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Rating: M

Summary: Bee's having a bad day. After getting into a minor but disgusting accident, he comes back to the base just to be met with the pay-back and 'help' of the twins. Needing help, he calls on Kacey who has plans of her own for her mech. And the chains binding him.

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Bee's Day Of Torture

What could be worse than getting sent out on a mission with Optimus Prime, the father of the love of my life, and getting fish-tailed into the mesh Optimus left behind after he veered into a fertilizer truck and then into a dairy one causing him to be made into a complete mess? Not to mention Prowl and me too? I'll tell you what is worse, having the Twins track me down and help, making the perfect day, so much better! Or so they said over the com-link as I came rolling up to the base, left in the dust of Optimus' annoyance making my already dirty, sticky and stinking armor even worse than it already was.

I transformed out of my alt mode before I even got to the point you're supposed to stop and transform at. Optimus and Prowl were long gone and I was left to walk the rest of the way with slumped shoulders, kicking at the ground. Until I got a buzz over my com-link starting up a private channel from the Twins to me.

'Hey, Bee! We heard about your mission, buddy,' Sides started up, the humor barely held back much to my embarrassment and annoyance. 'How bad was it?' He asked doing a lousy job of holding back his snickers. I growled and kicked hard at a rock, making it bounce and fly through the air. 'That bad, huh? Did you really get slag and eggs on ya?' He out-right laughed at me, his brother joining in and giving me double rounds of laughter. I didn't want to think about the way I spun out of control once I slipped on the mess, transformed and was sent flying head long into the mess even worse than Prowl and Optimus.

'You two finished? This day's been bad enough without you two laughing at me.' I grumbled. How the slag was I supposed to get all of it off on my own? I sure as Primus wasn't going to ask Kacey to help me. I stank to high Heaven and was kicking myself enough. I didn't want her to see me like it too.

'Chill, bud,' Sunny piped up. He sounded far too calm and unaffected for my peace of mind. And I stopped my slow slumped walk, cocking my head to the side. 'We're just here to help you out help with your predicament. We can't have you going to see Kacey looking like slag now cans we? You're going with the future Prime now, dude. You gotta be looking shit-hot all the time! I'll even lend you some of my special wax to finish it off.' He offered a bit too helpfully. When I stayed silent too long, he prodded me again. 'Bee?'

'I'm still here, Sunny. You guys would do that for me?' I asked, a little suspiciously and I'll admit, a little desperately. 'I don't exactly smell great right now . . .'

'Think nothing of it, bud!' Sides chimed back in, sounding even excited about the idea. That alone should have alerted me to something being wrong. But I think I must have hit my head during the accident. Maybe something was loose in my processor and rattling around in there. 'What are friends for, after-all? If not to be there for each other, when a mech is in need. And help him get some interfacing with him femme!' He cackled, sounding like the Sides I know, easing my suspicions. 'We'll be right there, Bee. Sit tight.'

And he shut off the com-link.

Needing to get out of the bright sun making the smell ten times worse if that was even possible, I walked off to the side and stayed hidden beneath a large old tree and leant up against it, waiting for my best friends to come and help me out. Sunny was right, how could I do right by Kacey if I was smelling like I'd just crawled out of the bog of eternal stench?! And looking like it too. I wouldn't do that to her. Even if she doesn't give a slag about what I look like. She still deserves more.Far more.

I looked up when the familiar sounds of Sunstreaker and Sideswipes engines roared in the distance. Followed by the faint sounds of them transforming. I could see them from my distance, obviously sharing a private conversation with the way they stood there, looking at each other with changing expressions. Tired of baking under the sun and smelling worse, I stood up from my slouch and made my way towards them.

But Sides' voice was soon calling out to me.

"No, stay there in the shade, Bee! You don't wanna come in the base right now, trust me, bud!" He called out, holding up his hands to stall me. I could understand his point to both reasons, so I backed up again and stayed under the cover of the tree. Unfortunately my bright yellow armor still stuck out like a sore thumb in the shade, dulled by the mess as it may have been. "Good, we'll be right with ya!"

