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1. Every jinkuurichi was insane, a natural result as demons affected their bodies and their minds. Naruto was no exception. Who but the insane could stay cheerful in the face of constant and violent adversity?

2. No one ever suspected. Not even once. He was so different from the others that he had to have escaped their terrible curse.

Look at the boy Gaara. He was a monster who killed with no remorse, whose manipulation of sand and rocks mirrored his stony glare and his solid, imperturbable psyche. He liked killing, and no one could take that away from him. No one dared.

Konoha's spies also knew of two other demon containers. That one from Iwa, the girl Yugito, who had a feline look to her, and frequently burst into violence. Unlike Gaara, who hit his opponents like a rock wall, Yugito stalked her prey and then suddenly pounced, ending their life in an instant.

And then there was the mysterious 'Killer Bee,' who did not look even close to human, with his odd coloration and unnatural size. And he had the rather odd characteristic of bursting randomly into rap or poetry or song. Like the others, he, too, was frequently violent, killing nearby innocents in fits of rage or paranoia.

But Naruto showed none of these signs. He was a cheerful little boy, who never hurt a fly, who laughed and played just like other children, who smiled as broadly as any other happy kid, and who played pranks and joked around with everyone in sight.

So even if every other jinkuurichi was insane, and insanely violent, Naruto appeared to have escaped their terrible curse, other than the whisker-marks on his cheeks, and his slightly elongated canines. But that was a fair trade for sanity, was it not?

So as the Hokage's ANBU watched over him, they were pleasantly surprised and relieved to see that he never once became more than jokingly aggressive, that he preferred instead to play and joke, and to run away from combat, rather than attempting to fight. It was a good sign, they thought. Konoha must have done something right.

So even though they were annoyed when he painted the Hokage monument in garish colors, and then led them on a surprisingly long chase throughout Konoha as they attempted to capture him, they didn't really mind.

A few pranks like this paled in comparison to what they could have faced, if Naruto were like all the others.

Naruto skipped along to school, humming loudly to himself. It was gonna be a great day today, just like yesterday! As he made his way toward the Academy, he playfully dodged the occasional brick or tomato that some of the less-friendly villagers tossed his way. They were so funny, thinking that he would let them ruin his perfect day! So funny, indeed! They even shouted stuff, but Naruto couldn't hear them over the humming, and didn't really care what they were saying, anyway. They were just funny people, anyway. Nothing useful to say, yeah? Or something like that.

Naruto's eyes sparkled and danced with an inner fire as he waltzed into the classroom. Today was gonna be great. He just knew it! Even the weird voice hadn't bothered him yet! Although sometimes the voice was pretty funny. Voice always said weird things about blood and death. Such a strange guy!

Like Iruka-sensei! He was pretty cool, even when he got all weird. Like when Naruto fell asleep and he got mad, or when Naruto painted the Hokage monument, or other stuff. But he was a pretty cool guy.

Naruto plopped down in a seat, smiling broadly to himself. Whatever class was gonna be today, it was gonna be awesome! Even if Naruto had to make it awesome!

After everyone was in their seats, Iruka reminded them, "Today is the day for your final exams. First, we're going to have everyone take the written test, then you'll go into the next room to perform a technique that they will pick for you. If you do well on the exam, and can perform the technique well enough, then you will be given a hitai-ate and graduate from the Academy. If not, then you will have to come back next year and try again."

Naruto giggled to himself. He'd done that plenty of times. It was pretty funny when people looked at his grades, their faces got all weird and they yelled and shouted at each other. Heh, the joke was on them. Naruto did that on purpose! Ha!

When he got the test, Naruto got right down to business. Working quickly, he drew flowers and trees and butterflies all over his paper, and soon was adding ninjas and animals and more to the picture. Once he was satisfied that he had covered as much of the page as was necessary, Naruto handed in the test to Iruka, who only looked at it and sighed, the same way he had last year.

"Why do I even bother, Naruto, if you don't even try on the test? Why do you come to class at all if you're just going to doodle all over the paper?"

"You bother because you like me!" Naruto stated, as if it were obvious. Iruka rolled his eyes, but smiled slightly. "And I come to class because it's fun! Sometimes you draw all kinds of cool math stuff on the board, next to the drawings of kunai and stuff, and it looks so cool!"

