Come, was all the letter said. Every time he looked at it he got pissed off.

It's been nearly fifteen years, and now he wants to see me. Can't be for anything good. At least Chief Anderson was able to equip me for this little trip. Shinji Ikari thought.

The young man was eighteen years old and stood about 6 feet tall with a cruiserweight build. He had shoulder length black hair, blue eyes, dressed in a white shirt, jeans and high-tops. He was carrying a back pack and a new watch that he had recently been given. Furthermore, he was contemplating getting back on the train, heading to the airport, and going back to America.

Just then, there was a flash of light as a group of people suddenly appeared on the street.

The first one was a man in a blue bodysuit with a white star on his chest, red and white stripes on his abs, white sleeves coming from half of his biceps, a cowl with an 'A' on the fore head and white wings on the sides. He wore red gloves and boots and carried a circular red and white striped shield with a white star in the middle of a blue circle. He stood about 6 foot 3.

Next to him was a red and gold robot with slits for eyes and mouth and a glowing spot on his chest. Then came a 7 foot tall blond man with blue eyes and a large muscular build, dressed in Norse battle armor and carrying a large mallet in his right hand.

Emerging from behind him was a woman with shoulder length Auburn hair and blue eyes, dressed in a black and yellow bodysuit standing around 5 foot 4.

Next was a man dressed in a red and blue outfit with a black spider symbol on his chest, red and silver sneakers, no sleeves, wrapped gold gloves with red finger coverings, a backpack with a red spider symbol on it, an athletic build, and he stood about 5 foot 11.

Next was a woman with long curly Auburn hair, blue eyes and was dressed in a red cat suit with a red head dress, gloves, boots and cape, and stood 5 foot 7.

Next was an athletic man dressed in all black with a cat mask on his head and golden claws on his finger tips, and stood about 6 foot 1.

Next came a black woman in a black outfit with a long-flowing cape, she had long flowing white hair, blue eyes, and was about 5 foot 11.

Next was an athletic blond woman with blue eyes, she was dressed in a black one-piece swimsuit with a yellow lightning bolt going down the front of it, black opera length gloves, thigh high boots, a red sash around her waist and a black domino mask over her eyes. Her hair was down and looked quickly brushed out, as she stood about 6 foot even.

Next was a muscular black man in an black shirt, tan slacks, a head rag and sunglasses who stood about 6 foot 2.

Next was a woman with shoulder length reddish-Auburn hair and blue eyes, she was dressed in a tight black bodysuit, boots, gloves, golden bracelets and belt, who stood about 5 foot 7.

Next was a man with black flared out hair and blue eyes. He was dressed in a white T-shirt, brown leather jacket with orange stripes on it, blue jeans, black boots and dog tags around his neck. He stood about 6 foot 1. (6 foot 3, counting his hair)

Next was a young woman who was green from head to toe. She had long curly green hair and deep green eyes. She was dressed in a purple and white swimsuit-like bodysuit, white fingerless gloves and boots and stood about 6 foot 6.

The last was a woman dressed in a tiny blue bikini, who was covered from head to toe in black and orange tiger fur. She had long orange hair and green cat-like eyes. She was around 5 foot 10.

"Is everyone alright?" the man in blue asked.

"I think so." the green woman said.

"Yeah." the blond woman said.

"I'm good." the tiger-woman said.

"I'm not!" the man in the red and blue outfit shouted.

"What? Why?" the man in blue asked.

"This.... isn't the costume I was wearing before." he said as he and everyone else stared at the outfit. "I feel like a ninja or something."

The woman in the black bodysuit stared at him, grinning as she leapt at him feet first.

"HEY!" the man shouted, as he suddenly blocked the flying kick.

The woman spun around and threw a series of punches and kicks directly at his body. The man in red, white and blue just stared at her, realizing that her movements were killing blows that the other man had fallen to beforehand. Only now he was blocking her with expert skill.

Within a few seconds, the woman stopped.

"What was that all about? I said I was sorry for teasing you about Bullwinkle!" the man practically shouted.

"I was testing you." the woman said with a Russian accent. "And I don't care about Moose and Squirrel."

"Testing? Testing? I thought you were trying to kill me!" he shouted.

"Well, that too. But it confirms my theory: You've become a ninja!"

"Nin... huh?" he asked, confused.

"She's right, kid." the man in the striped leather jacket said with a Canadian accent. "You've fought The Hand ninja's right?'

"Who hasn't?" the blond woman commented.

"Yeah, I have. So?" the spider ninja asked.

