1. Castle Oblivion: Basement Twelve

I. Out of the Dark Realm

(While I myself am not here, Windelle has 'recorded' all of this and tells it to me when we meet again, but where and when exactly, I will not tell; await Kingdom Hearts Remake II)

Windelle, Riku, and Ilsa woke up with a start in an unknown realm, wondering where they are. They then suddenly remembered; they were at the realm of darkness (But where ARE they now?).

"Keep sleeping.", a voice whispered.

"Who's there?!", Riku demanded as the three of them got up with a start.

"You should remain asleep. Here, between light and dark."

"Between… what?", Windelle asked.

Ilsa suddenly gasped then asked, "Where's Django?! Where's the King?!"

"We closed the door to darkness.", Riku thought out loud. "After that--"

"The three of you came drifting here.", the voice finished. "You did not have the strength to overcome the darkness. Or… maybe you were close to it."

"Hmph. As if I'm some kind of demon.", Windelle responded.

The voice continued to speak. "Turn from the light. Shut your eyes. Here blanketed by the darkness. Sleep is safety. Sleep is eternal. But…"

Just then, a card appeared in front of the three.

"What's this?", Ilsa asked.

"It is a door to the truth.", the voice answered. "Take it and your sleep will end, as you take the first step toward the truth. But know this; the truth will bring you pain. Will you still go? There is no return to the security of sleep and all of you must have an unanimous decision."

"I'm going.", Riku answered as he held the card.

"I'll vow to stay with Riku.", Windelle promised as he held Riku's other hand.

"Anything to get out of this place.", Ilsa said as she took Windelle's free hand. "This seemed like a boring place to take a nap anyway.", Windelle thought.

"Then it is decided."

Just then, the card flashed and when it faded, they were inside a castle though there was no door behind them (This is probably a basement, Ilsa pondered). As they saw the door ahead, Riku held up the card, as Windelle pondered on what the voice said. Ilsa then shook him back to reality since Riku was already at the door. As he 'activated' the door, the three of them crossed it.

II. Hollow Bastion

As they crossed the door (no one realized that Ilsa disappeared), Riku recognized the place as Hollow Bastion.

"Correction.", the 'voice' said. "This 'Hollow Bastion' is based on your memories out of the card I gave you. From your time with Maleficent and Xin, to be exact. You've seen everything before, haven't you?"

"Yeah… So what now?", Windelle asked. "Are we going to meet someone? Maybe learn something?"

"You would meet the people in your memories. Ordinarily."

"What does that mean?", Riku demanded.

No response.

"Hey! We're asking you a question!", Windelle shouted.

After a few more seconds of silence, a small paper plane flew to Windelle as Riku called out, "Fine, but it better be you I run across next, Voice."

Just then, Windelle tapped at Riku's shoulder and showed him the letter that came from the paper plane.

The letter said:

Sorry not to tell this earlier but this castle has some 'rules' that hinder intruders like you. One of them is that your actions will be based on using cards. Second, Ilsa has to be one of them, under the category Friend Card. Third, your 'deck' is preset for every floor. If you're still confused, read the incantation below.

Confused, Riku chanted out the words, then suddenly, they knew what they needed to do and teleported to the 'floor area' with Key of Beginnings. There, they traversed the rooms, finding the required door, and busting Heartless on the way. Eventually, they found the door, used the Key, and crossed it.

They arrived at the library. Just then, a green card floated down on them and shone brightly. When the light faded, Ilsa was there.

"Whoa!", Riku gasped. "Don't come in just like that!"

"I can't help it.", she replied. "This castle is doing this, not me. By the way, where are we?"

"You are in the room Windelle and Riku shared.", the Voice answered.

"Why'd you bring us here?", Windelle asked.

"To remind you and Riku that both of you cast away your friends and got consumed by the darkness. At least you got a nice room."