"Whatever, Naruto. Maybe I won't ever understand you. Wait here until everyone's done, and then we'll start calling people out for the practical part of the exam."

Naruto leaped back to his seat, ignoring or not noticing the strange looks he got from everyone else in the class. All of them had obviously overheard the conversation, in the otherwise silent classroom, but none of them were particularly surprised. This was Naruto, after all, the dead-last in class, the dunce whose only jutsu was some perverted henge that he occasionally showed off in class to stun teachers.

Quickly growing bored, Naruto started to doodle on the table with his pencil, copying the sort of cool stuff that he had just been talking with Iruka about. A shuriken, with a little curvy line going up and then down to show that it was thrown into the air, and fell back down. Then the weird numbers part. Naruto didn't like it very much, it was all kinda of weird. But it seemed a little better when there were numbers. Made it look smarter, anyway. And that was kinda cool, sometimes.

How did it go again? Not wanting to come up with his own numbers, he just wrote down the ones he seen on the test. Negative sixteen X squared plus 128 X plus 144.

Naruto stopped and frowned. It didn't look done. Oh, well duh! Iruka usually drew all the other numbers with it, too! Naruto quickly scribbled down a bunch of random numbers and letters, and then stopped to survey his work.

It still wasn't very cool. It just looked cluttered. Maybe if he did the stuff that Iruka did, it would look prettier? But doing the work was no fun. Would the prettiness be worth it?

Maybe. So Naruto erased the random stuff and gave it a try. Differentiate to get negative thirty-two X plus 128, which meant that the shuriken reached its maximum height at 4 seconds. Naruto write it all down just like Iruka usually did on the board. Then, if it was four seconds, that mean that the maximum height was like 400.

Naruto carefully wrote down everything, and then stopped to look at his work. Yeah, it did look more pretty when all the numbers made sense. Sort of. Eh, whatever. At least it killed some time.

Naruto looked up, and saw that everyone was still taking the test. What the heck, no one had finished yet? This was boring. And so Naruto decided to tell everyone just how boring this was.

"This is BORING! Can I just take the next part now, Iruka-sensei?"

The entire class turned to stare at him, and Iruka's mouth hung open for a moment, stunned, before he regained hi composure. "Naruto! People are still taking the test, so you need to be quiet! You'll interrupt their concentration!"

"Yeah, right! If they don't have it by now, they aren't ever gonna get it! Let's just..."


"Yeah, baka, if you're so smart, why don't you tell us the answers?"

Naruto laughed, clutching his stomach as he doubled over in amusement. His eyes glittered in the light, a slightly manic expression on his face. "Hahaha, would you even write my answers down? You guys are pretty funny, huh?" Naruto kept laughing.

The other kids were weirded out now. That wasn't funny at all. Why the hell was Naruto laughing? And why were his eyes twitching rapidly, like they were having some sort of seizure?

Iruka rolled his eyes, and decided that there was a valid way to keep Naruto quiet for the rest of the testing time. "Hey, Naruto, if you're done, why don't you do your test on the board?" It couldn't hurt, it wasn't like drawing of forests and ninjas were going to really be cheating.

Naruto stood up suddenly, still chuckling, but somewhat more calm. "Okay, Iruka-sensei! But don't blame me when everyone gets an A!"

The entire class burst into laughter. Iruka felt bad for Naruto, but when he looked at the blonde kid, he realized that his sympathy was misplaced. Naruto was laughing harder than any of them, even as the picked up some chalk to write on the board.

Pretty soon it was quite again, and Iruka was rather pleased with himself for this unique solution to the problem.

Naruto grinned to himself as he wrote on the board. If his test was funny, this would be funnier? Because what could be funnier than writing all the right answers on the board, when the teacher had told him to do so? It was even better than drawing pictures on the test paper!

Iruka was pleased when Sakura handed her paper in, although she looked strange. Maybe she was worried about her grade? She glanced behind him, then returned to her seat. Iruka worked on grading her paper while everyone else worked. Of course Sakura's test was perfect. She had nothing to worry about.

