About a Month and a Half after the Wedding - Saturday Morning

Cosette rolled over in bed, feeling the weight of Marius' arm slip off of her. She had been awake for a few minutes already, examining the light streaming through the windows, but Marius was still sleeping. The jostling of his arm woke him then, and she felt him moving, though she was facing away. His arms closed around her, pulling her toward him in bed so her back was pressed against his front. His lips brushed against her neck, and she smiled, rolling over carefully so that she was still in his embrace.

"Good morning," she whispered, before meeting his lips in a proper kiss. But this time they did not break apart. She felt his hands run through her hair, and down across her neck and stroke the curve of her waist as his lips moved against hers. She gasped, opening her mouth, and felt his tongue slip inside meeting her own and making them both gasp again. But once she felt him tug at the cotton of her nightdress, pulling it up, she was forced to stop him. She broke off the kiss and slid away in bed, and Marius, looking embarrassed, did the same.

"Goodness, I hate lent!" she cried, punching the mattress beneath her. Marius lay back against the headboard.

"Tell me about it." He blew air out of his mouth, causing some of his long dark hair to flutter out of his eyes. She resisted the urge to push it back for him, knowing that any physical contact would put them right back where they were a few minutes ago.

"Remind me why we did this again?" she asked, honestly not imaging how she ever could have agreed to giving up intimacy with her brand new husband.

"We wanted to test our faith- really test it- with something that would make us want to doubt it. You said you got the inspiration from your father, who is always sacrificing." He looked at her with exasperation. "So I am blaming you."

They had been battling like this for the past month: they had made love on their wedding night and the morning after, but that day they received their ashes and lent started for them, forbidding them from making love until Easter, because of the vow of chastity they had decided upon.

"You agreed, monsieur," she said, with as much coldness as she could muster.

"Well, madame, I was only trying to make you happy. But apparently it didn't work."

"Hmph!" she sighed, crossing her arms and turning away. They were silent for about ten seconds before she heard Marius exhale, and she turned to face him just as he turned to face her.

"I'm sorry, mon cherie, Cosette," he said, in the voice he only used for making up after the arguments they so enjoyed having.

"Oh, Marius, I forgive you. Really it was my fault."

"No, I must insist that I am quite at fault."

"No, it was really me," she shook her head.

"I disagree."

"It's just until Easter, remember," she said, laying back and looking out the window, away from him and letting her mind wander.


She flopped over so fast that the mattress shook. "Marius! Guess what day's tomorrow?"

"Sunday?" he asked.

"No. Well, yes it is- but more importantly, tomorrow's Easter… which means…" she smiled, giggling slightly and leaned forward to kiss him softly. "You know what that means," she whispered, her eyes still closed.

His hands were holding her close to him, clasped behind her back. "Of course I know what that means- I just didn't want to be the first to mention it."

She laughed. "Don't worry, I think I'm in as much agony as you are," she mused.

"That's not possible. You sleep next to me every night, whereas I sleep next to you," he said, as though this explained something completely obvious.

"And?" she asked, eyes wide, as she shrugged her shoulders.

"And, you are far more beautiful," he kissed her softly, "far more wonderful, and far more attractive than I will ever be."

She let him kiss her a few more times, before pulling away. "I disagree…" her hand slipped between the buttons on Marius' nightshirt, feeling the soft skin of his chest, her hand crept lower, until she felt his bellybutton. She tried going further, but Marius caught her hand as she knew he would, and pulled it out of his shirt.

"Time for breakfast." He said. She pouted, a little disappointed to be married to the man of her dreams right before the time for abstinence, but swung her feet over the mattress and got up.

Thoughts of her husband did not leave her head all day.

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