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I know it's stupid of me to try and tell you this story, but I guess I'll give it a shot.

My name is Lulu-Belle, some of you may know me as Lelouch Lamperouge or Lelouch Vi Britannia. I'm not sure if I should tell this story in third person, or my own voice, we'll see what happens.

I left Japan at the age of eighteen, I'm now twenty. I left the country expecting my life to continue into bigger and better things, but doesn't everyone always expect something like that? Truly, I found bigger things, but not so much better. I settled into an apartment and immediately started looking for a job. Yes, most of you would think that it would take a while to find a decent, well paying job, but not for me. I acquired a job based on my attraction. Yes, I admit that I find myself attractive; most would find this a little vain, would they not? Well, instead of just yacking on about something that is truly nothing, let me get started.

My job sounds simple, stand and look pretty for the camera; but no, there's much more than that. My job as a model consists of an unorganized agency that directs and supports me, casting up to twelve appointments per day and fittings. Being a model is a run around job and it can be very busy. I'm not sure if it's even worth the money I obtain. It's my own fault though; for accepting the job I mean. Let's skip all the bull-shit about how I got the job and just dive right into when my lover came back into my life.

"Lulu-Belle, wonderful pose! Just like that, give a hair flip!" My photographer, Jacob, a real flamboyant arrogant ass. Yes that's harsh, but he is. He may appear all about me, but that is just his job, to please me.

"I'm done, I'm sick of sitting here posing half nude for you Jacob." I arose from where I was seated on a powder white bed.

I continued my normal routine at the studio, model, sign some autographs for adoring fans, then sit in a lounge surrounded by adoring women and men. I appeal to everyone, straight men even; some of the people that gaze upon my photographs don't even know that I'm a boy. I find it amusing.

I sat on the lime colored futon in the lounge and sipped a glass of wine, I don't love the taste of wine, but what else is there to do but drink and pretend to smoke?

"Lelouch?" A soft voice spoke from behind me, an exceptionally gentle voice.

"My name is Lulu-Belle; who the hell do you think you are addressing me by Lelou-" I paused as I turned my head, seeing the person that had hurt me the most in my life, (no not myself), "-Suzaku..." The glass I was holding fell from my hand and onto the floor, spilling its contents. I tried to speak, but a knot in my stomach had formed so large I thought I'd be sick.

"It's been a long time Lelouch; you never wrote me..." His eyes were still that wondrous shade of green, so vibrant. His voice, still soft and caring.

Silence fell in the room and I swear I could hear Suzaku's heart beating within his wonderfully fit chest, maybe it was just my own heart trying to escape my chest and pull me closer to the one I'd tried my damnedest to forget about.

"Lelouch, aren't you going to say anything?" Suzaku stepped closer to me.

"Don't address him by that name! You're lucky you got into the studio mister!" My boss, ignorant fool that he is, stuck his nose into the air and pointed a finger right at Suzaku's chest.

"That's enough; he's an old friend, he has a right to call me Lelouch. You on the other hand have no right to be pointing your finger at my knight." How many people do you see treating their boss like shit? Not many I assume. I'm just that special.

I had no idea what to say to the boy before me, what would you have done? I must have looked like a fool just standing there watching him. How childish.

"M-Maybe we could go somewhere a little more private to catch up?" Suzaku almost looked as if he was begging to step away from the girls that were nearly worshiping the ground I walked on.

"I suppose." I lead him to my private dressing room, away from anyone in the building, "So is there a reason that you are here, Suzaku?" I sounded rude, I wasn't trying to, but that apparently is my attitude now that I have no tolerance for people.

"I saw you in a magazine, and decided to find you. You never told me where you were going; actually you never told me you were leaving." Suzaku kept his eyes locked on the floor.

"I figured since you accused me of being Zero that you wouldn't really give a shit or not if I left, so I decided not to tell you." I lied, I knew he would care.

"But I didn't accuse you and you know it! Everything was true!" Suzaku looked as if he was about to cry.

"It's not true! Why are you so stuck on this Suzaku? I'm not Zero, never was and never will be! I don't know where the hell you got that idea from but it's not true!" I turned pretending to ignore the boy, hoping the conversation would end, it'd been three years, it was time to get over it.

"W-What? We discussed everything together Lelouch, you even told me yourself."

"Well if I did I don't remember and I doubt that I would have done that because I'm not him...Could we please just talk about something else? I'd much rather talk about the good times..." I didn't realize at the time that tears were falling from my eyes, but they were, and soon enough, my cheeks were burning hot and I was full blown bawling my eyes out.

"Lulu..." Suzaku pulled me close, wrapping his arms around me. Oh, it felt so good to feel his warmth once again; never thought I would have missed it that much.

"Let's go to dinner tonight, we can talk." Suzaku's arms stayed around me as I buried my head into his chest, he smelled so good...

"I'd rather, cook for you tonight..."

"Sound's reasonable."

I pulled away from the warm embrace and shivered slightly. I slipped a piece of paper to him containing my apartments address and room number, "Be over tonight at around eight. Where are you saying?"

"Uh, I don't know the name of the hotel...It's in French, I'm not so good with French. At least I know where it is though!" His grin was goofy and childish, just like I remembered...even if it had lost a bit of its usual glow.

"Hm, okay. I'll see you tonight." I felt stupid, being so mad at him and yet wanting to be closer to him again. Was I really mad at him, or was I just trying to hide the fact that I still loved him so much. Who cares...I know I need him...My life is just to depressing not have someone in it that can make me smile anytime of the day or night. I honestly think I was glad to have a piece of my past back, even if he did break my heart...

--- --- --- ---

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