Then Sasuke handed his in, the Ino, then Kiba, and everyone else followed soon after. Iruka worked through them quickly, having memorized the answers for quick grading. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Everyone's paper was perfect. Well, excluding Naruto's, obviously, but then, he hadn't really even tried. Maybe this year's test was too easy?

Shrugging his shoulders, Iruka decided to start the next part of the test. Turning to tell Naruto to go sit down, Iruka's eyes bugged out of his head. On the board, behind him were all of the test problems, the correct work, and the correct answers. And now Naruto was adding the finishing touches to a rather comic drawing of Iruka staring bug-eyed at a chalkboard while the class was laughing.

The blonde suddenly seemed to realize that Iruka was staring, and began to laugh hysterically. The rest of the class also, laughed, as Iruka tried to comprehend what had just happened. Had Naruto seen the tests and copied from them? But how could he have? Iruka would have noticed that. And besides, no one had done the work in such a detailed manner as Naruto had written on the board.

How had the boy done it? There was no way he could have figured it out on his own. Or could he have?

Unwilling to make another test, Iruka decided that this was his fault for letting Naruto do this, and decided to take it in stride. The rest of the class would have all passed, anyway. Iruka knew they were at least that competent.

Rather shaken, Iruka announced the next part of the exam.

Naruto walked into the room, feeling quite pleased with himself. Everything was turning out great today! He had even gotten other people to laugh at his jokes, which didn't happen very often. It was a great day, after all!

And now he had the chance for even more fun.

"Naruto, please perform the henge for us, please," Iruka asked from behind the table, where he and his fellow teacher, Mizuki, sat.

Naruto grinned mischievously, and before Iruka could jump to his feet to object, Naruto had transformed into a rather sexy blonde woman, which sent both chuunin in the room crashing into the wall in geysers of blood.

Ignoring his lost dignity, Iruka returned to his seat. "I'm sorry, Naruto, that won't do. Next, create two bunshin for us here, in the likeness of yourself."

Naruto formed the seal, but before he could make the jutsu work, he got distracted, watching the pretty swirls of chakra running around his hand. He wondered why only he could ever see it, because he had asked Iruka about seeing chakra before, and had been told that only people with special abilities, like those of the Uchiha or Hyuuga, could see chakra.

But nevertheless, Naruto watched in fascination as the chakra swirled around his hand, and spun off in the direction of whatever technique he had gotten distracted from.

Wanting to see more, Naruto added more chakra, and the swirls turned into a blaze of blue, surrounding his hands. He pushed it out, watching in amusement as the chakra extended from his hands.

Ignoring whatever Iruka was saying, he wandered out of the door Iruka was pointing to, still playing with the chakra. He took his hands apart, wand watched and the chakra divided into two, smaller blazes in each hand.

It was weird. He could push it out further, and it stayed there, like part of his hand, just further away.

And it was really pretty, a lovely blue that shimmered with a light of its own. Reaching out further, he pushed the chakra toward a rock on the ground, and willed the chakra to pick it up.

The chakra instantly conformed to his will, shifting into the shape of hand, and closing around the rock. Picking up the rock almost ten yards away, Naruto willed it to come to him, and the chakra arm instantly shortened, bring the rock into reach.

Naruto grabbed it with his real hand, and tossed it a few times into the air. That was cool. Maybe that would work it some really cool pranks!

Hopping onto the roof, Naruto began to fantasize about different pranks he could pull with his new, longer reach.

Back in the testing room, Mizuki pleaded Naruto's case. "Come on, Iruka, he's been at this for years. Just give him a chance. You saw how he just stared at his hands as he left, he was obviously trying, and was disappointed he didn't do it. Just give him another chance."

"We can't do that, Mizuki. We can't let untrained kids run out into the ninja world unable to do the most basic techniques."

"What about that kid last year? Rock Lee, or whoever?"

"He has special circumstances, and I had to get permission from the Hokage himself to pass him. But Naruto is able to do the techniques, but he doesn't. I cannot, in good conscience, pass him."

Calling the next student in, Iruka failed to see the grin spreading on Mizuki's face.

Hours later, Mizuki found Naruto sitting alone on a rooftop, still staring into his hands with a faraway look. "Hey, Naruto."

The blonde immediately turned and smiled at Mizuki. "Hey, Mizuki-sensei, whatcha need?"

