Supergirl Time Warp

Roman Gibson traveled back to the palace of Eternia. After seeing how it appeared and seeing how much Man-At-Arms had changed, he knew the fall into the tunnel had certainly caused him to travel forward in time. Randor and Marlena had married. They also have a baby boy, named Adam.

Man-At-Arms also has an adopted daughter now, named Teela.

Back home, Kara tries on her new dress. Sylvia came up to check on her.

"Oh, Kara! Lenny will be breathless," she said.

"Thank you, Mom," Kara answered.

Lenny put his tuxedo on. He was very nervous.

"Wow, me and Kara," he says, "this is huge."

As Kara and Lenny prepared for the dance, Clark, Chloe, Pete, and Lana prepared for a conference.

"We truly are happy that you two are alive and well," Clark said.

"Really? Is that why you moved on so quickly?" Lana accused.

"Be fair, Lana, you and Pete have gotten close while you two were away," Clark counted.

"You're right and I'm sorry," Lana said.

"I thought I lost you and you weren't coming back," said Clark, "you and Pete both knew I was alive and well."

"Playing the blame game won't get us anywhere," Pete said.

"Pete's right," Chloe said.

Back to the hospital.

"Swamp Thing put me here, but it'll be Fred Danvers who'll feel my frustrations," Denton vowed.

Garrison Denton knew Danvers did nothing to stop the assault, plus the cop has been a constant thorn in his side.

A member of the school board had dropped by to visit him.

"Hi-ya, Mister School Committee Man," he said, "I know this is a bad time, but I'd like to discuss business with you."

Denton's eyes lit up.

"What kind of business?" he asked.

"How would you like to pull double duty at the school?" he asked.

Denton grinned.

He was appointed as the new vice principal. As Denton plotted his revenge against Fred Danvers, Lenny watched Kara, looking drop-dead gorgeous, walking down the stairs. Lenny couldn't believe his eyes.

"Wow, you're so beautiful," he said.

Kara smiled.

"And you look handsome yourself," she replied.

At Justice League Head Quarters, Superboy, Green Arrow, and Martian Manhunter watched the videos that Walt Sheppard recorded.

It talked of when Walt and Matt first went to Crestridge.

Matthew's first day at the high school. Meeting Pam and Bob. Especially Pam.

Bob Alexander. Pam Elliot. Walt worked at the school as a teacher.

But, enemies from their planet targeted them. As did General Tucker.

Denton knew what he wanted. The Bounty Hunter from Quadris. An ultimate opponent for even Matt and Walt.

At the dance, The Ting Tings were playing. Lenny couldn't take his eyes of Kara.

Katie White and Jules De Martino looked over on the dance song as they performed.

"Four letter word just to get me alongIt's a difficulty and I'm biting on my tongue and II keep stalling, keeping me togetherPeople around gotta find something to say now"

Kara's expression was that of a relaxed person. "I finally feel normal for once," she said.

"You are normal," Lenny added.

Holding back, everyday the sameDon't wanna be a lonerListen to me, oh noI never say anything at allBut with nothing to consider they forget my name(ame, ame, ame)

Denton gave the order to awaken The Bounty Hunter.

Back in Eternia, Roman realizing his work is done, decides to head home.

King Randor through a party for Roman. He overheard Man-At-Arms speaking about Fisto. Roman remembered him in the battle.

"He's still missing," Man-At-Arms said, "I just don't understand him disappearing like that."

"I know how hard this is for you, Duncan," King Randor said.

Roman realized he'd missed out on a lot.

And the dance continued.

"They call me 'Hell'They call me 'Stacey'They call me 'her'They call me 'Jane'That's not my nameThat's not my nameThat's not my nameThat's not my name"

Fred Danvers walks into the parking garage at the Leesburg Police Department, heading home for the night. Denton's men sent The Bounty Hunter in for the attack.

Fred looked at his car. He had learned of Denton being appointed as vice principal of his daughter's school. Suddenly he heard stomping noises. Soon, Denton was face-to-face with The Bounty Hunter.

"What are you?" asked Fred.

"They call me 'quiet girl'But I'm a riotMary-Jo-LisaAlways the sameThat's not my nameThat's not my nameThat's not my nameThat's not my name"

The Bounty Hunter swatted Fred across the lot, knocking him down.

"I miss the catch if they through me the ballI'm the last kid standing up against the wallKeep up, falling, these heels they keep me boringGetting glammed up and sitting on the fence now"

The Bounty Hunter stalked his prey. Fred was hurting. The Bounty Hunter power bombed Fred on top of a car.

"So alone all the time at nightLock myself awayListen to me, I'm notAlthough I'm dressed up, out and all withEverything considered they forget my name(ame, ame, ame)"

A girl watched Kara and Lenny dancing from a distance.

"They call me 'Hell'They call me 'Stacey'They call me 'her'They call me 'Jane'That's not my nameThat's not my nameThat's not my nameThat's not my name"

The cops ran out there to investigate.

"Mission accomplished," howled The Bounty Hunter.

"They call me 'quiet girl'But I'm a riotMary-Jo-LisaAlways the sameThat's not my nameThat's not my nameThat's not my nameThat's not my name"

She approached the happy couple.

"Are you calling me darling?Are you calling me bird?Are you calling me darling?Are you calling me bird?"

"Hi, may I cut in?" she asked.

"I don't think we've met," said Lenny.

"I'm Leslie Willis," she said.

Lenny looks at Kara.

"Sure Lenny, it's fine," Kara said.

The Justice League got word on what happened to Fred.

Superboy and Flash were the first ones there. The Bounty Hunter was leaving, but the heroes confronted him.

Roman was summoned to Castle Grayskull.

"Two of us, one of him," Flash said. Denton's man hearing this, sent along numerous storm troopers, also from Quadris, to aid The Bounty Hunter.

The two heroes were surrounded.

Kara wondered what Leslie was saying to Lenny.

The Sorceress sent Roman home.

End of Season Finale