Love Like Winter

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We stared at each other for a few moments, wondering what sort of trouble we were in.

"Which Pokemon did you use? ...Ah. Chimchar and Piplup. I see... Lucas, I'm going back to my lab!" He walked away, leaving his assistant there. "You guys should come, too," he said, turning around and following the professor. "Oh, get cleaned up first," he added, referring to my ear. I reached up and touched it, then paused. The sanguine fluid had been running down my neck for a while now. How badly did that Starly's beak cut me?

"Hold still, dear."

I winced as Jun's mom dabbed a cotton ball soaked in hydrogen peroxide on my ear.

"This is my fault," Jun sighed, holding his head in his hands. "I'm so sorry, Yu-chan..." Awh, poor guy. "No, it's not," I assured him, walking over and giving him a hug. He hesitated, but hugged me back tightly. I could feel his heart pound in his chest, and his hands were shaking. I put my arms down and blinked when he didn't let go. "Uh, Jun?"
"Sorry," he mumbled, letting go and looking away from me. "I'm gonna head out to the lab. See you, Yuki." He walked out the door, and I could see him running a frustrated hand through his hair. "I'm gonna go too..." What was going through that boy's head?

Chimchar and I headed to Sandgem Town where the professor (and Jun, if he didn't run off yet) was waiting for me. We got to the door when Jun burst out and knocked me flat on my ass. Thanks, buddy. As if I wasn't in enough pain.
"Watch where you're--- Yuki? Sorry..."

"It's cool. Where's the prof?"
"Inside. He let me keep Piplup," he smiled. He stood up, taking my hand and pulling me to my feet. Uh, thanks, I guess.

"Well, I've gotta run in 10, 9, 8, 7... oh, who's got time to count?! See ya, Yu-chan!" He sped off, and I almost laughed at Lucas' facial expression. "Your friend's always in such a rush." I shrugged, walking inside.

Professor Rowan stood there for a while, studying me. "Yuki, was it?" I nodded. He smiled warmly. "Jun said you've lived here for years, but this is the first time I've seen you. Was this your first battle?"
"No, sir." I've traveled in Johto and Hoenn before, which is where I got my Snorunt and my other reserve Pokemon. "Hm. You did well, though. Keep the Chimchar."
I've wanted a Houndoom and I had a Growlithe, so I wasn't as happy as I should've been. "Thank you, sir."
"I do have a favor to ask of you. I want you to record information on all the Pokemon in Sinnoh." He handed me a Pokedex. "Sure thing, Professor."

Lucas and I went outside. "So, you've done this before?" I nodded. "Yep. I've got a Bagon, a Growlithe, a Sableye, an Absol, and a Crobat in reserve."
My Sacrifice, were are you?
Woah. What the hell? "D-did you just say something, Lucas?"
"Nope." I stared. "...oh."
"You should head to Jubilife next. I'm sure your friend went there."
All right. I just needed my Snorunt. I headed back to Twinleaf, hoping my parents weren't home. The last thing I needed was an interrogation.

I snuck into the kitchen window and went upstairs to my room. Well, I know now how Jun got in this morning, considering that window was closed when I went to bed last night.

Snorunt happily ran over to me. "Let's go."
I ran into Jun's mom downstairs, who gave me a package to deliver to him. "He's always in such a rush. He shouted about going on an adventure and left." I shrugged, hopping out the window. Don't ask why I didn't use the door; I don't know, either. "I'll be sure to give this to him," I promised, walking away.

I stopped at the Pokemon Center in Sandgem to pick up my Bagon and Growlithe from my old friend Maeson. He had slicked back black hair and crimson red eyes. In fact, he looked like he belonged in the Mafia. "I gave you a Dawn Stone. Bagon has it. You can finally get a Froslass," he grinned. "Thank you!" I squealed, happy as a clam. I put their Pokeballs on my belt and slid the Dawn Stone into my rather large bag. "You're going to evolve soon," I smiled at my Snorunt, who hated her Pokeball and therefore stayed out of it. "Well, good luck, Yuk." With that, he signed off. I walked away from the Pokemon Center, preparing to go to Jubilife City.

