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Summary: High King Gil-Galad discovers love from within a dream.


There was pin-drop silence in this glittering forest filled with golden leaves and silver flowers. The ground beneath his feet was not soil, sparkling brilliantly of clear diamonds. A sense of anticipation was building up in him as he wandered through the surreal world of his dream, lead only by his instincts.

High King of the Elves of Middle Earth, Gil-Galad, pushed a golden-bronze branch away, only to enter into a small clearing. In the center, stood a tall crystal, gleaming rainbow colours when the rays of the sun fell upon it. The dark haired monarch looked on in wonder at its magnificence and began to circle the large stone slowly.

But a dark tendril within the stone drifted into the periphery of his vision, catching his attention almost immediately. Following the beckoning wisp with his eyes, he soon caught sight of a wondrous vision that stole his breath and his heart in an instant.

Suddenly, the splendor of the bronze, gold and silver trees that surrounded the clearing, its dazzling diamond pathway and the rainbow-coloured crystal paled in comparison to the beauty within the crystal itself.

For within the precious stone laid a young being, not yet an adult but no longer a child. Gil-Galad could discern through the crystal, pale alabaster skin unblemished by time and the harsh reality of life. Long waist-length hair, darker than the moonless night, was crowned at the temple and forehead with stars. And a face that shone with an ethereal glow, serenely sleeping, unaware of the turmoil beyond. A face, so fair, that Gil-Galad knew he would never lay eyes on another that was fairer still.

As if lead by an unknown desire, Gil-Galad reached out to the beauty that lay within the crystal. To his surprise, his fingers penetrated through the stone as if it was water. Encouraged by this turn of event, the High King plunged his entire arm into the crystal, wanting to free the being held captive within the crystal.

His hand grasped something cold but soft. Impatient to see his desired, to hold his chosen in his arms, the High King pulled with all his strength.

A petite body, cold and yielding, fell into his arms. The being's feathery black robes felt soft and real against his skin. Even the fragrance that drifted from the diminutive being, which reminded Gil-Galad of the clear spring night, smelled real. But, in a heart-wrenching moment, the dark-haired elf realized that his petite mate had no heartbeat and was not breathing.

Then a tentative heartbeat, where there was none, started and a gasp of life was emitted from the soft cupid's lips.

Gil-Galad too felt his heart beat again, so profound his joy that drops of tears fell from his eyes onto the fair face that had captured his heart. A soft moan came from his mate and dark lashes fluttered against high cheeks now pink with life. Gently, the petite being awoke, opening his eyes as the High King rubbed his still cold hands and awaited his awakening with anticipation.

Emerald eyes the colour of the most luscious leaves met his and once again, his breath was stolen.



"My Lord."

The firm call woke him up immediately. With a snap, his eyes opened and his sword was in his hand, pointed directly to his second-in-command. Elrond, bless his soul, did not move at all, not even to blink, too aware and accustomed to his King's hair-trigger response. Internally berating himself for threatening one of his kin, however unintentional, the High King quickly withdrew his sword.

"My Lord," his vice-regent continued, as if totally unaffected by his monarch's sudden actions. "It is dawn. The council will begin at high noon," the other dark-haired elf continued.

Gil-Galad held in his desire to sigh, merely nodding to his vice, who bowed and disappeared from his chambers. Lying back down onto his bed, he lifted his hands to stare at them, for he could still feel the coldness that seeped from his dream mate's skin. Drawing them close to his face, he swore he could smell the lingering fragrance of a spring night.


He was dreaming again.

In this dream, Gil-Galad could feel a subtle touch upon his forehead, a gentle caress that left a lingering coolness. Nimble fingers combed through the dark locks of his hair as he continued to bask in the tender attention, eyes still closed in slumber.

Then, a soft voice penetrated his consciousness, singing melodiously on love, on eternity and on lives lost because of desire and envy.

Dazedly, he forced himself to open his eyes to investigate the identity of the singer who sang so sweetly and sadly.

