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1. Edward's Seduction. Very, very detailed.
This is a glimpse at the cocky, arrogant Assward on a mission. See how different he is with Bella?

THIS IS NOT EDWARD/BELLA, so if it bothers you to see them with other people, prepare yourself before reading.


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"Pretty girl is suffering, while he confesses everything.
Pretty soon she'll figure out what his intentions were about.
And that's what you get for falling again, you can never get him outta your head.
And that's what you get for falling again, you can never get him outta your head.
It's the way
that he makes you feel.
It's the way
that he kisses you.
It's the way
that he makes you fall in love."

Sugarcult, "Pretty Girl (The Way)"

Outtake 1: Edward's Seduction.


I needed a muse. Really fucking badly.

Why? Because I wanted the demonic shit that's tucked away into the bottom drawer my nightstand, sitting in a baggie on top of a mirror. It's been almost two months since I touched it. Since my breakdown. Two month since I promised myself I'd never, fucking ever use again. ...But I wanted it. I felt the itch running through my veins, inside each and every hair follicle on my arms, behind my neck... I felt the burning sensation of needing it absorbing in my blood, digging it's way into each and every muscle until they felt they'd combust. This was worse than an alcoholic begging for a sip that could potentially kill him, or a heroin addict swimming the bottom of the Pacific looking for a washed-out, used needle. I couldn't sleep very well, with all the thoughts of the high I once had. It absorbed me.

I was back to work after I'd gone and almost confessed to Doctor Sherber what I had done. Before I stopped using, I'd miss work and show up carelessly, which would never be me in my right mind. But I wasn't in my right mind when I was fucking high. I was anything but. I think Doctor Sherber knew something was up; more than the "I lost a family member recently" lie I used up and tortured in excuse for my behavior. What family member? One that I had made up in my mind. How pathetic.

So here I sat in the hospital cafeteria, looking over an exam pamphlet, twitching my foot beneath the table. I tried to ignore my hands shaking, my palms sweating, the perspiration on my forehead. I tried to ignore the buzzing in my ears, the sniffles in my nose. I tried to subside the growing, urgent rush inside the back of my brain telling me to 'do it one more time', that I 'could handle it'. Exhaling, I tossed the pamphlet on the table and skimmed through my phone, trying to find someone to take my mind off my problems. My phone existed mostly of women's names, the majority of which I had done something with, such as random make-outs, partying, or anything sexually... plus a few I actually took the liberty of fucking.

But they were all said and done. I was tired of them. It didn't take a long time for me to grow sick and tired of women these days. Met one, met them all. Did one, did them all.

I don't know how long I'd been like this when it came to girls. I used to be respectful and chivalrous... and yeah, maybe I still am when it comes to my best friend Alice. And possibly my ex back in school, who's name I refuse to speak out loud. But the past few years? When it came to women, I spent most of my time fucking girls from my past or messing around with the ones I just met. Bouncing back and forth. Hell, I was safe, so why not? What was it going to hurt? Oh yeah. It was going to hurt me, because none of these bitches would ease the heartache I gained years back. None of them were her. Which, at this moment, was both a good and a bad thing.

Dropping my blackberry on the table, I rubbed my face vigorously. Just get laid, Cullen. You'll feel better, and won't have to go through the fucking drain and withdraws after you use again.

"Hey, Doctor Cullen," a tray slid in front of my phone, and Aimee Denson dropped into the red chair across from me. "Mind if I sit here with you?"

I looked up and shook my head, "no, go right ahead."

Aimee was cool. She was interning out of school, after she completed her CNA classes she took, which they paid for. Out of all the younger kids here, she was by far the sweetest. All of the other ones, I found to be pretty annoying and whiney at times. But Aimee... she was cute. Blonde hair, wide eyes that changed color every other day... sometimes blue, sometimes green, sometimes grey. Plump lips that were always tinted a certain shade of pink. Sexy figure I couldn't help but notice. But she had this innocent appeal to her... something that drove me insane, if I thought about it. Which I didn't much. Yet.

She sighed, peeling her orange, "I'm so tired. I cannot wait to go home. It's been awful today."

"How much longer do you have?"

"Ugh, four hours or something. My back is killing me."

I smirked, digging in my pocket and pulling out my prescription bottle, and sliding over two pills toward her.

"What are these?"

"Ibuprofen. 800mg. Take 'em, they'll help."

"You're a life savior," she decided, before swallowing the pills. I watched as she scrolled through her phone, shaking her head, "Dale is going to kill me."

"Who's Dale?"

"My boyfriend."

"Ahh. Why would he kill you?"

"Because he keeps texting me, asking me when I'll be home and stuff. If I don't answer right away, he thinks I've gone and fallen off the face of the Earth or something. He's weird like that."

"I see."

She bit her lip, looking up at me through her lashes, "men are just... crazy, sometimes."

I scoffed, shaking my head, "women aren't any better."

"I bet they're better for you."

I looked up at her, confounded, "What's that mean?"

"Well," she shrugged, taking a sip of her apple juice, "I guess I've seen how the nurses act around you, even Doctor Sherber. They look at you like you're the second coming or something."

"Nah, I don't think so."

"Trust me, they do. Every single nurse in here flocks to you. You should hear the things they say behind your back. The nicknames they give you."

I raised my brow, shocked at where this conversation was heading, "I don't think I want to know."

"It's nothing bad, but... pretty... uh... work-inappropriate."

I smirked, allowing the words to enter my ego piggy-bank, "...You don't flock to me."

She looked up at me, in thought for a second, "yeah well... that's because we're friends. I think. I mean, I know you're sort-of my mentor, I guess. I mean, that isn't odd that I think we're friends, right? Because we do lunches and stu-"

"It's fine," I laughed. "Yes. We're friends. I am fine with that."

"So... can I call you Edward, instead of Doctor Cullen?" I should have known right there that this was going to get weary.

Taking a deep breath, I ran my fingers through my hair, "I guess that would be fine, when we're not with a patient or in front of Doctor Sherber, or anyone else of equal importance."

She nodded, taking a bite of her salad, "So... Edward... may I ask where Miss Tanya has been lately? Doesn't she come here and bring you lunch and stuff?"

"Dried up," I confessed, shrugging. "Not interesting at the moment." Understatement of the fucking year.

"Mmm." She thought to herself, "Well... any other girl caught your eye?"

I stretched out in the chair, studying her eyes, "why the curiosity?"

"Because we're friends now? I won't say anything, I promise. I can keep a secret." She sure was spunky. I liked that. "Well?"

Licking my lips, I thought for a moment, "I'm... open to the idea of another girl catching me eye. That's what I'll say." I'm open to the idea of getting a piece of ass. That's what I mean.

She looked around the room, making sure no one was paying attention to us, and the fact that we were talking like this at our place of work, "I like tall guys. Ones that are probably no good for me. I'm not sure why, I guess it's just the 'bad boy' appeal that most girls can't ignore. I'm the same. ...What's your type of woman?"

I shrugged nonchalantly, "Not sure that I have one, really. I like women who challenge me, I guess."

"Blondes or Brunettes?"

"Blondes." No other brunettes. Not since her.

"Eye color?"

"I prefer them to not have brown eyes." Not like hers.


I chuckled, "Not my grandmother's age, and not a minor. That's all I care."

She giggled, shaking her head, "Well, if you don't mind me saying, I'm sure it won't take you long to find that girl who challenges you. You're... you."

"Thanks, I think."


Aimee and I grew closer as time went by, and I found her to not only be a sweet and innocent girl, -- not to mention extremely attractive -- but someone I could trust. My need for drugs vanished within one week of us getting closer. By the next week, it had felt like I never wanted to re-use in the first place. She had become my muse. She learned a lot about me, including a bit out my ex-girlfriend, who won't be named. I learned about her boyfriend Dale, and how they were considering moving in together. She wanted to marry him. I saw it in her eyes.

Any time that I took lunch, she was right there beside me. Anytime she took a break, I seemed to be on mine as well, and we'd eventually meet up. She'd join me for walks, and sit outside in the cold shed while I smoked behind the hospital. Time passed and I started to bring her a sandwich from the deli I was at, but of course, I'd bring one for Bree, so it didn't look obvious. When she'd get coffee, she'd always bring me one, just the way I liked it.

We were careful though. Never conspicuous about this 'friendship' we were growing, because the last thing either of us needed was for people to start talking shit. Not that I'd mind, if my buddies Andrew, Scotty, or Jonsen knew, since we told each other a lot in the past two years we'd known each other. Plus, I knew about a lot of their shit, some things most women would be appalled to know about. My main concern was for Doctor Sherber. And a few snotty, up-to-no-good nurses who loved to gossip. Anyone else could go fuck themselves.

See, I was professional at work, no doubts about it. And so was she. There was never any tension between us when we were around patients, or when she'd be behind the desk typing up my charts. We could go from having a serious conversation in the safety of a quiet cafeteria, to working and conversing with everyone else, like she hadn't just spilled her deepest secrets to me about her family life or her mother's drinking problem. But the more and more time I spent with her, the more quickly my attraction to her would grow. I'd find myself zoning in on her when she sat behind the desk, the way her full lips moved whenever she spoke on the phone, or tapped the cap of a pen against them when she was in deep though. The way her blonde wavy hair fell to the tips of her full breasts. Or how those big blue eyes always looked excited. Not to mention how short she was compared to me, or the way her ass looked when she walked. Even in scrubs. God, she got sexier every time I saw her.

We were outside on my smoke break, when I caught myself staring at her again. I was sitting, she was standing in the corner. Her ass caught my eye today. I cleared my throat, steadied my breath, and looked away as soon as she turned to me.

"Are you okay?" she giggled. "You look like you've seen a ghost."

"Yes," I adjusted the tie beneath my neck, staring at empty cigarette butts on the ground, "it's been a long day."

"Tell me about it," she frowned, sitting across from me and hugging herself in her arms.

"Are you cold?"

She shivered, and shook her head.

Standing up, I shrugged out of my white doctor's jacket and wrapped it around her arms.

She bit her lip, blushing a little, "it... smells like you."

