All That She Is

Chapter Twenty Two - Voices

By Crow Skywalker


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Pairings – Sakura/Syaoran, Eriol/Tomoyo, possible Touya/Yukito

Summary – Sakura's recently moved to Tomoeda. Syaoran makes a bet that he can have any girl, even her. But when he finds out who she really is...the adventure's only just beginning.


The next few weeks passed by rather fast, a strange awkwardness settling between the friends. After the night of the party and visiting Sakura to return her transformed wand, Syaoran had kept his distance from the Mistress of the Clow. Sakura had realized his intentions of keeping away, and though it pained her slightly, she accepted his wishes and tried her best to keep out of his way as well.

As for Meiling, not much was heard from her after that night either. While in class, she had become uncharacteristically quiet, keeping her attention on the work that was given to her, though she had a habit of glancing up from her desk at Syaoran every now and then. Every time her eyes fell upon him she would get a pained look upon her face, her eyes misting over before she turned her face away.

Tomoyo and Eriol carried on as though nothing was any different, although they both knew better. It seemed like their group was falling apart, and things were complicated at the moment. Eriol was, for once in his life, confused and at a loss as to what to do concerning his new Clow Mistress and Yue, while Tomoyo was torn between her friends, mainly Sakura and Meiling.

Life was being cruel to them all.

Gazing down at her English paper, Sakura absently chewed on the end of her pencil, nibbling at the eraser as she thought. Though English wasn't her best subject, she liked it to some degree. Usually she was happy to be in English class learning the different language, but lately the things bothering her kept her mind too busy to even think about doing school work.

Halloween is coming up, she thought with an inward sigh, letting her pencil drop to the desk. It was hard to believe that she'd been in school for almost two months now. Turning her head slightly, she gazed over her shoulder at her friends who were working hard on their papers. Catching sight of Syaoran working hard behind her, she snapped her gaze back to her desk. Things have certainly fallen apart, she thought with a sad smile. Syaoran refused to talk to her, Meiling no longer even acknowledged her, and Tomoyo and Eriol…

Sakura glanced over at her dark haired friend, who looked up when she noticed the auburn haired girl glancing her way. Tomoyo smiled at her before looking back down at her work, her pencil scribbling away on the paper in front of her.

Yes, awkward was the word that seemed to describe everything lately.

Turning her attention back to her own paper, Sakura sighed aloud this time, letting her head drop into her hands in frustration. She didn't feel like doing work – she just felt like getting up and screaming! She wanted things to be back to normal! Okay, so maybe not normal…because in her life, nothing was exactly normal. Especially when she lived with the guardian best of the Clow Book and had vowed to collect the missing Cards, which she had lost upon opening the book so long ago.

Rubbing at her tired eyes with the palm of her hands, she let her head sink down into arms, her eyes closing momentarily. Her life was a sudden chaos – not that it hadn't been before, with the Cards and all. But after moving to Tomoeda, she had to add crazy mixed up feelings for her rival and enemy to her plate, a raging vicious fiancée, strange dreams of buildings and a glowing white figure…

Sakura blinked her eyes open, staring ahead as she suddenly remembered the dream. After she had awoken to find Syaoran at her bed side, she hadn't given the dream another thought until today. She'd completely put it out of her mind, forgetting all about it until now. Though it shouldn't have bothered her – it wasn't like it was one of her prophetic dreams, right? She'd only had it once – she couldn't shake the feeling it had brought her.

It was strange, she frowned into the sleeve of her uniform, I've never had a dream like that. I wonder who that glowing figure was…I couldn't see his face properly. How did he know about the Cards, anyway? She shrugged it off, feeling a tingling sensation working its way up her spine. The dream had scared her somewhat, and now she realized why she had forced it out of her mind. She didn't want to think about it.

With a groan, Sakura raised her eyes to the clock at the front of the classroom. She almost gasped when she saw what time it was, and sitting up straight, she grabbed for her pencil. School was almost over for the day and she still wasn't even finished her paper!


