she took one of the sides, Bones already wheeling his friend out of the room and down the hall.

"Not now nurse," he gritted out, and Christine shut her mouth, her attention immediately dropping to Kirk. While the head wound was bad (head wounds bled too much), Christine could tell that the cut wasn't so deep. The broken wrist also didn't seem so severe, so Christine wondered why the air felt so heavy.

"He's bleeding internally," Bones suddenly said, and Christine snapped her head up to meet his dark eyes. "Damn fool wanted to play hero," Bones scoffed, and Christine, for whatever reason was reassured that Bones was chastising his friend at all. "Went in guns a blazing, except with no damn gun. Jackass" he was muttering now as they pulled up to their own emergency room, a few nurses waiting to assist with the surgery. "Hobgoblin must have some wicked sixth sense," he continued, "marched right in there- GET ME AN INTRAVENOUS NOW! Useless damn…"Bones trailed off as Christine prepared herself to assist, her eyes never leaving Kirk's prone for a second. And to think only earlier he had been leaning over Sulu's bed, blue eyes furious, his face a foot from her own.

"…if he wants to play hero he can tie a goddamn bed sheet around his neck. Laser scalpel," he ordered gruffly, and the surgery began.

"How is he?" Lieutenant Uhura asked as she slid in to the seat beside Christine, who was finishing up the chart work from one of the engineers who had accidentally sliced their own finger off. ("Cannae even flip me off" Scotty had laughed, delighted when he'd brought the pissed off engineer into the medical bay. The missing finger was in fact the engineer's middle one.)

For a moment Christine actually thought Uhura was asking about the engineer. She gave the communications officer an incredulous look.

"Kirk," Uhura said simply, drawing the name out and giving Christine a deadpan amused smile. "Geez, how long have you been here, you look terrible," Uhura picked up the end of Christine's ponytail, taking in the messiness of it all.

"Oh," Christine chuckled and rubbed at her eyes, she'd been on shift for the past 48 hours, only leaving once to shower when Bones told her she looked 'damn awful.' Charming really. "Hey, hands off," she whined halfheartedly, and Uhura dropped the blond strands, giving her an amused look.

"He's much better," she continued, heaving a sigh and turning around from her workbench to see Kirk, sleeping soundly on the bed. The surgery went fine, his wrist had been repaired and the cut above his eye cleaned. He'd been in an out of it for the last two days, ironically he'd received a concussion.

Uhura smiled back, and squeezed Christine's wrist, "Good," she said, before leaning forward, her forearms resting on the table as she watched Christine work. "He's still a mouth breathing idiot," Uhura continued, meeting Christine's eye with exasperated amusement, "but…" Christine watched as Uhura sighed heavily. The whole situation with the children had shaken almost everyone, and while Uhura never said it Christine knew that she worried about Spock who had gone to retrieve Kirk, the Vulcan of all people feeling as though something was wrong. He'd been completely right, James had nearly died, and would have died if Spock hadn't gotten there when he did.

While Christine rarely spoke to Spock, she thought he only really acknowledged her because she'd grown close to Nyota, she couldn't help the gratitude she felt for the Vulcan. He'd saved the Captain's life, and hadn't even said a word about it.

"But," Christine snapped her attention back to Uhura who smiled again. "He's a good man," she let out a short laugh, "never thought I'd be saying those words." Christine shared a look and the two girls smirked. While Uhura more often than not was nearly overcome by the urge to kill her Captain, Christine knew that the woman had grown to respect him, knew that he'd become something more than however she knew him as. Uhura could deny it all she wanted but Christine knew that the other woman considered James a good friend.

"I better get back," Uhura gave Christine's wrist another squeeze, winking before she slid off the bench, smoothing down her skirt.

"Oh please, flash those long legs in front of me," Christine gave a pointed glare at Uhura who feigned innocence, and flipped her long hair over her shoulder. "Legs? These?" Uhura flexed a calf, and the girls chuckled together before Uhura turned to leave. "Enjoy that snoring!" the taller woman called back, and Christine snorted. It was true, James T Kirk was a snorer.

Christine sighed , beginning to rap her nails against the vid screen she had in her hand, suddenly glum despite Uhura's little chat. Christine had no idea why the Captain's injury was affecting her as much as it had. She hated seeing anyone injured of course, but perhaps it was guilt for that morning before all of this happened, though Christine really had nothing to feel guilty about. "You are an idiot" she told herself lowly in singsong, before giving a disgusted noise and tossing the vidscreen onto the workbench with a clatter.

Too brash, too arrogant, too young, people judged him all the time. She was no different. She wasn't even remotely surprised that he'd practically killed himself for those kids, that was the type of person he was.

So why? What the hell was the matter with her?

"Hear that?" came a raspy voice, and Christine whirled around in her seat, her shins hitting the bench supports as she stared in surprise at Kirk's bed. "I'm a good guy," he continued and managed a smile, his blue eyes bright as he watched her.

The relieved smile that filled her face was probably a little ridiculous, but Christine paid it no mind as she stumbled over to his bed, immediately going to check his vitals on the biofunction monitor behind him. "Well welcome back!" she grinned, hand resting on his arm as she turned away from the report screen, eyes raking him over, taking in the steady rise and fall of his chest, and the bruises that were beginning to heal. "How do you feel?"

Kirk winced as he tried to shift a little, movement obviously would pain him greatly. "Couldn't be better," he turned his eyes back to her, blinking at the brightness of the lights. "You look like shit," he pointed out, and Christine's smile slowly fell, a blush rising to her cheeks.