"So... you're moves were exactly like their's." The Russian woman said, causing him to gasp when she realized she was right.

"Somehow you've not only gained a new outfit, but you've also gained ninja combat skills." the red, white and blue man said.

"Somehow?" the spider ninja asked.

"This is too weird." the black man in the 'A' shirt said.

"Welcome to our world." the tiger woman said.

"Speaking of which, where are we?" the black cat-man asked.

"I'll find out." said the 'robot'. He cocked his head to the side as his eyes flashed. Within only a few seconds, he was able to tell the group that they were in an alternate universe.

"Alternate universe?" the green woman gasped.

"Yes. In a place called Tokyo-3, in the year 2018." the robot said.

Everyone looked over at him.

"2018?" the blond woman gasped.

"Yep," he said he continued to check and all of the sudden he froze. "Oh my god."

"What is it Tony?" Said the red, white and blue man.

"There are approximately 3.2 billion people on the planet."

"WHAT?" the group shouted in unison.

"But wasn't the world's population over 6 billion?" the spider ninja asked.

"Yes it was." Tony said. "An event called the Second Impact happened, approximately 18 years ago, and killed nearly half of the earth's population." he said as another person made their presence known.

"You more than likely have my father," Shinji spat on the ground, "to thank for that."

The group looked over to see the young man, amazed that there was someone here in this seemingly deserted city, and that he could understand them.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to butt in to your conversation." Shinji said.

"No, it's all right." said the blond woman as the group looked at him, "Who are you?"

"My name's Shinji Ikari." he said. "I was born here in Japan, but I was raised in America."

The red, white and blue garbed man walked over to him and Shinji could tell he was the leader.

"We're the Avengers." He said, "Ladies, why don't you go first?"

"Thanks Cap." said the first woman as she walked over to Shinji. "I'm Wasp."

"I am The Scarlet Witch." Said the next one in a Romanian accent.

"I am The Black Widow." said the Russian woman.

"I'm Ms. Marvel." said the blond.

"I'm She-Hulk, cutie." said the green skinned woman with a wink.

"I'm Tigra." said the tiger woman.

"And I am Storm." the dark-skinned woman in the cape said.

"I'm Captain America." said the red, white and blue leader.

"I'm Iron Man." said the 'robot'.

"I am Thor, the Norse god of thunder." said the blond hammer wielder.

"I'm your friendly neighborhood Spider Man." said the spider ninja.

"I am the Black Panther." said the cat man.

"I'm Luke Cage." said the black man.

"Name's Wolverine." said the feral man.

"Nice to meet you." Shinji with a bow. "And as much as I'd like to hear how you got here..." he said as a loud rumbling caught everyone's attention, seconds before a gigantic, dark-green skinned monster appeared behind a nearby mountain, and attacked. "I Think We Need To MOVE!"

In seconds the team scattered as the monster lumbered towards them. He was running alongside both Scarlet Witch and Wolverine as the monster was quickly upon them.

"Oh crap!" Shinji said as they were running, before leaping into the air and hitting the watch on his wrist. "TRANSMUTE!" He shouted, suddenly transforming in a blinding flash into a white bodysuit with gold trim, a black scalloped cape with a white lining and silver tips and a white helmet with a blue visor and trim. He had black gloves and boots, on his belt was a buckle with a Falcon symbol on it, its wings spread out.

The group looked up to see him. Wanda, the Scarlet Witch, stunned by his sudden transformation, froze in mid-step as the monster advanced upon her. Shinji turned around in mid-air and saw that she was about to get stepped on.

"MS. SCARLET!" he shouted as he dove towards her, scooping her up and took off as the large foot came, smashing an area the size of a baseball diamond.

"Did you see that?" an amazed Spider Man said.

"Incredible!" Ms Marvel said.

Mmm! Birdy looks good enough to eat. Tigra thought as Shinji landed with the Scarlet Witch in his arms.

"Are you alright, Ms Scarlet?" Shinji asked.

"Yes, I'm fine." She said. "Thank you."

The Angel screeched as it loomed over the small assemblance of heroes.

Suddenly, before it could attack, a quartet of missiles slammed into it, knocking it onto its back.

"What?" Luke Cage gasped.

"Who?" Storm gasped.

"Where?" Black Panther gasped.

The Avengers looked up to see a large white mechanical falcon with silver-edged wings buzz the city, circle around, and then land in the middle of the street.

"What is that thing?" Wasp asked.

"And can I get one for Christmas?" Spider Man asked.

The large white falcon, which to some of them looked like the Falcon zord from the Power Rangers movie, opened up its chest, revealing a black chair.

