I've written a series of Bare outtakes from Edward's point of view. There is the main outtake, Bound, that has its own story on my profile page. However, these are just short little snippets. I don't know how many there will be, but since people seem to be so fond of EPOV (especially since this is really Bella's story), I've decided to let you in to his head a little more. :)

Drop me a line and let me know what you want to see from his POV!

For now, this is Paintward outtake 1 - when he sees Bella for the first time. Enjoy. :)


Edward looked up from his sketch as Alice dropped down beside him. He smiled at her briefly, the reds in her outfit making her look like some sort of devil in disguise. His stepbrother, Jasper, sat down on the other side of him, and he and Alice engaged in a quiet conversation, a strange contrast to the shouting inside the cafeteria.

A kid younger than Edward passed the table, hissing to his friend as the lunchroom door opened. "That's her!"

Edward glanced up out of curiosity. A fragile little girl with eyes too big for her face and hair too long for her frame stumbled into the cafeteria. She was really quite plain, and his artist's eye didn't register much more than that before his eyes shifted back down to his paper.

"That's the Chief of Police's daughter," Alice told them as Rosalie and Emmett filled up the rest of the seats. "Bella Swan. She's really nice, the poor girl."

Rosalie glanced up, nodding slightly. "Pretty hair."

"Alice told me she rescued her this morning," Jasper said finally, talking to Edward mostly. Probably because Edward was the least interested in staring down the new girl. "From the pole in front of the office."

"It's not funny, Jasper," Alice scolded. "She could have broken her nose. I saw her last period; it's all swollen. Imagine that on your first day!"

Edward didn't say a word. Gossip was neutral to him – not even white, he supposed, because white could be added to anything to make it lighter, prettier. It was neutral, the color of air, something others needed to survive, and something he didn't think twice about, really. It wasn't that he believed talking about others was below him, but he just didn't care.

A new girl who was too silly to watch where she was going? So what? Did she have interesting colors – ivories and peaches and roses and cream? Something he could create and keep the same? And even so, did she have some sort of curse repellant on her? If not, she wasn't his type. No one was ever his type. No one could love his heart and live through his art.

"Edward," Alice whispered, when everyone one else had moved on. "She's a really beautiful girl."

"No," he said, looking up at Alice. "Forget it."

"You haven't even looked at her."

Edward mustered all the disgust he could in one look. Then, he made an exaggerated point to turn around and stare, bold-faced, at the girl. Yes, she was pretty. Yes, she had a cute, upturned nose and long eyelashes he could see from his seat. And she had –

Big, brown eyes that stared all the way down to the fleshy, bubbling, pink center of him, and was he breathing and living and dying and becoming something new? He gripped the table hard, harder than he had ever – look at her, she's – she's symmetrical but not boring and beautiful but not typical and if only he could take a brush and take the colors off her face and put them into his palate to paint with forever and ever and ever –

He turned back to Alice, and he felt simultaneously hot and cold.

"Do it," she whispered.

No, he said inside himself. No.

"Edward, she's perfect – "

"I said no, Alice, and that's final!" It was loud, too loud, harsh, orange, wild. He couldn't help it, but everything inside him burst up at the thought of harming her with his gift and his curse. He glared across the table at Alice, his fists against the surface, his tray vibrating from the fall.

Jasper stood up and said something calmly to Edward, something he couldn't hear beyond the red-hot anger boiling somewhere behind his ears. He whirled around and his eyes connected with hers, and he hated her.

He would do anything he could to keep her away from him. For her own good, and for his, just in case one day he decided he didn't actually hate her after all.