Chapter 30. Holding her for now


All I remember after Amu had shot herself was crawling over beside her and trying to gather her limp, lifeless body up into my arms. There was only a single bullet hole dripping blood where she had shot herself so it felt alright to hold her.

The blood had splattered all over my face and shirt but I didn't care. I pressed my cheek to the top of her head and let my tear fall silently.

Easter's men and the director had already fled so it was just me, holding onto the love of my life as she lay there, soulless and empty in my arms. She had done it all for me. Everything. Joining Easter, trying to kill the Director….killing herself. Every-thing was for me and now because of me she was gone. I was all alone in the world.

"WHY?!" I screamed into the still, midnight air. I rocked her softly as I sobbed and cried into her hair.

She looked so cold and still that it disturbed me to the point of insanity. I brushed her cheek with my fingertips and tried to hum a tune I usually played on my violin.

"I love you…" I remembered her say. I wanted to hear her say it again. I wanted her to hold me back and kiss me like we had done so many times before in the past.

I cried as hard as I could and clung to her harder than I ever had and that's when I remembered it. Our first kiss on the dance floor. I remembered how beautiful and happy she looked while we danced and how warm and soft she was to me back then.

I should have held her more. I should have kissed her more and told her I loved her more than I did. I should have told her how beautiful she really was everyday and I should have danced with her more then before and made her stop when she lifted that gun to her head….

As all those things ran through my mind I tried to stabilize my rapid breathing. I couldn't stop the tears that flew from my eyes but I held her tight to my chest and thought of every time she smiled at me and kissed me. I thought of how when she slept next to me and how beautiful she looked when she was sleeping. I thought of our first date and how beautiful she looked when she ran into my arms…

And then I remembered the last time she said "I love you…" and something beside me glowed. I could see the dim orange glow come out from the corner of my eye. I turned hesitantly away from Amu to see Dia. One of Amu's many chara characters. Only this little chara wasn't black and X anymore. She had orange pigtails and wore yellow with a little yellow diamond on her headband. She reminded me of Amu.

"Ikuto…you can bring her back. Just wish for it. We owe her that much. She gave everything to save you, even her life." the little chara character said softly as Ran, Miki and Su popped up beside her. They all glowed as they smiled down at me.

"You can do it Ikuto!" Ran cheered happily.

"She's going to be fine Ikuto!" Miki said comfortingly.

"She loves you so much Ikuto-desu." Su said in her sweet little tone. They all reminded me of Amu so much. I felt my heart beat start to speed up rapidly and soon I was just staring blankly at them all.

"There is a price though Ikuto. She won't remember you, or the times you spent with you…and…" Dia said softly with a sad look on her face.

"A-and what?" I stuttered as I held Amu to my chest. No matter what it cost, I wanted hr back.

"And you will have to find her. She will go with someone else, everyone but you and the other guardians will remember her. Maybe even Ami, her younger sister will remember because her heart's egg is still developing but you must find her and make her remember…no matter what it takes." Dia said sadly.

The thought of having my Amu forget me and everything we ever shared horrified me but I knew if I wanted to her alive and well with me again I would have to do this. I would find her and I would make her remember. I was certain of it. So I gently kissed Amu's cold lips for one brief moment and then set her on the cold gravel before backing away from her and wishing for Amu to be alive and well again. I prayed and wished until I spotted something happening.

A glow was forming around Amu. A beautiful yellow and orange glow that began to lift her up into the air. Her little chara's smiled gently towards me before slipping over to circle around Amu.

The glow grew brighter and brighter until it practically exploded. The explosion of sparks and light threw me backwards slightly. When I finally regained my footing I looked up and saw nothing. There were little shimmers of dust all around in the air but Amu was gone.

I smiled knowing she would be okay and started my way back home. I would find her, one way or another.

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