I reached the huge city in a couple of minutes. Uh... where the hell could Jun be? I'll take a wild guess and say the Trainer's School.

I'll be waiting.

I shuddered. Where was that voice coming from? Maybe I've gone insane. Yeah. Let's go with that.

I walked around the school for a minute before finding Jun studying the chalkboard. I slid up behind him and covered his eyes. He laughed, turning around. "Hey, Yu-chan," he grinned. I handed him the package. "Courtesy of su madre," I announced in my best Hispanic accent. He laughed again, opening it. "Thanks."
"Gracias," I corrected. He rolled his eyes, taking out two Town Maps. "I don't need two. Here, Yu-chan. You take one."
"Morimoko Yuki?"
That voice! It wasn't just in my head now. But, where the hell was it coming from? And how the hell'd this girl find me? I swallowed hard, turning around. "Right here," I replied, hopefully seeming more confident than I really was. She was a girl my age, maybe a little younger, with long, blonde hair and midnight-colored eyes. She was wearing blue flared jeans with black Chuck Taylors and a white top that had black sleeves. Her ears and tail matched her hair color; and the ears were much smaller. The tail came a bit above her knee, and it had a small white tip.

"My name is Kimura Natsuki," she explained, "and I am your Fighter unit."

I stared blankly at her. "H-how-" Natsuki showed me her left wrist. Black lettering spelling the word 'lifeless' contrasted with her pale skin. I looked at my own wrists, finding the lettering was on my right. Jun stepped forward protectively, squeezing my hand. "What do you want with her?" he growled.
"Simmer down. I won't hurt her," she reassured him. He glared, not exactly buying it. "My, you're protective." She sat on a desk. "You see... I've been looking for my Sacrifice for a very long time now. My twin brother Seiryuu and I have different names, so it obviously wasn't him. It's strange, really." She paused, glancing back over at me. "Did you hear me before? The telepathy?"
Good. See? We even have a psychic bond.

Jun was obviously concerned for my safety, as he was still standing between us. "It's cool," I told him. He just nodded uncertainly, only backing off slightly. I looked back down at our hands and saw he hadn't let go. I felt my cheeks warm up a bit. "Yeah, uh, Jun?"
"Sorry..." He let go and shyly looked away, his face growing red. "It's okay," I assured him, patting his shoulder. He looked back up at me and smiled.

"May I travel with you two?"
"Jun and I aren't traveling together."
"She's too slow." I flipped him off, and he just laughed. Natsuki rolled her eyes. "I'll go with you then, Yuki." I smiled. She's not so bad after all. Besides, I'm pretty much bound to her for life.

We traveled north of the city, then realized that we were going the wrong way. But, something green caught my eye.
"Awh! It's adorable!" I squealed, pointing to the Budew in front of us. Natsuki rolled her eyes. Capture it, then.
"Okay! Snorunt, Icy Wind!"
Snorunt jumped in front of me and blew an icy breath at the Budew, but it jumped out of the way. It still got clipped by the attack, though. Budew countered with Absorb, restoring some of her own HP. I considered that I've had my Snorunt for forever, and it was therefore high-leveled, so I just threw a Pokeball at it. It wiggled for a bit, then popped out. "Ugh, damn it! Snorunt, Icy Wind again, but don't knock it out."
My Ice-type did as I'd said, and I threw another Pokeball at it. It actually stayed in this time. "Yay! I'm gonna name her Hanako." Natsuki titled her head. "Flower child?"

We'd gone to the Pokemon Center to heal my Pokemon, and we were now walking the right direction this time.

So, where do we go now?

Oreburgh City. It's right down this way.

However, Jun was waiting for us on the pathway. He grinned, running over toward us. "Yu-chan! Natsuki!"
"Uhm, hi again."
"Wanna battle, Yu-chan? I'll show you how good I've gotten!" His orange eyes lit up as he pulled me toward the clearing. "Please? You're a trainer, so you have to battle!"
I chuckled. Awh, of course I'll battle him. "Sure."

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