"Is that good or bad?"

"Good," she whispered, staring down at my shoes.

I felt myself twitch, and walked backward, trying to distract myself from the inappropriate thoughts I had about her. It'd be a lie if I said I didn't stroke off to the thought of her before in the shower... thinking about those fucking plump lips... or imagining what her other set looked like.

She chewed on her thumbnail, sighing, "Edward, can I ask you something?"

"Anything," I croaked, before clearing my throat.

"Really? Anything?"

I smiled at her, "of course."

"It's a personal topic... More than just family problems."

"It's cool." I think.

"Uh," she bit her lip, crossing her legs, "do you... like... sex?"

Fuck. "Uh... yeah. Of course. Do you?"

She shrugged, scratching her head, "never mind."

"What do you mean, 'never mind'?" I chuckled. "It's not that hard of a question. It should be easy."

"Well," she lingered in thought for a moment, blushing and looking quite embarrassed, "I... haven't had sex before."

I raised my eyebrow, studying her for a moment, "really?"

She nodded, ducking her face so her hair fell down in front of her, "yeah. I... still have my v-card."

"I, um,..." Stop thinking about fucking her, Cullen, "...that's good. You know. For your age. I'm proud of you."

"Whatever," she muttered. "It's annoying."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I'm just so sick of being that girl, you know? I feel like I'm the only one left on the entire planet. And I think Dale's starting to get upset about it."

"You two have been together for a good while now. I mean, you want to marry him. I'm sure he can be respectful until you're ready... if he cares."

"He is," she exhaled, "but I can tell it bothers him. And I love him a lot, but..." She looked up at me, solemnly, "I sometimes wish I lost my virginity before we got together. That way I'd have more experience for him... since he's experienced as it is."

Clearing my throat and ignoring the sign of adventure in my heavy chest, I shoved my hands in my pocket and adjusted myself lower on the bench seat that I was sitting on, "I understand where you are coming from. When you have sex, or anything related, you want to be proud of what you're doing. You want to show that confidence. And the lack of experience can be intimidating... for the both of you."

"Exactly," she agreed. "It's hard. You're the only one who understands this. Everyone else just makes fun of me and tells me I'm being ridiculous."

I peered outside the tent to make sure no one was around, "Well, have you done anything sexual with him?" This is not right to talk about, Cullen.

Aimee shook her head.

Blinking, I leaned forward, closer to her, "Nothing?"


"In almost two yea-"

"No. Nothing."

I couldn't help myself. "Have you, uh, ever seen one before?"

She giggled innocently, shaking her head, "sure. On my computer. When I'm not around anyone and no one else is home."

Oh fucking Christ. Within a matter of seconds, my brain switched gears, to the most evil of them all. Seduction. No matter how much I tried to tell myself to be the good guy, that this was wrong, that I was her mentor, that she just turned eighteen, that she looked up to me... it was impossible. I wanted it. I wanted to conquer it. Breathing into my hands, I studied her more... but now, when I looked at her, my mind was filled with sex... That long hair... that body... those doe-eyes... those lips... that tongue... on my - stop it, Edward. No, fucking continue. Fuuuck.

I left my brain a few sentences back. Cullen had taken over. And Cullen... well, he just thinks about sex.

"Edward? Are you okay?"

"Yeah," I licked my lips, trying to figure out the best and most easy way to get what I wanted, "um... well, you know this conversation won't leave you and I. But... we're friends. I'm here, if you need me." Understatement. "If you ever need someone to talk to, or ask questions. I won't judge, I promise. I'm not an asshole." Bigger Understatement.

She slid her teeth across her bottom lip and smiled, "I'd like that. Thank you."

Baby steps Cullen. "Anytime." I gave her my signature smile, and she at ate that shit up, batting her lashes and looking stunned.

When I got home that night, I found Emmett and a few of his friends back at my condo. Alice was in her bedroom, doing God knows what. I quickly told him about Aimee, about how fucking hot it was that she was a virgin, and how fucking sexy she was to me now. I told him the truth -- that I wanted to fuck her. How I had to have it. How I grew a little crush for her. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn't help it. Her looks, her innocence, it was like bait, drawing me in. She had become more than my muse; Aimee was my challenge. Cullen's challenge.


All next week, I put the charm on hard-core with her. Dazzling at my best. Helping her with her paperwork. Staying after my hours to assist with her typing the shit in. Of course, I'd make myself appear to be professional at times, so she wouldn't get the idea in her head about what I was really thinking. But that's not to say I didn't let myself go at times too... Flirting with her every chance I got to be alone with her -- whether it be tucking her hair behind her ears, or telling her how pretty she looked that day, or little nudges and whatnot. How lucky Dale was to have her. Winking at her as I passed through the hall. Hugs when we were alone. It didn't take long before I noticed her letting go of her walls. Flirting back with me, playing with the scope around my neck, or the pens in my pocket. Looking at me and licking her lips when we were with a patient. I knew her attraction to me was growing. It made me even more arrogant.

When she'd gotten into a huge fight with Dale and came to work in tears, I sent her flowers, but left them unsigned so no one else would know that they were from me. But I wrote, "I'm here whenever you need me. But you know this all ready. CFML." We had a secret code, in which we texted each other, so no one else would know what we were up to. CFML was 'come find me later', whenever we'd want to talk. INLB or INSB were 'i need lunch break' and 'i need smoke break' invitations. IHABFD was one that came the least, but was the most effective on my task with her. "I'm having a bad fucking day." Anytime she had a bad day, I made it my mission to make her smile. No matter what it took.

Each conversation became more and more of sexual nature. At first, I tried to steer it back. Not look obvious. And not get us in trouble. No matter what the conversation started with, it always went back to it. I learned what she was most scared of, what bothered her. I encouraged her about it, kept trying to mention how fulfilling sex was, and how it could bring people closer together. How it should be with someone she was attracted to, who really took the chance to get to know her for who she was and what she was about. She just didn't know I was tooting my own horn.

While I was in the nook getting some coffee, she stormed in there, all huffy, hands on her hips, "Fuck me."

I raised my eyebrow, trying to wipe the no-good, shit-eating grin off my face, "all right."

She blushed, shaking her head, "not what I meant."

"Bad day then?"

"The worse," she groaned, "Doctor Sherber just scolded me. I put in all the XE-50 reports wrong in the computer. I set her back an entire week."

"Yikes," I leaned against the counter, "that sucks. I'm sorry sweetheart."

"It's whatever," she shrugged, "it's my fault. I'll deal with it. If I don't get fired... God this blows."

"I can help you with them, if you'd like?" I offered, knowing damn well my plan was in motion now. Cullen has re-entered the building.

"No, you don't have to do that. It's my f-"

"I insist," I stepped toward her, rubbing her shoulders, "relax. I'll help you out."

This was the first time I had touched her for longer than a hug. And I liked it. She slowly loosened her posture, almost relaxing into me. The curtain behind her was still open a bit, and I didn't miss Andrew skidding to a stop in the hall when he saw me rubbing her shoulders. He quickly stuck his fist to his mouth, and pushed his tongue in his cheek, mimicking blow job motions. I smirked, but refused to acknowledge him in front of her. I didn't want to lose my moment.

Once he left, I looked down and raised her chin with my finger, studying those damn big eyes of hers, "I, um... I have an inner-office network set up at my house, on my notebook. If you'd like, you can... come over, and we can enter the forms there. My roommate Alice is out for the weekend, visiting her mom. No one will be there, so we can get a lot done without distractions. That way we don't have to be in a stuffy hospital anymore today, and I won't get reprimanded for helping you out..."

"Mmmm," she thought nervously, fidgeting.

"I'll even take the liberty of feeding you. I'm a pretty damn good cook when I want to be," I chuckled, trying to lighten the situation.

She looked up at me, as if she didn't trust herself. Which confirmed my suspicions of her being attracted to me.

I stepped closer, knowing damn well this was inappropriate at work, that we could get caught, and massaged her jawline with my thumbs. Her lashes fluttered, and she struggled to keep looking at me, and ignore the way my body was an inch away from pressing up against hers. The sensation, the heat between us, was very clear, and staggering in my mind. It began to break down my defenses. Obliterated hers. I licked my lips, brushing the back of my finger across her left cheek gently as I whispered, "...We don't have to tell anyone about this... You can take all the credit, maybe up your chances with Doctor Sherber again..." I leaned closer, internally smirking as she hummed, "...I'd like you to come over, Aimee."

Her long lashes fluttered to a close, and I was so close to her face now, I could feel the breath from her nose on my lips. Damn, I wanted to fucking kiss her. Wait, bitch. Just wait.

"O-okay," she stuttered quietly with a shy smile, shaking inside of my hands. "I'll ...come."

I grinned at the oxymoron in that statement. "Perfect."


I left before she was due off, and sped home to clean my shit up. Picked shit off the floor, did the dishes, vacuumed, took out the trash, sprayed stuff to make the place smell good, and put some chicken breasts in the oven, with a special lemon-bake seasoning. Then I took a shower, and dressed into my favorite pair of denim jeans, and a satin, long-sleeved black shirt over my white one. Made sure my hair looked good, my teeth was brushed, put on some cologne, and was out the door.

She was stunned that I showed up to pick her up. We'd never left the hospital before together. We'd never been together outside of work, period. But... this called for a special occasion She talked about how she liked my car, but was mostly quiet and nervous all the way back. Of course, she was shocked about where I lived, and how big my place was.

I spent the first hour being the friend. I gave her some of Alice's clothes to wear, so she wouldn't have to be in her pink bunny scrubs. Alice wouldn't mind, the tags were still on them anyway. Just jeans and a couple of colored layered tanktops.

While I cooked, I put on an acoustic mix-tape for her to listen to, since she didn't want to watch television. Lit the fireplace. In my mind, yeah, I was thinking of ways to seduce her without having her fucking know that I was trying to seduce her. When we sat on the couch, I didn't sit right next to her. I gave her some space, and was very intuitive with the reports. Made it look like I was only here to help her. Offered my advice. Complimented her work habits. Made it clear that I had no other plans.

