Hello everyone,

A lot of people have been asking me either in reviews or private messaging me the following question "When is the next chapter coming? We can't wait!"

While that warms my heart greatly, especially since this is the hands down my most popular fanfiction I have ever written in my career, when I started it, I had no idea it would turn into such an original story and I think that's where the fall of the story started in my head. As I try and try to rewrite it, I can't keep Yugi, Yami, or anyone else in my head, I imagine other characters, original characters and I no longer see a tie to Yugioh in any sense of the word beyond the millennium items and in my new drafts of the story, they don't even exist. I totally forgot to put them in.

Which is why I have finally decided to announce the official true end of the FANFICTION Rejected Souls. I decided that I DO want to finish this story and I actually have it outlined to completion in my book. However, it's going to be completely re-worked, rewritten from scratch, and i'm honestly going to submit it to my publisher once my current projects have wrapped up.

I don't know if I mentioned it on here before, and if I did forgive me, but the reason I "abandoned" fanfiction is because I actually looked into self-publishing and my sister and I created a supernatural series and we are currently in the process of submitting the second book of that series and I wrote my own book that I'm debuting either holiday season or early next year and between working at my main job, and doing that as well as working on the advertising for it, fanfiction honestly was the last thing on my mind. I still constantly read fanfiction of multiple series, and I still follow a lot of fandoms, (except Yugioh i'm sorry that got wayyy out of hand) but i do longer have the time to write them like I used to do.

If you're interested in looking into some of things i'm working on now, you can follow my twitter, facebook, or now deviant art page, I put links in my profile and i don't think they got removed from Fanfiction (if they do, i'll re-add them and add spaces.) and again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the kind words and suggestions to help make Rejected Souls as popular of a story as it was and hopefully you understand my reasoning in my "retirement" of fanfiction writing.

I hope you all enjoy your days, or evenings depending on when you read this update,

Luna Eclipse, aka Kayland Elric.