All That She Is

Prologue – New Beginning

By Crow Skywalker


Disclaimer – I don't own CCS, nor do I claim to. Neither do I own the movie "She's All That". They all belong to their respective owners.

Author's Notes – This series is going to be long...and I mean long. So long I probably will never finish it :P But for once in my life, I know exactly what's going to happen from beginning to end sooo...y'never know. As for the title, whoa! Not original, is it? lol

Pairings – Sakura/Syaoran (eventually), Tomoyo/Eriol, Meiling/Yamato...Yes, I know using original characters suck, but I needed another guy for Meiling to make the plot and all ^^;

Summary – Take the characters of CCS, add a touch of "She's All That", and have a wacky storyline! Don't worry, it won't be exactly like the movie...otherwise Sakura wouldn't have to face off against...Hey! That's a secret, now isn't it? :P


The bright sunlight of a new day made its way through the small window, and a small breeze gently made its way across the room, making the curtains flutter with it. The small room was filled with boxes and crates, each containing old memories waiting to be set free into their new surroundings. But these memories would have to wait, for their mistress was now asleep in her new bed, softly dozing in the morning sun.

"Sakura! It's time to get up! You don't want to be late for your first day at school!" Called a voice from downstairs, abruptly waking the girl. Her name was Sakura Kinomoto, daughter to Fujitaka Kinomoto and his deceased wife, Nadesiko. For those who knew her really well, she was also the Clow Mistress.

She vaguely remembered her past with the Cards as she slowly dragged herself out of bed, waking up the Guardian of The Seal, Kero, and also good friend in the process. She wasn't a morning person; and it showed.

School? She asked herself, her mind still asleep. She rubbed her eyes, trying to focus on the room around her. That's right...I'm starting school again. She winced at the again part. An incident with a card in her old hometown had led her to destroying her school's gym, and she had been forever expelled afterwards, never to return. So her father had decided it was time for a change, and he had packed up their family and moved them all to Japan. In the mean time, she had had to explain to her family about the "Clow Cards" and her mission, including Kero, who could now fly around freely whenever he wanted to and not having to worry about being seen.

At first her Father and Brother had thought she was insane. First she blew up a gym, and now she was trying to tell them that she had magical powers and that some 'Cards' had minds of their own? Needless to say that the first thing they had done after the incident was bring her to see a doctor. She had insisted there was nothing wrong with her, and even the doctor had confirmed it. Arriving home, she finally introduced her small companion, Kero, to the family. They had been shocked that a 'stuffed toy' could talk, and he soon proved to Touya that he was indeed no 'stuffed animal' by biting his finger.

As the realization set in, she finally told the whole story of how she had found the cards amongst her Father's old books, and had 'accidentally' set the cards free. Since then, and a few years later, she was still capturing cards, and she explained how she was fighting a more powerful one when it had backfired, bringing down the gym with it. Both her Father and Brother found all of this hard to believe, but soon let it all set in. Now that she was sixteen, going on seventeen, she could handle things herself, and they both had realized that their little Cherry Blossom had grown up and didn't need their protection anymore. However, with this new move and new environment, her Father hoped that the whole 'Clow' business was over, and she could continue living a normal life with a fresh start.

But moving wouldn't stop Sakura's destiny of being the Clow Mistress. As long as she had the Clow Book, the Cards would follow her, both drawn to her power and the book. And as long as they were free, reeking havoc in their path, she would be on the mission to catch them. As both her Guardians Kero and Yue had told her, this was her destiny, and only she could fulfill it.

Climbing out of the shower, she wrapped her shoulder length hair up in a towel and hurried off to her room to get dressed. She now stood in front of her mirror, trying to figure out what dress to wear for the first day of school. Holding up a short blue dress, she studied herself in front of the mirror before pulling out another dress. This one was a light pink, and as she held it in front of her and peered at her reflection, she finally made her decision. She would go with the pink dress.

A knocking on her door caught her attention, and she held the towel closer to her body, knowing full well that the person was her father. Her brother, Touya, wouldn't have knocked before entering.

"Yes, Dad?" She called, letting him know that it was safe to enter.

He smiled at her for a moment, before he noticed the pink dress in her hand. "I hope you're not planning on wearing that, Sakura. I don't know if I forgot to mention it to you, but the school protocol says that all students must wear the school uniform."

Sakura's mouth dropped open. "Protocol? So I have to dress in some stupid outfit that everyone in the entire school will be wearing?"

He nodded in reply, before holding something up in his hand. "I came to give you this. It's your new school uniform."

Sakura frowned, obviously disappointed, but took the item from her Father anyway. "Thanks, Dad."

As her Father shut the door, she reluctantly put on the outfit. It looked like any other normal schoolgirl outfit, both the top and skirt being a shade of black, and a white collar that she guessed was supposed to stick out. Checking herself out once again in the mirror, she finally decided that the outfit was okay, and maybe she could get used to it. She then finished up, drying her hair and adding the last touches by combing out her banks and setting her hair the way she liked it.

"It sure takes you a long time to get dressed," Muttered the small version of Cerebos, who had been hiding underneath the unmade sheets of her bed while she got dressed. "Do all normal teenagers take this long?"

"Kero-Chan," Sakura sighed, rummaging through her stuff for her book bag, "Do you know what I did with my –" She looked up to see Kero's small arm pointing towards the door, and she followed his gaze to her book bag. "Thanks Kero-Chan!" She cried, making a run for the door and grabbing her book bag on her way.

It was Kero's turn to sigh. "That girl will never learn."


"Is that the kaijuu making all that racket coming down the stairs?" An older boy asked himself while he leaned over the stove, cooking breakfast. His name was Touya, and he was Sakura's older brother.

