Draco did not like Thursdays. He would have liked to be able to blame this on Harry - the way he blamed his new aversion to treacle tart and propensity for lying on the boy, but unfortunately Draco's hatred for Thursdays really had very little to do with Harry and everything to do with Draco's new tournament mentor.

Of course, Draco never would have put his name in the goblet if Harry hadn't been drooling over Diggory - who wouldn't know a Billiwig from a Bowtruckle – and so it really was Harry's fault.

"Cedric's going to put his name in at supper, and he's surely going to win. Don't you think Draco? Cedric really does represent all that his good about Hogwarts." It was all Draco could do not to explode as Harry prattled on and on about Diggory's sugary goodness, so when Diggory got up at supper in front of Merlin and everyone to make a show of putting his name in the goblet, Draco was right behind him. The shock on Harry's face was good for a laugh especially when it was Draco's name instead of Diggory's that popped out of the Goblet. It was just more proof that allowing Draco's emotions to make plans was a really bad idea. That was further proven when Harry's name was called almost immediately afterward and the two friends spent the walk to the trophy room elbowing each other and whispering hurriedly, "what are we going to do now?" and "this is your entire fault."

Only one day after Draco's name spewed out of the flame in a shower of sparks the red, blue, green, and yellow of Hogwarts that Steve Laughalot had appeared. It should be noted that Steve with-the- unfortunate-last-name appeared exactly one hour after Draco informed his father of the 'joyous' news.

The man stormed into the great hall at breakfast, quickly informed the professors of his appointed title of 'mentor', and whisked Draco away before he could formulate any kind of defense or protest. Now the three hour break between Transfigurations and Potions that used to be spent preparing Harry for Severus' snark was now taken up with Laughalot's useless strategy games and repetitive publicity tips.

Draco paused before the door to the Potions' classroom and took a deep breath. He was exhausted from hiding his knowledge and talent from his father's spy. Draco's sarcasm had finally broken Laughalot's patience and caused the older man to fire a vicious curse at him that Draco had no choice but to accept or face his father's curiosity as the counter curse was well beyond even a fourth year genius's talents. There wasn't time to go to the infirmary so Draco spelled the bruise on his chest with a few icing and numbing charms and headed for the relief of the dungeons. He was done with the whole thing and the first task wasn't even scheduled yet.

"You're late again" Harry whispered as Draco collapsed into the seat Harry had saved beside him. Walking through the classroom without reacting to the pulling of his ribs was trying.

Severus was pacing the front of the room as was his habit when lecturing but paused and glared at Draco when he saw him.

Draco winced at Harry when Severus finally turned away to continue. Harry pressed his wand against the underside of their table and said "Mulflato"

"Are you okay?" Harry asked and Draco knew he shouldn't have expected the Hufflepuff to wait until class was over to comment on his obvious favoring of his left side.

"I'll get a potion from Uncle Severus when class is over," Draco told him.

"He hurt you?" Harry cried loud enough it challenged the spell's quieting power.

Draco didn't respond but Harry didn't need him to, the lessons learned in the Dursley household were powerful and not easy to forget. Harry tried to reach inside his robes and lift Draco's shirt to see but Draco slapped at his grabbing hands. "Not here."

"I've had enough of this guy," Harry hissed his eyes serious and glinting with malice. "You're not going back to him."

Draco scoffed, "The ministry has decreed – in its infinite wisdom- that you and I must have different mentors if we are to compete together. You are the Hogwarts champion and I am apparently the ministry's champion."

Harry snorted, "I still wonder how Dumbledore won that battle."

Draco shrugged and lifted a regal brow at his Uncle when Severus countered their muffling charm. "Though neither of you must participate in my class due to a ministry that clearly wants more incompetent wizards with which to clog their bloated offices, you will both sit there quietly and pay attention or you will leave."

Both Draco and Harry nodded and submissively bowed their heads and Severus sneered at them.

Still it was clear Harry was not giving it up this time as he forced Draco to remain in his seat until their classmates had vacated the room.

Severus crossed his arms and leaned against his desk, "waiting to apologize?"

"No," Harry said and then corrected himself, "Yes, of course. Sorry for not paying attention it won't happen again, but Draco's stupid mentor has hurt him and he needs a potion."

Draco rolled his eyes but let Harry drag him forward by the wrist.

Severus relaxed his stance and helped Harry pull Draco's shirt off, not responding to Harry's cursing when he saw the darkened flesh which was actually something of a surprise as the man never spared a chance to correct the boy. He retreated to his office and returned with two vials. "Drink this," He said handing Draco the sickly yellow one. The other he gave to Harry saying, "This must be smoothed onto the bruise once every hour. I expect you won't forget." Severus was something of a mother hen when Draco was injured and Draco suspected it was because no one else really cared about Draco's injuries. In the last time line, Draco had whined and whimpered so much as he demanded attention that he'd never noticed how willing Severus was to give it.

"Of course," Harry said gravely and Draco knew his immediate future would be spent shirtless as Harry took his caretaking duties very seriously.

The potion Draco swallowed eased his pain as well as the tightness of the muscles. Draco recognized the potion as a variant of Skele-Grow that focused on thickening the bones of fractures and cracks as well as easing irritation. Thanks to the potion their walk to his dorm room was easy and painless. Draco pulled off his shirt immediately when the door closed, unwilling to listen to Harry plead with him.