Shrugging, I crossed my arms over my chest, feeling the sticky horrible substance smearing across my armor. "Ugh. That's disgusting," I groaned, dropping my arms and looking down at myself with pity and disgust. I've been on missions where I've come back looking like slag before. But not because of something small like crashing into my Prime's own disastrous mess! "No wonder he was so fragged off." I said to myself, releasing a sigh through my vents. I poked and scratched at the dried on egg, letting it flake off to the ground. I definitely needed some help to get clean.

When I heard the sounds of Sides and Sunny approaching, I kept my head down, optics fixed to my feet. Unable to look up at them. Until they spoke.

"Hey, Bee, we got something for ya," Sides said, tempting me into looking up. I clocked the long, large hoses they had in their hands, to the evil smirks on their faceplates, laughter on the verge of breaking out of their silently shaking frames. I looked down to the hoses once before looking up at them again. Sides' voice laughing at me over the com-link. 'Revenge is ours!' He cried, spurring me into saying the one thing I could think to say in the face of humiliation, seconds before chaos erupted.

"Oh frag!"

I did the sensible thing and tried to turn to run away. But as soon as I heard the cries of, "Hit it, bro!" I knew I was done. I was hit with the water pressure so hard; I was knocked off my feet and onto my aft, a spluttering wheezing mess. I raised my hands to try and fight off the spray, barely hearing their evil cackles over the hiss of the water and my own growls trying to escape. "Where you going, Bee? We told you we'd help ya out!" Sunny mocked, coming up to turn the full force of his wash into my faceplates drowning everything else out. I've been through a carwash before, but this was ten times worse!

"Shut it off, you fraggers!" I managed to growl, somehow climbing up to my feet just to get whipped around, spinning on my foot and sliding right back down to the slick, muddy grass under the tree. My face going down in the mud with a thump, my arms and legs sprawled helplessly in a star formation. Like an upside down snow angel! And still they kept at it! I knew from the sheer pressure and close proximity of the water that it was getting off whatever crap I had stuck to my armor. But it didn't help me when I was just right back to where I started.

Only, still smelling and covered in mud instead! And Sides seemed to have the same thought.

"He still smells a bit ripe, bro," He commented easily, shouting over the water so I could hear him. I raised my head out of the mud and growled. "Think we should rinse him off and pamper him a little? I got some first-class bubble bath sub-spaced away for him. I think he'd look cutein bubbles!" He laughed long and hard, high-fiving his brother and stepping back a little, easing off the pressure and letting me flip over onto my back breathless. "What'd you think, Bee? Want a bubble bath? With nice smelling, flowery soap?"

Oh Pit no!

"If you do it, Sides, I'm going to sic Blurr onto you both," I threatened, climbing up to my feet unsteadily, slipping and sliding for purchase. I managed to get over to the tree and lean up against it for support. But also leaving myself wide open for attack. Like I said before, I think I hit my head and loosened something. Because I wasn't exactly thinking straight right then. "That prank I pulled on you before is nothing compared to what I'll do to you after this." I promised, my own smirk lifting my mouth.

Sides looked to Sunny and Sunny looked to Sides. Again, having a private conversation. Before they turned back to me with blank expressions, shutting the water off for a moment. I didn't run and I didn't utter a sound, other than the wheezing hydraulics of my frame. For seconds we said nothing and did nothing. Until Sunny spoke. And I felt my energon run cold.

"It's worth the risk. Do it, bro!" He shouted.

And before I could avoid them or blow them apart before they hit me, I had water balloons full of horrible,flowery, stinking soap come flying at me as quick as lightning. Well Sunny and Sides aren't just notorious for their looks, mischief and wild carnage on the battlefield. They also earned the title of being the fastest mechs around. With sharp and quick reflexes. That I was paying for it trapped against the tree, a new entirely different aroma hitting my nose. "Slag, that's gross!" I choked, writhing from the smell, trying to brush it off me. This of course, just smeared it over my armor and spread it.

