Hey, it's the twins again.

Ana: and we just wanted to say. . .

Anni: That I don't know why I peed on Jacen. Maybe I was just paranoid.

Ana(Rolls her eyes): . . . That Anna dosen't own star wars. Just us.

Anni: But we're not up for adoption.

Both: Here's chapter three!

A New Beginning: The Reappearance of Old Friends.

Jaina stood on the balconey of her and Zekk's room of the Imperial palace, a light breeze blowing back her long, dark hair and ruffleing both her and Analiah's white robes. Jaina gazed down at her baby girl. Her eyes were starting to change color, now a grey-green hue, and dark curls were beginning to form on the top of her head. Her features had began forming, makeing her look like her grandmother.

Jaina didn't want to say herself, because she was still trying to get used to the idea of motherhood. She was scared. Scared to death. Her children had been honeymoon babies, so no one had been officially prepared for them. She had originally been skeptical at the thought of being a mother, but since she had gotten pregnant, that had all changed.

"Hey, angel, how're you feeling?" Jaina turned as Zekk approached her and Analiah on the porch. She smiled and felt Analiah's longing for her father through the force. As Zekk's arm came around her, she let Ana reach and touch her father's chest.

"About how I look."

"So you're a nervous wreck of a mother who's son is a spraying mess of 'Let's pee on my uncle'?"

Jaina turned around to see Jacen standing in the doorway, half naked and holding a squirming, squealing, giggling Anakin in the crook of his left arm. He looked very irritable. Jaina vaguely remembered seeing that same expression on his face when she and their late brother had swapped his fire lizard's mince meat for some lava bantha pattys. It was priceless.

Jaina handed Zekk Analiah, then bust into a laughing fit, supporting herself on the railing of the balconey, but still not standing straight. If anything, her brother's scowl deepened and became even more comic. She stood, wiping tears from her eyes, and walked over to Jacen, takeing her squirming son in one arm and hugging her brother with the other.

"Thanks Jace. You're the best."

"Yeah, yeah, what ever. Just remind the little devil that I'm not a fire hydrant, 'kay?"

Jaina chuckled and pulled away. "All right." She sat down in the bench and motioned for the two men to sit. Zekk, with Analiah in his arms, sat down next to Jaina and put his free arm around her, and Jacen sat in the chair opposite them. "Did you call the Thuls and Tenel Ka?"

"Yep. In fact-" He pointed out ot the horizon, where a long, sleek, Hapan skip was appearing just over the hump of the security office building complex. "- I think we'd better get down to the landing dock."

The three of them stood, babies cradled in there arms, and walked into the building.



"Put a shirt on."


As the skiff pulled into the docking bay, Tahiri glanced back at her husband and Tenel Ka. They were seated in chairs behind her, discussing something that invlolved a very creepy senator from the Gungan village who was supposedly a direct descendant of Jar Jar Binks. Don't ask her, she didn't know. Apparently, Tenel Ka had nothing to do except analyze every senator that came through.

As she set the Hapan ship down, Tahiri caught movement out of the corner of her eye. Three adult humans, one female and two males, made up the welcoming party. The female and one of the males both had liquid brown eyes and dark hair, Jacen Solo's customarily curly and mussed up, and Jaina Solo's straight and simple, falling down her back in thick layers. Her complexion was rosy, and her eyes shown with a radiance no one had seen from her in years, since before the Vong. The last male was unusually tall, with long black hair pulled back in a ponytail. His green eyes shown with the good nature and humor that characterized Zekk as who he was in the force.

Tahiri lowered the ramp and bounded out to meet her adopted sister.