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Her breath was hitching as he dug his fingertips into her hips, lifting her so that her legs wrapped around his own , the two of them pressed intimately together. "Jim," she breathed against his ear, her lips running along the shell, heavy breathing making his groin tighten to the point of pain. He wasted no time in pushing her up against the console of the bridge, her blond hair bursting with blue highlights from the screen behind them, bathing to two of them in fluorescents.

She released her hold on his hips, letting her legs fall just alongside of his. "Come here," she uttered, grabbing the front of his shirt and pulled him closer to her, trapping him with her thighs as she brought him in for another kiss. Her tongue was running along the bottom of his lip before she bit into the plush warmth, gripping his shirt harder as if trying to get him closer. "Do you know how long I've waited for this?" she panted, releasing her hold on his mouth as her fingers danced along the hem of his shirt, delighting when he let out a guttural moan as she raked her nails along his abdominal muscles.

He found himself without words as he stared at her, his forearms on other side of her, bracing himself as if from collapsing or from ravishing her there and then.

Her question went without an answer as she leaned in again, her hand simultaneously dipping past the band of his briefs. "Christine," he groaned, leaning his forehead against hers as she –

Kirk woke with a start, chest heaving as he tried to get his bearings in the darkness. He was panting, sweat causing the sheet to stick to him despite the cooler temperature of the room.

He ran a hand through his hair as he tried to orient himself, not fully comprehending the darkness when previously it had been so bright, the imprint of her blond hair against his face seared into his brain. "Shit," he swore, collapsing back onto the bed as he stared up at the ceiling.

This was bad, very bad.

Of course he had erotic dreams about women, hell normally he didn't even have to because he usually had the real thing whenever he wanted. He'd dreamt about Christine before, but that was when he hadn't known her, only flirted with her well over a year ago when visiting Bones. She'd merely given him a blank look and moved on so he hadn't really bothered with her ever again. To save his pride he'd dreamed she'd had that same severe expression and may have been brandishing a whip. He'd never dreamt of her again, and now that she was becoming a close friend, if anything, Kirk was stunned to find himself dreaming of her, and like that

"Christ," he groaned, rubbing at his eyes. He could still hear her in that breathy moan, asking him if he knew how long she'd been waiting for him. The feeling of her nails against the dip of his hipbone sent a white hot jolt straight through him, and he winced.

This was very, very bad.

He didn't want to be thinking of this the next time he saw her. She was his friend, he respected her, and he wasn't entirely sure if his big mouth wouldn't totally ruin that friendship for him. Fuck. Fuckfuckfuckfuck.

Alright. Think other thoughts.

He had a meeting with Admiral Pike later that day, and mediating a peace treaty that Uhura was going to accompany him on. Good, work slows the libido down. He'd have to check with Bones about the new shipment of cadets they were getting, he knew four of them were nurses and—

And there his mind went back to Christine.

Exhaling heavily through his nose, Kirk punched the mattress under him, very discomfited. This shouldn't be an issue for him, he was a ladies man, charming, capable, brash, he didn't even like Christine in any sexual kind of way, but apparently his body was telling him that he at least thought about her that way.

He could tell as the minutes ticked by that he wasn't going to get anymore sleep (and if he was going to dream again, he wasn't sure he wanted to sleep). He was already standing, thick framed glasses perched on his nose as he looked for his pants when a call suddenly came through, chirping noisily, demanding his attention.

"Accept," he yawned, nearly taking himself out as his foot got caught in the pant leg.

"Captain," Scotty's voice came through, terse, and annoyed.

Kirk, buttoning the fastening on his pants, looked up to see the vid screen of the Scottish man. "," he drawled, "everything alright?' he postured, blinking blearily as he took in the other man's expression.

"That'd be a no Captain," he turned, several people dressed in white were carting off what looked like dead bodies, and Kirk, growing steadily alarmed, stepped closer to the screen, eyebrow raised.

"Scotty," Kirk said calmly, keeping patient as he was sure there was a good explanation "are those what I think they are?"

"Depends," the Scot chortled, his normally upbeat attitude considerably dampened to the point of exasperation, "if yer thinkin' that you need better engineers because they're a lot of daft wankers, then certainly."

"Tell me they aren't dead."

"Deid? No, they shoulda," Scotty scoffed, and Kirk's eyes slid to one engineer who was stumbling about, looking like they were about to be sick. "Aye, s'what you get ya poofter!" Scotty shouted to the man, who didn't seem like he really cared, or knew exactly what was going on, and Kirk watched him stumble off screen. "Look," Scotty continued, "there was a leak in the ventilation and the ship started pumpin' carbon monoxide into the air. I got it contained and under control but," and Kirk watched the other man clench his teeth, "when the alarm went off the lot of them went to their stations instead of getting their arses out of there. So," he spun back around, a bit overdramatic, and simply gestured to the unconscious bodies being wheeled to the med bay.

Kirk slid his eyes shut, lifting the rim of his glasses so that he could pinch the bridge of his nose. "Alright, thank you for letting me know, do you have enough cadets to run the ship?" he questioned, looking back to Scotty who was nodding. "Aye, though I'm not sure engaging in any battles would be the best idea today sir," he barred his teeth as he looked back around the room, " might hear the alarm and leave this time."