"Shut up!", Riku told the Voice and left in a huff. Windelle and Ilsa followed him out (Although only Windelle is able to and Ilsa returns to being a card).

With the Key of Guidance in hand, both Riku and Windelle made their way across the rooms and soon found the Door of Guidance. When they both crossed it, they (Ilsa included now) ended up at a hallway which is empty.

"That's strange.", Windelle said. "So far we've seen no one except each other."

"Voice!", Riku called out. "Explain this!"

"Do you really want to see them?", it replied.

"Of course we do!", Ilsa answered.

"Only the 'heroes of darkness' may answer."

"We DO want to see them.", Riku answered.

"You can't."

"Why not?!", Windelle demanded.

"Both of you cast them all aside in your pursuit for darkness."

"We rejected it!"

"What proof do you have? The heart can only throw away. You threw away all your friends, but the tiny piece of darkness still looms in your hearts. Because of that, this room is empty, like your memories. That's why no one is in the castle."

"Is all of that true?", Ilsa asked them.

"Yes.", Riku sullenly admitted. "Let's go."

And the three of them head out (But you know what really happens, right? It's like in Sora's story in the game), Key to Truth in hand. After some more traveling (since there are no 'bounty' cards and that the deck is preset, I could not mention new sleights or card trading), they found the Door to Truth and crossed it. In there, they encountered the leader of the Wutai Association; Xin (but where's Maleficent?).

"I knew you would return, Riku, Windelle. And I see you've brought a comrade with you."

"Xin!", Windelle gasped. "You're alive?! Where's Maleficent, by the way? She's always with you."

"You haven't been paying attention.", Xin replied. "I am merely a figment of your memory and your memories of me were stonger than Maleficent''s why only I am here to greet you."

"Of all the people we could run into, it had to be you.", Riku scoffed.

"But of course. After all, your heart is steeped in darkness. You can only see those who exist in that same darkness… "

"No…", Riku shouted.

"Be grateful you have someone to keep you company. Your heart is empty. Were it not for the darkness it contains, you would be alone."

"That's sounding pretty good right about now.", Ilsa said.

"Come, now. You once turned to me and Maleficent to sate your hunger for darkness. You want both of us here yet you thought of me more. Who but I can grant you the darkness you long for?"

"There was a time Windelle and I did want you around.", Riku admitted. "We surrendered our hearts to the dark. But never again. You and your darkness have nothing to offer."
As Riku and Windelle began to bypass Xin then stop, Windelle then said, "All we did was lose ourselves… Empty ourselves! We're finished with all that. If we're stuck seeing people like you, people of the dark… We'll take you our one by one!"

As Xin walked away from them, prompting Ilsa to join them, he said, "Then you mustn't forget to destroy yourselves last, Riku and Windelle. Because, like me, you two are part of the dark."

"Fine with us. We turned to darkness because our hearts were weak. We hate that weakness. It's like we're our own enemies. And seeing people like you embrace tha darkness just makes it worse! Enough talk, Xin!"

"So you hate darkness enough to fight it.", Xin confirmed. "Oh, the agony you must feel! The let me and your pain, Riku and Windelle- end it forever with the wondrous powers of darkness!"

Xin then transformed into his Vajradhara form and engaged them in battle (The 'battle matrix' initiated, of course).

For a start, Xin started swinging his staff around like a tornado, sucking in both Riku and Windelle as they both attempted to flee. Fortunately, Riku 'Card Broke' the attack and did a flurry of slashes, then Windelle fired away with ease. As a finishing move, Riku used the Ilsa Friend Card obtained during the battle (Here, Riku and Windelle share Friend Cards, which will be three). She came out in a white flash, healed the two of them with a Cure spell, then charged at Xin, finishing him off. The reward was some EXP ans his card (which its effect was the same as Maleficent's) (they share enemy cards too; the ones obtained from the bosses, that is). They were then outside the Door to Truth and they fought their way across some more unopened rooms to find the exit and cross it.