Sides laughed even harder then. "See, Bee! It can't be that bad. You're rubbing it in after-all! I'm sure Kacey'll justlove her mech smelling all girly and flowery!"

I growled again and dropped my hands. I was just about to make a dive for escape, not caring if I have to run through the halls until I could reach my quarters and use the wash-rack there. As long as I got away from their taunts and torture, I'd deal with the humiliation later. But Sunny never gave me the chance. He cranked the hose back up, only not on such a high volume this time and doused me with it again. Trapping me against the tree and causing bubbles to start, sticking to me everywhere and floating on the breeze around me. When the smell hit me again, I clapped a hand over my nose trying not to wretch.

"Aww, look how sweet he looks! Our cuddly, bubbly Bee! Ha! We should start calling you CBB!" Sides cried, laughing at his own lame excuse for a joke. Even Sunny shot him a cocked eye ridge with disgust. "Alright, so we'll skip the pet name. But you do look adorable, Bee! Stay right there though, I just wanna get some pics for future black-mail material. Come on, Bee! Strike a pose! I know you got it in ya, bud!"

My optics widened and rose from where they were looking down at the bubbles stubbornly clinging to me, as I was trying to blow them off me. Pictures? Of me, covered in bubbles? In the hands of Sides and Sunny? Oh slag! Could I have been given an even more thrilling day?!

"You wouldn't dare," I said slowly, flicking my optics between the two of them. I swallowed when they just nodded chiming, 'We do.' over my com-link. "Okay, I take back my other threat; I won't sic Blurr on you. Ever. I promise! Just don't show anyone those pics! No-one! Especially not Kacey!" I said frantically, raising my hands in a placating gesture. I didn't care I was begging. I didn't care I was covered in bubbles. I just cared that they had such, good material to get back at me with. Material I hated to admit was good at all!

"Aww, I dunno, Bee. That was a pretty nasty threat you got us with there, you know? I feel kinda wounded by it. It hit me, bud. Right here, in the 'ole tainted spark," Sides said sadly, putting on a wounded expression to go with his sickly twisted act at my expense. "I thought we're supposed to be best friends! You don't throw things like that at your friend, Bee," He blinked innocently, completely disregarding the fact he was doing just that to me. "But, I suppose I could reconsider. Because I have a soft, gentle, kind spark like that. I hate to see you so scared, Bee. It's not in me to be mean."

"You kidding me, bro?!" Sunny joked shouting, his fingers twitching on the hose. "We're going through with it!"

Sides glanced at his twin and back to me, shrugging, completely unbothered. "Yeah you're right, Sunny," He said, his voice devoid of the fake pain from before. "Punch it!"

And I was right back to muttering and trying to fight off the spray again. The bubbles dissipated and drifted off around me. The water back onto full force and pinned me back to the tree with a yelp. Once all the bubbles were off, I thought I was safe. That they'd stop. They had their incriminating evidence and an enough laughs to keep them going for a couple of days. But I forgot one key thing during the whole time I was holding out the hope of that, smelling like a fragging fairy!

This is Sunny andSides! They still had one trick tucked away in sub-space.

When they tossed aside their water hoses, I was so dripping wet and fragged off that I got caught out by them, I blindly charged at them, eliciting a roar loud and angry that got cut off half way through. Because I suddenly found myself being run around by yellow and red blurs making my processor spin before they stopped in front of me, back to smiling that pit insufferable grin again! "Fraggers!" I spat out, taking one step towards them and falling flat on my face again. "What did you do?" I exclaimed surprised, twitching and shifting in the mud again, my legs and arms bound by chains. I took a deep breath in through my intakes and glared up at them. "I hate you." I said simply.

"Aww, Bee, we love ya too!" Sides laughed, bending down to pat me on my cheek happily.

