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This is the final chapter of Beau Reve. Sorry it has to end but, I feel like I'm dragging on.

--- ---

It's exactly what I expected here. Cold, ice, snow and wet. But even through all of the snow and ice, there's a lot of beautiful things to see. There is tons of wildlife, places to go, things to do and a lot of good food.

But today, I never realized that I was afraid of heights until Suzaku brought me up here. I first found myself driving with people that I didn't know through the Tongass National Forest. We were on our way to a lodge where I would be fit into an outfit, along with Suzaku, to go down a zipline through the forest. It sounded fun, it looked fun- until I actually stood on top of a mountain, looking down.

"I don't want to do this." I folded my arms as I was strapped into a harness.

"Why not? It will be fun and I'll be in front of you the whole time."

My stomach churned as I watched the first person go down the line and scream their brains out.

"Please?" Suzaku looked at me with pleading eyes.

"F-fine..." the man walked me through the steps of going down the zip. Once I started, I couldn't go back, the best way down was to just keep going. It would be a worse experience to have someone lift me down from one of the platforms than it would to just keep going. He hooked my harness to the line behind Suzakus and Suzaku took off...The only thing I heard was the distant echo of a "woohoo".

I bit my lip and sucked up the fear by just taking the plunge down the zipline. I'll admit, it was fun, but scary as hell. I don't know how high up I was, few hundred feet maybe? Who cares.

I came to a stop on the first platform and looked at Suzaku who had a big grin on his face.


"Well what..." I took a deep breath.

"Awe, your hands are shaking." he took my hands and smiled.

"I'm just cold...It's freezing here. Remember?"

"Uh-huh." he smirked.

"Go." I shoved him forward.

"Okay." he took off again and I watched.

We were getting closer to the ground and I couldn't wait to get down, so I went for the second plunge into the forest. I must have had white knuckles on my way down, every time I would land and then get re-hooked on the zipline and go again. My heart was pounding by the time we got onto firm ground.

"Whoa, Lulu, you're paler than normal." Suzaku took my hand and walked me over to a bench. "Sit and calm down."

"O-okay..." I closed my eyes.

"Are you alright?"

"I'm fine. Could you get my camera out? I'd like to go take some pictures of the Mendenhall Glacier..."

"Okay, here you go." Suzaku reached into his bag and handed me my camera. "Can you stand up? Do you need some water?"

"I'm fine, really." I stood up and wobbled then held my ground. "See?"

He smiled. "Alright. Let's go."

We walked with the group that we were with to take pictures of wildlife, the lake and the glacier. The lake in front of the glacier was crystal clear and still. The mountains reflected in the water with the perfect clear sky.

"Whoa, it's beautiful up here." Suzaku gazed out into the distance.

"Yeah...I'm glad we came here..."

We hung out for a while, taking pictures and chasing each other around with snowballs.

Considering it was summertime there, the sky was bright nearly 24/7; but we didn't mind. The curtains were dark on our cabin and made the whole room dim.

Suzaku lit a fire in the large fireplace that was located in front of the living room. The entire cabin was a loft. When you walked in the front door you were in the large living room with a fireplace to the left; to the right of the fireplace, the floor was raised up with two steps that led to the king sized bed and the single dresser at the foot of it. Down at the back of the living room, (behind the bed room), was the bathroom. On the other side of the cabin behind the living room was the kitchen.

It was a very comfortable cabin with warm tones.

"Lulu..." Suzaku smashed his lips against mine as he pushed me through the door. Just as Suzaku laid me down on the bed and begun kissing my neck, the phone rang. "Ugh..." he got up and grabbed the phone that was by the couch. "Hello? Ah, hi, yeah. Yes. Oh no, it's fine. Thank you. I think we're good. Really? That's not necessary- uh-huh, okay. Thank you." he hung up.

"What was that about?"

He sat at the foot of the bed, "It was the manager, he was checking in on us and said that there's a big storm coming in from the ocean and that we should stay inside and keep the fire going...He'll have someone bring over extra blankets soon because it gets very cold with the wind. And he said something about a complimentary bottle of wine for us and dinner for two in the lodge for tomorrow night on the house. He found out who you are." he smiled.

"Apparently so."

Just as promised, there was a knock on the door and on the other side was an employee, bundled up in a large amount of winter clothing. She was a pretty girl, about twelve years old and a native to Alaska. "My father asked me to bring over some blankets, the storm tonight is going to be bad. Do you need any extra firewood?"

"Thank you very much, and no I think we're set on firewood."

"Alright," she smiled warmly, "have a nice evening."

"Thank you." I closed the door and tossed the blankets at Suzaku.

"I have an idea!" he ran to the bed and then came back with all of the blankets and pillows that were on it.

"What are you doing?" I watched him pile the pillows in a half circle then lay blankets on the floor in the middle of the pile. "Bed of pillows in front of the fire. Cozy." I smiled and sat down on a pillow.

"Nice and warm in front of the fire," he held out his hands to warm them, "and since when there's a bad storm here it get so dark out, the fire is perfect mood lighting."

"Why, Suzaku- how romantic." I laughed and pulled him into a hug. I looked over his shoulder and out the large glass panel windows at the back of the cabin. "It's starting to snow."

"Uh-huh..." he nuzzled my neck and held onto me a bit longer.

--- ---

By the time six o'clock had rolled around, you could hear the wind whistling outside and feel the chill that came through the walls of the cabin. The power had gone out, but with Suzaku being so skilled from being in the army, I wasn't concerned. He was able to heat up things by the fire. Being next to the fire did keep us warm, but sitting in Suzaku's lap and leaning backwards against him while drinking a cup of cocoa kept us warmer.

