SEE SEE! What shall I see?

A horse's head where it's tail should be.

"You, you're a ghost." Dash breathed. "Your Danny , Danny Phantom. Oh man, oh jeeze oh man oh, oh my god this can't be happening!"

They were sprawled out on the grassy back lawn of Fenton Works, the remains of an explosive battle scattered about them in a way reminiscent of a time, years ago, when they had been partnered and attacked by Skulker. This time it had been Dash, walking by his fence while behind the wooden barricade Danny fought the army of ghostly rodents It was just plain stupidity that Dash, being the fanboy he was, and having held his own beside the ghost boy before, hopped the fence to help.

As if battling off the ecto-tainted corpses of yard pests wasn't hard enough without having to protect some thick headed neanderthal with a hero complex. Somewhere between blasting the Roman-armored gophers in their chariots and grabbing the ninja-shrews trying to infiltrate the back door Dash had gotten captured by the savage field mice, Arnold Schwarzenegger in kangaroo-rat form with metal razor talons at the end of it's hind legs ready to turn him to shredded lettuce. Hands up in surrender they were dragged to the hole beneath the shed, no doubt the source of ecto-contaminant, and continued the adventure sub-level where, sometime during the return trip via medieval catapult operated by rebel rabbits dressed in kilts and the skulls of lizards towards the distant light of an annexed molehill, he had gone human, and landed amongst the rubble and rabble as Danny Fenton.

And while Dash had his mild to moderate freakout he was on the phone with the cavalry for damage control.

"Yeah hey Sam, think you can grab Tucker and be over here as quick as you possibly can?" He shifted, leaned away from the jock and brushed dirt from his jeans. "Why? I need help dealing with Dash, he found out I was Danny-" he had to pull the phone away, glancing nervously over his shoulder, it didn't look like the blonde was in danger of fainting, just very pale and wide-eyed and, how long was she going to keep screaming obscenities at him? Yes, yes I know, no I didn't tell him! Of course I was careful, someone else wasn't, and it's not like I could let him get killed."

A pause.

"NO I couldn't have! Look he's freaking out. No I mean he's seriously freaking out like hyperventilating here," and he was, "Dash? Dash breathe slowly, your going to pass out and while it's fun to think you'll assume this is all a dream we need to talk. No Sam I don't want you hurting him. Dash just breath normal," he shoved the quarterback's head between his knees and rubbed circles on his back, swiping at dirt still clinging to the jacket, "concentrate on breathing, that's good. Oh for the love of- Sam gagging him is the least helpful thing right now. Oh later, no I don't think I have enough closet space for a kidnap slash hostage situation, and neither do you, not long term anyway."

He shifted back to facing Dash as Sam three-wayed Tuck to loop him in, settling on his own knees he kept the jock's head down. This shock coming on the heels of their little adventure would have to be hell on him, he was probably queasy as well as shit-scared and the shock, he knew that kind of paralyzing brain scrambling shock, would make him disoriented for the time being.

He cued back into the conversation between his friends as they discussed solutions. "Guys, Walkers prison only works on ghosts. Humans pass right through." he blew his bangs out of his face in frustration, feeling the grit of the sub-level in his hair. "Look just get here please, I'll hold you back from throttling him then, right now I need to keep him from going into to shock.


Dash clutched at his arm. "You didn't... It wasn't my fault was it?" Danny looked at him much the way he'd been looked at when they'd emerged from the hole and he was minus one black jumpsuit. "You didn't, like, kill yourself because I was picking on you did you?" His face was horribly broken hearted and tracked with drying tears, eyes red and puffy and agitated, and Danny's eyes just got wider and wider and wider.

"No Dash, no this wasn't a suicide. I'm not, I mean I'm not dead. It was an accident." He scrambled to clutch at some kind of reaction, but the make-me-stupid shock had jumped from blonde to brunette and his mind was frazzling.

"An accident?" A hitching breath and a long pause, Danny's sign was interupted by the next question. "Were you like sick or something? Did I beat you up while you were dying?" and his eyes were that of a nocturnal animal once again, "Oh god I picked on a terminal person!" He dissolved into blubbering sobs again and no amount of stuttered explanations could convince the jock he was alive. Every time he deflated a death theory, each more pathetic and tragic than the last, and all eventually circling back to how Dash was a horrible person, the egotist, the blonde would ask another insane out of the blue question and Danny was stuttering through his objections yet again.

When were Sam and Tucker getting here?

See, saw, Marjorie Daw

Jimmy shall have a new master

He shall have but a penny a day

because he can't work any faster.

Um, I have no idea what Rin was on when she wrote the top half of this, probably the same thing as when she came up with the BubbleGumGhost. I think OC ghosts are just a little too out there for me, but somehow believable when you think about the background ghosts from the actual show. Wasn't there one that was just a giant silver eel?