Kirk smiled, amused. "Well you're a capable man Scotty, as long as everything's okay I'm not concerned. I'll stop by the med bay to see what McCoy says, thank you," he yawned again and Scotty nodded, his mood slowly returning now that the situation had been taken care of.

"Oh," Kirk started, preventing Scotty from leaving. "We're receiving new cadets early this morning, so you should be in the transporter room," Scotty looked interested, his normally chipper mood showing through as he grinned

"Are we, well that's excitin'," he smiled, and Kirk watched, amused, as the other man clapped his hands together. "Any engineers?" he questioned, and Kirk nodded.

"A few actually."

"Wonderful, here's hoping they have a brain" Scotty waggled his eyebrows, "or some beautiful paps if you know what I mean."

"I have no idea what you mean Scotty," he shook his head at the Scot who looked put out.

"Y'know," Scotty made hand motions that either meant breasts, or two melons. Kirk went with the former.

"Ah," Kirk grinned, " we can only hope. Talk to you later Scotty," and with a quick goodbye on the Chief Engineer's end the call ended.

"Unconscious engineers, good start to the morning," Kirk said wryly to himself, setting his glasses back down and picking up his yellow captain's shirt, sliding it on as he made for the door. At least it distracted him from thoughts about Christine-

Kirk stopped, hanging his head in frustration. Damnit.

The mess hall already had a long line, most of the people not even waiting for food, but coffee, which was what Kirk wanted as well. He'd made it painfully clear a few weeks after he became acting Captain that he didn't want special treatment (mostly because after two weeks of amusing himself by abusing his rank, he'd gotten yelled at by Uhura). Now, as he stood behind the long line, the coffee just within eyesight, he really wished he'd demanded the opposite.

"It pays to be earlier," Sulu said from behind him, glass of orange juice in one hand, and a plate of eggs in the other.

"Than 7?" Kirk winced and shook his head, "not happening. I should just have my own private coffee replicator," he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Perks?" Sulu questioned easily, smile sideways on his face.

'Perks," Kirk agreed.

"Are we still on for those fencing lessons?" Sulu asked slyly, as if he already knew the answer, which was a resounding 'no.'

'Sulu," Kirk pressed his lips together, clapping the man on the shoulder, "How about you keep with the fencing, I'll keep with the fists, and together we'll make a great team. Sound good?" The line moved forward an inch.

Sulu looked at the Captain with a combination of amusement and acceptance and just shrugged. "Fine by me, hey—" he turned to look somewhere over the Captain's shoulder and Kirk turned around to look with him. "Do you see that?" the Asian man was in fact pointing to Christine who had just taken a seat at one of the tables in the back corner, a book in her hand and a large smile on her face.

"What is she smiling about?' Sulu gave a short breath, and the two men continued to observe the blond nurse, she seemed completely oblivious to everyone around her, engrossed in her book. She looked a little tired, but her skin had a healthy glow that only came from whatever she was smiling about.

"Maybe she had a good night," Kirk said automatically and Sulu chuckled, used to the Captain's often perverted sense of humour. Kirk for his part went a little slack as he realized that his words could in fact be true. While it never would have bothered him before, hell he would have enjoyed teasing her mercilessly about it, Jim was pained to realize that he did not feel happy about the prospect of her sleeping with someone else. He was sure it was because he was being overprotective, but while he was all for loyalty to his crew, he didn't exactly give a shit about their sex life or relationships.

He was tired, and she was the reason for it, that was all.

"You should ask her," Kirk tried casually, and Sulu laughed again, the laughter slowly dying as the man turned to look at Kirk who met his gaze with a disaffected one of his own.

"Wait, you're not serious," Sulu stressed incredulously, looking ridiculous with his expression and food in both hands.

Kirk shrugged dismissively as if he didn't particularly care. "C'mon Sulu, it's always fun to get dirt on people, and just think of how much fun it'd be if we could hold this over Chapel," his reasoning was pathetic, and judging from Sulu's unimpressed face, it was kind of obvious. "Just go," he nodded to the nurse before turning completely away, attempting to make it look like he just really wanted his coffee.

Sulu stood there for a few moments more, and Kirk heard the large sigh before Sulu went over to Christine, food in hand.

Trying to remain inconspicuous Jim peered over his shoulder to see Sulu sit down across from Christine, her big eyes brightening as she saw it was the helmsman, and Kirk felt his pants tighten. Muttering under his breath, he got his coffee as quickly as he could, careful not to look back up lest she make him combust or turn into a god damn fairy.

"Seriously" he groaned loudly, scaring the few people who were speeding past him in the hall, though he paid no mind. This never happened to him, ever. He had pretty much skipped the sexually awkward teenage years where women inspired out of control hormonal reactions just by saying hello. He'd skipped it because, and not to brag, he'd been suave with the ladies since 12 years old. This wasn't happening, especially not with a girl who he'd barely looked twice at the entire time they were on the ship.


