Am I Invisible

God was the man oblivious. Completely and utterly so to the point when it was infuriating. Jack Harkness had done everything in his power to make the signs obvious. If he'd have been anymore obvious, he would have been shouting 'let's have sex' in the Doctor's face.

That most definitely wouldn't have gone down well.

"Jack-…" A voice mused, echoing around he empty space of the TARDIS. Glancing back, Jack flickered his gaze lazily over the pale skinned Doctor, his cheeks slightly grimy with a bit of oil from the TARDIS. Well, it looked like oil, but it could have been anything at all, but to ask what it was would result in a large winded explanation that would completely distract Jack from staring into those gorgeous, lost eyes.

"Could you hand me that?"

With a short indication from the brunette, Jack had fetched the tool obediently and placed it in his hand, his hold lingering for a short moment, long enough to realize just how warm the Doctor's hands were. He couldn't help but picture those hands elsewhere, those lips…God, those eyes were just gorgeous.

"Jack? Are you alright-You look a little dazed. Not coming down with the flu are you? Nasty thing the flu-You know, it takes thousands of years to find a cure for it-Intelligent man called Edward-Well, guess what his last name is? Flu! Fancy that…"

The words continued to flow as Jack felt distraction take him.

"You're really distracted, aren't you?"

The Doctor was suddenly in front of him, at least, Jack had only just noticed him there, and a pleasant grin spread across his lips, "Sorry, Doc'. Just thinking-You shouldn't be getting this close, I mean, who knows how long I can restrain myself," He grinned widely, surprised the Doctor took a step closer at this statement.

"Hey-Didn't you hear what-"

Warm. His lips were definitely warmer than his hands. And the fact that they were on Jack's own lips-Well, that was even better. The kiss was unsteady, testing and shy. Jack barely moved, only to shift his hand to the Doctor's slender hips and brush his thumb under the male's clothing to stroke a small patch of flesh in a soothing manner.

When it ended, Jack was surprised he couldn't hide the taken back look on his features, and the Doctor saw it clearly.

"Brilliant, now you have a little bit of DNA inside you, a bit of a spark you would say, it'll confuse the sensors and-"

Jack was lost from the conversation once again. The Doctor hadn't known. It was part of his plan. Not part of Jack's. The warm feeling was still there, but the emptiness accompanied it.

Jack wasn't a fool. He knew the Doctor wasn't like that, at least, he assumed so. But he'd wanted to think that even if it were a momentary loss of control, the other wanted him the same way that he wanted the other. And just the thought was enough, enough to distract him from the weak smile on the Doctor's lips. The knowing look, and the dismissive manner.

Both had a reason not to get involved, and both wanted nothing more than to abandon reason. But it seemed as if the feelings were there, even if invisible.