Chapter Six- Writing a Resolution

As a fast recap, I currently stood in Tenten's dorm room, and I was prepared to confront her over the rumor of her and Lee being a couple.

"There's something…I was wondering about." I started.

Tenten looked at me skeptically. "And that would be…?"

I had to do some quick thinking. I couldn't just tell her I read on the gossip wall that she and Lee were together. That would just prove that we go in there.

"I heard…a rumor…about you and—"

"Rumor…? Well, if it's a rumor it's probably a bunch of bull." Tenten interjected.

I smiled a little. "Yeah…probably…."

"But…I may as well hear it anyway, that way I can beat the crap out of whomever it was that started this rumor." Tenten grinned, and balled up her fist for emphasis.

"Right…" I trailed off.

"So, what's the rumor?"

"Oh…uh…there was this rumor that—"

"Are you alright? You're getting all red." Tenten interjected again.

I nodded my head. "I'm alright…just…."

"Oh, crap, it's not a really perverted rumor is it?" Tenten exclaimed. "God, I am going to kill someone tonight!"

"No, no, it's not perverted…well…entirely." I mumbled the last part.

"Alright, good, get on with it then, I won't interrupt anymore."

"I heard a rumor that…uh…you and Lee are together and—"

"What the fuck, me and that weirdo?" Tenten burst out. I was never going to get a full sentence out, was I?


"Alright, who told you this rumor? I am going to personally hunt them down, find the source, and make sure anyone involved goes through a serious lesson about spreading such bull!"

My brain stopped, here was where I was stuck…I had no source to refer Tenten to, and I certainly couldn't just pull out a name or else one, they wouldn't know anything and Tenten would refer back to me in anger, or two, the innocent person may get really hurt. Why did I fall for such a violent person?

"So who told you?" Tenten questioned.

"It was…uh…." Come on, brain, I really need your fast workings. "I overheard a group. I'm not exactly sure who it was."

Thank you brain, I would kiss you if that wasn't impossible.

"Do you know who was in the group?"

"Um…no…I had my back to them."

This is going smoother than I thought. Why hasn't something horrible happened yet?

Tenten grumbled to herself over the escape of the "rumor spreaders".

"Well…I'm glad you told me at least." Tenten beamed at me. I had to stop myself from blushing. "If you ever do find out who started this tell me, okay?"


Tenten looked at me skeptically. "What is up with you?" She asked. "You're stammering and you look nervous, and—"

A look of surprise crossed her face, and then a look of anger.

"You didn't start this did you?" She questioned fiercely. "You're not just covering your own ass from my wrath?"

My jaw nearly dropped. "I would never!"

"How do I know that?"

"Because we're friends, aren't we?"

"That's called backstabbing!"

"Why would I start a rumor about you dating a guy like Lee?"

"It's Lee! It'd be just plain embarrassing having a rumor going around that I'm dating him!"

"I still wouldn't do something like that!"

"How could I be sure? You're Mr. Silent and Mysterious! How do I know you wouldn't have the motif or impulse to start something like this?"

"Because why would I start a rumor about you dating someone if I want to be the one you're dating?"

We both fell silent. Tenten fell silent from surprise, and I fell silent since I had just admitted I liked her in a way I had not planned out. Damn spontaneous outbursts.

"…Well…" Tenten finally spoke up after several minutes of awkward silence. "That was…unexpected…."

"I-I'm sorry." I stated, and made a fast retreat out of her dorm room.

Tenten called for me, but I was already down the hall.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit, what the hell went through my mind? It should have been definitive after she came to the conclusion I started that rumor! Damn it!"

I ran into my room and closed the door. No one else was there.

"Good, I wouldn't be able to deal with anyone right now anyway…."

I sat down on my bed and panted from my dash across the campus. I didn't know what to do now. I wasn't even sure whether or not Tenten was about to burst through the door and demand an explanation from me.

Knock, knock.

Well…at least the door gets to remain intact.

I opened the door slowly only to have it pushed aside and to be tackled to the ground. I grumbled a curse from the hard impact with the floor, and then blinked a couple times as I tried to figure out what happened.

I stared at two brown eyes which peered at me from a much closer distance than what I was used to. Focusing on a bigger picture, I finally realized who it was that laid on top of me.

"Tenten…?" I declared.

"The one and only," Tenten replied cheerfully.

Am I dreaming? Am I dead? No…the impact hurt too much. This is real.

"…Why did you tackle me?" What the hell is going through my mind? After what just occurred a few minutes ago that's all I can come up with? I sound so lame….

Tenten giggled. "For emphasis," she answered.


Tenten giggled again and buried her head in the crook of my neck. My face reddened profusely. She lifted her head back up to look at me.

"I am emphasizing what I want to say through my actions." Tenten clarified.

"…Are you going to yell at me and question me about the rumor?" I asked.

"Ah, screw the rumor. I've got something to cover it up."

"…You do? You mean you can stop it before it reaches everyone?"

"Yeah, unless people think I'm cheating, but they know they'll be beaten senseless for it."

"…I'm not following."

Tenten let out an almost exasperated sigh. "That's right. You're a male, you prefer actions over words."

"What's that supposed to—?"

Tenten cut off my words. I wasn't exactly sure how she did it at first, but that's because my brain seemed to want to work at a snail's pace lately. Finally I realized it: she was kissing me!

Tenten pulled away and looked at me. I must have had a pretty stupid look on my face since she started to slightly laugh at me.

I fell completely silent. My mouth hung open slightly from surprise. Tenten just seemed to laugh harder.

"Have you put it together yet?"

I blinked blankly, still slightly in shock. "I…uh…I'm pretty sure I got it."

"Good, now do you want to let go of my waist so I can get up?" Tenten asked.

"Oh…uh…sorry…." I stammered, and let go of her. I didn't even realize I had grabbed her in the first place. I thought my arms hung limp on the floor…proves what I know.

We pushed ourselves up into sitting positions.

"Hey, I noticed." Tenten spoke. "Everyone from our dorm rooms are together with someone from the other."

"Yeah…Naruto calls it 'destiny'." I stated.

"But he doesn't know we're together."

"No, but he knew I liked you."

"Oh…well, I guess everyone could tell who liked who unless it was the one who liked you."

I smirked. "I guess."

Silence fell between us.

"So…" I announced.

Tenten looked up at me.


Tenten smiled and wrapped her arms around me. "Yes, at least you got that."


"Hey, Neji, looks like it's been announced!" Naruto declared.

"Really, where is it?" I asked.

Naruto pointed to a part of the gossip wall. It was on the outer edge of my section. I read the messages over and smiled to myself.

Neji's dating Tenten!

What? But I wanted to date him!

No! I wanted him!


Yep, I sure have fallen for one interesting girl.


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