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I hadn't seen Bella in a week. She didn't come to school this week and it was driving me crazy. I would stare at her friends, wondering if she would ever come to lunch. She never did.

My father made up a story as to why I was gone- no one even suspected that I had something to do with Bella's disappearance. She claimed she was dropped off in Maine with a note that talked about how much of a terrible person she was. Everyone just marked it off as an angry friend from the internet or something whom she had given too much information too. I thought it was clever, especially coming from her. I wasn't saying she ISN'T clever, but being diabolical is more my area of expertise.

Today though, it was different. When I pulled up to the high school, I smelled something terrible. When I got out of my car, I knew it was werewolf, and my brothers and sisters sensed it too. I grabbed my backpack, and put it over one shoulder, looking around to see if the dog was anywhere around, or if.. it was just Bella. I was relieved, but also distressed when I saw Jacob. So, I decided to stalk right up to him, my eyes piercing. "I don't believe you go to school here, Dog," I said. "Shouldn't you be on your way back to middle school?" I asked, but he narrowed his eyes. He was a Sophomore, but I still liked to tease him about being younger than Bella. I'm an old-fashioned man, and I just didn't find to be… right. Enough of that, though. My current concern was punching this idiots face in.

"I'm just seeing Bella off to school. I wouldn't want her to break anything else," he said, glaring at me. "Nice bike," I stated. "Trying to play with the big boys, now?" Okay, so this wasn't how I usually acted, but Bella did this to me. She made me want to just kill him, sweep her off her feet, and give her everything she could possibly want.

"Step off." Jacob said, and glanced at Bella who had remained silent through our whole argument. "Bye, Bella," Jacob said, and kissed her cheek. I felt my fists tighten, but I released, and looked over at Bella. She seemed tired… wore out. "Bye, Jake," she said, a weak smile on her lips. He kissed her, and then left. I looked at Bella, who wasn't paying any attention to me. "Bella," I said as my greeting, my eyes soft. She looked over at me, then forward. "You know, insulting Jake isn't a good way to be friends with me," she said quietly, and I kept pace with her. "I'm sorry," I said quietly, practically pleading with my eyes.

"I've forgiven you," she said quietly to me. I smiled softly—it was a start!

We both walked to Biology class together, side by side. I was so amazed by her willingness to be nice to me. Since I couldn't pry her mind, I could at least try to get her to talk. "So," I said to her. "Now can I ask you about the biology paper?" I asked, smiling a rather crooked smile. I detected a smile from her own lips, but I wasn't looking at her directly. "I guess you can," she said our arms almost brushing against each other.

So, we did just that. We walked to class, discussing the Biology paper, and I think we even laughed a little. Were we friends? Almost. I hoped we would bond closer, and Jacob would just… go away.


The fucking nerve of that guy! I shouted in my head at myself as I sped down the freeway and back to La Push. The things I did for her. I drove miles and miles at a time to either see her, or make sure she made it to school all right. Not to mention that me late as well! I sacrificed so much for her, and what do I get? She was probably flirting with Cullen when I wasn't there. If only she knew what he could do to her. It sickened me. I really should tell her, but that would just cause problems. I didn't want to put my pack in jeopardy because of my jealousy. That was unfair, and I'm all about fairness. Except when it comes to blood suckers.

So, I got on the interstate, and drove right for Port Angeles. School wouldn't miss me too much today. I parked my bike and put my keys in my pocket, before walking up random strips of the city. There wasn't many places open this early, after all it was only eight in the morning. I did though, find one pub open. A smile came to my lips, and I walked in, ordering a beer. I wasn't even asked for identification. I drank the beer down, ordering another, then another. I was completely wasted by noon, and stumbled out of the bar, a broad smile on my lips.

"Hey good lookin'," I slurred to a few woman passing by.

"Well hey there," A girl said. She was obviously a hooker by her mini skirt that clung to her thighs, and her tube top that was incredibly too tight for her body.

"I dun have any money," I slurred out, holding my hands up, but stumbled. She grabbed my hand to steady me. "Wow, you're muscular," she complimented me. "your girlfriend must love that," she hinted. I shrugged. "She's been a bitch lately," I murmured. I didn't know why I was pouring my heart out to a woman I didn't even know, but somehow we ended up back in the bar sitting on a couch in the back.

"That must be terrible," she consoled, laying her head on my chest. I patted her head, getting a little uncomfortable by this. If Bella saw this, she'd kill me. Oh well, maybe I deserved it. I fell into a sudden depression, a need for this woman. I needed to be loved. Loved like Bella would never give me. TWO YEARS! She wouldn't even have sex with me yet? I doubted we ever would. So… Why not go with this woman here? "So, there's a room upstairs," she suggested, and I smiled softly to her. "All right." I needed the love, right?

So, we headed to the room upstairs. She must have been tight with the bar owner. She pushed my on the bed, since I definitely couldn't get over there on my own. She began to kiss me, and unbuttoning my pants. This was wrong. I pushed her off and stood. "No." I said, shaking my head, attempting to get some of my sense back. I buttoned my pants up and wiped my mouth, stumbling down the stairs. I was incredibly surprised I found my bike, and got the keys in the ignition. I started it up, and got on the interstate back towards town. My vision was a bit blurry, but the alcohol was beginning to wear off. Being a shape shifter, things in my blood stream normally wore off a little early than they would, say, Bella.

I drove toward her school in a fuss. I was going to get my feelings out NOW. Whether she was in the middle of class or not, she would hear me out. So, I pulled into her school parking lot, and checked my watch. She would be in… English? Maybe Lunch? I wasn't sure, but I walked angrily to the front desk. "I need to speak to Bella Swan NOW." I said, and the woman at the front office stared at me. "ARE YOU DEAF?" I yelled.

"Young man, do I smell alcohol on your breath?" she asked, leaning back in her chair a little. So, maybe I should have eaten a breath mint before I came. "Let me talk to Bella Swan." I said, lowering my tone.

She stared at me for a moment and her eyes narrowed. "I'll be right back," she said, and stood up, walking into the lounge and picked up a phone. She turned away from me, and began talking for a moment. She came back in, and told me to have a seat. So, I sat, and waited for her. What was taking her so long? Didn't they have intercoms?

Then, Charlie walked in. "Jacob?" he asked, disappointment in his face. "Is this the boy, Wilma?" he asked, and she nodded. There wasn't any emotion in her face. Charlie sighed. "Dammit, Jacob," he said, and pulled me to my feet. "What—Damn." I muttered. I should have known. She called Charlie to pick me up, and now he would have no choice.

"You have the right to remain silent…" I didn't listen to anything else. I was just thinking about what it would look like…what would my father say?

So, Charlie and I walked out of the front office, me and hand cuffs, and him looking straight forward.

"Jake?!" I heard being yelled. Bella ran up to me, but not without a little trip. Edward was there to catch her before she fell. She stopped Charlie and I. "What happened?" She asked, and I looked away.

"Jacob here got drunk and skipped school." Charlie said. "We'll talk when we get home."
Great. Now he wouldn't want me to see Bella. I knew it was a stupid idea to even think about coming to the school while in this state.

"Jacob, how could you?" Bella asked. She was so disappointed in me. I sighed, and looked away. I didn't want to talk to her. "Go back to class, Bella," I said and she stared at me, her expression hurt.

Edward was nearby, and called for Bella. She looked at me once more, but turned away to catch up with Edward. They must have had another class together or something. That was all. It had to be.