As time went by, she loosened up quickly; I think the wine we had during dinner helped out. She bobbed her head to music, tapped her foot. Got into some easy conversation with me about her plans for spring break, and the in's and out's of being a teenager. I showed her a few old pictures of me back in school, and told her a few of my stories. Anything to get her to laugh and to chill. We also talked about Dale, of course. How he was starting to push things on her. How it made her uncomfortable.

The entire CD played out, then switched to my MP3 player, to a song that I couldn't help but feel was seductive. "I Care For You" by Aaliyah. I began to get nervous, thinking she'd figured out that I had something up my sleeve. I started to change it, when her hand covered mine on the button, and she shook her head, "I like this song... it's so relaxing. She has a soothing voice... Plus I never get to listen to stuff like this with Dale around." She leaned back on the couch, sipping her wine, and closing her eyes as she listened to it.

"Do you want to dance?" I asked, taking a chance. She looked over at me, and gave me a slight nod.

As I helped her off of the couch, her hands and legs were shaking. Fucking nerves. I pulled her behind the opposite side of the coffee table, in front of the fireplace, and rested my hand gently on the middle of her back, while holding out her other in my palm. Completely appropriate. "Don't be nervous," I whispered, massaging her skin and the shirt with the tips of my fingers, "it's just me." Please don't be scared.

She nodded, her inhaling sporadic, as I moved an inch closer. Her breath caught and she looked up at me, lips parted slightly. We began to rock from side to side, keeping a tiny bit of distance between us. She'd relax, then tense, then relax, then tense again. I brushed through her hair once, and massaged the back of her neck. After the first chorus, she relaxed into me. I felt her hand slide up my right forearm, along my shoulder. I took that with liberty and stepped closer, pressing my pelvis into her. She gasped and pushed her face into my arm, breathing in my scent.

Placing my chin on the top of her head, I ran my hand toward the small of her back. My index finger dipped beneath the tanktops, and brushed along the skin there. She shuddered, leaving a trail of goosebumps across her flesh, beneath my hot fingertips. I felt her heart rate pick up intensely, pounding from her chest, into my diaphragm. Again, I brushed my fingers along her skin, and she shivered, humming into my shirt. I smirked, pulling her even closer to me. Felt the way her breasts reacted. The way her breathing continued to sputter against my shirt. The way her nails dug into my shirt.

She was a trembling, sexy mess of innocence, and it encouraged me. I had to clutch my fingers against the bottom of her shirt and squeeze the fabric, to refrain from grabbing her ass. She clawed at my shirt, balling it up between her fingers as well. Was she... fighting against this too? Fuck. When I inhaled deep, she shuddered, gasping. She wouldn't move back to look at me for anything. Maybe it'd be too much of a temptation for her... wait. Maybe that's what we needed. The temptation.

The song switched to something else seductive, "I Will" by Usher. I thanked my lucky stars that my MP3 player was reading my mind and mood tonight. I began to massage her hips, seeing how far I could take it. She pushed into me for a moment, then pulled back. Not trusting herself. I ran my hands along the top band of the back of her jeans, tempted to squeeze again. She squirmed a bit, and finally pulled her face back to look up at me. And her eyes, damn those eyes. Fucking did me in.

"I, uh," she stammered quietly, shivering when my fingertips touched her bare skin again, "I have a boyfriend."

"I know," I whispered, pushing close to her again, "we're only dancing."

She shut her eyes, feeling embarrassed, thinking I wasn't in the gutter right along with her, "I thought this was... I don't know what I thought. My thoughts are all jumbled. Going south."

"You were thinking about sex."

She nodded bashfully, " stupid. I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I told you that you could talk to me, that I'd try to help you, and I meant it." I licked my lips, bending down to see her face better, "Can I be honest with you, Aimee?"


"See... The thing about sex is... you must ignore your thoughts, and do what your body wants... Let it be first. I feel you trembling, how you react to me, but you're not allowing yourself to feel anything." I inched closer toward her, lifting her face up to me, "...You need to just let it all go."

"But I'm not sing-"

"Shhh," I brushed along her cheeks with my thumbs, "stop thinking. You're taught to say those things. You're not listening to yourself."


"Shhhhh," I whispered, sliding my thumb gently over her bottom lip, "please relax. Trust yourself for once... "


"Close your eyes for a moment. Ignore everything else but what I'm saying to you."

She did as I said, and while I continued to touch her lip, she shuddered and pressed herself against me. That's a girl. I licked my lips, inching closer to her, dipping my finger inside her mouth a bit. She trembled more, sighing. Keep going, Cullen. Back and forth, I brushed against her mouth, and she opened it to me, her tongue touching my fingertip. There you go.

"That feels good Aimee," I whispered, pulling her hips flushed with mine, "stay relaxed." Whimpering, she slid her tongue out a bit, and licked my finger. I brushed it along her tongue, parting my lips, watching in memorization and enjoying how good her tongue felt. Thinking about where else I'd want it to be, if I had the chance. After a few seconds, she put her tongue beneath my finger, and pulled it all the way between her lips, sucking on it. Fucking excellence.

"Don't stop," I continued soothingly, tucking her hair behind her ear with my free hand, before putting it back on her hip and pulling her more into me, "open your eyes."

She did, and they zoned right in on me as she continued to suck. I grinned at her, focusing all my attention on her. She suckled a moment longer, then released me with a pop, but kept her lips parted.

I leaned in to her, and brushed my mouth against hers, "let me taste you."

Shivering, she clawed at my shoulders, in hesitation. But she didn't pull back. I placed my lips against her, but didn't put any pressure on her, giving her a moment to stop us if she really wanted to. I wouldn't push her if she wanted to quit. This wasn't that important.

She shocked me when she pushed against my mouth, completing our kiss. She tasted like sweet green apples. It felt so good, I wasn't going to lie. I licked along her bottom lip, and she opened her mouth to me. Damn, it felt even better inside. I pulled her against me, finally allowing myself to squeeze her ass as my tongue circled hers slowly. I knew she was a virgin, so she probably hadn't even been kissed fucking properly.

Taking that as my cue, I sucked in her bottom lip between mine, playing with it with my tongue. She gasped, humming and pushing into me. When I let go, I did the same thing with her tongue. Sucking gently on it. Again, she pushed harder. The odds were against me on how to proceed. If I rushed, it was sure to panic her. I tried not to focus on getting laid, but maybe doing other stuff with her. But what first? Squeezing her ass, I pulled her up off the ground, and she threw her legs around me, trembling all the while.

She pulled her face back, tugging at my hair, "I-I don't know what to do." So innocent.

"What do you mean?" I replied suavely.

She wouldn't stop trembling. "My body... I'm, uh... I-I'm not used to feeling this way."

I brushed back her hair, "Tell me how you're feeling."

She blushed pink, turning bashful and wanting to hide her face.

Knowing she was wrapped around me tight with her legs while we were standing, I let go of her waist and cradled her face, "I'm here to help you, Aimee... Tell me how you feel."

Her heart pounded into my chest as she studied my eyes, "w-warm."


"Uh... tingly."

"Okay," I whispered, kissing her gently, "I'm going to try something, but I promise not to hurt you. Will that be okay?"


Finding her hips, I pushed her down a bit, lower on my waist, and pulled her into my erection, making direct eye contact with her.

She shuddered and took a sharp inhale, her lips staying parted.

"How do you feel when I do that?" I asked, ignoring the heart beat in my throat.

"Mmm," was all she said, panting.

I did it again.

She gasped, her eyes going wide.

"Talk to me, sweetheart. Tell me how I'm making you feel." I did it once more.

She shuddered, humming, "g-good." I noticed her arching her back to me, welcoming the sensation now.

"How good? Be specific."

"Uhnnn," she moaned, turning me on more, "more... tingles. All over... surrounding."

Arrogance overload, and I couldn't fucking help it when I whispered in her ear, "I bet Dale has never made you feel like this before."

She shook her head quickly, panting. "We never... w-we... no."

I licked my lips and pulled her against me, chest to chest.

Continuing to lift and lower her onto my dick, creating friction, I pressed my forehead to hers, and said in a velvet-like voice, "am I making you wet?"

"Oh my God," she closed her eyes, wrapping her hands behind my neck.

I couldn't stop doing it. She was turning me into something... dark. "Tell me, baby. ...Am I?"

I could practically see the thoughts in her mind. Flush. Embarrassment Turned on. Shy. Fighting it. "Umm..."

"...Talk to me."

"Y-yes," she moaned, pushing into me for the first time when I stopped. I released her hips a little, and she began to rock against me all on her own.

Fucking... yes. "That feels good Aimee. Do you like this?"


"Can you see what you're doing to me?"

She shook her head, doing it more.

I steadied her hips, willing both her and myself to calm down for a moment. Once I put her back on the ground, she whimpered at the loss.

Then I motioned for her to look at my pants, and her eyes widened. "...See?"

She nodded, licking her lips.

Before she could freak out about what we were doing and the fact that she was cheating on her boyfriend, I pulled her into my arms, and kissed her like she'd never been kissed before. Slow and tentative at first, building and building and building and building until she was gasping in my mouth, her body flushed and trembling into mine. I kissed down her jaw and sucked on her neck, squeezing her ass, "I've wanted you for a while now, Aimee... Every time that asshole fights with you... Every time he ignore you and pressures you... I've wanted to take you in my arms, and show you how good you could feel. How I could make you feel. Show you the right way to let this happen... if you'd allow yourself."

"Oh, I've wanted you too," she confessed quietly, tugging on my hair, "and I know it's wrong, and I've tried to not think about it, but I can't help it. My mind's constantly filled with thoughts of you... Of your lips on mine... of brushing my fingers through this copper hair of yours... Of... unnnn... of wanting you to want me back."

"I do want you," I murmured against her sensitive skin, trailing my lips to her collar bone, and lightly biting there, "so fucking bad, I want you."

"I've never felt this way before... Never felt these emotions... This desire..."

"Not even when you're by yourself?"

She shook her head quickly, gasping as I pushed her into my erection again, "I have never been able to, unnn, to f-finish... I get scared."

