Chapter 9

It was a nice day and Shinji was sparring with Mark and Joe. "Let's see if you two gotten any better." Shinji smirked. So the fight was on, it was great. The rest of the team was looking on. Steve, T'Challa and Logan were with them.

"Kid's getting better," said Logan. Steve and T'Challa nodded as moves were being used and Shinji had taken down Mark.

"It's just you and me now, Shinji." Said Joe.

"You still want this?" Said Shinji, "hold nothing back or I will be insulted." Joe growled and it was on again. The fight was freaking epic, some of the others were actually making bets on the fight.

"I got $10 on Shinji," said Jen, Shinji and Joe had went at it. Joe almost had Shinji but he make a critical mistake and Shinji grabbed Joe in a 'Figure-4 arm and head lock'. Of course, Joe tapped. Shinji let him go and helped him up.

"Good fight Joe," he said and he went to hit the showers. Yui just smirked.

"Powerful and humble," she said "Tony, remind me to thank Keith for raising him right."

Later Shinji was now dressed in a banded collar shirt, a nice suit and boots. Jun looked over to see him. "You look nice." She said.

"Thanks, have to meet up with our UN liaison." He said, "mom, Aunt Wanda, Jan, Carol and T'Challa are going with me to meet her."

"What is her name?"

"I got it right here," he pulled out the letter with her name on it. "Mari Minakami."

"Okay, be careful."

"We will," with that they got in to a sedan were surrounded by military transport and took off for the airport.

(In the sedan)

Shinji was looking at Mari's files and was impressed. "Captain at 18, not bad." He said.

"A Captain?" Said Wanda, "so young?"

"Well, after the 'Second Impact' there were wars for territory and the age for enlistment had went down to 16 in most countries." Said Yui.

"My god." Said Carol, they pulled up to the airport and went in to meet up with Mari.


A young woman with brown hair in pigtails and brown eyes behind designer framed glasses was waiting for the people to pick her up. She was in a dress suit and heels, just then a group of people came up to her. "Excuse me, Ms. Minakami?" Said one of them, she looked over and saw them they were dressed in robes. "We are here to pick you up."

"Where are you're papers?" She asked, the man handed them to her. She knew that they weren't there for her. "Oh, Mr. Ikari. So, you're here to make ze bid for this Olympics?" The people were confused.

"Uh, yes we are." He said.

"Very well, let us go." She said and as they were about to leave, she pulled out a hand tazer and hit him with it, sending 10000 volts through him. Then took off.

"GET HER!" So they started to chase her.

Meanwhile Shinji and the others had showed up to pick her up. They walked inside and were met by security. "Are you the people to pick a Mari Minakami?" Said the chief.

"Yes we are," said Yui.

"Good, we need your help." They followed the team to an area were the robed people were looking for Mari. Shinji stopped so the team was out of the way.

"Son of a bitch!" He said.

"Well, we finally get the fanatics." Said Carol.

"What do we do?" Said T'Challa.

"What we have to," said Jan. "I'll call the team."

"We'll look for Mari," said Wanda as Carol nodded.

"We'll keep our 'friends' busy." Said Shinji, they smiled it was time to play. "AVENGERS..."

"ASSEMBLE!" Everyone transformed into their gear and went to do what they were supposed to do. Falcon looked to Panther and Elektra and nodded. They went over to the fight.

(With Wasp)

The flighty super heroine had shrunk to wasp size and flew into the rafters. "Wasp to HQ come in HQ."

This is Cap, Wasp. What's wrong?

"We got the 'Brethern' here."

More ninjas?

"No, I think they are the Fanatics."

We are on the way!

(With Scarlet Witch and Ms. Marvel)

Wanda and Carol had wanted to find Mari and get her safety. So, Falcon told them that he, Electra and Panther would buy them some time. So they did as they found Mari, "are you Capt. Minakami?" Said Scarlet Witch.

"Yes I am," she said. She went with them and they were about to leave when they were caught by some fanatics.

"DIE HERITICS!" Just then a blue, white and red shield smacked one of them up side the head. Another was tripped up by a bolo and another was hit by lightening. They looked up and saw their team mates.

"Thanks Cap." Said Ms. Marvel, they took off to help out Falcon and the others.

(With Falcon, Panther and Electra)

Falcon's team was taking out the fanatics left and right when Lee grabbed him from behind and held a blade to his neck. "SURRENDER! OR HE DIES!"

"NO! DON'T GIVE UP!" Falcon screamed, as he struggled. Lee still held him, the team put down their weapons or powered down.

"FOOLS! NOW YOU ALL WILL DIE!" Lee said and was about to snap his fingers as Falcon slammed his head in to Lee's face breaking his nose. Then he pulled out his kunai and cut one of Lee's hands off. Then he turned and clocked him that was when Wolverine came in bloody and his claws out.

"Took care of them?" Said Falcon.

"You know me, 'the Best at what I can do'." He smirked.

"Are you alright Falcon-kun?" Said Swan.

"Yeah," then he grabbed Lee. "Who paid you? Was It GENDO?" Lee just looked at him and laughed.

"That weakling? You have no idea!" He said, then he was about to punch the psycho when Electra stopped him.

"No, Falcon!" She said and he stopped. She pulled out her sais and pointed them at vital parts of Lee's body. "We both know who really hired you, SEELE right?" Lee paled, "no need to answer. Guards!" A couple came, "get this trash out of my face!"

"MA'AM!" They took him and his followers away. She looked at Falcon and took off his helmet. Not knowing someone was watching them.

"Shinji-kun, you need to calm down. I know what happened but you are the best thing I have, if you were taken from me there is no world. Okay? Don't take risks like that, promise me?"

"Yes ma'am," he said and she kissed him. With that they looked to Mari, "well um welcome to Tokyo-3."

"Merci, Mr. Ikari." She said and so they left.

End for now.

Note: I know I said 'the bad guys would win' but I'm too much of a good guy.