" Carson! Carson! "

" One minute Sarah, I'm texting Pen. "

" Well you can text him on the bus we've got to go. "

" Hold on! "

" CARSON GET ON THE BUS NOW! " Evidently I-esha had had enough.

" K'! " When I-esha gets angry you don't want to be the one on that girls bad side.

" Girl you really need to chill out. I know Pen is your boyfreind an all but come on I mean your gonna see him in a little bit. "

" You know what your right. I'll see him in a little bit. "

" More like 6 hours. " Said Sarah pushing past to put her bags in.

" Ugghhh! "

" It's okay honey you can do it. "

" Thanks Rueben. "

" Now come on ya'll lets get the show on the road! " With that being said they all jumped into the bus and headed of for cheer camp. Cheer camp was almost like heaven to every one who went there; beach sand, pools, awsome resterants just outside of camp, dance areas, hot guys and girls, and more than anything a victory in the end. The past four years our camp has won the chamionships, the first three years were the Jets. They were our sworn enemy; not anymore though. Last year (after we thought we were cursed for losing the camp's) we were having a cheer off at mid-night with them (the jets) and we had gone outside the camp, just as both our sides were finishing off teh piramid the street lights turned on and we all fell down looking up we find out that it was the police, when we all fell down, members from each team got hurt so neither of our teams had enough members to compete, so we had to join up; two mortal enemies working together. During the process we all became freinds; even though that seemed impossible, Pen was a Jet (the first time I met him I didn't even know he was a cheerleader) and I was a Shark. It's hard, you know having a boyfreind on the West Coast when you live all the way one the East coast.

" Carson! Carson! Wake up! "

" Wha- What! I-esha! Stop hitting me! I'm awake! I- I'm up! "

" Sorry I was just making sure. "

" What? Why did you wake me up? Are we there yet? "

" No were not, your phones ringing. "

" Oh! Okay thanks. " I said just know realising it. Hearing the ringer " I'm to sexy for my shirt" I blushed and pretended that I didn't know who it was flippin open my phone I looked at the picture of a gorgeously hot guy and hit talk.

" Hey. " I said

" Hey back at you gorgeous. "

" What are you up to? "

" Packing the stuff up on the bus. "

" What! You havn't left yet? "

" Please don't tell me you guys are already there. "

" No not yet. We're about 2 hours away though. "

" Agghhh! Man! I was hoping to get there before you. "

" Ha! I guess not. You're still lucky. "

" Whys that? "

" Because you got to sleep in! "

" Well if you put it that way; then I guess I am. "

" Very funny just rub it in why don't ya! "

" Sorry bout that. "

" I don't beleive you. "

" Fine then don't. "

" Fine then I won't. "

" Hey skidds i gotta go, Brookes getting irritated. "

" Ha! "

" Why you laughing? "

" Cause that's what happened this morning when we were packing and you and me were texting. "

" Oh, so thats why you had to "go". "

" Yeah. Well see you there. "

" No I'll see you there. "

" Okay. "

" Where do you want me to meet you? "

" How bout' the amusment park where we first met. When I was hit my the baby stroller. "

" Oh. Ha! Yeah I remember. Okay meet you there at around........ what time? "

" Um,? When are you looking to get here? "

" Around 4:30. "

" Kay' meet you at around 5:00. "

" Sounds good. "

"See you there. "

" Get of the phone! " I heard Brooke say from the background.

"Kay' gotta go. See you skidds. " Then he hang up.

" So are they there? "

" No the're just now leaving. "

" What! That means we're going to have to wait for them to practise. "

" Woah! Did I just hear Sarah say that?!?! "