"I'm not a kaijuu!" Insisted Sakura as she slid to a halt and sat at the table. "And stop calling me that! I'm not a little kid anymore."

Touya smiled to himself, flipping a pancake onto a plate and handing it to Sakura, who was still glaring at him. As she dug into her meal, pouring extra maple serape so that the pancakes were floating in it, he reached down and ruffled her hair. "You'll always be my little sister, and therefore you'll always be a kaijuu." Grinning, he returned to the stove as their father entered the kitchen.

"Sakura! Why didn't you tell me your family were cooking pancakes for breakfast?" Squealed a voice, and everyone turned to see a starry-eyed Kero, a puddle of drool collecting on the floor beneath him.

Sakura sweatdropped, "Sorry Kero-chan, I didn't know..."

"That's all sit down here eating while my poor stuffed body wastes away.." He cried fake tears, causing everyone to sweatdrop.

"Don't worry Kero," Smiled Mr. Kinomoto, "I'm sure there's enough left for you."

"All right!" The small animal yelled, making his way over to the table, where Touya pulled out another plate and staked it with pancakes, almost getting his finger bit off as the bottomless pit of a Guardian dove into it.

Ignoring the scene before him, Mr. Kinomoto sat down at the end of the table and took out the morning newspaper. After reading through the first few headlines, one caught his eye. "Mysterious fires damage local park." He read, "People claim the flames are coming out of nowhere.." He frowned, turning the page. "Sounds to me like the teens are up to something, if you ask me."

Sakura nodded, glancing at Kero, who was busily stuffing his mouth. If he isn't worried, then I shouldn't be either. She smiled, her gaze turning back to her Father. "I'm sure that's all it is. You know how us teens can be."

Mr. Kinomoto looked over the paper at his little girl, before laying it down on the table. "I know that, and that's why I want you to be careful. No more Clow business, at least for a while. I don't want to see my little girl hurt.."

"Don't worry Otousan, I'll be very careful." She smiled again, getting up from the table and putting her dishes in the sink.

"You ready squirt?" Asked her brother, who was heading out the door. Ever since Sakura could remember, her and her brother had walked or rode to school together, and she was glad because she had no idea where her new school was located. According to her brother, the high school was fairly close to where he was going to collage.

Picking up her book bag, she nodded, and hugged her father goodbye before she strapped on her trusty roller blades and started out the door, hurrying to catch up with her brother who was now far ahead of her, riding his bike.

"Touya-san! Wait up!" She called, skating faster.

"I can't help it if you're a slow kaijuu!" He called back, and her anger made her skate faster and harder.

"I'm not a kai-!" She never got to finish before she rammed into someone, knocking both of them down.

Her brother stopped and turned the bike around, going back to check on her. "Not only are you a slow kaijuu, but a clumsy one too." He stated, looking down at her.

She groaned, lifting herself to her knees and rubbing the back of her head. "Maybe this will teach me to look where I'm going next time." Finally looking up, she noticed the person she had ran into. "Sorry!" She cried, jumping to her feet and holding out a hand to help him up. "I wasn't watching where I was going!"

"It's okay," Said a voice, and Sakura froze when she saw the face of the person she'd just practically run over. It was a guy, who looked about the same age as her brother, only his hair was a silver gray color and to Sakura, he looked much, much more handsome then her brother. "I can be blamed for this too. I was in such a hurry I never saw you coming." He smiled, taking her hand as she helped him up.

Sakura blushed, turning a deep shade of red at the contact. Never in her life had she seen someone so – it made her heart skip and jump just by looking at him. Still holding on to his hand, she stared up at him. There's something about him...

"I'm sure it's more of the kaijuu's fault." Stated her brother from somewhere behind her, snapping her out of her trance. Angrily, she turned to give her brother a piece of her mind, but stopped when the silver haired boy held out his hand to her brother.

"Hi, my name is Yukito." He smiled, "You must be new. I haven't seen you around before."

Touya took his hand and introduced himself. "I'm Touya Kinomoto, and this is my little sister Sakura." He stated, shooting Sakura one of his looks as he gestured to her. "We just moved here. Hey, you wouldn't know where the college is around here, would you? That and the high school, where Sakura here will be going? We haven't really had the chance to look around and find out where everything is..."

"You're in luck!" Grinned Yukito, glancing briefly at the young teenager, and then back to her brother. The girl seemed to behold a strange power...and a pink aura glowed brightly around her. Is she the one? He asked himself mentally, before replying, "I'm heading to Tomoeda College right now. The High school is right next to it too." He smiled, returning his gaze to the young girl. I'll have to keep an eye on that one...

"Great!" Brightened Sakura, "Thank you so much! Touya here probably would have gotten us lost if we never had bumped into you!"

"And you would have probably ran over a few more pedestrians out walking." Her brother shot back.

Smiling, Yukito continued his way to school, the two siblings behind him bickering the whole way.

Stopping in front of a large white building, Yukito waited for them to catch up. When they finally did, Yukito pointed towards it. "This, I believe, is your stop Sakura."

"Whoa." Sakura stopped and stared at it in awe. "This place is a whole lot bigger than my old school!"

"Don't worry about it Sakura," Said Touya, "I'm sure you'll manage to fit in."

Yukito nodded. "People in Tomoeda are very nice. I'm sure you'll make a bunch of friends by the end of the day."

"Thanks guys!" Sakura exclaimed, waving as she stepped inside the gates and followed the other teenagers that were entering. "Have a good day!"

With that, Touya and Yukito continued their journey to the college next door, leaving Sakura to her very first day at school.

To Be Continued...