Strapping on the roller blades that she'd worn to school for every day since before she could remember, Sakura waved to Rika and Naoko as they passed, pausing in their conversation as they waved back and smiled. "See you tomorrow Sakura!"

Sakura grinned in response with a curt nod, her hair falling into her face as she finished strapping her roller blades and set both feet down on the ground. Standing up from the cement wall that she had been sitting on, she slowly bladed across the school yard to the front gates where she waited for her brother to show. It didn't take long, for a few minutes after, he and Yukito rounded the corner. She waved wildly at them.

"Hey kaijuu, what's the excitement about?" Her brother asked, for once opting to walk with his friend instead of riding his bike.

Sakura frowned at his pet name for her and pouted. "I'm not a kaijuu!"

"Of course you are," he replied, ruffling her hair as he passed her, "Only a kaijuu would wave their arms like that in the middle of the street." He teased, "Watch it or you'll scare off the poor elementary kids across the street!"

Sakura huffed, skating after them and keeping up with their pace. On the outside of the sidewalk, she was right next to Yukito, who smiled down at her warmly. "How was your day, Sakura?"

Smiling brightly with a small blush she replied, "It was fine, nothing really interesting happened."

"I see," he responded, the smile never leaving his face. Sakura returned the gesture, her face flushed as she suddenly looked away.

Yukito is such a nice guy, she thought with a secret smile, looking at him out of the corner of her eye. Bringing a hand up to her chest, she felt her heart beating just a little quicker. She liked Yukito a lot - ever since she had first ran into him on that fateful day she had thought he was a real nice guy – and though she knew she had mixed feelings for Syaoran, she couldn't help but feel attracted to this other man.

Clasping her hands behind her back as she kept the pace, Sakura sighed. Why couldn't she find a nice guy like Yukito? Why did she have conflicting emotions for her rival of all people?

"Something on your mind?" Yukito's voice brought her out of her thoughts, and she gazed up at him. She shook her head.

"Just thinking."

"Don't hurt yourself," Touya responded to this, and Sakura stuck her tongue out at him. Yukito laughed at the siblings, causing Sakura to stop and blush furiously, realizing she was acting childishly. Still, she looked up at him from under her lashes.

Yukito's smart, handsome, caring, and funny… She smiled, looking foreword as she skated along, unlike arrogant, selfish, and confusing Li Syaoran. One minute he's nice, the next he's trying to steal my Cards! She nodded to herself, I could really use a guy like Yukito in my life.

"We're here," Sakura stopped as she realized they were standing in front of Yukito's house, and after saying goodbye, she watched as he made his way up the steps. She watched him for a moment before she realized Touya was still there, and with a grin, she playfully punched him in the shoulder and skated backwards.

"I'll race you home!"


Sakura beat him – it was no completion, really. With her roller blades on she had easily  gotten home before him. Of course, being the first one to enter the house in the afternoon meant that she was the first one who had to deal with Kero's moping. As if on cue, as soon as she opened the door the small teddy bear like creature was before her, moaning that he was hungry.

Sakura grabbed at him, realizing the door was still open and the neighborhood could practically see him. How would she explain a floating 'guardian beast of the seal' to her neighbors? Her eyes wide, she stuffed him out of sight, giving him a scolding. "Kero-chan! Watch it! Someone might have seen you!"

She was about to close the door when she realized Touya had finally caught up to her. With a grin she declared, "I win!"

He ignored her, entering the house and finally shutting the door. Noticing the coast was clear, Kero hovered just above their heads in anticipation – now that they were home, perhaps he'd finally get some of the cake he'd been craving all afternoon!

"You cheated," Touya finally replied once they'd gotten their shoes off, and he made towards the living room.

"So?" she grinned, "Not like you have never done it before." She watched as he slumped down on the couch, reaching for the remote control to the television. She stopped him before he could reach it though, grabbing it and holding it just out of his reach. "And since I won, I'd like for you to do me a favor."

He sighed. "What do you want?"

"Well, I have a lot of homework to do…and tonight's my night for cooking supper." She gave him a pleading look, "Please? I really need to get this done."