"I like being stuck in here with you." he kissed the top of my head and tightened his arms that were wrapped around my stomach.

"Me too.." I took the last sip of my cocoa and set the cup aside.

"Are you cold at all?"

"Not really...but I could be warmer."

Suzaku laid me down in the blankets and pillows, then started to kiss my neck. My hands moved down his back and then back up underneath his shirt to pull it off over his head. He broke contact with my neck to allow me to remove his shirt all the way and then my own. He undid his pants and removed them, followed by mine.

He was more gentle tonight than he had been in a while; he kissed down my neck to my chest and ran his tongue over my nipples, stopping to suck a bit. He then worked his way down to my navel, giving butterfly kisses all the way. He planted kisses around my stomach and dipped his tongue into my navel and then left it alone with a kiss. Everywhere his lips and fingers touched me tingled. His lips worked their way to my hips, kissing everywhere except for the spot that needed attention most. He was being a tease.

I moaned as he brought his lips back up to my navel to tease it, dipping his tongue in for a taste every once in a while. He was well prepared- he pulled a bottle of lube out from underneath a pillow and coated his fingers with it. He laid beside me and kissed my neck as his slipped his hand between my legs and pushed two fingers into me. I gasped at the coldness before letting out a quiet moan. My hips automatically moved in sync with every thrust his fingers made into me. Even with all of the excitement, my body was still freezing cold, so we wound up under a few blankets, continuing our foreplay.

Suzaku smiled at me and gently placed his lips to mine. The kiss was light, but then we picked up with more movements and sucked and pulled on our lips and tongues. We broke the kiss, gasping for air; myself letting out a moan due to his fingers.

I whimpered when he removed his fingers and crawled between my legs. He lifted me up onto his hips and easily slid into me. I moaned and wrapped my legs around him, locking my ankles together. We went slow, even when he laid down on top of me to kiss my neck some more. His thrusts became harder and caused me to moan even more.

His lips started to kiss my ear, sucking on it gently. Our hips pushed together faster, but we didn't break the slow like rhythm. We kissed each other again, our tongues dancing together in a fiery passion as we explored the moist caverns of one another. Simultaneously, we moaned into each others mouths and came.

I released my grip on Suzaku, allowing him to move off of me and lay down beside me. I rolled on top of him, resting my head against his chest and drifting off into a deep, love filled, sleep.

--- ---


--- ---

We spent a two weeks in Alaska together. Nearly every night was the same. We'd go back to our cabin, and make love in front of the fire before falling asleep in each others arms.

Once home, there was a flat, manilla envelope on our bed.

"What's this?" Suzaku handed it to me.

"I don't know." I opened it and pulled a letter out.

I read it out loud, "Dear, Lulu-Belle.

I hope now that you and your lover are married, you won't forget about us!

We love you dearly and plan on keeping in touch with you by taking yearly trips in the spring to vacation in Japan.

I wish you the best of luck with Suzaku and hope you have many children! And if you decide not to have children, I hope you have many cats!

Much love,

Jacob && Caleb."

I smiled and removed the rest of the contents of the envelope. It was the nude pictures Jacob had taken of Suzaku and I back in Paris.

"You're gorgeous in these, not to say that you aren't always gorgeous, I just didn't think that anyone could capture how beautiful you are on film." Suzaku kissed me and wrapped his arms around me.

"Thanks...you're pretty hot yourself." I smiled.

I looked over the pictures, they had been enhanced, but only small details- such as my engagement ring and my eyes.

"Hide these." I put them back and handed the envelope to Suzaku.

"Why?" he put them in a draw.

"Because if Milly gets her hands on them, Lord only knows what she would do." I smiled and wrapped my arms around Suzaku's neck. "I love you."

"I love you too, Lelouch." he kissed me softly.

...And so now...All I need, is this one, sweet kiss, filled with love...

--- ---

I tried my best on this one, I really did.. =[

Is it alright? I wasn't sure how to end it...

Okay so here's the gist of it-

I chose Alaska because I LOVE Alaska. It's beautiful there. It's cold, but it's the perfect place to just cuddle with someone in front of a warm fire with a cup of cocoa.

Why a bed of pillows? Well duh! It's comfy and UBER romantic!!!

I could have done more with those pictures, I know that. I could have had them leaked out into the media, or had someone get a hold of them. Something. I don't know. I just thought that it would be a nice personal wedding gift from Jacob to them. What do you do with nude pictures of yourself and your lover? I don't know, I've never had pictures of myself nude with my lover. Lol.

The places they went in Alaska are real places, and beautiful places.

I've never actually been on a zipline, but I know they're scary and fun at the same time. I'm deathly afraid of heights, so I know what it's like to just clam up and take the plunge and have white knuckles from holding on too tight.

Glaciers are GORGEOUS. I think they're one of Gods most beautiful creations in nature. And when you top that with a lake and mountains? So relaxing.

Every time I think of a comfortable cozy cabin, it has to be something that can heat up quickly in cold weather but be gorgeous; so I normally always go with a loft.

The quote at the end- That is actually from a yaoi that I read. God forbid that I remember what one. I just found it so sweet and I use it all the time. To me, it fit in with this story.

I want to thank everyone for their support during Sleepless Beauty and Beau Rêve. I think this is the story that I am proud of the most, even if I do see all of my flaws with it.

I'll be starting a new story very soon called Bella Sera. It's Italian for Beautiful Evening.