Chapter one: My Life

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Songs and stories

2day's song is The Last Night by Skillet (it's a good song, with it i think 'Kinda Bella in New Moon')

2day's story is Daughter of Aro by Mrs. Cullen for Life (Kinda long if u just started it, but, worth it!)

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ME: Alice?

Alice: Yes?

ME: do i get Twilight in my future?

Alice: No



I sad next to my dead mother. Cynthia Brandon. I didn't mean to kill her. I wanted her to hold me. Love me. Raise me as Isabella Maire Brandon. I don't know what to do! Stay here or find a home? Not to menchen my throut BURNS! Why did HE have to rape her?

I look around. We were in a cabin, in the middle of no where. I heard Mommy say no one would find us. I was scaried and alone! I got up on my wobbly new leggs and grabbed her bag. Mommy didn't even unpack other then food.

I opened it and looked inside. There were clothes for me, pictures of her, and money. I put on a outfit and went out side. I smelt a dear and attacked it. I guess I'll live like this for now.......

7 and a 1/2 years later

I have stopped growing. It stopped 6 months ago. I feed on animals and human food (mainly fruits and things in the forest). I am very lonely. I can be seen by humans. Their blood doesn't even apeel to me. I met some vampires but, I only staied long enough to learn about vampies.

I glow, not sparkle. I am super hot (in both sences). I sleep but, only for about seven hours a week. And I have Powers. (A/N: I added a lot of stuff to Bella's powers) I have a mind shield, physical shield, read minds, obsorb powers and I can turn anything into anything else (examples: apple to a lion, tree into a car, a size two to a three). It is helpful for the clothes part.

One day I was hunting and I heard 3 vampires.

"Show yourselfs, I mean no harm." I called. 2 blond, female vampires. I soon relized they were halfs like me. "Wow, I thought I was the only 1." They looked at me funny and relized the same about me.

"It's nice to meet one of us. What's your name?" Asked the tall Blond. She was very pretty.

"My name's Isabella Maire Brandon. You?"

"OMG! My name is Maire Isabella Cullen! I'm giving you nick name Bella."

"I'm Jennifer Rosalie Hale. Call me Jenny."

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How to Annoy the Cullens (started)

I know everyone does this but I thought it would be fun! Jacob Dogs, Floom, Monsters and much more. ENOJOY!


Once far, far, away in the city of Forks, Lived the rich Cullens, Hales, Brandons, and Smiths. There was the once rich Swan but now she is the Smith's maid. A Halloween Ball will mix everything up.