"Scared how?" I whispered, kissing the corner of her mouth while my thumbs gently brushed along her sides.

"Of... losing control."

I pulled my face back, staring down into those trusting eyes of hers, "you've never had an orgasm before?"

She shook her head, biting her lip.

Fuck me, fuck me, fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme, this couldn't get any better. I licked my lips, then hers, massaging her ass in my palms, "really?"

"I know, it's embarrassing," she shut her eyes. "God this is so wrong. What are we doing?!"

I kept my voice calm, "It's not wrong," I kissed her forehead, "not if it feels good. This is just new for you... It's okay."

"You're just so sexy, and so experienced, and older, and I know everyone wants you at work, and here we are, doing... whatever this is, and I'm the one here, the one who's embarrassed and a freakin' virgin and it's humiliating. Plus, this is wrong, what we're doing. This is so wrong. Anyone else would kill me to be here with you."

Massaging her shoulders, I licked my lips and tilted my head to the side, conveying the lust in my eyes as I said convincingly as possible, "I don't care about any of them right now... Only you."

"Why me?"

Shit. Think. "Because you're a sweet girl... more than that, you're... stunning. I want to make you feel as good as I see you. Show you what you deserve."

"What do I deserve?" she trembled, stepping closer to me, squeezing my arms.

I put my forehead to hers, "you deserve to feel good tonight... to feel sexy. To feel like a woman."

She hummed.

I grabbed her shirts, balling them up with my fingers, "do you trust me? Trust that I won't hurt you right now?"

She closed her eyes and gave me a nod.

"I only want the best for you," I stated in her ear. "To make you feel sexy." I lifted the shirts up and she slowly followed with her arms. Pulling them off and tossing them behind us somewhere, I enveloped her in my arms. I kissed her cheek, her lips, her neck, along her jaw, and her ears.. .trailing down to her collar bone, and to the top of her cleavage. She had, by far, the largest breasts I had been accustomed to; a large C-cup, or possibly even an D. Most of my latest girls, especially Tanya, were small B's. This girl... damn, these breasts blurred my vision. I kissed and massaged her gently, willing her to relax. Eventually she did, and began to brush through my hair with her fingers as I worked her. "Can I take this off?" I murmured into her skin, fiddling with the clasp of her pink bra.


I grinned at how quick she was to answer, unfastened it quickly, and pulled the bra off. Once they were in front of my face, I cupped them with my hands, kissing the sides of the cleavage simultaneously She tasted perfect.

"I'm so nervous," she shook, clawing at my shoulders again.

I looked up at her and kissed her mouth, "don't be nervous. I've got you. I'm not going to hurt you. You look incredible."

She allowed me to caress and kiss her. To soothe and reassure her. And when I finally took her nipple in my mouth, licking it first then sucking tenderly, I thought she was going to lose it. She dug her nails into my shoulder, watching me work her. I twisted her other one between my thumb and forefinger, mimicking the actions with my mouth.

"Mmm," she pushed into me, "I... oh, God, I... mmmmmm."

After paying equal attention to the other, I continued my trail, licking her stomach and around her belly button, before sitting on my knees in front of her. She shuddered, her hands coming over mine and stopping my fingers when I touched the button. I looked up at her, hesitating, waiting for her to stop me and run out. It's okay if you want to stop. She bit her lip, thinking to herself. Face showing that she knew how wrong this was. What we were doing. That she was cheating.

I kissed her skin above the jeans, massaging the backs of her knees, "remember... I only want to make you feel good. It's our secret, I promise."

"I know, but...," she whispered, shaking her head, "no one has ever seen me naked before."

"You have nothing to be afraid of. It's just us." As soon as I willed her to look directly in my eyes, I said reassuringly, "You can trust me."

"I want you to, God do I, but-"

"Shh... Remember, no thoughts. Just your feelings. Listen to your body." You can say no, Aimee.

"Okay," she breathed, "just feelings." She closed her eyes, contemplating, and then smiled down to me.

I grinned, "Would you like me to take these off too, Aimee?"

She inhaled through her nose, studying my eyes, looking for any trace of disbelief. When she found none in my features, she slid her hands off of mine, and back onto my shoulders, "yes..."

My heart pounded into my chest as I unzipped and unfastened her. She shut her eyes, refusing to watch as I moved the jeans down her legs. Her panties were the same color as her bra, hot pink, satin. Bikini style.

"Step out," I whispered, lifting her foot. She followed with the other, and I threw her pants behind me, somewhere in the oblivion. Standing back up, I pulled her in my arms and lifted her back off the ground, carrying her over to the couch. I used my foot to push the coffee table back a few inches, and climbed on my knees between that and the couch, before setting her down on the cushions.

She massaged my shoulders while I kissed down her neck and collar bone. It took a few moments of work before she'd allow me to slip between her legs, but once I was there, she seemed to relax ten-fold. Continuing to kiss her mouth like I knew she'd fantasized about me doing, I massaged around her calves, her shins, up, behind her knees, her outer thighs, up a little more. She started to tremble, trapping my body with her legs. I kneaded her skin with my knuckles tenderly, getting her to relax. One minute, she was like a steel trap, locking me stiff. Others, she was relaxing and gasping in my mouth.

I licked her mouth, before shoving my tongue back inside. Craving more of that citrusy sweet taste. She hummed, then gasped and pulled on my shirt as soon as I pressed myself back into her center. "Does that feel good to you?" I whispered in her ear, pushing into her center again. She trembled an "mmhmm," before forcing me into her with the back of her foot. "Good," I kissed her earlobe, "I want you to feel that way. I want you to feel good with me."

"I trust you," she shook, kissing along my jaw, "God, I trust you."

Now, in all honesty, a brief moment of worry and guilt struck me. I knew I was being an asshole. I knew that I was saying whatever it fucking took to get her where I wanted her. I also knew she had become a good friend, and was younger, and more vulnerable -- especially since she'd been fighting with Dale a lot lately. I knew how sweet she was, and how she didn't deserve to be played. But my dick overlapped all these thoughts. I quickly tried to figure out a way to do what I wanted and stay friends in the end, but, I was coming up short... Hell, I didn't even fucking care, if I were being honest. Not as much as I should. Not enough to fucking stop unless she'd ask me to.

My tongue probing her mouth, I moved my hands down her hips, and lifted her ass, grinding her against my jeans. Her breath cut short and she moaned as I held her in my hands. Squeezed her. Pushed into her. She let me have all control, lifting and lowering her against my zipper. Once she was barely able to inhale, I sat her back down and slipped my hand between her legs, and pushed onto the damp satin there. She gasped, tensing and locking tight as my fingers brushed her. Using my index and middle finger to graze between her folds. Wishing that damn fabric wasn't separating us.

"Mmm," I murmured in her ear, my hot breath causing her to shiver, "keep talking, let me know if you're uncomfortable. Does that feel good to you?"

"Oh my God, oh my God, no one has ev-"

"Does it?"

"Yes. Fuck yes."

It was the first time I heard her cuss. It spurred me on, "how good?"

"So good," she pushed into my hand.

Quickly, I removed my fingers and pressed her hips into the cushions, my mouth an inch from hers, my green, lusted eyes focused on her innocent, blue-grey ones, "I'm going to take your panties off, Aimee. Tell me now, if you don't want me to, and I'll stop, no questions asked. I won't be upset at all, if you don't want to continue. It's completely up to you."

She bit her lip, shaking her head, thoughts bouncing around, "I don't want to stop, but, um, Dale's going to be at my house any mom-"

"Is that a no?" Please don't stop me, please don't stop me.

"No, it's not a no, but..." She shuddered as I pressed my jeans into her again, "unnn, fuck, this is so wrong though."

I know it is. I know it's wrong. But dammit I want you... but if you don't want to... "Tell me. Tell me, and I'll stop. We don't have to go any further." Maybe you should tell me to stop. Tell me I'm crossing the line. Call me a fucking asshole.

Her words spilled out, "I don't want you to stop... I'd never want you to stop. I've thought about this a lot, it's just... I can't believe it's actually happening."

I kissed her nose, "only if you want it to be happening."

If she says yes, it's all systems go, Cullen. If she says no, you better treat her with fucking respect and let this go.

She looked up at me and nodded slightly, "I want to continue."

I grinned, brushing her blonde hair off her shoulders and kissing her cheek, "are you sure?"

"Yes. Yes. Yes..," he voice trailed off for a moment, as I moved my face lower, breathing hot air down her stomach, "...y-yes, I'm... sure."

"You're so pretty," I whispered, kissing her stomach. "So sweet..." She trembled, putty in my hands, tugging on the back of my hair as I licked on her stomach. My thumbs tucked in the sides of her lace panties, and I looked up at her adoringly, "lift yourself up, baby."

Biting her lip, she did as I instructed, and I slid the panties down her legs, depositing them in front of my knees. Her legs were closed now, but I could still see, when the light from the fireplace hit her body a certain way, that she was completely bare there. I felt myself twitching inside my pants, and shifted uncomfortably, rising up on my knees a bit. "So sexy," I muttered against her mouth, "so fucking sexy. Jesus fucking Christ."

She gasped, pulling me to her, "I've never heard you talk this way."

I grinned, "maybe you don't know the real me like you thought you did."

"Um," she kissed my lip, "I... like this real you. I... like you."

I lowered her chin to look her in the eyes better, "I like you too. Please don't be bashful around me... okay? If you want to say something, just say it... If you want to curse, or scream out loud, do it. There are no boundaries with me, all right? You're free to be yourself tonight."

She nodded.

"What are you thinking right now?" I kissed her once, "tell me." Kissed her again, "tell me, baby."

"I, uh, I think I want you to touch me... I think. I want to touch you too."

"All right," I licked down her neck, my hands trailing toward her hips, "how do you want me to touch you?"

"Uh, anywhere. Just don't stop. Please. I'm hot. It's hot in here. I... I feel... I feel like, wherever you touch, there's flames on your fingertips, and it sends these crazy tingles in me, causes them to flutter around everywhere."

