Running. Screaming. Then, there was silence. I had hit the hard ground in the forest. "Jacob!" I called in the silence, my voice scratchy and rough. There was no answer. Something was hunting me-- someone was trying to kill me, my conscience told me. Jacob didn't answer me. Jacob wasn't there anymore.

All that was, was some creature. This thing that looked hungry. "DON'T!" I screamed, my shirt torn in many places, my face caked with dirt and sweat. I didn't know how I got in these woods that my father had warned me about. He told me that I wasn't safe by myself in such a small town as Forks, not in the woods at least..

It had been months since I had seen my mother, and I was really starting to miss her. Now though, wasn't the time to be thinking about that.. Though, the thought kept coming to me-- of the ones I loved, how they would soon be gone as I stared into the eyes of my predator. It had black eyes—I couldn't distinct where its pupil began with the iris. That's when the thing pounced. There was no emotion in it's eyes. It didn't care that it was killing me. It didn't care that there was this cold feeling on my hair, then on my neck—how it was tearing at my body.

Suddenly, my eyes opened in a jolt. This always happened when I had that nightmare. It was never a gradual waking up progress with me. I always woke up with a start. I always had nightmares. I rolled after a moment—I hadn't even REALIZED there was a man sitting on the side of my bed. I was never really was the observant type. Stumbling, I made it out of my bed, my eyes half open, half closed, and walked for the ceiling light. I turned it on and covered my eyes from the light. That's when I froze in the doorway. The figure, it was staring at me, in a way that was cold, perhaps insane.

I swallowed hard, my back pressed against the door hard. First off- I was wearing only a t-shirt and underwear. Embarrassment number one. Two, there was a weird looking guy, who's face she couldn't see clearly even though the light was on. There was a shadow on his face that hid his identity. I didn't like the possibility of getting raped either. Wouldn't Charlie have heard my yelling? I heard him speak—he told me not to yell. I didn't. I couldn't, even if she wanted too. Why didn't I keep that pepper spray my father had given me not a month before? Fear had swarmed over me, and Idecided to move away from the door, closer to the window. My bedroom door was shut and locked, and I knew there was no way for me to open it, and get myself out in time. Especially if he had a gun. My luck, I'd probably jump out of the window and kill myself on accident. That was Isabella Swan, yours truly for you.

You see, I've found my soul mate. None other than Jacob Black. He's charming, smart, funny… everything I've ever looked for in a guy. I've known him since childhood, but t wasn't until I moved to forks that I really began to know him. My mother had decided to go on the road with her new husband, my step father, who was a minor league baseball player. I just wanted to give them space, and it didn't hurt to spend time with my dad. Hell, I barely ever see him. Right now though? I wished I was in my warm bed in Phoenix, falling asleep to the sound of crickets, rather than rain. Even though I didn't like most of the people at my old school, I would prefer to be a loner than be in my room with some guy—PANTSLESS—and incapable of escaping.

My breathing was hard, and my vision was a bit blurry. Why couldn't I have some sort of adrenaline rush? Being scared did this to me, and I absolutely hated it. I've never been too great with humiliation or situations were death was a possibility. Hell, I've never BEEN in a situation where death was a possibility. I'm not necessarily afrais to die, just what happens DURING death scares me. Dying a painful, humiliating death isn't really in my planner, and I hope it'll stay that way.

"Don't be so difficult, Bella," he said. The voice was musical, lovely. If she wasn't so scared she probably would have noticed it. She would have begged him to talk more. Not now. Who was he? What did he want?

He came into the light a bit more, and now I could see him. His hair was a golden-bronze, it could only be artificial, nothing so pretty could be natural, right? His eyes were a golden color as well, eyes she had only seen in a few people. He was pale, even in her barely lit room. "You." I said, coming into realization. He was in my biology class. Usually, I was better at names, or remembering faces, but he was just so hard to remember. Maybe he did that on purpose, maybe not. "Edward." She said, her eyes narrowing. One of his perfect eyebrows arched, and a small smirk came to his face. "Hello, Bella. I'm certainly surprised you know my name," he said.
"We've.. We've been lab partners all year," I said, backing up towards the window a little more. My hand twitched out of fear, as I waited for his answers. "well maybe this won't be so difficult," he said with a smile. It was eerie, almost insane I could see.

"Make what so difficult?" I asked, but he made it seem I hadn't spoken a word. "Do you want to go out the window, Bella?" he asked. "I can certainly help with that," he said, and I felt a force I never felt before shove my shoulders, and I was out the window, falling. My stomach was still up in my second story window, but my body was in stone arms. Had he gone completely NUTS? She was too naïve to even think how he caught her. She just wanted to know why he was here—why he was taking her away from her home. "Do not. Scream." He hissed in my ear, and I remained silent. That threat in his voice, it was terrifying. He put me in the passenger's side of his Volvo. He was in the drivers side before I could even blink. Were my reflexes being slow? I couldn't tell, I was so out of it…


Stop it Edward. Take her home. Let her think this was all a dream. You still have time! My head screamed at me. My body did otherwise, and my foot hit the gas pedal. "Put your seat belt on." I said to her. She looked at me her body , but did as I said. I loved having the authority. I loved having the power. I was craving more. I'm not sure what happened to me, why I was acting this way, or why I hadn't just admired her from afar. Something happened to me, I just… went manic. Alice tried to stop me, as did Carlisle. They tried so hard to convince me otherwise—to not take Bella away from Forks. Alice had vision after vision as my mind changed ideas. I shifted paths so many times, I thought she was going to go crazy. She, of course, told Carlisle and he did everything in his power to change my mind. He bought me tickets to go to the Denali's clan in Alaska. He offered to move away from Forks, he even offered to buy me a whole medical facility to run. It was tempting, but Bella was much more important than that.

How could ANYONE drift off to sleep when they were being kidnapped? I wasn't sure, but as I watched Bella sleep, I couldn't help but smile to myself. I could see myself being forever with her. Well, her forever. We could fall in love, get married…make love. Damn, I wanted to make love to her. She was the most precious thing in the world to me… And I've never gotten to know her. There was plenty of time for that now though. I smiled at the thought. I know I had gone partially crazy, but nothing time couldn't heal. The speedometer was up to 135, a record high for me on a free way. I could barely hear the cars beeping at me. My eyes were locked on the road, weaving through the few cars that were on the interstate at this time of night. Dawn would be in a few hours, and I had to get us somewhere before the sun came up completely, and before she woke up.

That's when I saw a small bed and breakfast, and slowed my speed down to forty, getting off the ramp, and into the parking lot. "Lets go Bells," he said, already using her nickname. He knew she had to like him.. all conceit aside, who COULDN'T like him?