"This is Silver Wing, my personal mecha." Shinji explained.

"I'd love to look at the specs." Iron Man said.

"Defeat giant monster now, look at specs later." Shinji said as he jumped into the black chair. The hatch closed as the chair moved up into the head of the falcon. "Silver Wing, Take Off!"

The large mecha took to the air as the Third Angel rose up and screeched.

Shinji brought Silver Wing around and fired another barrage of missiles from the edges of the wings that slammed into the Angel's face.

However, Shinji wasn't the only getting in on the action.

A dark-purple haired woman in a black dress and sunglasses driving a blue Renault was barreling down the street searching for someone when the military aircraft arrived and started shooting at the Angel. However, it shrugged off their missiles, one of them blowing out a chunk of an apartment building and dropping it onto the street. The second it did, the woman crashed into it. Wolverine was on the scene in an instant, three foot-long razor-sharp metal claws shooting out of his right hand, from between his knuckles, and literally slicing the drivers side door open. The woman was slumped against the steering wheel, a stream of blood going down the side of her face. As carefully as he could, Wolverine scooped the woman up in his arms and lifted her out of the car.

While Wolverine was tending to the woman, a certain military-obsessed camera-wielding otaku was trying to get some footage of the military fighting the monster. This left him vulnerable to a VTOL that was knocked into another building, spraying debris in his direction.

"Watch Out!" Ms Marvel shouted as she flew in and punched through the debris, turning it to dust as a stunned Kensuke Aida aimed his camera at the shapely blond woman.


Down the block, a Japanese girl with long brown hair was running around trying to find her military obsessed friend, when she looked up to see a large piece of concrete stone hurtling towards her.

"LOOK OUT!" Captain America shouted as he hurled his shield at the large stone, striking it with incredible force and knocking it away from the young woman. "Are you alright, Miss?" he asked the girl as he ran up to her.

"Uh... yes. I am." Hikari Horaki blushed at the blue-garbed Avenger.

Just then, a taller young man with black hair in a black jacket rushed up to the group, also not seeing the large dislodged chunk of the building falling towards him.

"Hikari? Kensuke? Where are... You?!!!" Toji gasped as he saw the large chunk of stone descending towards him.

Fortunately, it never reached him as a green-skinned amazon appeared out of nowhere, pushing him aside, and catching the large stone.

"Hey, what was that.... FOR?!!!!" he gasped as he saw the amazingly attractive female hefting the multi-ton stone over her head, which was causing her large chest to stick out.

Meanwhile, Shinji turned his mecha around and came in for another pass as the Angel swatted away the last of its military antagonists, Silver Wing's large mechanical wings folded in and fired a new barrage of much larger missiles from its wingtips. The Angel screamed as it fired its CrossFlare at the missile, destroying half of them, while the other half penetrated its AT-Field and slammed into the red core in the center of its chest.

The Angel shrieked as its core disintegrated, causing the now powerless body to fall to the ground. Hard.

Silver Wing landed on the street and ejected a costume-clad body from it's chest.

"Is everyone alright?" Shinji asked.

"Yeah, we're good, Falcon." Wasp said as the rest of the Avengers arrived at the large mecha.

"But what was that thing?" Luke Cage asked, pointing to the defeated Angel.

"It's a long story." Falcon said. "And one that I'd rather discuss... away from prying eyes." he said as he looked over at Kensuke, who was now video-taping Tigra and Black Widow.

However, Black Widow growled at the otaku, and aimed her bracelet at the boy. A sharp hiss, a puff of air, and the camera's lenses were pierced by razor-sharp needles.

"MY CAMERA!!!!" Kensuke cried.

"No photographs!" Black Widow hissed.

"Time to go Avengers." Captain America ordered.

"RIGHT!" the group shouted.


Shinji lead the group to an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city.

Silver Wing was in the middle of the warehouse, having gotten in via a motorized skylight-roof, surrounded by 14 Avengers, one white-clad pilot, and an unconscious purple-haired woman being carried by a certain mutant brawler.

"Nice place you got here." Spider Man said.

"Glad you like it. Want to check out the basement?" Shinji asked as he pressed a black button on his watch.

The floor suddenly roared to life, shuttering and causing the entire group and the mecha to lower into the ground. Within less than a minute, the lift was completely submerged and a new panel had replaced it. The lights in the large underground hanger turned on, dazzling the Avengers when they saw the myriad of high-tech gadgets, machines, computers, and tools lying around.

"Whoa!" Spider Man gasped.

