Scribble, Scribble on the Walls

Chapter One- Writing the Stage

OMG! He is SO hawt!

Hellz yeah!

I heard he's dating Haruno



Uchiha and Haruno?

Eh, Haruno here, believe it be-yotches!

Forehead! Sasuke is MINE!

Keep dreaming he's MINE!

"Doesn't look like Sakura's replied yet. I think you could step in, Sasuke." I stated as I looked over to said raven-haired boy who leaned against the wall.

"Yeah, Teme; why don't ya step in?" Naruto, the loud mouthed blond, encouraged, and nudged Sasuke's arm.

"I don't see why the girls are doing this." Sasuke huffed. "I don't even see why you guys take me here to read it."

"Because it's full of all the gossip and rumors we'll just hear anyway. This gets us a step ahead of all the other guys!" Naruto clarified.

"So why would you want me to write something?" Sasuke pressed. "After all, that would just tell the girls we read it."

"But that also means they know we know all their secrets written on here!" Naruto responded.

"Yeah, but wouldn't that mean they may stop writing because they know we're reading it?" Sasuke countered.

"…Didn't think about that." Naruto sighed. "So when do you think Sakura will reply?"

"Probably by tomorrow; with how much time girls spend in here I think there'll be a whole list of replies." I answered.

"I can't believe you're here, too, Hyuga." Sasuke stated. "Of all people I thought you'd be one to be against this."

"It's because he's looking out for word from Tenten." Naruto laughed.

I could feel my face heat up a bit. "No…y-you drag me here just like you do Uchiha."

"So when are you gonna stop lying to us and finally ask her out?" Sasuke announced.

I was pretty sure my face became hotter. "…She's not interested."

"And how do you know that?" Naruto questioned.

"Because she writes on here too, and any time my name is brought up she never writes a thing." I clarified.

"Dude…you actually know her handwriting?" Naruto gaped, and then started to laugh loudly. "Oh my god, what are you, a stalker? You actually know her handwriting?"

Sasuke suddenly clamped a hand over the blonds open mouth. "You idiot," he hissed, "people can hear you!"

"Oh shit, evasive action!" Naruto declared.

Sasuke and I stared at him for a moment like he was nuts.

"…Run for it, damn it!" Naruto exclaimed, and the three of us left the premises of the girls' dormitory bathroom number three, AKA, the gossip room.


"You idiot, what would you have done if a girl had started to head over because she heard you yell and she spotted us?" Sasuke growled as we all plopped onto our beds in our dorm room.

"Don't worry," Naruto waved a hand in Sasuke's direction. "I have plans up to 'R' on what to do if that happened."

"And plan 'A' would be…" I drawled curiously.

"Have Teme seduce her."

An alarm clock suddenly flew through the air and smacked Naruto in the head. "Ow, what the hell was that for, Teme!"

"Better than what Sakura would do if she heard you'd want me to do that just to save your own ass." Sasuke growled.

"I wouldn't save my own ass! I'd be saving all our asses and the possibility of having everyone know we go into the girls' bathroom to read their gossip wall!" Naruto retorted. "You gotta give me some more credit, Teme."

"So what would plan 'B' be, then?" I continued.

"Jump the girl." Naruto answered blatantly.

"Plan 'C'…?"

"Have you run in front of her and distract her in some way."

"Do you need another alarm clock taken to your head?" I grumbled.

"What…the least you'd have to do is cover her sight and wave your arms saying 'this is not a distraction'!" Naruto gestured wildly as he spoke. "It's better than what you'd have to do if we were ultimately caught."

"…Do I want to know?"

"Let's just say you'll have to get used to wearing a skirt and make-up every time we wanted new updates…oh, and getting used to shaving your legs."

"…You're a freak…." Sasuke sighed, and laid down so he stared at the ceiling.

"But I'm your freak." Naruto grinned.

"Save the flirting for Hinata, Dobe."

I sighed and rolled my eyes. "If it ever does come to that you'll sooner see yourself in a wig and dress than seeing me in a skirt and make-up."

"…That's a great idea, Neji!" Naruto exclaimed.

Two pillows were then forcefully thrown at the blond.


Naruto and I sat in English class. Both of us were bored out of our wits, not that Naruto had many wits to begin with, but you get the point.

"…I wonder if Hinata will ever write anything about me on the gossip wall…." Naruto sighed. His head was laid on the table we sat at with his arms used as cushions, and he stared at the teacher with half closed eyes.

"How do you know she hasn't already put something?" I replied.