"What," he snapped, turning to see Spock looking at him curiously, the taller man arching his damn brow at him in what Kirk saw as a smug manner. "Sorry," Jim apologized, and took a much needed sip of his coffee, "woman problems," he shared, even though he knew Spock probably wished he wouldn't. "I'd ask you if you knew what I meant but you—' he stopped and cocked his head to the side, "huh, actually I guess you would know what I mean. What's up?"

Spock's mouth tightened considerably, but Kirk was too focused on his coffee to notice.

"I wish to inform you that the new cadets have arrived, and will be requiring authorized personnel to provide for them an instructional understanding of the ship's layout," Spock's hands were clasped behind his back as the two of them walked back towards the bridge, Kirk sipping his coffee.

"I thought that we already had a few people," Jim voiced, not really understanding why this required Spock to tell him.

"The unfortunate accident in the lower decks has prohibited our health personnel from doing as was requested."

"So what you're saying is that we need someone from the med bay,' Kirk nodded, "no problem, I was going to see Bones about it anyways, I can just tell him then. Right now I've got to clarify the meeting time with the Cappelans, have you received a transmission from them?"

Spock inclined his head, "It was received an hour ago. Yourself and-" he hesitated for only a second, and this time Kirk caught it, "Lieutenant Uhura will be expected at 1700 hours."

Furrowing his brow Jim stopped just before the elevator, motioning for Spock to do the same. "What was that?" he asked bluntly.

Spock tilted his head, impassive. "I'm afraid I do not know of what you are speaking, Captain, perhaps if you—"

"Nah, nah nah," Kirk finished off the last of the coffee, "you hesitated when you were telling me about the mining treaty." Kirk's eyes narrowed as he studied the Vulcan who appeared as rigid and formal as ever, except for a small amount of perspiration just by his eyebrow. "Hey," Kirk nodded, concerned, "you sick? Scotty said he got the leak fixed, but maybe you inhaled some or something."

"I am not unwell Captain," was all he said, almost stonily, and Kirk raised both eyebrows. "Your focus is needed on more important matters, I assure you my health is of no concern of yours," he rolled his shoulders back, staring unwavering at Kirk, who just shook his head, knowing it would do no good to continue.

"Very well Commander, I'll only be a few minutes with McCoy, hold ship until then," he nodded and just to make sure he annoyed the Vulcan, slapped him hard on the shoulder. Expecting some dry humour, Kirk instead only got a brusque head nod before Spock turned back around and made his way down the hall.

"Weird," Kirk commented to himself as he stepped into the lift, eyes still trained on Spock's back before the elevator doors slid shut.

If Kirk had known that 2 hours from the last time he saw Christine, who had used those big doe eyes against him in the cruellest way, that he would be bloody and looking like he'd lost a fight (which he had) he would have given her a resounding 'Fuck, no." He could have done it, he'd had a moment of weakness, as while the feelings of most women he's pretty indifferent to, his friends are an entirely different story. And she used those eyes against him. Damn her.

But as he tongued the cut on his lip, paying no mind as Chapel made the occasional humming noise deep in her throat as she flitted around him, repairing the wounds she'd invariably caused, Kirk couldn't muster the energy to even be slightly mad at her. It wasn't her fault, and she was right that he could have gone about this an entirely different way. He wouldn't have gotten any results, that he knew, and he didn't believe in no win scenarios. So, he toed the line, hell he'd jumped it all together, and while his face was mangled, judging from the way Spock led the Lieutenant away, he'd won.

And that made him smile in smug satisfaction—Ow.

"Damnit" he groaned, moving to press a hand to his lips to stop the stinging as he split his lip open wider, more blood dripping into his mouth. Christine beat him to it, and Kirk stared at her, eyebrow arched as she pressed her own cool fingers to his lip. Locked in a weird standoff Christine realized how forward she was and winced, moving her fingers and replacing them with a cold compress. "Sorry," she said not meeting his eyes, "you should just probably stop with the smug-laughing-at-your-supposed-genius-smiles until you can actually use your lips."

"Oh I can use them," Kirk said automatically, enjoying the glare she sent his way, "want to see?" he propositioned, setting his forearms on his knee as he leaned forward more to her level. She wasn't actually that small, average height, but just looked so…tiny.

"And risk getting a blood disorder from tonguing that cut?" she snorted, "no thank you."

He blinked at her for a moment, before letting out a surprised laugh, watching her with twinkling eyes as she studiously continued to ignore him. "I always forget that you're fiesty," he was thoroughly amused, which seemed to fluster her. "I wonder if your bite is as bad as your bark," the beginning of a smirk was starting on his face, "care to give me a demonst—" she cut him off by roughly turning his chin to the side, causing him to give a short grunt of pain.

"How's that?" she said sweetly, dabbing at the cut on his cheek bone, which had clotted nicely.

"Mmm," Kirk hummed, flexing his jaw, "not quite what I had in mind, but thank you."

Her grip on his chin got softer, until it felt like she was barely holding him, more like setting her fingers on the planes of his jaw as she worked at getting him cleaned up. His eyes were trailing down the slope of her nose when she suddenly frowned, staring at the cut just under his eye that would require some stitches.