Above him, the fair face of his chosen looked down upon him, emerald eyes glittering with love and affection. He realized then that his head was pillowed on the smaller being's lap. Long ebony tresses hung down to encircle them as his mate bent down to lay a gentle kiss on his lips.

"Good morning, my Lord," the emerald-eyed beauty whispered against his lips.

Spurred suddenly into action, the monarch lurched up and grasped the small shoulders. Looking straight into his eyes, as if totally unsurprised by his abrupt actions, his chosen mate just smiled at him.

Gil-galad pulled the emerald-eyed beauty into his arms, feeling as if his heart was bursting with joy and love. As if every dream of his was made true.


His name was Harry. Sweet Harry.

Waiting always, in the diamond scattered clearing surrounded by golden and silver trees. Where the large crystal that held the emerald-eyed beauty laid was now replaced by a small sapling. It was as green as Harry's eyes with blossoms the colour of rainbow, growing ever so slowly as Harry tended it lovingly.

Nightly, Gil-galad would return to his dream love's arms. Sometimes, they would lay together side by side, caressing each other gently as they spoke of their dreams and hopes. Other nights, they would make love and whisper words of affection.

"I wonder," the elvenking said softly, for he ever only spoke softly to his love. "If I could ever see you in the real daylight."

The small hands combing his hair stopped. He opened his eyes to see his mate's contented smile fading. A look of utter sorrow clouded the beautiful face, making the King regret his words.

Harry had told him before, why he was there, eternally bound there. He was human once, beautiful and youthful, until a sorcerer fell in love with his beauty. He rejected the dark sorcerer, repulsed by the cruelty in his handsome features, the darkness in his eyes and the ugliness of his heart. The spurned sorcerer, angered intensely by his refusal, casted a spell on him, tying his soul to this clearing until someone can find his real body and set him free. But it was all in vain.

For though he had appeared to many in their dreams, none could find him and release him from this evil spell. And now, even though he did not know how long has passed, he knew that his body would be nothing but dust by now. No one will be able to free him from this eternal prison and to grant him peace.

"Harry," the elvenking said, getting up from his lover's lap to face the distressed beauty.

Emerald eyes met his own gray ones.

"I would ride to the ends of middle earth to find you and release your bonds, if only to see you smile once more," he said, eyes never leaving those beautiful verdant orbs.

Harry gave him a small watery smile, leaning up to kiss him.

Even if I would never lay eyes on you again, the elvenking thought to himself, I will free you.


It wasn't at the end of middle earth where he found Harry.

Gil-galad had always known that he could die in the war with Sauron but he also knew what was at risk and that for the future of his kin, he could not hesitate any longer. Even Harry had supported him even though he had not said a word of his worries to his beloved. The black-haired beauty had only smile at him as he spoke of his regret for not fulfilling his promise and simply said that he forgave him, bringing the battle-worn king into tears. That was the night before he went into battle. The battle that would ultimately claim his life.

Driven by misery for not fulfilling his promise, he wandered the Hall of Mandos, inconsolable in his grief for being unable to see his beloved again. For how could the dead ever sleep and dream?

Seven moons after he was slain in the Battle of Dargolad, the Valar took pity of him.

They led him deep into Valinor, where there lay their most coveted treasure, the purest of heart that ever lived.

He was dressed in the finest emerald silk robes laced with golden thread and diamonds. Hair immaculately combed, flowing down around him in silky waves. He laid, dead to the world, in a rainbow-coloured crystal casket, surrounded by the fallen leaves of Telperion and Laurelin.

Tears of disbelief and boundless joy sprang from his eyes as he made his way towards his beloved's sleeping form. With shaky hands, he lifted the heavy lid of the crystal casket and lifted the ebony-haired beauty he loved so dearly.

Unable to stop himself, he kissed the soft pink lips and felt the soft heart beat start beneath his palm.

Emerald eyes opened.

And a small smile of recognition bloomed upon the pink lips.

Gil-galad knew then, that forever was theirs.

The end