"No, wait! What are you doing?!" I yelped, getting yanked up to my feet and dragged around the tree. "Oh, come on guys! There is such a thing as over-doing it!" I cried out, hearing the doubled up, extra thick and strong chain whip up over a high branch and get caught again. "For Primus sake." I moaned, bowing my head again.

"On my mark! One! Two! Three! Mark!" Sunny ordered. And on the final command, I was hefted up off my feet and hoisted high enough off the ground, they had to crane their necks back to look up at me. I dangled there, suspended by the tree in chains, helplessly swinging backwards and forwards. Dripping with water and mud. "Slag, he's got all dirty again. We gotta stick to at least one promise, bro," Sunny so helpfully said, picking up his hose again. "One more time for old time's sake?" He grinned at Sides.

The red twin picked up his own hose and looked to his brother. "You're on!" And I was hit by the full force of their water spray again, spinning me around and around to the point where I thought I was going to purge my tanks. "Having fun swinging up there, Bee?" Sides called out when they turned off their hoses for the last time. "How long do you think we should leave him? Let the sun do its job and dry him off good and proper?"

Sunny shrugged, tossing the hose over his shoulder like it was a whip. "Let's go get some well earned high-grade. And if we remember he's still hanging out here in the tree by the end of the night, then we'll come rescue him. Or some other bot will," He looked up at my frantic and squirming expression. "Don't go anywhere Bee! We'll be back later, maybe tomorrow morning. Enjoy the sunset!" And the fraggers walked off back towards base, pushing and shoving each other while congratulating themselves on a job well done. I called out to them over and over again, but they just laughed.

Until Sides sent me one last com-link message. 'Try not to squirm around too much, bud. You'll tighten the chains.' He laughed, signing off.

"Primus help me get them back with something good," I prayed, bowing my head and swinging slightly from my branch.

For over two hours I stayed there swinging and stewing in my own stinging pride and ego. Birds tried to settle on me, until I hissed at them and made them fly off. That was the last thing I needed! Just coming back from looking like Oscar the Grouch to having birds shit on me because I was strung up in a tree, literally hung out to dry by my supposed two best friends. I would have been plotting revenge if I wasn't too busy trying not to admit it was a pretty ingenious bit of pay-back they got on me. Something I knew I'd get over once I was let down and could knock their damn helms together.

But eventually, when the sun started to go down and the water had dropped off me, I started to contemplate who I was going to ask for help to get me down. The twins were completely out. And I didn't want to call on Leo or one of the older mechs like Ironhide or Ultra Magnus. I was limited on possibilities and it was only then my processor pushed forth the idea of calling Kacey. The one femme I could trust completely. Who, I hoped, wouldn't laugh at me and my awkward . . . predicament.

"Won't know until I try," I muttered to myself, opening a com-link to her. 'Kacey, I don't suppose you're free right now are you?' I asked, taking in a deep breath before I plunged on ahead. 'I'm stuck and could really do with some help right now.' I sighed, swaying from my fidgeting. And the breeze picked up the horrible scent still clinging to me, and throwing it back in my face for the millionth time since I got strung up in the tree.

'Stuck? What have you gone and got yourself into now?' She joked, laughing lightly.

'A tree.' I simply replied, listening to the static coming over the com-link. 'Kacey - ?'

'Where are you?' She asked, cutting me off. Her voice seemed to be wavering slightly and I prayed the twins hadn't gotten to her already!

'Outside the base, by the large old tree near the transformation point,' I answered quickly, shuttering my optics. 'And Kacey, could you hurry? Birds are starting to roost on me.'

'On my way.' She said tightly before abruptly cutting us off.

And all I could do was swing helplessly, tired of telling the birds to frag off, and so stuck listening to their evening songs. Smelling like a flower. Wrapped in chains.

Primus tell me this day can get better somehow! I thought, waiting for Kacey to arrive and save my sorry aft.