"Thank you Captain," she drawled, embarrassed, but not at all hurt. She pulled up a seat next to his bed so that she was more on par with him, her fingers going up to toy with her hair, really wishing that she had taken Bones' advice and cleaned herself up.

They stared at one another for a moment, Kirk seemingly studying her, before she blinked and look away, clearing her throat. "Bones," she started a little lower, in case he was anywhere nearby, "seems to think that you're better off tying a sheet around your neck than going onto a ship unarmed if you want to play hero," her voice was amused as she looked back up at him, just in time to see him roll his eyes.

"He would, probably hope the sheet gets caught on something so I hang myself," he coughed, hand resting on his ribs as he did to withhold some of the pain. 'And," he continued, tone of voice argumentative, "I left my phaser in my other pants," he sniffed "so it's really not my fault."

Christine arched a brow but sighed, letting him off with it. "Well maybe you should think about checking your pants before you run off into battle," she tapped at the previously broken hand, grinning softly. "Though ," she bit into her lip, "Scotty and I have a bet going that you did it all on purpose," she watched Kirk raised a brow, obviously interested. "So that your secret lover Commander Spock could come and save you," she stifled a laugh at the horrified expression on the Captain's face, unable to even comprehend what she just suggested.

"Spock?," he protested, completely floored and disgusted, his voice breaking from disuse which made Christine laugh harder. "Okay," he pointed a finger at her, "you and Scotty are cut off, no more seeing each other," he reasoned, unimpressed completely, and Christine couldn't help but fall a little bit in love with the way his nose crinkled, his poor mind obviously filled with less than healthy images. She wondered if she could get Scotty to try the same thing with Spock.

"I don't know," she continued, voice low so as not to disturb the other patients, "he's so tall, and with all that bottled up emotion underneath that pointy-eared appearance," she licked her lips, sighing almost mournfully, "I think he'd be good in bed. We should ask Uhura." She laughed again when Jim grimaced, shaking his head again before giving her a brief smirk. "I had no idea you considered the sexual prowess of my crew in such detail," the smirk grew larger as Christine eyed him warily. "Wonder what you think of me?" And there it was.

It was Christine's turn to roll her eyes and she sat up straighter in her chair. "Anyway," she changed subject, not at all enjoying the amused glint in those blue eyes. "I should go tell Bones you're awake, the crew has been really worried about you," she went to stand from her chair, hand braced on the bed. She was stopped when Kirk rest his hand on hers, forcing her to look at him, his blue eyes suddenly serious.

"How are the kids?" he asked, as she caught the set in his jaw.

Christine sighed, and sat down again, for one reason or another she didn't move her hand from where Kirk held it. "We dropped them off at Federation Headquarters yesterday," she felt his eyes on her, and she looked up, a reassuring smile on her face. "They'll be fine, well," she sighed, "physically that is. I can't imagine the amount of emotional damage they've suffered, we don't even know how long they've been aboard that ship," Christine began to toy with his hand, her fingers locking with his as he continued to stare at her.

"Spock brought the smugglers to the fleet to be dealt with," she tightened her grasp. "They'll be given the proper punishment, you can make sure of that." She watched as he finally looked away, staring at the ceiling, obviously deep in thought.

'Jim," she said softly, repeating his name again more imploringly. "You saved them," she smiled at him, and instead of flinching, she merely grasped tighter when her looped his fingers through her own, bringing her whole arm over as he rested both of their hands on his chest. She could feel his heartbeat there.

He looked like he was struggling with something, and Christine got the impression that it was a struggle to tell her what he had seen. She wouldn't force it out of him, despite his bravado and arrogance, he was obviously still upset by what had happened (as anyone should be). She'd gotten most of what had happened from the few security and engineer crew who had gone with him, bits and pieces of how the man and his smugglers had been waiting for them, immediately engaging Kirk in battle while the rest of them got to the children. All she could get out of Bones was him coming upon Spock trying to support Jim on his own, the Vulcan covered in his Captain's blood. Thinking back, Christine wondered why she hadn't seen the blood on him before.

"Stay," he said after a few moments, shocking Christine out of her thoughts and surprising her completely with his request.

Christine swallowed hard. "What?' she asked, looking around to see if anyone else had heard that. Was he insane? It wasn't like they were best friends or lovers or anything. The most she'd spoken to him without another person's interruption had been that morning of their argument two days ago.

She was sure none of this mattered to him because he smiled and tugged at her hand again, causing Christine to give him a pointed glare. "Stay with me just for a little while," he repeated, looking devastating with those blue eyes and the……gah.


"You can even share my bed here," he continued, his voice tired, but the tone implying nothing but mischief. Christine flushed violently and shook her head. "No, I've got to go sleep, get cleaned up," she grew flustered when he wouldn't' stop pulling at her hand. "You're the one that said I looked like shit!" she exclaimed, and was rewarded with a bemused look.

"You're gorgeous, and you can sleep here. "

Christine did her best not to flush, and instead, summoning all of her courage rolled her shoulders back and gave him a hard look. "No, you need to rest, and I," she bit into her lip as she tugged at her hand hard, barely stumbling when he let go, "need to go find Doctor McCoy, excuse me."

"Oh come on," she heard him exclaim, and she could just imagine the look on his face, all exasperation and disbelief. "I'm a sick man in need of some comfort Nurse!" she kept walking, struggling to keep the smile off of her face. "Don't turn your back on your Captain," he continued but Christine paid him no heed, disappearing through the infirmary door, the smile now fully on display.

"Women." he muttered, and sulked.

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