******This is going on ALL my stories mentioned below-plus my contest-so you don't have to go through and read every one********

Dear my loving readers:

Please don't kill me. I hate to do this but I'm taking a break from writing. I haven't had the time or energy to update lately and when I get the computer I have writer's block. I've tried a lot to get back on it and write new chapters for some of my "forgotten" stories. I know you will be mad at me but, I have to. Besides, I'm going out of state after Christmas and I will have very little internet access.

Here's the deal, I will still be on Fanfiction (minus Dec. 25 to about the first of Jan. because I will be out of town) and I will still be taking story entries. If you are entering my contest and need to enter, the date has been moved one last time to Jan. 6! If you finish before hand and want to enter, contact my beta, TEAMEJforeverloveTWILIGHT and have her enter. I will try to come back and post stuff between the Jan. 1st to the 3rd.

Also, there will be almost for sure update the following stories when I come back:

Those Poor Men


Brother VampBear

A Sad Story

What's Next?

A Vampire's Daughter

Then, if I have the time, I may also:

Add a "sequel" to Alice Can't Have Cotton Candy

Add a Chapter to Alice's Niece

Start a sequel to "My Cousin, The Vampire"

A new chapter for U R SOOOOOO DEAD

So I have a lot on my plate. After my break, DO NOT EXPECT 6 OR MORE STORIES TO BE UPDATED IN A DAY/WEEK!!!!! I'm gonna try my best after my break to bring you 3 update a week, maybe more if you're lucky (and my teacher don't give me too much H/W…).

You Favorite Twird (Hopefully?)-


P.S. PLEASE DON'T YELL/FLAM ME FOR THIS A/N! I though you all would like to know what to expect instead of wondering "Is she dead? Did she make her beta mad and get pushed off a plane?"