Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Shows naught but masks until they fall

For hidden underneath the lies

Truth withers and slowly dies


Mirror Mirror show what's real

Hidden under heartless steal

Far from people's damning gaze

Waiting deep within the maze


Mirror Mirror hide my face

Lest I forget to play my place

Parents, teachers, family too

No one knows the real you


Mirror Mirror now I see

Lest I unleash the real me

I will never truly live

Because of standards others give


Mirror Mirror shatter now

These masks no longer will I allow

Forget the people's judgment call

I am standing proud and tall


Mirror Mirror on the wall

You saw me clearer than all

For I am you and you are me

Reflecting each other for eternity

This is a poem of what Harry might have thought if he had to hid his true self because of the Boy-Who-Lived legend. I thought it would have been unbearable to look into a mirror because it would remind him that everything he did was an act.