"Actually, I have an idea for you. You see, I have another way for you to graduate, but because you failed the tests, it will be much harder than the stuff they asked you to do there."

Naruto eyes lit up. This sounded like fun. "Yeah! Yeah! What do I gotta do?"

Mizuki grinned. The kid was so eager to pass after years of failing, he'd do anything. "You've got to treat this like a mission. You have to get into the scroll library next to the Hokage tower, and take a scroll I put in there, and bring it to me in the forest, without getting caught. The scroll is called the Scroll of Forbidden Techniques. So you just go to go get it and bring it back, alright?"

Naruto eyes widened. This was gonna be so cool!

Mizuki smiled as Naruto immediately took off in the direction of the library. Too easy.

Naruto face was frozen in a broad, wide-eyed grin that stretched his face in a rather unnatural looking way, even as he carefully evaded the rather sub-par security around the scroll library. Pulling himself up to a window on the second floor using his strange, pretty chakra arms, Naruto looked around carefully for the scroll that Mizuki had been talking about.

But, being the sort of person that he was, he quickly became distracted when he saw a scroll about a super-cool sounding raiton jutsu, and half an hour later, he was still seated on the floor, reading yet another scroll. Such pretty words, and they told him how to do cool stuff! These techniques must be really shiny or special if they are all locked up in this room, Naruto reasoned, so they must be super-cool!

"Hey! What are you doing here?! No one's supposed to be in here!"

Naruto froze, his grin stuck on his face as he slowly turned to face the voice. A guard, some chuunin who must have looked into the room.

"Well, if it isn't the demon brat. I don't think anyone will fault me if you were to die while being put under arrest, don't you think?"

Naruto vision blurred at the edges, and began to darken. This was no fun at all. No fun at all. The man pulled out a knife. Ugly, ugly knife. Not pretty at all. Not even shiny. Not even sparkly. It was a stupid gray knife. Stupid, stupid knife. Stupid man.

Naruto's smile faded away, and his body began to tremble. His breathing quickened. What was this feeling? This strange warmth? This heightened feeling of awareness, even as his vision was obscured by a dark mist.

The stupid man glowed blue in the darkness, his body a network of flowing blue lines. Some warm, sweet smell wafted from that direction. Naruto found himself licking his lips, although they weren't dry, and he wasn't hungry. Or rather, he felt hungry, but not for food. Not even for ramen, which was absurd.

When the man approached with the kunai, Naruto suddenly saw it. This could be fun after all! What fun indeed! Naruto's lips stretched into a hideously lopsided grin.

Grabbing the man with a blue hand, Naruto flung him back into a wall. "Let's play ninja for a while, okay mister?" His eyes flickered with a dangerous light.

The stupid man didn't seem to think that Naruto had such a good idea. He opened his mouth to call for help, but found his jaw held shut by an invisible force.

Naruto watched in wonder as a single, weirdly large blue hand held the man's mouth shut, and another one pushed him against a wall. Naruto also wanted to pulled the man upright, but he needed...

He giggled when another hand appeared, extending from his chest to grab the man's collar and jerk the stupid guy upright. Stupid man, interrupting his fun. Stupid man, thinking that he would get Naruto in trouble.

But how to make the stupid man go away, and not tell anyone? The voice, which had been silent all day, made a quiet suggestion. Barely a whisper, but it made perfect sense.

Of course! Why hadn't Naruto seen it before? The dead people didn't talk, at least, not outside of the stories, did they?

The voice assured him that they did not, and so Naruto cocked his head to one side and began to decide how to go about this. Blood was pretty, but not a lot of blood. Only a little was pretty. Lots of blood was ugly and gross.

The voice made another suggestion. If the hand was red, too, it could make the stupid man dead with only a little blood.

Naruto giggled to himself. It sounded like cool! Or sort of cool. Not as cool as ramen, but this might be close to almost as cool.

In Naruto's eyes, red electricity crackled down the arm the held the man jaw shut, but the thumb under the chin and four fingers on the top of the head. And when the strange lightning reached the man...

The chuunin guard groaned loudly, his scream silenced by the hand holding his jaw shut, and arched his back as some sort of pain shot through his body. Naruto watched in curiosity as the man twitched and writhed, then slumped heavily against eh arms, bleeding from his eyes, mouth, nose and ears.