He settled on the bed on his back and draped his arm above his head as Harry joined him.

"I think you need a new mentor," Harry whispered apologizing when Draco jerked against the cold of the paste on his inflamed skin.

"Yes of course, I'll simply owl father shall I," Draco snarked and Harry pressed a little harder against the bruise in retaliation.

"No, actually I have an idea." Harry hesitated. Harry hardly ever hesitated when he thought Draco was in danger so it was something of a shock and Draco just knew he wouldn't like Harry's idea. "You remember how Flamell said he owed you a favor?" Harry said leadingly and then waited while Draco thought about it.

Public Harry- the boy that the Prophet reported on, the boy who was one part Hufflepuff and three parts Gryffindor- hated Draco's favor pyramid. But Draco's Harry – the boy who smiled with such joy when Draco said he loved him, the boy that had more depth than the lake outside- he very much appreciated having that much power, even if he usually wasn't sure how to use it best.

"I was going to call on Flamell when Voldemort got more powerful and we had some idea of what we needed for you," Draco reminded. "Also, I couldn't care less about winning this tournament."

Harry's hands were getting rather distracting, Draco was sure that the paste had been applied some time ago and deft fingers were dancing carefully around Draco's nipple in a way that woke every nerve ending.

"We can still do that," Harry said his eyes glazed over in thought and his fingers made Draco shiver. "We'll make your appointment with him sometime we both are out of class and I'll just join you. I've got that cloak."

Draco nodded. Harry's left hand had joined the other in exploring his chest and Draco had completely lost the topic of conversation. This time last lifetime, Draco had slated his curiosity and lust with both sexes and found them both sloppy and unnecessary. This go around, Draco's body was completely pure as Draco had no desire for any touch but Harry's. A touch Harry was currently providing with curious confidence.

Draco wasn't about to stop him nor would he hide the tent growing steadily under his trousers. He was very interested to find out how Harry would react once he discovered it. Draco felt like this might be the end of four years of foreplay.

When Harry did finally realize what his hands were doing he froze and fearful green eyes met calm grey. Draco slowly reached up and placed his hands on top of Harry's. "My body has always been yours. Touch me all you like."

Harry blushed hard and when he tried to speak he choked and had to try again, "I think about it you know."

Arousal hit Draco like a Bombarda but he tried not to show it. "I do too. What do you think about?" no good could come from holding back or staying 'cool'. Draco would reward Harry's forwardness with his own.

"Touching you," Harry whispered his hands jerking with nerves in Draco's hold. "I'm afraid though."


"Because you're so much more experienced than me. I read that journal. I know we….the other me…"

Draco squeezed Harry's hands. It had come up before, this idea that this Harry and the other one were somehow separate, different people. It seemed to upset Harry.

"Yes, we had sex." Harry gulped but Draco lifted a hand and made Harry look at him. "But it was so different. We were much older, much harder. This body has as much experience as you and I'll have to learn you all over again." Draco ran his hand down Harry's shoulder and arm enjoying the goose-bumps that erupted behind his touch. "I'm really looking forward to it."

Harry laughed a little and the tense muscles in his back relaxed into a different kind of tension. He shook off Draco's hold and Draco stretched out into the most open position he could; his arms behind his head his legs open, displaying the tent that hadn't faltered at all because Harry was still so close.

Harry put his hand heavily in the center of Draco's chest and let it lie there. His eyes regarded Draco with a serious intensity that Draco hadn't seen in many many years. Slowly Harry began to circle the hand, dancing the pads of his fingers over Draco's skin in a teasing dance meant for testing rather than pleasing. The circles widened until Harry's fingers fluttered of Draco's nipples and Draco hissed. His skin was buzzing from the friction, a warm heat that spread outward down Draco's legs and up his neck.

Harry bit his lip at Draco's hiss and brought up both hands to run his thumbs over both nipples at once. Draco whimpered. It was hard for him to keep his eyes open under Harry's intensity but the moment was so powerful Draco didn't want to be the one to break it.

"Is this okay?" Harry asked, his voice wavering.

Draco nodded afraid if he spoke it would be to obvious how strongly he was affected.

"Could I," Harry wet his lip and leaned closer, "could I kiss you?"

"Of course Harry," Draco told him wetting his own mouth in anticipation.

When they met it was wet and hard, full of teeth and tongue. Draco grabbed a hold of Harry's head to gain control of the kiss. He didn't want Harry's first kiss to be something he regretted. Eyes open, he watched Harry slow down. He let his lips gently press against Harry's again and again before his tongue slipped out to taste the younger boy. Harry kind of collapsed and so Draco rolled them over so they were side by side. So absorbed was he that Draco didn't even notice the pain as his side pulled.

Harry let Draco keep control but the mood had changed and though Draco was desperate to be physical with Harry he was controlled enough to let the relationship take its own pace. They spent the afternoon kissing and cuddling and touching and rubbing but not getting off. Truly it was for the best, they were still too young for the kinds of depravity Draco had planned.

AN: So the reason this is so short is because I wanted to get an update out more than I wanted to figure out whats going to happen in this story. I actually believe we're nearing the end, mostly because i'm not sadistic enough to make you guys wait for the end through another three books. We'll get there though, don't worry.