"If you like the hanger, wait till you see the living room." Shinji said, leading the group out of the hanger through an adjacent door, into what looked like an ultra-modern, Japanese-styled living room with a few choice chairs and couches, some around a large television.

"Dang, man! Who else lives here besides you?" Luke Cage asked.

"Right now, no one." Shinji said, changing out of his Falcon uniform and back into his regular clothing. "This is our field headquarters."

"Our?" Black Panther asked.

"I was supposed to be meeting the rest of my team here. But I thought they'd be here by now." Shinji explained as he went behind the bar and grabbed the first aid kit. "Here you go." he said, handing the kit to Wolverine, who had gently placed the purple-haired woman on one of the couches.

"Alright, Shinji. I think we need to know what's going on here." Captain America said. "After all, we may not be from here, but we deserve to know what we've gotten ourselves in to."

Shinji sighed as he took one of the chairs and sat down in front of the Avengers.

"It all began 18 years ago, when a creature called an Angel was discovered in Antarctica by a science expedition. They accidentally woke it up, triggering a massive explosion that vaporized most of the Antarctic, flooding the world and killing billions in a matter of weeks. The event was called Second Impact. I was born in that terrible year. When I was four years old, my mother, Yui Ikari, preformed an experiment for a top secret agency called Gehrin, where she died. A few days after that, I was sent away by my father to live with a teacher. But about a year after that, we were involved in a car accident that claimed his life. I spent three weeks in the hospital before a man named Keith Anderson came to take me to live with him. As it turned out, Anderson was an old friend of my mothers, as well as a scientist like her. He took care of me, but also gave me a purpose."

"Purpose?" Ms Marvel asked.

"Anderson was part of a special science division created in secret to defeat the Angels when they returned." Shinji explained. "But what's more, he was responsible for the creation of a special team of science ninjas."

"Of which you were a part." She-Hulk deduced.

"Of which I was the first." Shinji corrected. "Eventually Anderson became chief of the agency and took on additional unique individuals in order to become an effective special mission force. A team that he called Gatchaman."

"Gatchaman?" Scarlet Witch asked.

"Could be worse. He could have called them ABC." Spider Man said.

"ABC?" Black Widow asked.

"The Amazing Bird Crimefighters." Spider Man said, causing the group to groan.

"Because I was his first pupil, Chief Anderson sent me here to Tokyo-3 in order to stay off the Angel attacks until the rest of the team was ready. Though... they should have arrived by now." Shinji said.

Suddenly, the large television started to beep.

"Incoming message." Shinji said as he stepped up to the television and turned it on.

The screen came alive, and a middle aged man in a red coat with a mustache, goatee and glasses appeared.

"Chief Anderson!" Shinji said, standing up straight and giving him a mild salute.

"Hello, Shinji. I'm glad to see you're alright, and that the modifications I made to Silver Wing were right on the money." the man said.

"You were monitoring my battle, weren't you?" Shinji asked.

"The signal was relayed through Silver Wing's on-board cameras." he explained. "I'm calling you now because some complications have arisen."

"What complications?"

"The special team I've been training to assist you has met with some... set backs."

"You mean.... them?" Shinji asked.

"Yes. Them."

"Them Who?" Spider Man asked.

Chief Anderson looked over at the costumed men and women, noticing them for the first time.

"Who are you? Identify yourselves!" he demanded.

"We're the Avengers, sir." Captain America introduced. "I'm Captain America, and our story is a rather long one."

"Shinji brought us to his base after his battle against the... Angel." Ms Marvel said. "Though I can't believe you call that monster an Angel."

"It wasn't a title of our choosing, but.... I think I'd better hear your story."

"It started in our dimension." Black Panther said. "We were fighting a demented genius named Dr Doom and his army of robots. We had defeated them and Doom himself. But right as we were about to arrest him, he triggered the failsafe on his defeated robots. But instead of killing us, the explosion somehow shifted us into an alternate dimension. We arrived in the center of Tokyo-3 where we met Shinji, right before that Angel creature attacked us."

"Which still doesn't explain how my costume changed." Spider Man said.

"I think that might have been my doing." Scarlet Witch said.

"You?" the web-slinger asked.

"When the explosion happened, I reacted on reflex. My attempt was to stop it, change the energy into something harmless. But instead, it seems I changed your outfit." she explained.

"And his skills as well." Black Widow said.

"I am sorry." she said solemnly.

"Don't be. At least I know how to fight now." he said optimistically.

