Whew! It's been a while since I've done a slash fic (or any for that matter…), so this will be an interesting experience. I plan it to be tame on the sexual front but it will be long and juicy. As always, the mandatory disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek or any of its characters. Kirk/Spock slash. FYI, this is one of two slash fics I will be writing, so be prepared!

Ch 1: Seeking the Truth

Kirk rubbed his eyes wearily as he pressed his back to the door of his quarters. He had just gotten notice that the crew of the Enterprise was granted 2 weeks leave to spend wherever and however they pleased. Having completed mission after mission after receiving his promotion to Captain, he was in much need of some rest and relaxation.

He moved across the room and flopped onto his bed face first. His nose wrinkled at the uncomfortable firmness of the bed. He made a mental note to head straight for his old bed as soon as he arrived home. The Starfleet beds were as stiff as their rules and regulations.

No sooner than he had started to doze off did he hear a knock on his door. He grabbed a pillow and covered his head with it. "GO AWAAAAAAAY!!!" he screamed, fully aware of how muffled his voice was. The door knocked again. With a sigh, he pushed off the bed and flipped into a sitting position on the bed. The pillow tumbled off his head and landed behind him.

"Come in!"

The door opened to reveal Spock in his signature pose: body rigid, head up, arms behind his back. He walked into Kirk's room, staring blankly off into space.

"I am sorry to disturb you Captain. I am aware that we are officially on leave and that you desire a chance to rest. I do however have a formal request that I would like to present to you before you leave the Enterprise."

Kirk dropped his head and sighed. "Spock, how is it as intelligent as you are, you seem to have trouble getting it through your head that I want you to call me 'Jim', not 'Captain'?"

Spock raised an eyebrow. "It is my training as an officer that prevents me from addressing a superior in such an informal way."

"Could you at least then address me informally when we're in an informal environment? For God's sake, Spock! We're not only on leave, we're in my quarters!" He stood up and strode up to Spock, grabbed shoulders, and gently shook him. "Loosen up a bit!"

"Captain, I would prefer you avoid making physical contact with me in such a way," Spock said, a look of discomfort leaking through his stoic mask.

Kirk released Spock's shoulders and shook his head. "Alright, alright. We'll work on that another time. Anyway, what's this 'formal request' of yours that just can't wait?"

Spock regained his composure and returned to his statuesque pose. "Captain, I wish you to tell me about what really happened with Spock Prime during your…visit…to Delta Vega."

Kirk's eyes grew wide. While he knew the time would come for him to inquire about it, he still wasn't prepared to handle the situation. "Spock…you know just as well as I do that I can't tell you about that."

"I understand your reluctance to reveal the truth. However, I feel as Spock Prime's younger self, I have a right to know what the future holds for me."

"You think because you and Spock are the same person, you have more of a right to know about his timeline than I do?" Kirk laughed. "Do you realize how many rules he broke by telling me what happened? Do you? Do you realize that I know everything that would have been if Nero never appeared? My father would still be alive…"

"…as would my mother, as well as the entire planet Vulcan. Do not perchance to think that Nero's appearance has only affected you. For that exact reason, I feel I am entitled…"

"…you don't get it do you?!?" Kirk's temper began to rise. "The whole reason Spock Prime told me anything was because you being captain of the Enterprise would have lead to our deaths! If you think Nero showing up screwed up the timeline, imagine the magnitude our deaths would have created! But no, you're so wrapped up in yourself, thinking you're better than everyone else, just because you're half Vulcan, you can't get over the fact that I know something you don't! Well Spock, this is one thing only I was supposed to know, and if you don't like it, you can kiss my human ass!!!"

Without realizing it, Kirk had gotten so caught up in his retort that he had become mere centimeters away from Spock's face. For the first time since his return from Delta Vega, he had gazed deep into his eyes. The fire of rage burned deeply beneath the surface as Spock struggled to keep his emotions in check. Memories of the mind meld flashed before his eyes, causing a wave of emotions to sweep over him and wash away his anger. He quickly turned away and rubbed the back of his head while Spock blinked rapidly in surprise at his sudden change in demeanor.

"It seems it was a mistake to bring this up. I will retire back to my quarters and prepare for my departure."

"Spock, wait!" Just as Spock turned to leave, Kirk quickly turned and put a hand on his shoulder. Spock gazed at the hand on his shoulder, then at Kirk's face. Kirk just as quickly removed his hand. "Sorry, forgot about the whole touching thing." He cleared his throat and stepped back to give Spock more space as he turned back around to face the interior of the room. Kirk took a deep breath, and then sighed. "I promised Spock Prime I wouldn't tell you, but if you're that determined to find out, I can give you coordinates for where he is now."

Spock's eyebrow perked up. This was rather unexpected. "Spock Prime entrusted you with his current location?"

"Yeah. Yeah he did." Kirk's shoulders slumped in defeat. He moved to his nightstand and pulled open a drawer. After shifting some papers around, he pulled out a small square of paper with handwriting on it. Kirk closed the drawer and handed the paper to Spock, who reviewed the coordinates Spock wrote in Vulcan.

"Spock Prime knew you'd want to know the truth yourself eventually. I was kinda hoping it'd be long after he had passed, but considering how long you Vulcans live, I had a hunch it'd be much sooner rather than later."

Spock looked down at coordinates a little longer before looking at Kirk. "Was your outburst another ruse to force me to follow the natural order of events?"

A smirk spread on Kirk's face. "Almost worked too, didn't it?"

Wonder and amazement snuck past Spock's icy control and shined brightly on his face. "Either you have a penchant for dragging emotional responses out of me, or you are possibly the worst sadist in human history."

Kirk chuckled. "Perhaps it's a bit of both." He stepped forward and extended his hand to Spock. "Good luck Spock. I hope you know what you're getting into."

At first Spock simply eyed the hand Kirk had offered to him. Then, he slowly extended his hand and gave Kirk a tight, sincere handshake. "You have my thanks, Captain. I hope I do as well."

End Chapter 1