"This isn't going to work," she said, eyes narrowed in thought, "here," she stepped back away from him, patting the back of the chair beside her. "Have a seat, as you already know I'm too short to get at your eye from here," she had her hand on his bicep as she grinned, he was sitting on a gurney in the small first aid room, and her line of vision met his throat in this case, not exactly ideal for doing stitches on his eye.

He tisked at her but slid off the bed and into the chair she had indicated.

"Open up your legs," she ordered as she put the thread through the needle, and Kirk 's eyebrows flew up to his hairline, his mouth hanging open slightly.

"Excuse me?" he half laughed, his thumb rubbing against the side of his eye. She slapped at his knee, ignoring his reaction, merely sighing as if he were the most difficult person she knew, which he probably was.

"Oh shut up Jim, I'm a professional and this is the best way to get to your eye," she watched his arched look, "and if you don't I'll have to lean over you to get to your eye, and that would give you a direct look down my uniform, so," she continued, not even slightly perturbed, "open."

Kirk shut his mouth, and made sure not to crack a joke about seeing down her shirt, which, begrudgingly his mind had cheered about like a frat boy bitch. He did notice that she was a bit more brusque with him than usual, as if something was bothering her. He'd thought they'd cleared the air in that turbolift, maybe he was wrong.

Doing as he was told, Kirk shifted back into his seat and opened his legs to give her room to step between his thighs, his hands remaining, despite the urge to lock on her hips, on his knees. She took another look at the needle before bracing herself against him, one hand gently resting on his forehead. And then she stopped, cursing slightly under her breath.

"I forgot to give you a shot to numb your nerves," she moved to step back to get a hypospray, but he stopped her, surprising both of them when his fingers dug into the curve of her hip.

"Forget it, I don't need them," he nodded as if giving her permission and she stepped back closer to him, shrugging her shoulders. As if feeling a dismissal he lifted his hand off of her, clenching it as it went back to his leg.

The first jab was the worst part and Christine uttered a soothing apology when he grimaced, which actually pulled at the thread.

The room filled with silence as she worked, and Jim did his best to hold back the pathetic groans as she stabbed and pulled at his skin repeatedly. Despite her efforts to make sure he didn't get a good look down her uniform, his eye level was directly on par with her chest, and from how close she was to him to get at the stitches, he was nearly pressed up against her. There was a large part of him that was entirely amused and delighted by this, and he did his best not to say a thing. And then there was that other part, smaller but more intense, like a darkness urging him to lean forward and place a kiss to her sternum, trail his lip lower and onto the soft curves of her breast.

Thank god she was causing him considerable amounts of pain, or he might have.

"Alright," she said, causing him to shift his gaze up to her, and she was smiling with satisfaction. "You're not quite so pretty as you were this morning, but it'll heal just fine," her hands went to her hips and Kirk found his eyes following her movements, mouth quirking to the side as he recognized it as one of her ticks; her hands were always going to her hips.

"Aww you think I'm pretty?" he teased, managing to swallow the conflict he was feeling and gave her a quick eyebrow raised, which she chuckled at, beginning to put her things away.

"Not right now I don't," she yawned into her hand and pressed fingers gingerly at her temple where Kirk could in fact see a blood vessel pumping. He hadn't been glib when he told her he could see it in the lift. "Boy do I need sleep," she continued conversationally, waiting for him to rise so that they could both leave, "did you know that I got paged at three in the morning today because one of the officers accidentally locked the medicine cabinet and they were too scared to call McCoy?" She rolled her eyes, "4 hours of sleep because no one has a spine."

Kirk lifted a shoulder as if to shrug and pressed a hand to the stitches lining the one side of his nose. "I'm not entirely sure that Bones wouldn't have eaten them or something," he drawled, sniffing to test if his nose had stopped bleeding profusely down the back of his throat. It had.

"That's funny, that's pretty much what Sulu said this morning as well," she observed and then narrowed her eyes at him, the hand going to the hip, and Kirk knew he was in trouble. "That's the second time you and Sulu have shared a brainwave," she pointed out, "something to tell me Captain?"

Kirk felt his muscles go rigid at the prospect of her finding out that he'd pretty much ordered his helmsman to ask about her sex life of all things. Keeping his face impassive but interested Jim shrugged, "only that Sulu has a crush on me."

"Does he," she repeated shortly, not believing him at all.

"Mmm," Kirk nodded, licking his lip again, unthinkingly and nodded towards the door. "So I've got a meeting with Pike, we finished up here?"

Christine bit into her lip and shook her head, holding up a hand to prevent him from leaving. "Captain," she started, suddenly unsure, but she met his eyes with conviction. "This will sound…assuming but, did you ask Sulu to ask me if I've been 'getting any'?"

If anyone else had been here they probably would have burst into incredulous laughter, the question seemed ludicrous, but not entirely out of the Captain's element. Kirk's greatest failing was that he was a bit too emotional, he could lie, sure, and suavely too, but he hesitated for just a moment, didn't respond as calmly as he usually did, and it gave him away.

"You did didn't you" Christine's brow was furrowed, her hands moving up to hug her arms to her chest. "Why?"