"At any rate, after we were teleported here, we encountered Shinji and the Angel, and got involved in the battle, mostly saving civilians from becoming collateral damage." Captain America said.

"And who are you, if I may ask?" Chief Anderson said.

The Avengers introduced themselves. But after that, Chief Anderson noticed the unconscious woman lying on the couch.

"Is that who I think it is?" he asked.

"The woman? Yes. She's the one who was supposed to come pick me up from the train station." Shinji explained, holding up the picture of herself she had sent him. "Misato Katsuragi."

"NERV's Director of Operations." Chief Anderson said.

"My father's organization." Shinji said.

"Yes. Shinji... there's something else you should know."


"It's about the Angels, NERV, and your father."

"You mean.... you were able to confirm it?"

"Yes. Junpei and his friends were able to hack NERV's firewalls, and acquired video access to the levels below NERV's main facility." Chief Anderson said, bringing up the videos on smaller screens all around himself.

Everyone gasped at what they saw.

The first screen showed a large white-skinned creature crucified to a giant red cross, it's lower body draining what could only be described as an orange-blood like substance. The second screen showed a large room with hundreds of giant skeletons lying on the ground. The third screen showed a large fishtank-like container with dozens and dozens of similar-looking nude female bodies. And the fourth screen showed a meeting taking place between six men seated around a small rectangular table.

Before anyone could saw anything, Shinji explained.

"The large white creature on the cross is Lilith, the second Angel, and the reason the Angels are coming to Tokyo-3. The hundreds of giant skeletons are the failed Evangelion experiments. The tank of women are clones of a specific person. And those men seated around the table... are SEELE!"


"A secret society that was rumored to be responsible for all of this."

"Our intelligence reports were unsubstantiated before. But this is physical proof of NERV's corrupt and unethical operations." Chief Anderson said. "No telling how far this really goes."

"It's proof that NERV is keeping an Angel in their basement. Proof that the Evangelions aren't just robots, but actually living creatures cloned from Lilith. Proof of illegal human cloning. And now we have faces behind this secret society."

"We recorded something else." Chief Anderson said, as the fourth screen came up.

On the screen, the images of the five other men vanished. The single man left in the room stood up and turned around to leave. It was then that the Avengers got a good look at the man in question. He was grim-looking, with brown hair, a beard, red-tinted glasses, white gloves, and a black jacket.

"Avengers... meet my father. Gendo Ikari!" Shinji explained.

Just to look at him, the Avengers took an instant dislike to the man.

"This is all the proof we need to launch an investigation against NERV." Chief Anderson said.

"And what do you want me to do?" Shinji asked.

"Disrupt Gendo's plans as best you can." Chief Anderson said. "Silver Wing is capable of fighting and defeating the Angels, which is NERV's official purpose. He obviously needs the Evangelions to do that, and he needs pilots for them. Which is no doubt what he called you for."

"Right." Shinji said. "So all I have to do is not go to NERV and become part of my fathers sick and twisted plot. Whatever it is."

"But we don't know what kind of plot he has in mind." Captain America said. "I don't think it's to save the world."

"Could he be trying to run it?" Black Widow asked.

"Like Magneto, Dr Doom, and dozens of other megalomaniacal nutjobs back in our world." Spider Man said. "Not much of a stretch to think this Gendo guy would be trying something as cliché as that."

"We'll keep trying to figure out what he's up to, Shinji. Until then, good luck." Chief Anderson said as the video-screen turned off.

Shinji turned back to the Avengers.

"Well... it seems as if I've got my work cut out for me."

"You mean us, don't you, son?" Captain America asked.

"Us? You mean..."

"Why else would a legion of heroes be transported to this realm, if not to aid the destruction of this mad plot?" Thor asked.

"You want to help me?" Shinji asked.

"Yes. We do." Captain America said as the others nodded in agreement.

Shinji smiled. "Well then, I guess I should welcome you to the International Science Organization! Or ISO as we call it."

"Actually, it might be a good idea if you joined us." Ms Marvel corrected.

"She's right. Since we're not from this universe, having you as a member of our team might give you a better chance to get inside NERV to find out what Gendo's plotting." Black Widow said.

"You mean... while Falcon fights alongside The Avengers, Shinji Ikari can get in and spy on NERV? Something like that?" Shinji asked.

"Something like that." Iron Man stated.

"Well then.... thanks." Shinji said, shaking Captain America's hand.

"Welcome to the Avengers, Falcon!" the star-spangled avenger said with a smile.

"Hey! This lady is waking up!" Wolverine shouted to the group as Misato Katsuragi began to stir.

So? What do you think?