He grabbed for the remote, and for a moment she thought he might refuse. He smirked at her though, putting the remote back in its place. "Fine, but you're cooking two nights in a row starting tomorrow night."


"Good!" He got up from the couch, hesitating only when he saw Kero still floating just beyond their reach, his little hands on his stomach as his lips trembled. Pointing upwards, Touya asked, "Does this mean I have to feed him too?"

Sakura sweatdropped. "It would be nice."

Floating down so that he sat upon the older Kinomoto sibling's shoulder, Kero pointed in the direction of the kitchen. "Cake!"

Touya rolled his eyes, shrugging the small creature off his shoulder. "Fine, fluff ball. Whatever you want."

Kero didn't seem to mind the insult, happily following after Touya as he left the living room and disappeared into the kitchen, leaving Sakura alone. Once they left she smiled happily at the silence of the room and grabbed for her back pack, taking out her math homework. Taking the book out, she set it down on the table, making herself comfortable on the floor between the couch and table as she opened the book and got out her paper.

After a few minutes of looking at the first page, her expression blank, she sighed and let her head fall to the table with a thump. Math seemed so much more easier when Syaoran was teaching it to me…she thought glumly.

Their math tutoring had stopped after that one evening before the Little Card had made its appearance. They were supposed to meet again a week or so later, but after what had happened at the party, and now that Syaoran was ignoring her to the best of his abilities…

Sakura lifted her head again only to let it fall back down on the table, her eyes shut.

I hate this, she thought furiously, opening her eyes to glare at the book before her. Her face was so close to the pages that the words were blurred, but that didn't matter. It made just as much sense to her blurred as it did when she could actually see the letters and numbers.

Lifting her head once more and ignoring the clutter of pans in the kitchen, she glared at the book again. Okay, I have to do this. I can't always have someone around to help me…I have to do this on my own!

She set to work, trying her best to do her math homework. About an hour later she had finally managed to reach the last question, but her determination to finish the math had failed her somewhere after the third long answer math question. Now, staring blankly at the page, she couldn't help but yawn. Bringing a hand up to her mouth, she closed her eyes as she did so, feeling quite tired now.

This stuff can put anyone asleep, she thought, looking back down at the book with lidded eyes. They closed upon their own accord, and she felt her head sagging against the table. She tried to fight sleep off, but she felt exhausted. I have to…finish…

"You have failed to capture any more Cards."A voice inside her head, one that she knew from somewhere. Her hazy mind didn't bother to make the connection though, and she let her pencil fall from her hand as she felt sleep starting to claim her. "My patience is growing thin," the voice continued.

"Who are you?" Sakura murmured.

"I am the one who will call upon your Judgment," the voice replied.

"Hn," Was all Sakura could say, cuddling into her arms on the table.

"One that has been chosen to be my new Master, you are running out of time."

"Time for what?" Sakura asked sleepily.

"I will be the one who will judge if you are worthy to be the new Clow Mistress." His tone was cold, emotionless. "I will be coming for you soon."

Though her foggy mind something clicked, all thoughts of peaceful sleep leaving her as she sat up at the table. In her haste she managed to pull her book and papers off the table, and they scattered around her.

"You alright kaijuu?" Asked a masculine voice, and she looked over to see her older brother standing in the doorway with a specula in hand. "I thought I heard you talking to someone."

"I'm fine," she said, her voice just above a whisper as she realized her heart was pounding. "I was talking to myself."

Touya looked at her with an amused expression before he moved off into the kitchen.

That voice…I remember where I heard it now, she thought frantically when she knew her brother had left. It was the voice from my dream…not the one that came from behind me, but the one from the glowing white figure! Her eyes widened. But how can that be…? It was just a dream – the voice I just heard, I was still half awake!

When Sakura looked up again, Kero was looking at her in concern. She was about to ask him how long he had been there, but before she could open her mouth he sat down on the now empty table and looked up at her with his small black eyes. "You sure you're okay?"

She half shook her head before she stopped. "Actually, no, I'm not."

Kero looked at her, head tilted in question.

"Kero, something strange is going on…"

To Be Continued…