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A year has past since Donna had her memories wiped and her life has progressed forward, but what happens when the Doctor returns with a way to restore her memories, what life will she choose?

"I had a nice time." Donna said as she pressed herself to the door, to avoid getting her clothes wet.

He stuffed his hand into his pocket as he stood opposite her, looking up into the sky, "Yes, I did too. It was a shame that this rain came and ended it too soon."

A smile came to her, "Well, it was expected, should have brought an umbrella."

He nodded, "Yes."

There was silence, apart from the rain beating its natural rhythm on the room overhead and the sound of tires on the wet asphalt.

They looked into each other's eyes, the blue and the brown, mixing and wondering.


"Quite right…"

They shared a laugh; it was the nervous kind that came when neither party had anything to say to the other, but wanting to desperately.

"I guess I should go." She said at last, thumping towards the door.

His mouth fell open, and closed quickly.

Catching the action he made she stepped away from the door and closer to him, wanting to stay as long as possible, "What is it?"

"It's just that—we've been seeing a lot of each other, Donna. And I like, quite a bit."

She blew out a relieved breath, "Good. I have too."

He starched at the back of his neck, "I just…I need…I…"

"Hey, take a deep breath, and then tell me."

He did what she said and took her hand into his own, "I—I love you."

Donna's breath caught in her lungs, as she felt the whole soggy doorstep leave her, she was drifting far above everything, even the stars themselves.


"I love you." The second time was more sincere, not flustered and brisk like before.

"Really?" She was having trouble using actually sentences at the moment.

He nodded, "Yes. Now, you don't have to say anything, I just thought I'd tell you, because I do, I really honest to goodness love you."

A girlish grin spread across her face and she felt every delightful emotion explode within her.

"I love you too." She said quietly, her blue eyes sparkling with unshed tears that he could just make out in the soft light from overhead.

He stood before as he had done so many times before, looking down at her and loving every part of the woman in his arms. Raising his hands, he cupped her face in his warm palms.

Shuffling a bit, he leaned forward and kissed the corner of her mouth, "My Donna." He murmured against her skin, hoping that somehow his words and feelings would be absorbed into her, lighting her up from the inside out.

Her fingers wrapped around his wrists, holding them still; her eyes slipped underneath the heavy eyelids, and yet she could still see him, he had been burned into her mind and nothing or no one would be able to remove the image.

The next time he kissed her, he took her lips with his own, drawing her closer to him, loving they way that their bodies; even his thin shape, fit so wonderfully together.

She sighed then and pulled away.

He could tell that she was exhausted, and even he had to admit that he was as well.

"Come on, bed time."

Donna gave him a playful glance, causing a grin to pull at his mouth.

"Now, Miss. Noble, the hour is late. I would hate to have to disrupt the whole house." His brown eyes glanced at the door.

She gave him another look, mild confusion in her eyes.

Moving closer he whispered, "I just mean that…you know what? To hell with it."

He turned and pulled her out into the downpour.

"Peter!" She cried out as she felt the freezing sting of the rain once more, and she shivered slightly.

He opened the door for her and she climbed back into his car, she shook the water off her hair and laughed as she watched him almost skip the other side of the vehicle.

As the slam of the door sounded she wrapped her arms around his neck, jerking him back to her mouth. She played with him as his tongue sought hers again, but she refused him for several seconds until his fingers squeezed at her left breast, causing her to gasp. The moment her mouth had opened, he took that window of opportunity to claim his spoils.

"Cheater." She whispered when they released each other to breath.

He shook his head, "Na-uh."

She closed her eyes as she rested against his forehead, "Ya-huh, where are we going anyway?"

"To our place."

Donna felt her toes curl in the black pumps she was wearing, "I love you so much, Peter Glasmer."

"And I you, Donna Noble."

He gave her one last peck, "Okay, seatbelts, I want you in one piece."

As his car drove off back into the night, the whirling of the TARDIS filled the air. The blue police box materialized on the street corner and the Doctor stepped out into the storm.

"Every time." He muttered as he shifted the device in his hands, making a run for it, he overshot the front door and slammed into it.

Letting out a groan, the Time Lord straightened up and took a moment to collect himself before pounding upon the Noble's door.

A light immediately switched on in the hallway and a half second later, Wilf appeared holding a tennis racket ready to defend himself and his family.

"Hello, Wilfred, long time no see."

The tired man blinked a couple of times, "Doctor? What the hell are you doing here?"

"Dad, who is it?" Sylvia's voice rang out and the next minute her bathrobe clad self appeared.

"What are you doing here?" She asked as she saw the Doctor at the door, "Get out, and go away."

"Sweetheart, please." Wilf told her quietly as he lowered the makeshift weapon, "Now, Doctor, please tell us what are you doing here and disturbing our much needed rest?" The old man was obviously about to fall over with sleep again, but there was a kindness in his voice. He had missed the Doctor.

The man in the soaked brown pinstriped suit smiled at the father and daughter, "I found it!"

"And what is it that you found?" Wilfred Mott asked, stifling a yawn with his hand.

"I found the way to bring Donna's memories back!"

"Well, then," The old man said calmly as he stepped aside and held the door open, "won't you come in?"


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