Naruto laughed out loud. That was pretty! Only a little blood, and it was so cool, just coming out of his face like that! So cool!

So cool that he tried it on the next chuunin to interrupt him, also. And it was still just as cool on the third one, too.

After a few hours, Naruto put the scrolls back, a quick task with dozens of arms that seemed to understand his wishes without any direct control, and took out the one that Mizuki had talked about.

Grabbing the bodies of the mean people, Naruto skipped into the forest, hiding the meanies in some bushes along they way. No one would care about them, since they weren't nice people, right?

But then he saw the place that Mizuki told him about, and forgot all about them. Now he was here. But Mizuki wasn't here. So what should he do? Waiting was no fun.

Well, this was a big scroll. Maybe some of the stuff in it was as cool as those other scrolls.

Mizuki walked into the clearing, quite pleased with himself. Not only had Naruto managed to take the scroll, but now three guards were missing as well. Even though the Hokage obviously liked the kid, he could do little but order his capture and the return of the scroll, with lethal force authorized if necessary.

Mizuki was quite sure it would be necessary. Oh, yes. He could kill the demon, then take the scroll to Orochimaru and receive his reward.

But Naruto was so enraptured in whatever he was reading, quite a ways into the scroll, that he failed to notice the chuunin at all.

Mizuki shrugged, walking toward the kid. If he didn't notice by the time Mizuki got there, the chuunin would just assassinate him from behind. And if he did, then Mizuki could congratulate him and ask for the scroll.

Naruto's thoughts were removed from the pretty stuff in the scroll when he felt something brush one of the arms floating around him. He turned to see the white-haired chuunin he had been waiting for. But the scroll was so cool, and Naruto wasn't done with it yet.

"Hey, great job, Naruto! Let me see that scroll, and then you can graduate to genin!"

"No. I wanna read it, silly. You can have it later." Naruto's playful voice enraged the traitor chuunin, but he kept his anger out of his voice.

"... That stuff is too hard for you. Just give it here."

"You're a funny man, Mizuki-sensei! You know, I don't think I wanna graduate yet. Iruka is still kinda funny, and I like all the pretty stuff he does on the board. You can have the scroll next year, maybe, and I'll graduate then, alright?"

Mizuki clenched his teeth, and pulled out a kunai.

Naruto smiled maniacally. Mizuki wanted to play! Play ninja with him! But Naruto wanted to read, and that meant that Mizuki would just have to wait.

"Ha, ha, ha, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You're a funny guy, Mizuki-sensei! But we can play ninja later, I wanna read!"

Mizuki lunged forward, but was hit by some invisible force that sent him careening into a tree with a hollow thud. Picking himself up, Mizuki glared at the stupid Academy student. What on earth was that?

"Just give up now, Naruto, and maybe I'll let you live, you stupid brat!"

Naruto was sad, now. Mizuki didn't understand. But maybe if Naruto showed him a shiny justu, he would understand just how cool the scroll was. He would just have to wait his turn to read it.

Running through the several dozen seals, Naruto found himself humming as his hands formed seals to the rhythm. Bringing up the final seal, Naruto grinned as his chakra rushed into the sky, where clouds began to darken and swirl in a dangerous, but pretty sort of way. Like a thunderstorm.

Mizuki had only heard of this technique once, and he knew enough to comprehend just how hard the technique was, and just how much chakra it required. This kid was definitely a demon! A monster!

Iruka leaped into the clearing. "Naruto, don't give him the scroll! Mizuki's a traitor, he..."

A bolt of lightning blasted the white-haired chuunin. The charred corpse fell back, landing almost noiselessly on the ground, where it smoked and cooked in its own heat.

Iruka rubbed his eyes, to make sure he wasn't dreaming, but sure enough, Mizuki was now a pile of ash on the ground. Turning to face Naruto, he was taken aback to see that the boy had already returned to reading the scroll.

3. Not sure where this was going, really. Some sort of walkthrough with Naruto lucking out on stuff, or winning because he does completely random, unexpected stuff (whether really powerful, or really stupid)

4. I stopped writing because, like usual, I lost all motivation to write, and because Naruto was getting way to powerful, way too fast, and I really didn't feel like rewriting this.