Both roboticists agreed to put the idea about Nemesis aside. Right now, there were other things on their minds. The humaniforms for one thing. Both had labored long and hard, but their work paid off. Now before them they had, ready for activation, the very first humaniform robot. The prototype. They had decided Robot Daneel Olivaw as a name.

"This really is an accomplishment in the field of robotics!"exclaimed Fastolfe.

Sarton agreed.

"It couldn't be anything else!"

They were just preparing to activate it.

Robot Daneel Olivaw was first aware of the two roboticists who stood before him. He also had a complete knowledge of everything the roboticists themselves knew of Earth, and Earth's culture, along with a full vocabulary.

During the next couple of days, Daneel learned exactly what his role was to be once he entered the City of New York. Of course, most of it was unnecessary, as Daneel had already been programmed, but both Sarton and Fastolfe were anxious for their plan to work, and that nothing should give Daneel away. Fortunately, there were few robots on Earth, so Earthmen would not be able to tell Daneel was a robot. At least not right away.

The Aurorans also worked rather closely with Commissioner Enderby, who at the time was the only Earthman who knew about Daneel, and their plans for bringing about the colonization of the galaxy. Neither of the Auroran roboticists really liked him. Daneel, of course, had no opinion of the commissioner.

It was to be only the next day when Daneel would enter the City with Enderby and begin to complete his task.

"There!"said Fastolfe. "I've just finished some minor adjustments in his programming."he said to Sarton.

Sarton was also at his computer, working. He nodded.

"Yes."he said, looking over it. "Robot Daneel Olivaw is now prepared to begin what will lead the human race into space once more!"

They looked at each with glee.

It was almost as though neither could sleep that night. At least Sarton couldn't. He was looking forward to the next morning. Afterward, they would begin learning everything there was to know about the Earthman.

Early the next morning, Daneel, who was staying in Sarton's dome, was about to answer the door.

"You must not act like a robot, Daneel. Here, you will learn to behave as Earthmen do! Not as a robot!"he said firmly.

And Sarton himself went to the door. As he opened it, he saw Enderby, and before Sarton could talk, Enderby blasted him.