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Warnings: Female Yugi, death character. (not so graphic though)


There tells a legend, that a long time ago, a young female gypsy, conjured the moon until the morning came. Crying she was pleading that the day would come, of finding a husband.

The brunette knelt and looked up at the full moon above in the nocturne sky; tears starting to form in her eyes "I beg you, spirit of the moon, help me find a husband" She pleaded, "I'd like to have someone by my side to love and who could protect me" She sobbed "Gypsies are hunted all around my town" She cried and looked down still crying.

The full moon above shone, and the spirit took the form of a beautiful woman, standing in front of the woman. The spirit had tri-colored hair, with golden bangs framing down her face beautifully. She had pale and soft skin, almost as the moon's same color; and had bright amethyst eyes. She was wearing a simple white dress that went down her back and uncovered her ankles; and was wearing a necklace with the symbol of the moon. "Don't worry young woman, you'll have the man you need and deserve" She said, her voice sounding angelical, and held her shoulder in support.

At feeling the gentle touch and the beautiful voice the brunette looked up and smiled widely "Thank you, that you so much wonderful spirit" She thanked and bowed before her.

"Tell me what is your name" She requested calmly.

"Tea, Tea Gardner" She answered, still bowing; feeling like she didn't deserve to be in the presence of such beauty.

The spirit smiled "Tea. You'll have a husband very soon" She assured, "But in exchange I want, the first kid you have with him.

Tea looked up and nodded immediately "Of course" She held the spirit's soft hand and gave it a kiss "Anything for you"

The spirit smiled and vanished, signaling the night was over.

It was true, that the moon wanted to be mother, but still, there was no love that strong that could make her a true woman. Tell us, silver moon, what are you planning to do with a baby of flesh?

As promised, the young gypsy found a man, that truly loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. So the got married and after three months Tea was gifted with a child, and she was protected and guarded by the moon the whole nine months.

From a father with cinnamon-colored skin, was born a baby boy; with pale skin as the snow, with shining purple eyes instead of green, having mature features and with tri colored hair with golden bolts coming up his hair.

The father, at believing he was married to a cheater, went to talk to his wife with knife on hand. "Who is the father?!" He demanded angered as he cornered Tea "Have you cheated on me?!" He asked angered, taking the knife up, aiming to her chest.

Tea panicked and shook her head in fear "No! The baby is yours!" She tried to explain.

But sadly, he hurt her to death.

After killing her wife, he walked up to the top of a mountain with the kid in his arms, and abandoned him there.

The moon at hearing her son crying, walked down to earth, and smiled sadly at seeing the baby crying all alone. She picked him up in her arms, and the moment the boy felt the presence of her true mother, he calmed down and closed his eyes smiling.

"I'll take care of you now, my beautiful baby, my beautiful baby boy, Yami"

Tea was received in heaven when she died, and had the moon's eternal gratitude.

And they say that when the full moon is up and shining, it is because Yami is happy and asleep, but when Yami is crying, the moon wanes to make him a cradle.

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(I don't know if that legend is true, I just heard it in a song)