"Oh, you think she was the one who called me a big-mouthed freak?" Naruto questioned sarcastically.

I thought for a moment, it was true that most things on the wall about Naruto were insults about his energy level, intelligence, and what a loud-mouth he was.

"Well what if she wrote that comment that said you were cute?" I responded.

"Hmm…no…it wasn't her handwriting."

"And you call me a freak for knowing Tenten's handwriting." I grumbled.

"Oh, hey, speaking of Tenten," Naruto stated, "I think she's doing what all of us want to do right now."

I glanced to the side. Tenten normally sat at the table located next to mine and Naruto's. I had to hide the smirk that crept across my face when I saw her asleep. Typically when people fall asleep in class they try to hide it, but she was so blatant that all she missed was a snore to alert us all.

Although I enjoyed the sight of her sleeping face, I decided to do the right thing and wake her up. The teacher in this class normally smacks you with a ruler for falling asleep, and I didn't want to see her get hurt.

I reached over when the teacher had his back to us and pressed my hand to the back of her neck. She immediately jolted up to attention. Her head whipped around like she was looking for our teacher, but she stopped when her eyes landed on my smirking expression.

I mouthed a "sleep in study hall" to her. She blushed slightly, and then mouthed to me "your hands are cold."

I looked down at my hands and then stuffed them in my pockets. I looked back to her, but she wasn't paying attention.

"Smooth as silk." Naruto chuckled next to me. "Did you see that blush?"

I rolled my eyes. "Doesn't prove a thing," I muttered.

I could just hear Naruto mumble a "sure" before the teacher had a sudden outburst of yelling at the class and asking if he was a boring teacher.

Weird class…definitely a weird class….


"Oh, Teme, does Sakura really kiss you with this mouth?" Naruto snickered.

"What's it to you?" Sasuke retorted. All of us were back in the gossip room.

"Oh, oh, look! Someone actually wrote something nice by my name!" Naruto declared. "I wonder if it's from Hinata!"

"Naruto, keep your voice down." I warned as I stuck my head out the door to make sure no one approached the bathroom.

"It says I'm a real inspiration!" Naruto cheered.

"Sounds like something Hinata may say." I stated.

"Yay, oh…someone replied to Hinata's thing…hey! Guys, do you really think I inspire people to build insane asylums?"

Sasuke and I both couldn't hide the smirks that reached our faces. "Maybe…possibly…yes." We both replied.

"You guys are so mean, you know that?" Naruto pouted.

"Shit, I hear footsteps!" I announced.

"Damn it, we don't have time to get out." Sasuke responded.

"Quick, plan 'H'!" Naruto exclaimed.

Sasuke and I looked at Naruto, confused.

"…Into the stalls! Into the stalls!" Naruto clarified.

All of us scurried into the large stall at the end of the bathroom and shut the door. Sasuke sat on the top of the toilet and pulled his legs up. I sat on the seat and kept mine down in case they looked for a pair of legs. Naruto…he held himself up in midair by putting his feet and hands against opposite walls.

The sound of footsteps entered the room. They walked around for a moment and stopped in front of our hiding stall. They knocked on the door.

"Someone in there," they called. My heart seemed to stop. It was Tenten….

"Yes," Naruto called in such a feminine voice I would have believed he was one if I didn't see him make it. Sasuke and I exchanged strained looks. Sasuke looked nervous, but he also looked like he wanted to laugh at Naruto. I felt the same way.

Tenten didn't say anything else, and walked away. For a moment I thought she left until I heard something that sounded like a cap being taken off a marker. It was confirmed when I heard the squeaks of the tip meeting the walls, and then the cap was put back on. We waited a couple more moments as we heard her footsteps recede, and then disappear altogether.

Naruto nodded his head at us and we all stood up normally. We walked out of the stall and looked at the gossip wall.

"Hey, looks like she said something about you, Neji." Naruto noted, and then pointed to a fresh looking message.

I read it over once, then twice, and then a third time. I was in slight shock and wonder at what Tenten had to say about me.

He has cold hands.

And the gears of conflict start to turn.

Hello people! Well…I had intended for this to be a oneshot up until about half an hour ago when I got an idea and decided that I'd stretch this out. So…my first NejiTen multi-chapter! I think this'll be fun. I have a few plans…and another plan of mine is my first story that'll be dedicated to someone! (Just wait and see.) It'll probably be the only story that I'll actually work on right now without the effects of the poll. Oh, and for those wondering, this was the results of the poll choice "writing on the walls", which has had a lead for several days! And now that I've started it I can't stop. Well then…I hope you people enjoy this!