Well explaining it to her was a scary thought, it would involve sharing his morning fantasy, and that wasn't going to happen. Unless she wanted to re-enact that, well then he'd sacrifice their friendship for that. Kirk was nothing if not a quick study so he didn't hesitate at all before smoothly replying, smirk on his face.

"Chapel, if you've got a secret sex life then that's too much material to ignore," his tone of voice was amused, and it seemed to convince her because he saw her face relax, though her arms still stayed where they were.

"So it was to possibly humiliate me with?" she asked, not entirely impressed, and Kirk thought he saw disappointment in her eyes. "Nice" she finally rolled her eyes, and let her arms drop, "you are such a guy."

Relieved Kirk chuckled beside her as the door opened and the two stepped out into the hallway. "Thank you," he patted her on the shoulder, bringing her closer against his chest, which she made a noise of protest about. "Should you ever feel the urge to start having a sex life, I'd be willing to help you out with that," he added, and laughingly grunted when she typically elbowed him in the side.

"Not likely," she imitated his smooth drawl before pushing at his shoulder, "go have your boy playtime with the Admiral, I've got to get back to the Infirmary." She brought a hand back to her forehead, and Kirk opened his mouth to suggest she take a break but he was left with no room to reply as she swiftly turned on her heel, artfully darting through the crowd to get back to her station.

This left Kirk with a hand on his side, and a grim look on his face. Grim because for all his relief at her not finding out, he was feeling more conflicted about it every passing second. This was not good. He needed to find a leggy cadet and do her, then he'd feel better.

No blondes.

"You've got to ease up kid," Pike mused, shaking his head at Kirk who just shifted further back into his captain's chair, flexing his hands as if to say 'so what?' "I can tell you picking fights with your First Officers is not going to show up well on your 6 month evaluations," Pike gave the younger man a daring look as if to ask him to challenge that.

"I think it'll show my ingenuity," Jim defended, cheshire smile.

"You may get things done, but there's always a mess to clean up afterwards," Pike pointed out, bemused, but growing tired of Kirk's blasé attitude. "Do me a favour and stop trying to defend yourself, the next time this happens," as if he knew that it would, "You'll be penalized, maybe even suspended. Got it?"

"Yes sir," Kirk managed, jaw flexing. The bridge was empty save for Kirk and the Admiral on the vid screen. He hadn't actually seen anyone except for Chekov who had set up the call for him over an hour ago, Uhura and Spock hadn't returned from wherever they had gone off to. Kirk didn't really want to know what they were doing.

"You prepared for the mission?" Pike asked, and Kirk tightened his mouth, thinking to what he and Uhura had agreed on.

"I think so, there's only so much you can prepare for. I spoke with the Capellan Teer ambassador and they seem more enthusiastic than reluctant. It should go smoothly," Kirk clapped his hands together, feeling pretty good with the whole situation.

"Good to hear," Pike returned the smile, "just make sure you're prepared for all possible outcomes. There's always some martyr wannabe who isn't so enthused about a peace treaty, especially when its with us. You should think about sending a security team with you."

Kirk made a face and used his leg muscles to push his body more forward in the chair, his forearms on the arm rests. "I'll consider it Admiral," he said, mostly out of formality, " I don't see this as being a problem but-" he held up his hand as the Admiral moved to protest, "you're right. Something could go wrong. I'll talk to my Head of Security, sir."

Pike seemed satisfied, and nodded. In the back of Jim's mind he was reminded of what a father figure probably should be, sure he'd had a step-father growing up, but in terms of guidance, hell the only reason he was even Captain of this ship was mostly due to the man in front of him. What Jim found almost awing was the fact that Pike actually trusted him to make the right decisions, offering suggestions or guidance when Jim was out of line, but other than that, he put his faith in him. That was something Jim would do his damndest not to lose.

"I'll wish you luck Captain," the Admiral inclined his head, smiling, "I look forward to reading your report after your successful return."

"Thank you sir," Jim grinned back, saluting.

"Oh and Kirk," Pike stopped giving the younger man a knowing look, "stop bleeding all over my ship."

Kirk smirked, canting his head to the side, "It's my ship now Admiral." Both men shared a closed mouth grin before the Admiral said a final goodbye and Kirk was left alone in the room...for a moment.

"Are you out of your mind?" exploded Bones' voice by the turbolift, and Kirk was mildly startled out of his thoughts, abandoning looking out over the stars to pay attention to his best friend. A best friend who was looking mildly irritated and brandishing what looked like a syringe.

"Depends," Kirk started slowly, eyeing the instrument in Bones' hand, "what are we talking about?"

"Oh I dunno Jim," Bones started with sarcastic loftiness, "a Vulcan and a Dumbass walk into a bar…" he trailed off, now in front of the Captain. "I snuck you onto this damn ship! I can't get a proper thank you from a corpse now can I? Hold still," he grabbed onto Kirk's skull without any finesse, wrenching it slightly so that he could take a look at Christine's stitch job.

"Ow!" Jim protested, his hands coming up to push the Doctor away. "Bones, Bones cut it out," he sucked in a breath as Bones prodded at the bruising, the good doctor not at all paying attention to whatever Jim was saying. "Argh," Jim shoved Bones away forcefully when Bones snapped on his pen light, shining it into Kirk's pupils.