"That's a good thing," I whispered in her ear, "that's what you're supposed to feel."

"A-are you feeling that way too?"

"Mmhmm... Every time you touch me." Understatement.

Her hands began to work on my chest, feeling me through my shirt.

I watched as she bit her lip, trying to figure out what to do, "You're thinking too much sweetheart. Just go with it." There was too much talking for my taste. I never had to talk anyone through sex before. It was a challenge and I liked it, don't get me wrong. I knew one of us was going to have to bite the bullet and nip this in the butt. And I knew which 'one of us' it was going to have to be. Kissing her gently, I curled my hands beneath her knees, and gently slid her toward me on the ends of the couch cushions. She gasped again, biting her lip and looking really fucking nervous. "You're all right," I reminded her, kissing below her left ear, "it's okay."

"Want you," she murmured in my ear. "Want you."

"I want you too," I whispered, sliding my hands on the inner part of her left thigh. This time, I didn't tell her what I was going to do, instead, opting to just touch her and find out if she was going to slap me. I could feel the heat coming from her body before I even put a finger on her... another thing that egged me on. Staring into her eyes, and lingering my lips over her mouth but refusing to kiss her, I brushed two of my fingers down, across her lower lips. She gasped, shuddering against my hand. She was slick, swollen, and warm, a clear sign that she was enjoying herself. Parting her delicately, I grazed my index finger down her middle, feeling the pool that was forming there. To distract her, I lapped at her bottom lip, and felt her clawing down my back.

"Oh my God," she gasped as I circled my finger around her entrance, "oh my... oh my.."

"So wet," I whispered along her lips. "Mmm."

" that bad?" she asked, biting her lip.

I shook my head, my face an inch from hers, keeping my voice low and calm, "it's very good. You're so sexy..."

With my free hand, I found her shoulder. I kissed her once more, before pushing her back against the couch. She started to tremble when I spread her legs apart. I noticed her chest heaving, her eyes unblinking, her lips parted and her expression stunned. Using my right knee to open her up a little more, I licked my lips, continuing to feel between her legs, "look... watch what I'm doing to you."

She shook her head, shuddering.

"It's okay to get lost in this... please?"

Her eyes trailed from mine, to my lips, down my neck, my chest, following my arm, until resting between her parted legs, where my fingers were caressing her slowly. Her mouth parted more, and her breathing sped up. I grazed around her entrance, and noticed she was even wetter now. Making sure she kept her eyes on my hand, I smirked and lifted it, bringing it to my mouth. Licked my fingers.

I thought she was going to have a panic attack for a moment. Grinning, I sucked on my middle finger, "you taste delicious... so sweet and pure."

She couldn't speak.

I grazed down her folds a few more times, then took my index finger to her lip, "try it..."

She studied my eyes and gently brought her tongue out, and licked my fingertip.

I smiled, pulling it away, and licking the rest of her juice off, "well?"

She nodded, still unable to form a damn answer in words.

I'd take what I could get, as I kissed her knees, spreading her legs apart again. I had one mission for the moment, overtaking the need to get laid. I just wanted to get her off. Now. Because I knew as soon as she did, I'd get her to do any fucking thing I wanted.

Her hands clasped on my shoulder, once my face got a few inches from her center, and she started to breathe rapidly. Her entire body was shivering. I looked up at her, never stopping my hand from caressing her skin, and asked if she wanted me to stop.

She shook her head, biting down her lip, "do you... want to?"

I grinned and shook my head, before pulling her until she was practically hanging off my couch. I watched as her eyes quickly bounced around the room, out the open windows, to the Seattle skyline and all it's lights and beauty. Her ears zoning out to the shallow sound of busy streets below us.

"Don't be nervous," I reminded her. "It's only me."

She ran her fingers through my hair, trying to relax herself and ignore me adjusting her legs so I could have a good look at her. And she didn't disappoint. She had an incredible form, and being that she was bare only added to my lust factor for her. I licked my lips and rubbed my pants for a moment, willing myself to relax. Her first, Cullen.

As soon as she looked down to me, I kissed her there. She gasped, eyes wide, her hand falling to my forehead -- not necessarily to push me back, but maybe to get me to not move. Stuck in indecision. I waited for a moment, allowing her to relax, then did it again. It was the first time I'd touched her clit; and hearing her breathing only clarified that she liked the way it felt. Taking that into consideration, I kept my eyes on her, and licked slowly from the bottom, all the way up, opening her for me. She hissed, watching me, becoming a trembling mess. I flattened my tongue and licked back down, humming as I went.

"Unnnnn," she moaned, unable to fight it.

I smiled against her wet silk, and did it again, this time up and back down, a bit faster. I noticed her legs part a little, and that's when I put my guard down. She was relaxing. Taking that as my cue, I took my eyes off of hers and focused on what I was doing. I waited to get her more wet, before I focused on her clit or her entrance. That way it'd feel more amazing.

By that time, she was trembling and making so much noise -- feeding my ego. I loved how she went from being a shy, bashful girl, to shouting, "Oh fuck, oh God, oh fuck, ohfuckohfuckohfuck, unnnnnn Edward". I couldn't help but grin. How on Earth could it get better than that?

Once I made sure she was comfortable, I drew her clit into my mouth and sucked around her, molding her into a complete loss of control. She began to loosen, to tug on my hair, to push it back from my forehead. I knew this was a first for her so when I dipped my finger inside, I made sure to be delicate. She moaned louder, arching her back. Applying a second while working her with my mouth only enforced her to get louder. And wetter.

Before long, I had her thrashing around the entire couch. Breathing sharp, chest bouncing, legs trembling, body shaking, hands clammy, hair sticking to her face, moaning loudly. I played with her, teased her, made sure to give her what she wanted all the way to the very brink... then slowed way down, and prolonged it. Made her senses higher, the sensitivity of it all. Made her wait and beg for it. I wanted to give it to her good. After all, this was the first time, and she'd always remember this moment. Remember me giving it to her.

I made sure to smile against her skin when she looked down at me, made sure to let her know I was enjoying myself as well. Told her how good she tasted, and how bad I wanted her. Caressed her thighs, her hips, her stomach. Massaged her. Held her still when I put my tongue inside of her. Grinned when she finally threw her legs on my shoulders. Because she was so shocked and overwhelmed, by the time I touched her G-spot, she just screamed out words of pleasure. It only took about three strokes on there while I sucked on her clit, and she was mine. Coming on my fingers, pulling me into her, yanking on my hair, shuddering, unable to even speak. I continued to lick her gently until she came all the way back down and sunk into the couch.

And then she just fucking grinned down at me, her first orgasm accomplished. I kissed my way back up her legs, her stomach, her chest. Sucked on her neck, below her ear. Licked down her jaw and kissed her face, all the while massaging her waist and back. It took her a few moments to regain her composure, before she allowed herself to touch me. I twisted us around, making her straddle me on the couch, and just fucking went for it. Kissing her neck, pushing her into me, thrusting up to her.

Her hands trembled when she yanked my shirts off. She kissed me greedily, humming into my mouth. Rocked in my lap to where I felt every bit of her through my pants. My internal thoughts started to come forth, telling me I needed to fucking stop us, before it went too far. That she should give her virginity to someone who loved her, who waited for her. She should give it to Dale, and I knew it. I knew what it meant to take someone's virginity, and the consequences that could come from it. I knew she could fall for me because of this... But again, Cullen was out to play, and my dick's thoughts surpassed my conscious.

I laid down over her on the couch and smiled at her, enjoying the feel of her legs pulling me down to her.

"Want you," she declared again. "Want you, have wanted you since I saw you..."

I licked my lips and bent closer, while she undid my jeans and slid them down my body. The both of us kicked my pants off, and then her hands went to work on my boxers.

"Wait," my voice spoke up and I grabbed her hand, kicking myself in the ass for speaking up.

She looked up at me, doe-eyed and innocent, lusted to the max, lips parted, sincerity in her eyes.

"Are you sure, Aimee?" Fuck. I didn't know what I wanted her answer to be.

She nodded, "I want you, Edward."

"I really want you to think about this for a moment. Realize where we're at, and what we're about to do." Fucking shut up, Edward.

"I know. But I don't want to think. Like you said, no thoughts, just feelings. And I want you. So badly. I don't want this to pass me by. I may never get another chance to be with you."

"That's not the..." I paused, inhaling. "Are you really, really sure that you want me?"

"Yes," she dipped her fingers inside the band of my boxers and began to push. "I do..." Pushed them down more, releasing me. "Only you right now..."

My heart pounded through my chest as I kicked the last article that separated us to the ground. This was the absolute WORST time for my clear conscious to kick in, right when I was about to get what I put almost three weeks of work in the making. But I couldn't help but feel like the asshole that I was. I didn't love this girl. Dale did.

...But... I'd be lying if I didn't say that rejoicing songs were in my mind. I fucking won.

I adjusted her below me and pressed my lips to hers, massaging her thighs, "are you really sure?"


"Okay. I'll be right back."

"W... where are you-"

"Shhh," I kissed her gently, "stay. I'll be right back."

Walking to my bathroom to retrieve some lube and condoms, I didn't have a single thought in my mind. I knew I should have had a thought, a voice in my head telling me that this was wrong... or hell, even a voice in my head cheering and clapping it's hands. Instead... nothing. I was blank. When I came back and adjusted her beneath me and kissed her tenderly, I was sill blank. Maybe it was because I didn't have any feelings for her. Maybe it's because I hadn't had feelings for any girl since... my ex.

I massaged her gently and made sure she was ready before I even positioned myself at her entrance. Looking down into her blue eyes, feeling our overheated bodies... This was it. I gave her a crooked smile, "this is going to hurt you. You do know this, right?"

She bit her lip and looked down to where I was stroking myself against her folds, "y-yes." Her breathing started to pick up.

"I promise I'll take care of you and go slow. But if it's too painful, say the word, and we'll stop. All right?"

"Mmhmm," she breathed through her nose and closed her eyes, "please just kiss me. Take my mind off of what you're doing."

