Hey people, it's Anni.

And Analiah.

Anna just wants us to tell you that she doesn't own one thing.




Except us.

But we're not up for adoption.

So deal with it!

It was agony, pure agony, shooting up through her. She was screaming, and no one was trying to stop her. The white lights of the surgical theater nearly blinded her. She knew that her brother was there, standing next to her and holding her hand, as was her cousin, only fifteen, stroking her forehead and sending soothing thoughts into her head, but it wasn't working. She needed him, the only way to extinguish the fire.

Another agonizing wave of pain rolled over her, and the lights dimmed.

He jumped off the landing ramp before it was even fully extended. He hurtled the barriers in front of the hospital, pushing past the bewildered guards. They didn't try to stop him.

Only one thought occupied his benumbed brain: Ohmyforcemightbetoolateshemightbegongoneno! He pushed past the gathered members of the order and yelled "MOVE!" at the top of his lungs. The door to the hospital room wouldn't open. He banged on it until someone from the inside opened it, and the bewildered face of Ben Skywalker peered out. His eyes widened and he yanked him inside.

"Jaina!" Zekk cried. Her screams paused only for a moment, and her voice was strained as she spoke. "Zekk?"

"I'm here love." He knelt by the bed and took her sweaty palm. She gripped his tightly as her moans started up again. "I always will be."

Jaina turned her head feebly to look at him; to his surprise her eyes held not pain, but unconditional love, radiating like the beams from the double Tatooine suns from the brandy-brown depths.

Together, they reached out into the force.

(Jaina's POV)

I don't think I've ever been happier.

As I lay here, propped up on a dozen pillows, I hold two of the most beautiful creatures alive. A girl and a boy. Zekk has his arm around me in a gental hug, and he can't seem to take his eyes off of them. Especially the girl. She stares back at him, looking amazed and interested at the same time. It's like some kind of father/daughter first-impression stare off. It amazes me that I can keep from laughing. Probably because it's so cute.

We haven't named them yet. As though reading my thoughts(He probably was, he enjoys doing that, cause I can't tell when he is and when he isn't.), Zekk looked at me and smiled. I realized that my cheeks were damp. "What'll we name them, Jaya? You can do it. I'm not that good at that sort of thing."

I handed him the girl and looked down at our little boy. His eyes were gray, due to change to blue in a few months, then to their intended color in a few years. There was already a tuft of dark brown hair growing on the top of his head. Or was it black? I couldn't tell.

His face suddenly took on an expression so shockingly familiar I almost dropped him. It was the same cocky look my little brother had gotten when Luke had assigned him leadership of the Myrkyr mission.

"Anakin." I breathed. Zekk nodded, clearly lost for words. The name just felt right.

We swapped children. Our little girl looked so innocent. I knew, given by Zekk's judgment, that this was physlically impossible, especially if she turned into a daddy's girl, like I'd anticipated. A nubian name, lost to the ages since the death of my grandmother, came back to me. It meant "Flower of Fire."

"Analiah." I said. Zekk nodded numbly again as the door swung open, and my family walked in. My parents were crying. Jacen and Ben were in a stunned silence. Aunt Mara and Uncle Luke grinned at us. They gathered around the bed as Zekk and I said in unision:

"This is Anakin and Analiah Solo."

The new Generation of Jedi has been born.