"I said stop it," Kirk glared at the other man, clenching his jaw, "I'm fine. Chapel patched me up. It's fine," he licked his lip and watched as Bones' expression grew darker if at all possible.

"You're lucky that hobgoblin didn't turn you into a pancake," he scoffed, "what were you thinking?"

Kirk wasn't exactly following why this was so bad so he merely crossed his arms over his chest and chuckled. "I've already got a mother Bones," he winked and made to brush past him, he had less than a few hours to prepare for the mining treaty and he needed to find Uhura.

"Damnit Jim," Bones persisted, preventing Kirk from getting too far by grabbing him by the shoulder. "You have no idea what you did," he looked exasperated, and to be honest Jim was feeling the same way.

"No I don't, so either tell me or quit hovering," he threw up his hands and gave Bones an appraising look which the Doctor shifted uncomfortably at.

Bones grumbled something about doctor-patient confidentiality before he heaved a sigh. "Fine, I don't owe him anything anyways. Look," he flashed his eyes back to the Captain who had an eyebrow arched in impatience. "Commander Spock isn't exactly well, and it's in the best interest of everyone's very lives and my sanity if you steer clear of him."

Kirk blinked.

"That's all you're going to tell me?" he said after a few moments where Bones did his best to look everywhere but at him. "You're saying Spock is dangerous?" Kirk screwed up his face in disbelief and let out a slight laugh.

Bones' face reddened and he rolled his eyes. "Yes, that's my medical opinion, Captain, because is going through Pon Farr and since there's no Vulcan to go home to, he's practically a ticking time bomb."

Kirk narrowed his eyes, not comprehending. "Uh huh."

"Jesus man!" Bones exclaimed, "did you not pay attention in—oh for the love of—" he made a stopping motion with his hands. "When a Vulcan becomes an adult," Bones simpered as if he were speaking to a child, " he or she go through Pon Farr approximately every 7 years. It's-" Bones looked disgruntled and it was probably in imagining Spock going through it, "it's the Vulcan time of mating. Due to a neurochemical imbalance that drives them mad, if they don't mate they die." Bones cleared his throat as he took in Kirk's wide eyed stare. "You can try to intense meditation, fighting to the death over a mate, actually doing the deed, or get it supervised medically. Commander Spock has chosen the last option, no doubt to piss me off. So there you have it."

There was a long silence for a moment.

"So by severely pissing him off, I could have in fact died," Kirk observed, almost in interest and Bones nodded.

"Yep," he offered with a sarcastic smile.

Kirk thought for a moment, the fact that Spock had nearly punched him out all because of a remark about Uhura was a little suspect. Of course he knew Spock would be upset, but a very angry conversation was what he had been expecting, not a near death experience. And despite this, Kirk's thoughts immediately went to one thing, the woman in question who Spock had led away from the scene almost a full two hours before.

"Bones," Kirk said, worry evident in his tone. "Just how dangerous do you think the Commander is right now without treatment?"

Bones shrugged. "He's half-human and so is already more intuned with his emotions than the regular Vulcan. It's only his first day of Pon Farr though, so I'd say that if the right buttons were pushed—hey you okay?" Bones' brow creased in concern as he watched Kirk's face pale slightly, and a hardness settle in his jaw. "Sit down, I've got a hypospray" Bones, grasped his friend's shoulder gently, but it was brushed away.

"Spock and Uhura are alone together," Kirk voiced evenly, and both men stared at one another. By the 5th second they were both racing to the turbolift.

"Computer, find Lieutenant Uhura and Commander Spock," Jim bellowed sliding into the lift after Bones who already had his fingers ready to press whatever button they needed.

"And Nurse Chapel," Bones added, ignoring Kirk's side glance. "If we need to sedate him we'll be needing help with someone who knows a thing or two," Bones explained brusquely, and Kirk merely turned his attention back foreword.

"Lieutenant Uhura, Commander Spock and Head Nurse Chapel are located on 3rd deck room 7."

"All of them? I just left Chapel in the infirmary" Bones voiced in confusion, turning to see Jim clench his eyes tightly.

"She must have gone to see Uhura," Kirk worked his jaw hard, saying nothing more as the lift descended quickly. His heart was hammering at this point, while he didn't actually think Spock would have gone off the deep end, as the man was honest about his failings and would have told Kirk that he wasn't able to be around others, he couldn't help but feel afraid. First for Uhura, and now for Christine.

When the lift opened again it took only seconds for Kirk to recognize the taller figure of Spock and the smaller slighter figure of Christine not 10 feet away, Christine's hand was grabbing at Spock's forearm, neither noticed the appearance of the two other men.

It took even less for Kirk to lunge forward, eyes dark.

"Step away from her Spock," Kirk ordered icily, ignoring the surprised look from Christine who had spun around at the sound of his voice.

"Captain?" Spock said in question, arching his eyebrow as he always did, and Kirk clenched his fist tighter.

"Jim?" Christine almost echoed, trading looks with Bones who moved forward swiftly to grab her wrist and bring her to him. "Hey, what—" the blond protested in indignation, struggling to free herself from the Doctor who was struggling to keep her still.

