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Character Descriptions

Yugi Moto - A mysterious ten year old boy with features like no other. With Skin that is deathly pale for an Egyptian and has abnormal hair and eye color that are natural colors. He has tri colored hair that is naturally styled differently and also has ampheyest colored eyes. Villagers consider him Anubis' rejection.

Yami Sennen - The second crowned prince of Egypt and the younger twin brother of Prince Atemu Sennen. He has dyed hair similar to that of his brother's and Yugi's.

Atemu Sennen - The crowned Prince of Egypt and the older twin brother of Yami. He has the same dyed hair color Yami has and is slightly tanner then his brother. Atemu is also knowingly gay and is in a relationship with a boy named Heba.

Heba - Born as a slave, was never given a last name. Found abandoned and seriously abused at a near by oasis he was taken to the palace to be Atemu's personal slave and even pleasure slave whenever Atemu wanted. Eventually the two fell in love. Heba is slightly tanned and is like Yugi by having unusual natural hair colors.

Akhamkanon Senen - The pharaoh of Egypt. Although he may seem tough and cruel the pharaoh is rather kind and cares for his people.

Isis - one of the six item holders and is the only priestess of the Consul for the Pharaoh and the main healer at the Palace. She is able to see into the future for all except for those who wear or hold an item. She owns the millennium necklace and is married to Mahad.

Mahad - Isis' husband and the wielder of the Millennium Ring. Mahad teaches magic to those who want to learn in the palace. He is also the mentor of a young woman named Mana who lives in the palace.

Shada - The holder of the Millennium Key and can read everyone's mind without limitations. He can also invade people's mind to further assist the pharaoh by seeing all evil in a person.

Karim - The holder of the Millennium Scales. He can judge any persons' heart and soul by testing the balance of good and evil.

Shimon - The Royal Advisor of the Pharaoh and also takes on the role of Grandfather for Yami, Atemu, Heba, and later Yugi.

Seth - The holder of the Millennium Rod and the cousin of Atemu and Yami. He is also the son of the Priest Akunadin who is the pharaoh's younger brother. He can draw out the evil that lies inside one's heart to be judged. He is also in a relationship.

Akunadin - the wielder of the Millennium eye. He has the power to trap the mind of any person into an object and can also read the minds of all without limitations but can not go inside the true depths of a person's mind like Shada.

Ryou - Also born into slavery and was never given a last name. He is the slave to the mercenary Bakura who works for the Pharaoh. He is also considered an Anubis' rejection due to his pale skin color and bleach white hair. He is also in a relationship with Bakura.

Bakura - A mercenary to the Pharaoh's family and also is the palace interrogator. Knowing the ways of highly painful torture along with his assistant Malik, they also helped the pharaoh interrogate criminals by carrying out torture. He is also in a relationship with Ryou and has bleached colored hair but unlike Ryou had real tanned skin.

Malik - A mercenary to the pharaoh's family and is the assistant of Bakura and is also one of the palace interrogators. He owns a personal slave named Merick who he treats as a younger brother. He is also tanned and also has blonde hair.

Merick - The personal slave Malik. Merick is extremely tanned and also has long blonde hair. He is a very timid and shy person to anyone he doesn't know.

Jonouchi - Jonouchi or Joe is the personal slave of Seth. He is also in a relationship with Seth. He acts as the big brother to Merick, Ryou, Heba, and Yugi.

Original or Borrow Characters Submitted By Readers

Submitted by SilverDragon-Purity

Chez - Chez has three well known titles; Lady Aranwen, Silver Slave and Chez the Pain. She is twenty years old and is 5'4". She has shoulder length dark brown hair with natural red highlights. She also has pale skin that easily burns, freckles, and a semi-hourglass figure. She has brown eyes that are darker on the outer pupil and gets lighter as you get near the iris. She has two long scars that go down her back and three smaller scars that run across the longer ones. She also has a two inch tattoo of a sliver dragon wrapped around a ring on her wrist. Chez is the youngest member and daughter of a powerful noble house that ruled in both Greece and Egypt was attacked when she was young and is the only one to survive the attack and as a result the kingdoms her family owned fell. After the attack she took to the streets until she was taken and placed into slavery. She had several masters during her time as a slave all of which abused and or raped her. Finally she was brought to the pharaoh when a member of the court saw her crest. The pharaoh then returned her noble status at seeing the mark. Many believed she threatened and slept with the pharaoh in order to become a Lady once again. Those who do not respect Chez call her the Sliver Slave. She is a good fighter and protector and will willing protect what and who needs protecting. The pharaoh restored the house in Egypt when the declared the house was "alive" due to Chez's survival however the house in Greece wasn't revived and is still considered a slave in the country. She spends half a year in both Egypt and Greece in order to follow leads that she hopes to point in the direction of the one or ones who killed her family in order to have revenge. She wears pants and armor as well as has a set of cestus'. She'll use nabbots, Makhairas, a whip, or a bow and arrow as weapons.

The following three characters are submitted by yugixyamiyaoilover.

Sakura - Sakura is a princess from Japan. She is friends with Yami and Atemu. She also has a sister named Yumi and is married to a man named Edward. She saved Heba at the palace from another noble one day and became friends with the other that way. Before Sakura married Edward her father wanted her to marry either Yami or Atemu. Sakura has waist length hair and the tips are red. She has purple eyes and a slight tan. She is brave, a decent fighter, and wise but she is afraid of bugs. She is seventeen years old and she also has to keep track of her younger sister whom has a crush on both Yami and Atemu.

Yumi - Yumi is Sakura's younger sister and is fifteen years old. She has the same color hair as Sakura but the hair is shoulder length instead of having long hair like her sister. She acts older than she should since she tries to impress Atemu and Yami because she has a crush on them. Yumi is a hyper child but is also very serious

Edward - Edward is the prince of Japan. He shares the same personality as Sakura but he is a little more serious. He used to be Sakura's guard and therefore doesn't really have a playful side. He will never speak unless spoken to and never smiles. He also has spiky brown hair and green eyes. he is also Sakura's soul mate.

The Gods featured in the Story

Ra - Ra is the sun god and overall ruler of the sun, earth, and the underworld. Ra has three children named Shu, Tefnut, and Hathor and his wife's name is Ratet. Ra's symbol is often found on pharaoh's crown which shows power.

Osiris - the God of the Afterlife. He is the one who judges those who are sent to the afterlife and does so mercifully. He is the brother of Seth and Isis and is also the husband of Isis. It is said that he was fooled by Seth and was murdered by him as well. Seth then scattered his remains across the Nile.

Isis - (goddess) The Goddess of Motherhood and Fertility. She usually holds the Ankh which symbolizes life and she also holds the Key of the Nile. Isis was the wife of the God Seth who was murdered by his brother Osiris. It is believed that when the Nile floods every year it is filled with Isis' tears as she morns her late brother and husband.

Hathor - the goddess of love and Motherhood. After being replaced by Isis as the goddess of Motherhood she took to protecting Horus.

Heket - The Goddess of childbirth and the Protector of the dead. She is often shown as a frog which is also a symbol of life and Fertility. Women often wear amulets of her during childbirth.

Shait - the Goddess of Destiny.

Anubis - The god of mummification and also protects the dead and leads them to the afterlife to be judged by Osiris. He is usually seen or known as a half human and half jackal.

Horus - The god of the sky and the son of Isis and Osiris. Usually known as a falcon or when seen in his human form he has the head of a Falcon. The Moon is said to be the eye he has lost when he fought Osiris and avenged his father.