I did as she asked, gently. This was the first time I showed real emotion with her, instead of just going through the motions. I'm not sure why I chose to finally be 'human' for the moment... Maybe because I remembered what my first time was like with my ex in the family's cabin, how nervous we both were, and how sincere kissing helped. So that's why I was slow, working her mouth tenderly, kissing her until she forgot about the rest of the world.

I felt her legs relax, as did her hands that were gripping my shoulders. Making sure we were lined up, I gently pushed the tip in slowly, the same time I slowly slipped my tongue in her mouth. She gasped, her nails digging into my shoulder, and I stopped, allowing her to stretch to my form. It was times like this where I wished that I was smaller. I know most men didn't think that way, but I knew I was on the large side... and it couldn't feel good the first time. That's why my ex and I had to stop when we tried back in High School. It didn't matter how much we cared for each other, I knew it hurt.

"Ohhhhh fuck," she panted in my ear, lifting her head and hugging me to her tight. She was squeezing me so hard, I thought she had turned into a stiff metal block. I was barely even in.

I pulled my right hand from her leg and brought it up to her face, framing her jaw and chin with my fingers, "look at me."

She blinked a few times, sniffling, and allowed me to bring her face to mine. I pulled myself out slowly, and brushed her cheek with my fingers. Then I bent forward and placed my lips to her quivering mouth, but didn't kiss her. I moved forward, and felt every single square inch of her opening up to me, bit by bit... Fuck, she was so tight. I had to pull back out, or I was going to thrust hard and hurt her. My body began to tremble a bit with hers, because she felt so damn good. I only had it that good once before this, but didn't know it at the time, because it was my first too. But now that I've had sex, you can definitely tell the difference when you're someone's first. The tightness. The increased warmth.

She scraped her nails down my arms and lifted her upper body from the couch, burying her face in my neck. I hugged her with my right arm while my left hand held my body above hers, and squeezed her. Reassured her with kisses to her forehead that I would go slow. After a moment, she pushed up to me a bit, giving me the sign that it was okay to try again. This time, I made sure to put all my energy into kissing her, and pushed. I got half-way in, before her body clamped me so tight, that I couldn't move. I waited, allowing her to adjust to me, kissing her neck. "You're so pretty," I whispered in her ear. "You're doing wonderful."

A tear slid from her half-pained, half-lusted eyes, and I wiped it away, before kissing her cheek.

"I'm sorry I'm crying," she murmured into my shoulder. "I promise I'm not sad or anything."

"I know you're not, it's okay," I brushed her hair out of her eyes.

"Please don't stop, Edward."

"I'm not."

Biting my lip and letting out a gust of wind, I pushed back into her. Her eyes widened and she tensed slightly, her lips parted. She watched my face, my expression, as I continued to slip inside. I hit the barrier and froze, preparing myself for her to tell me to stop.

She shook her head, sniffling again, "please. Keep going."

Licking my lips and controlling the rapid heartbeat in my chest, and ignoring the sensations telling me how fucking good this was, I pulled back just the slightest bit, and then pushed through it.

She winced and cried out, burying her face in my shoulder. Actual tears fell on my skin, as she held me.

I felt the inside of her body breaking down, all the way. "I'm so sorry," I whispered in her ear. "I know it hurts."

She nodded, hugging me to her, "it does. But please, don't stop."

Fuck, I never felt this torn. One side of me, there was this monster, realizing what the fuck just happened when I broke through that barrier. The other, more dominant side of me, told me how fucking wet she was, and how tight she felt wrapped around me, and that I was making her body tremble in anticipation.

After she calmed down, I pulled out and pushed all the way back in. It took me about five or six times of doing that slowly, before she'd finally relax and lay back on the couch. There were still a few tears in her eyes, but she smiled up at me, letting me know she was okay. The worse part was over. I bent down and kissed along her jaw, whispered in her ear how wonderful she was doing, all the while moving. A few moments later, I felt the difference her body had when she finally adjusted to my size, and she tossed her arms around me, kissing my neck.

My body was really overheated at this point, and I knew hers was as well. But damn, losing you're virginity is just as hard as taking someone's. It was an exercise all on it's own.

I readjusted her body beneath me and wrapped her legs around me, groaning at the sensations wrapped around my dick, "so good," I muttered against her mouth. "So fucking good."

"Unnnn," she panted, shutting her eyes tightly, "don't stop, Edward."

Slowly, I picked up my pace, to a steady rhythm. I watched her expression for any sign of serious pain, but there was none.

As minutes passed, she became more and more relaxed, accepting the facts of what we were doing, and of what I took from her.

Once I was able to slip in and out comfortably, I lifted her in my arms and sat up, her straddling me. Of course, this was a bit tense for her, but she held on to my shoulders and allowed me to lift and lower her in my lap at my convenience. "Fuck," she cursed when I hit her spot, throwing her head back, "God this is so worth it to feel like that. Do it again." Fucking feeding my ego, I swear it. I did it over and over again, kissing along her cleavage and neck.

Her knees trapped up by my sides, I let go of her hips, and she started to rock and pull against me. I rested my head back on the cushion, allowing Cullen to come back out, as well as my arrogance. I fucking smirked at her, watching her breasts move, watching her body bounce up and down. She was a little unsteady, the unfamiliar positions of sex showing through, but she was a trooper. Wincing when she'd hit something that hurt, but smiling and moaning when we did something that felt really fucking incredible.

The first part of the night, I let her have complete control. Of course, I encouraged and consoled her, but I wanted to make sure she was aware that she was just a part of this decision as I was. I played with her, sucked her neck when she started to speed up, and she came, shuddering and locking up in my lap. That was number two for her.

For some reason, call me an asshole if you want, but I didn't allow her much time to think. I'm not sure why, exactly, maybe I was afraid reality would hit her and she'd be ashamed and I wasn't ready to deal with that yet. Wasn't ready for the guilt overload. So I made out with her while she settled, stroked her body and my ego, gave myself a mental pep-talk.

Before I knew it, we were on for round two -- this time, she started it.

I knew she'd be fucking sore, but if she was going to begin, then I sure as shit was going to stop. Of course, I was still sensitive of her feelings and watched out for discomfort signs... but this time, it was so much fucking better. She was less inhibited, less insecure. She'd wrap her legs and arms around me, moan in my ear, shudder against me. Bite down on my neck, almost fucking marking me. I was close to my orgasm when she came, and by the time she relaxed, it was too late, and I didn't want to push it.

So, I waited for a while, once again, reassuring her and telling her how great she was. In the middle of the third time, when we were on the floor at this point, her fucking phone rang.

She instantly locked up beneath me, her eyes wide. I bit my lip as we ignored it, my heart beating up in my throat. She told me it was Dale, she could tell by the ring tone We tried to ignore it ringing, but the mother fucker just kept calling and calling, over and over and over again.

Eventually, I let up and she walked (unsteadily) to the dining room table to dig her phone out of her purse, "H-Hello"?"

Cursing myself inside, I listened to her tell him that she was sorry, that she was caught up with 'some work thing' and that she didn't have time to answer her phone because she was on an important conference call for Doctor Sherber. She noticed me watching her, and walked from the dining room, over to the couch. She told him she wasn't at work, but didn't say exactly where she was.

I hated the fact that I drove her from the hospital, and cursed myself for that.

I knew how nervous she was, but my arrogance took over once more. I put some lube on me, dirtier thoughts coming one at a time.

I stepped up behind her, stroking myself, needing the fucking release so bad that I literally was throbbing. She tossed her hair behind her shoulders, her hands trembling, and shook her head into the phone.

I could read the thoughts in her mind again, could see her guilty conscious kicking in. I didn't want her to stop until we both got ours though.

So, being the fucking asshole that I am, I ignored the fact that she was on the phone, and bent her over my fucking couch.

Of course, she tensed up and looked behind me, but I just mouthed to her, "keep talking", and positioned myself.

"W-What did you say baby?" she asked him, her lashes fluttering as I stroked down her slick, swollen pink folds.

She was tense, and I knew this position would hurt like fuck. But I wanted it. Cullen needed it.

"Mmmhmm," she replied, trembling against me. "That's good, I'm glad that you did that today. I knew you were putting it off."

I bent her forward and nudged her legs apart with my hands, then whispered, "I still want you," in her ear seductively. Fuck yes, I did.

It only took me only two times before I could push completely into her, thanks to the lube. She moaned, lunging forward, pulling the phone from her ear for a moment to catch her breath. I pulled out, stroking down her spine, and brushing the hair off of her neck. Then I pushed back again.

I could hear Dale speaking louder in the phone, something like, "baby, what did you say? Are you there?"

I bit my lip and continued, smirking internally when she'd reply with, "Huh? Oh... y-yeah... I-I'm... uh... here."

Biting her shoulder, I moved swiftly in and out of her tightness, licked around her neck, and stroked her breasts in my palm.

"Hmm? Yeah... D-Dale... I've got to, uhhhh..."

I slipped my fingers in front and began to stroke her simultaneously One hand on her breast, one hand on her clit, and me behind her... Fucking hot.

She jerked the phone away, moaning in the couch. Then she said into it, "Mmhmm... I'm sorry."

"Aimee, what is g-" I heard him say loudly.

"Dale, I've got to go."

"No, no, baby, wait, what's going on ov-"

She hung up, and screamed out loud, "FUCK!" when I hit that special spot.

Quickly, I picked up the pace, working her. She was so tight I could barely move, and her walls gripped me.

I lifted her feet off the ground a few inches, pushing her hard into the back of the couch, and whispered in her ear, "he's never going to make you feel like this."

Yes. It was fucking wrong.

But I'm an arrogant son of a bitch.

"Fuck, Edward. Fuck!"

I thrusted faster, in and out, in and out, playing with her. I was so fucking close.

Then my fucking door swung open, and Emmett and his ex Heather walked inside my damn condo, catching us.

Aimee tensed up just as quickly as they did. Heather turned her back, covering her eyes, while Emmett just gawked at me.

I moved us behind the couch and gathered the cover that was bunched up on the end, covering the front of her up. "Emmett, what the fuck? Don't you know how to call first?"