'Settle down girl," he grunted, "can never keep yourself out of trouble can you?"

"Trouble? Let go of me, how dare you," she gritted her teeth, and Jim heard Bones curse swiftly under his breath, clearly favouring one leg after she stomped so harshly on his left foot.

"Zip it Chapel," Kirk snapped, eyes still on the Vulcan in front of him who didn't look even mildly surprised at their presence.

"I presume you are here to seek the health of Lieutenant Uhura," Spock said calmly, and Kirk thought he heard a bit of amusement behind his first officer's casual tone. Come to think of it, Kirk thought, frowning slightly as he took in the Vulcan's appearance, Spock didn't look dangerous. He definitely didn't look sick, and almost as if Bones was thinking the same thing, both men shared a brief look with each other before Kirk returned his attention back to Spock.

"Where is she," Kirk asked flatly.

"Lieutenant Uhura is resting," Spock replied easily, though Kirk noticed a flash of some resignation behind Spock's eyes.

"Oh ya?" Kirk echoed, keeping his eyes on Spock but moving towards the door. "Can you give me your word on that Commander?" he stressed sarcastically, and ignored the angry huff from Christine who managed to wrench her arm out of her Boss' grasp.

"Uhura is fine Captain," Christine interjected, coming just beside Spock, a look of irritation on her features. "What is this, why are you questioning the Commander? You were practically giving him your blessing an hour ago, he's done nothing wrong," she stressed, gesturing to Uhura's door as if Uhura was actually there. "I saw her only a minute ago," she added, staring the man who she'd stitched up only a half hour before.

Kirk licked his lips, his shoulders still tense, mostly from confusion at the situation, and confusion as to why Spock wasn't some rabid beast at the present moment. It was slowly becoming a very bad day for the Captain who was swiftly getting a headache.

He was about to open his mouth when Uhura's door slid open to reveal the woman in question, her expression irritated, and her eyes slightly red from tears.

"Is there a reason why you're all arguing outside of my door?" she asked to no one in particular, and Kirk noticed that she studiously ignored Spock's gaze before landing on his own. "Captain?" she said with an acid tone, and crossed her arms over her chest, long dark hair spilling over her shoulder as she cocked her head to the side.

"Uh," Kirk started dumbly, looking back to Bones who merely shrugged his shoulders, having not the slightest idea what was going on either. "Are you okay?" he hazarded instead of the truth, and was rewarded with a narrowing of eyes as Uhura tightened her grip on her arms. Oh boy.

"If you ask me that one more time, I swear to God," she growled halting her threat and instead switching to another language, with harsh syllables that seemed to match the expression on her face.

Kirk caught the corner of Spock's mouth twisting upwards for only a moment before it was gone, the other man looking away again, arms clasped behind his back.

Risking a look to Chapel and Bones, he was at least gratified to see that they also had no idea what she'd just said, and were looking at her uneasily. Well Bones had pretty much forgone caring at this point, and was looking mostly unsurprised and desperately in need of a drink.

"Right," Kirk replied back to Uhura and thought it wise to merely smile back boyishly, clapping his hands together. "Well, just thought I'd check, I guess I'll see you in an hour Lieutenant," he said pleasantly, and held back a whistle at the withering look she gave him before turning on her heel and disappearing into her room, sparing only a small glance at Spock before she did.

Kirk cleared his throat to fill the silence, reaching over to clasp Bones on the back. "Well that wasn't weird at all," he voiced, earning a small, albeit confused smile from Christine.

"Captain," interrupted Spock, a serious expression on his face. "I believe that you and I must converse, perhaps I can ease your apparent confusion," it was said without much room for argument so Kirk nodded, looking over at Bones.

"You bet your ass we do," he rubbed at his forehead. "Bones," he nodded to the man who was merely shaking his head, "Chapel," he almost purred, and grinned when she flushed slightly, obviously still a little at odds with what just had happened. Satisfied Kirk began to follow Spock down the hall, leaving the other two behind.

"What was that?" Kirk heard Christine asked Bones, her voice sounding a little dazed.

"Do you actually want to know?" Bones responded, scoffing, "the answer to that is 'no' Chapel. You never want to know," he finished almost bitterly. "By the way, you're taking another shift for trying to impale me with your damn shoe," he said gruffly and Christine's snort of laughter drifted down the corridor.

Kirk turned his attention back to the Vulcan who was staring back at him expectantly, studying the wounds he'd left earlier that morning. "Do you want to sign it?" Kirk asked dryly, and the Vulcan blinked, cocking his head to the side.

"I'm afraid I do not understand your phrasing," he admitted as both men began to start down the hall.

"You know," Kirk continued, "like how an artist signs his work of art" he made a motion of signing his name in cursive in the air.

"You believe that your abrasions are a work of art Captain?" Spock's mouth was pressed tightly together, but there was irony in his voice and Kirk rolled his eyes.

"Ya listen," he stopped the taller man as they approached a large alcove, a view of space spread out before them tantalizingly. "I'm sorry about this morning, I didn't mean a word I said," he gestured in apology, which the Vulcan merely gave a curt nod at.

"Yes Captain, I realized after your ruse had been revealed. I would apologize again for your injuries, but I cannot entirely say that they were not warranted," he said it so casually that it was Kirk who laughed and took a seat on a bench, not expecting the Vulcan to follow suit, and was proved right when the Vulcan remained standing, hands still held behind his back.

"I do feel that I should offer my apologies for the dangerous situation I put you in," he resumed speaking and Kirk watched him, "you are no doubt aware of my present condition," he seemed to hesitate, and it was the first time that Kirk noticed that Spock was in fact doing his damndest to control what appeared to be sudden violent urges. It was evident in the sudden appearance of sweat at his temple, and the slight jerk of his shoulder blades.

"I am," Kirk drawled, studying Spock intently. "And maybe its ignorance to," he made a gesturing motion, "Vulcan stuff, but when Bones told me…I can't say I really see what he's talking about."

Spock seemed to consider this and his mouth drew tight again. "My appearance may not currently reflect my condition, but unless I treat the situation, it soon will be," he said honestly and Kirk nodded slowly.

"I guess that's a great deal harder for you since there's no Vulcan," Kirk said more quietly, and Spock looked down a moment.

"Indeed, but there are other ways to remedy the situation. They are just more painful and…not the most efficient," he shared a look with Kirk.

"I feel that I should temporarily resign my position until I am performing most proficiently," Spock continued, and held up a hand before Kirk could protest. "It is for the benefit of the crew as well as myself that I propose this solution. Despite his…hesitance," Spock quirked a brow, " is more than fit to oversee my medical conditioning."

Kirk licked his lips and regarded the Vulcan for a moment before nodding. "Alright, if that's what you think," he conceded and the Vulcan bowed gratefully, Kirk noticed the similar tensing of his friend's shoulders as he did. "But listen, this thing with Uhura…" Kirk trailed off as he caught the resignation in Spock's eyes.

"It is best for the Lieutenant that she not be involved during my treatment, and under considerable thought, it is in the best interest of the ship that I not involve myself with another crew member," he looked Kirk dead in the eyes, seemingly trying to convince Kirk of this as much as himself.

"Spock," Kirk shook his head, "I don't doubt your abilities for a moment just because you and Uhura are together. I know that in a tough situation you will do the right thing. Both of you," Kirk stressed.

"A gracious notion Captain, I thank you, but I cannot express the same confidence," Spock said more strongly and shook his head. Kirk could tell in the line of his mouth, and the similar resignation he'd seen in Uhura's eyes, that there was no changing his mind. Kirk just wondered what kind of a price his First Office had paid for acting so altruistically.

"You still love her though," Kirk said, eyelids drowsy with his statement that both men knew was true.

Spock hesitated. "My feelings for Lieutenant Uhura are unchanged," he admitted softly. Spock looked away for a few moments, and if Kirk had been a wordsmith he would have penned it down as forlornly. But he wasn't, so Kirk merely waited patiently as Spock seemingly regained himself and nodded to the Captain.

"I understand that you do not hold the rules of Starfleet in such high regard as your own," it was a jibe that Kirk snorted at, "but the reasons behind such regulations against fraternization amongst crew members, are sound ones"

Kirk watched him curiously as Spock seemed to be hinting at something else. A hot flash of panic that Spock might know about Kirk's dreams about Christine erupted behind his temple and Kirk swallowed, testing the waters so to speak as he laughed half heartedly. "Ah but there's a wealth of women on this ship, just waiting to be fraternized with," he joked, and Spock arched both brows, his stare knowing.

"Perhaps it is best to resist Captain," he said simply, and Kirk turned his chin, considering his first mate.

"Maybe you're right," Kirk said finally and stood from his sitting position, clearing his throat, his wish to change the subject. "You going to see Bones then?"

Spock nodded, "affirmative. My treatment will not be a long one, I'm sure you will function admirably without me."

Kirk gave a small chuckle, "can't say it'll be as much fun but," he sighed, "I'll try to save the most death defying stunts for when you're back on your feet."

"How considerate of you," Spock replied in deadpan, thought to his credit didn't tense when Kirk slapped him on the shoulder. Whether Spock liked it or not he and Kirk were swiftly becoming close friends.

As both men started back for the turbolift, Kirk couldn't help but be curious about Pon Farr. 'So," he said after a few moments of companionable silence, "if I can surmise the basis of this. If you don't have wild sex before a certain time, you die."

If Spock was a proponent of human gestures he would have rolled his eyes. "I feel that you are not grasping the entirety of the process," he said, stepping into the lift after his Captain who had his bright blue eyes pinned of his first Officer.

"But medical crap aside, you don't have sex you die," Kirk persisted.

"Meditation also offers a form of release from—" he was interrupted by Kirk was looking at him incredulously.

"So you'd choose meditation over sex. Even when this Pony Fair thing gives you the ultimate free pass to sex."

Spock paused for a moment to rethink his statement. "If I do not engage in sexual intercourse I could perish," he conceded and chose to stare ahead at the lift door.

Another silence filled the space.

"You lucky bastard," Kirk finally said under his breath, and though Kirk couldn't see it, Spock's lips twisted into a slight small smile.

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