"I did call," he chuckled, "twice. You're phone was turned off, bitch."

"Well, that's because I'm fucking busy."

"Fucking something," he muttered under his breath with another chuckle. "Jesus fucking Christ, E."

I whispered an apology in Aimee's ear and told her who he was. I didn't even acknowledge Heather, since she was still hiding her face, before pulling Aimee in my bedroom and locking the damn door behind us.

"Oh my God," she covered her face, sitting on my bed, "did that just happen?"

"I'm sorry," I kissed her lips, "I'm so sorry. I really need to get that fucking key back from him."

"So humiliating," she said, rubbing the back of her neck.

I bent down in front of her and kissed her collar bone, "hey, no regrets, right?"

"Yeah," she whispered, tentatively smiling. She licked her lips, looking down to my... predicament

I smirked, shaking my head, "we don't have to do any more to-"

She covered my mouth and slid off my bed, into my lap, "shut up."

"Did you just tell me to-"

"Shut up," she kissed my ear. "Yes. I did. I want to finish."

I studied her eyes, dumbfounded.

It took me two seconds to find another condom and sprawl us out on the floor. She was much less bashful this time around, opening her legs for me and arching her back. I went down on her for a few minutes, before picking up where we left off.

It started to dawn on me that she didn't have a way home unless I took her home, or if she called for a ride. Dale was normally the one that picked her up from work.

When she threw her legs around me and pulled me into her, I just didn't really give a fuck. I didn't focus too much on her virginity -- since it was non-existent as of now -- and focused more on my pleasure, my wants. As did she. Moaning and arching, putting her legs where I told her to, egging me on. Telling me how good I felt to her. How happy she was.

Before I knew it, I was spilling into the condom, groaning in her ear, pinning her skinny body into the fucking carpet.

She shuddered, the last of her third orgasm hitting her, and hugged me tight. I held her for a few moments, allowing us both to calm down. I'm sure she wanted to go on with this, and so did I, but refrained after that. I knew she'd be sore as fuck -- most women were after only the first time, not to mention three in one day, on their first time. Not to mention, if she was going to regret me, the more times we did it, the worse she was going to feel.

After about ten minutes of laying on the floor beside her, I pulled her and myself up, and tried not to make things awkward. I threw on some boxers, kissing her forehead. She stayed in my room while I went to retrieve her scrubs from her bag that was sitting on my dining room table. Emmett was sitting in my lazy-boy chair, Heather on his knee, fucking smirking at me.

I shook my head at him, unable to wipe the grin off my face, "you really need to learn how to fucking knock."

"That's her, isn't it?" he asked, recalling all my many conversations with him the past couple weeks about her. "Jesus, you actually hit it. Lucky son of a bitch."

"Shut up, Emmett, she's right in the next room," I hissed quietly at him, launching a small pillow at his face.

"The question is," Emmett raised his finger, ignoring the pillow all together, "how did she get here?"

"I drove her here," I picked up her phone, noticing she had a total of seven missed calls, all from Dale, and three voice-mails

"Are you going to take her home?"

"I don't fucking know, Dad. I hadn't planned that far ahead."

"That's what you get for thinking with your dick."

"Like you're one to fucking talk."

"Oh no, I'm not discouraging you. I love witnessing this side of you, because it's like Jeckyl and Hide. It's just funny as hell when I walk in on it."

"Shut the hell up."

I slipped inside my room and gave her her belongings, and kissed her on the forehead reassuringly that it wasn't going to be awkward. I wasn't sure why I kept doing that, but I felt I needed to.

"I'm going to call Dale and have him pick me up here. I'll just tell him we were working on those reports... we have all the proof. Is that okay?"

"Whatever you think," I said, brushing her hair with my fingers. "Are you going to tell him anything?"

She quickly shook her head.

"All right. Take as much time as you want, the bathroom's right there. I'm going to go talk to Heather for a moment."

While she got herself ready, I walked back to my living room, zipping up my jeans. I still couldn't stop the smug expression as I stepped in front of Heather.

She looked up at me, eyebrow raised, smirk on her face.

"I need a favor."


"I need you to go downstairs with me when Aimee's boyfriend shows up and pretend you're my girlfriend. That way he'll buy the story I'm about to feed him."

"Which is?" she grinned.

I pointed to my notebook and all the manilla folders, "She got in trouble at work today because the reports were entered wrong, and accidentally set Doctor Sherber back a week. I offered to help, but since I'm her mentor, if Aubrey found out, we'd both get reprimanded. So I invited her here for discretion. She'll tell him that she only came over because, not only did she trust me, but she knew you and how much I cared for you. That you were here the whole time. That we're so much in love. That way it doesn't look like we were alone up here-"

"And it doesn't look like you just fucked the hell out of his chick and stole her virginity, you sleazy bastard," Emmett cut me off.

"That too," I smirked. "Will you, Heather? Please? Come on, I talked to your parents for you when they threatened to kill Emmett this last time. You owe me."

She narrowed her eyes at me and crossed her arms, "Fine."

"Oh, Edward?" Emmett said, laughing under his breath.


He pointed to my couch, "looks like you're going to need another one of those."

I walked over and cursed under my breath. There was a couple spots of blood. Not a lot, but on a tan couch, it was clear.

"Fuck. Oh well, there's a black leather outfit set that I want to get anyway."

"You'd better fucking get it before Alice comes home and sees that shit. She'll kill you."

"Yeah yeah," I brushed him off, picking up all the clothes of Alice's I'd lent Aimee.

Aimee took a while before she re-entered the living room. I'm sure she was embarrassed that we had been caught. I tried to rub her back and reassure her that I wasn't going to turn into an asshole, but it was really fucking weird doing it in front of Heather and Emmett. It was even more awkward when Heather joined us in the parking garage.

As soon as Dale's Mustang pulled up, I grabbed Heather's hand and side-stepped away from Aimee. Dale had his window down a bit and was looking at me funny, but I knew he had no clue of what just happened.

"Thank you for... everything, Doctor Cullen," Aimee said loud enough for him to hear, as she looked at me suggestively, "I'll... see you on Monday."

I smirked, "Sure thing, Miss Denson. Have a wonderful weekend."

I gave her boyfriend a quick nod, and turned, throwing my arm around Heather's shoulder and walking away as they pulled out.

Heather giggled, shaking her head, "Edward, are you ever going to change your ways?"

"Probably not," I smirked. "I'm a fucking asshole, I get it."

"Well, as long as you know."


Monday came, but we were so rushed in the hospital, that I barely had time to acknowledge Aimee, let alone see if she was okay. I was stressed to the max, being rushed around. The next three days were the same. Come Friday, not only was I mentally exhausted from the last four days, but I was in no mood to dwell over what we'd done. I think Aimee knew, because she didn't say much to me, except for a quick thanks in front of Bree, about her reports. Aubrey apologized to her for being so crude, and told her how impressed she was that Aimee got all the reports corrected as quickly as she had. If she only knew.

I worked a double shift on Saturday, but had Sunday off. All I did was sleep. The following week, it was Wednesday, before we were able to meet up in the smoke shack behind the hospital. Neither of us knew how to get the conversation started, but I felt it was fair if she wanted to talk about it. After all, she had a life change, and it involved me. She told me that she didn't regret what happened because I was "such a good guy" to her, and "such a wonderful, caring friend", and she hoped that we could still be friends and work together. Of course I accepted this, and told her I had no regrets either.

We carried on our conversation like normal, about our lives and families We didn't talk about sex. The rest of the week, we met up when we were alone, but there was no touching involved. No sexual nature.

It wasn't until the third week, when Dale started showing up at her work, that I became... Cullen again. For some reason, though I had absolutely no right whatsoever to feel that way, it irked me to see him touching her. To witness him bringing her lunch, caress her cheek, play with her hair. It made me wonder if she was fucking him, and if that's why he was showing so much more affection. Because from all our conversations before, he wasn't the type to do that shit.

I kept trying to force those thoughts away, tell myself that it was a one time thing, and that she had a boyfriend, which she cared about. Tell myself that I didn't care for her -- not like that, because I knew I didn't -- and that it was just the competition that was bugging me... But no matter what I told myself, Cullen was back to full-force. She was always sweet to me, never showing me any emotion she felt on the inside. Being the friend. Trying not to let herself get attached.. but it bothered me. I wasn't sure what bothered me, and why I let it bother me... but something was just driving me fucking crazy.

Wait. I knew what it was. I wanted to be the person in her thoughts again. I wanted my ego stroked. I wanted her to be the one who stroked it... and me.

One day after hours changed everything. I found her, around three in the morning, after Doctor Sherber had entered an emergency surgery. Most everyone else had gone home by now, but I was on call. She was making coffee and listening to her MP3 player, bobbing her head. Wearing fucking baby blue scrubs. Muttering the lyrics under her breath. I made sure no one else was in the darkened hallway, since she was the only nurse/receptionist that day, and closed the curtains. Stepping behind her, I quickly yanked the ear buds out of her ear and wrapped my arm around her waist, pressing myself all the way up against her.

She gasped, freezing in my arms, fingers clutching the counter top

"Are you fucking him?" I asked, hating myself all the while for butting into her business. Hating how much of an asshole I sounded. How Cullen was overtaking my mind.

"Yes," she confessed breathlessly. "For about a week now."

"Does he know about me?"

"No," she trembled, "He thought he was the first. He even went with me to get the birth control."

"Mmm," I ran my cheek down the side of her face, pressing my erection into her ass, "does he make you feel as good as I did?"

"Edward," she shuddered, closing her eyes, "we shouldn't do this."

"I know," I said, pushing into her again, "tell me to stop, Aimee."

"I can't," she panted, pushing back into me.

"Do it."

"I can't," she pushed harder. "Oh God."

"Does he make you feel as good as I did?"

She shook her head quickly, "Never. He never has. I love him, and he's sweet and wonderful to me, b-" Her voice cut off when I pinned her against the counter and growled in her ear. She started to shake more, humming under her breath, "b-but... he's never made me feel as excited as you do."

"That's what I wanted to hear," I licked her ear, feeling down her waist, "tell me to stop, and I will. Tell me this is wrong, that we're at work. That I'm your boss. Tell me that you have a boyfriend that you love. That I'm an incompetent, selfish prick."

"No," she shook her head, bending her back and sticking her ass on my dick, "I won't."

"Why not?" I pushed the back of her shirt up, feeling the skin beneath it.

"Because I want you to fuck me again."

I pulled her back by her hair, placing my hot mouth against her ear, "say it again."

"I want you to fuck me, Edward."

I yanked her against me by her waist, "Again."

"I want you to fuck me, Edward," she panted.

"Mmmm," I licked around the back of her neck, moving her hair to the other side, before putting my lips on her opposite ear, "you've got a really fucking dirty mouth."

"So do you," she shivered.

I slipped my hand in the back of her pants, caressed down her ass, and tapped my finger against her wet entrance "Fucking perfect," I murmured against her back.

She gasped when I slid her pants down a bit, and spun her around. She helped me lift her up on top of the small counter top, her hand falling against the sink faucet, her head smacking against the white cabinets in front of her that never closed anymore. I yanked her pants down more and her trembling hands fumbled with mine to help unfasten my belt. She bit down on my lip, unzipping me and pulling me out of the confinements of my pants. She was much different now. Not only was she confident, but she was rough. I liked it. Cullen liked it.

I yanked her to me hard, smirking when she gasped, "oh you want me to be rough with you? We have to make this quick."

"Yes, do it," she egged me on, throwing her legs around my waist.

I quickly centered myself and pushed into her, and we groaned simultaneously, my forehead falling onto her shoulder. It was hot in the little nook we were in, and her long hair began to fall on me when she held me tight, sticking to the back of my neck.

"Uhnnn!" she gasped when I yanked her hard to me, pushing myself into her as far in as I could possibly go. "Oh!" Again, rougher. "Fuck!"

I situated my footing, and then just fucking let loose. Staring her down. Lips parted. Barely kissing, just watching her mouth stay open, her eyes roll in the back of her mind. There was not a lot of "sweet friend" let in me at that moment, and I did exactly as she asked. I fucked her brains out, until she was screaming so loud, I had to cover her mouth to keep from getting us caught. I pinned her head against the cabinet, winced as she bit down on my shoulder, and pulled myself out before I spilled, letting it shoot off all over the tile floor beneath my feet.

"Fuck," I hissed, as she stroked me, and the rest of it out. I hunched over the counter, pressing my face into her shirt, and calmed my breathing down.

She told me how good it was, and giggled, brushing my hair out of my eyes that fell down.

I got paged right after that, from Doctor Sherber, code 468, which meant I was requested in the E.R. for a moment. I kissed her forehead and stepped back, telling her I had to go. Then I left her where she sat.


The next two weeks consisted of me fucking her every single opportunity we were alone together.

If I didn't get laid, I thought about fucking her. She put the word, "muse" to a whole new level. Anytime Dale showed up at her job, I just ate that shit up, knowing that I fucked his girl fifteen minutes before he got there, and I was going to fuck her again before I sent her home. We messed around when we didn't have time, whether it be in the bathroom, behind the desk, in an empty patient room. The fucking closet. There were days where I fucked her so good, I thought we were going to get physically hurt.

But during work hours, when everyone was around us, we never even acknowledged each other, unless they were talking around us first, or it was work-related. We were friendly, of course, but never conspicuous She kept her end of the bargain, to not say anything, and I did too. We talked in "codes" with our text messages, arranging where to meet up.

We had this shit down to a science.

About a month of this, she came into the smoke shack in tears. She told me that she and Dale had gotten into an argument, that she felt they were rushing things, that she wasn't so sure if she wanted to marry him anymore, and that she didn't want to move in with him after all. She told me she'd broken up with him. I tried to comfort her, thinking it was just a spat they had, and that they'd be fine in a couple of days.

That was when she told me she left him for me. That she was growing feelings for me.

And that's when all my lust for her started to swindle wayyyy the fuck down.

After a few days of me being lonely and fucking hating it, as I always did, I decided to give it a shot, and took her on a couple of dates. We had to be really careful about it though, because if anyone saw us out, we could get in serious trouble. By this point, I had confessed to Andrew, Scotty, and Jonsen about us, but I knew they'd keep it a secret. Anyone else though, wouldn't.

Of course, on these dates, I was respectful to Aimee. Bought things for her. Paid for everything. Talked to her about anything and everything, just like we did when we were friends. But she knew I'd never care for her in the way she desired, because I've never cared for anyone since my ex back in High School. She knew I was closed off emotionally. And I think it started to bother her after a while.

The sex was great, and we kept it up in and out of work, to keep the interest. But it didn't have that 'spark' as it had before I knew of her feelings. There wasn't that chase. That competition. There was no 'Dale' to egg Cullen on. It was just Aimee and Edward, and that became weird for me. Each day, I saw her sinking more and more deeper into me... and each day, I saw myself pulling away from her. I saw Cullen drifting away, and Edward coming completely back into focus.

I had become very much involved with the aspects of my work, and soon enough, my work became my constant 'muse'. It took over everything else. We began to see less and less of each other outside of work, and hardly had time when we were in a professional surrounding to even talk, let alone be together. Things got really crazy, and the lines started to blur with her and our professions. If she did something wrong, like mess up paperwork, Doctor Sherber would always make me handle it, and reprimand her. Aimee would get upset with this, and take it offensively.

We just weren't working out.

She kept trying to be the best 'girl' for me outside of work, and I adored her as a friend, but I just couldn't get past that 'title' with her. She was my friend. I didn't see her as anything else. It didn't matter that she was sweet and young and pretty and smart and all those other things. I'd never care for her. I never cared for anyone else.

What was the point of it?

Eventually, things had to end. She asked me to come over and meet her mom. That's when I drew the line. Even though she said she never told her mom that I was her boss, it still bothered me. I never had a girl, besides Tanya and my ex, take me to meet their mother. And I knew it'd be one step closer to Aimee falling deeper in love with me.

So I cut it off. Told her that, as much as I cared for her, I would never allow myself to love her, or anyone else. Told her she deserved better than anything that I was willing to offer her. That she was a great friend and had a wonderful soul, but that we really needed to stop seeing each other.

Of course, she took it a little hard. And I think I did too. I wasn't used to being alone. I wasn't used to going to bed by myself. Before Aimee, it was Tanya, and after Aimee, there was no one. It was a lot of adjusting on my part, to accept that fact that I needed to be alone.

The first couple weeks, we'd only talk when we needed to. We never met up for breaks. We never discussed anything unprofessional. She even started to call me, "Doctor Cullen" again, which was the way she forced herself to close down from me.

After about a month, she started her relationship with Dale again. I'd notice him swinging by work, bringing her and Bree breakfast and whatnot. Noticed that each time he'd show, her smile grew bigger and bigger. I watched her appearance slowly change, back to her bouncy, chipper self. Tanya slipped back into my life, and though I never acknowledged her as my 'girlfriend', she was someone I'd fuck on a regular basis, and send on her way.

One day in the cafeteria, Andrew, Jonsen, Scotty, and myself were eating and discussing random shit, when Aimee, Bree, and Deena, another female nurse, joined us at the table. I found it relaxing, and my chest had lifted much higher now that she wasn't 'together' with me, and was back with Dale. It made me feel relieved. That was the first day we talked, but we had our friends surrounding us, so that wasn't bad.

Days passed, and all of us met, and we all conversed. Eventually, our friends peeled away, and we'd still sit at the table and talk. We fell right back into the habits that we had before we ever had sex. Her telling me about her family problems, me talking about my job goals. Us talking about our relationships, our friends. That's when "Edward" came back to play. But it wasn't the same anymore. Of course, I was attracted to her still, and probably always will. I don't think that thing ever goes away, once you've shared a connection with someone.

But I never again looked at her like she was something I had to have. I accepted her relationship with Dale one hundred percent, and learned to respect him as well -- from what she told me about him. I never actually talked to him.

And she made it very clear that she hated the way Tanya and I acted together -- there were many times I'd show up angry from a fight we'd had before work -- and I'd listen to her advice, and leave Tanya alone... but then I got lonely, and Tanya came back. It just kept going like that. The conversations between us was never weird.

Aimee slowly became my closest working friend. Alice was my best friend outside of work, but I had Aimee to talk to and confide in when I was on the job. She understood the limits and stress this job handled. She encouraged me, complimented my work.

We never talked about our past after that. We just moved on.

From then on, all we did was look forward to our friendship.

And I was completely fine with that.


So there we go, Outtake #1!

--- Let me say, first of all, that Edward was very closed off during this time of his life. I know it's hard to put that into words, because he was her friend so he DID care to an extent for her... but he was going through the emotions. He wasn't involved -- only in his "mission". He was cold.

--- Edward would have NEVER EVER went through with it if she said no. It takes two to tango, all the way. And even though he seduced her and she was vulnerable, I think deep down inside, she knew exactly what was going to happen. She allowed it to happen. Multiple times after as well.

--- Secondly, we all see that he has game. We see how he worked it. What you guys need to realize before I get a hundred reviews on how much you hate him is, he NEEDED a muse. He needed to find something to distract him so he wouldn't use drugs again. I'm not condoling his reasoning, but I am saying that he was young and conflicted, and things happen.

--- Yes, Aimee was the first and only girl he'd seduced. Please don't think he's still like that. It was just a lesson that had to be learned. We can all tell how different he is with Bella, and how much he adores her and loves her. Worships her. Hell, you even witnessed how, even in the deepest part of this, Bella was mentioned -- well, as his "ex" whom he refused to name, but still... Bella was always in his mind. Jaded or not, she was there.

My readers/friends and I have had a long debate over this over at Twilighted(dot)Net Forums, and we've brought up a lot of good points. If you want, check it out, and join in the debate!!

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Or, in the words of my SuzyQ, who agrees with me that if we were in Aimee's place, we'd hand over our virginity too.
She mentioned that Edward has could make scratch-n-sniff business cards:
Edward Cullen: V-card activation specialist

It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?