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The little picture sat on the dresser. Two people in love smiling for the camera, light shining from their eyes, happiness could never fade. Bulla looked away, she couldn't look at the picture but she couldn't take it down. She couldn't believe it had been a year already, one year since she lost her love and the pain just wasn't fading. She was told to move on from her father and her mother let her mourn for six months but even now she was starting to help her move on. Bulla knew though that this was her father's fault, they lived as refuges with no title on a foreign planet. It was his fault the man she loved died. How dare he live when he caused so much pain and despair, while someone who loved life and wanted nothing but to be loved and to give love was killed?

She got herself going and walked out of her room. Even with a meaningless title, a broken heart, and no real home she was happy. The family she was allowed to live with gave her, her own room so she could have a place to go to and not have to worry about things when she wasn't working. The family was divided, her brother and father worked and lived in the palace in hopes to work up the ranks and get power back into their names. While her mother and herself lived in town working for a few families that needed someone to clean, and help raise the kids.

"There you are, it's about time you got up.""Good morning to you to mother, where are we today?""You are no-where, you are going shopping with Chi-chi and nobles from the palace.""I get to actually shop and not hold bags?""Correct, now go hurry and meet up with Chi-chi, oh, and Bulla, please remember to smile no frowning.""Right, I'll do my best."

Bulla ran out the door and down towards the square. Chi-chi lived in the better part of town. Since Goku was a fighter before Planet Vegeta's destruction he joined the forces and quickly moved up in the ranks. He became known as one of the best fighters giving his family great social status and a better quality of living. Everyone knew that if Vegeta became a fighter instead of a King their family would be together, in higher status. Vegeta of course chose power over family for he wanted to claim his birth right back and restore his races pride as warriors. He knew that as soon as he reclaimed his position of King of the Saiyans everything else would fall back into place.

Bulla ran up to Chi-chi and fixed herself up before they met up with the others. She had gotten so close to Chi-chi over the last year. Chi-chi had every reason to hate her but their friendship grew stronger and better than before. Maybe the loss brought them together? She couldn't see how, it was her fault she fell in love with her son and got him killed. Still Bulla would accept her friendship as long as it was offered and hoped it never ended."Bulla I invited you because you are like a daughter to me, and I want you to attend a ceremony with me.""Oh Chi0chi you don't have to do that.""Yes, I do, you are young and beautiful and your mother asked if I could help you find someone to help you move on and find happiness.""Chi-chi, thank you, but do you really think I could find someone, I mean my heart still aches?""So does mine dear, but Goten would want you to move on. You can live for both of you, he would like you to live your life well.""Chi-chi, I will do my best to make sure your efforts do not go in vain.""I know you will do fine, that's why I want to help you, now let's go meet the others."

They were met by other top fighter's wives and partners, all trying to find an outfit to enhance their egos. Bulla was falling behind Chi-chi looking at all the shops with designer clothing, things she used to wear everyday when she was still a princess, that seemed like a lifetime ago now though."For you, pretty lady."Bulla stopped dead, a pale orange flower was in front of her face.*flashback*"Bulla I picked this for you.""Goten, that's my favorite flower, I love it.""I figured you would since you always stare at them when they bloom. Hey, I was thinking we need a code, symbol thing, you know for when we aren't together but wish we were. This flower could do that for us.""What?"" You know, like in that game we play where they whistle to encourage each other and to make sure they are never really far from each other. This could be our whistle, only you would hold it to your heart or just ask to see it. Whenever you do that I'll come running.""Goten your too much, but I like it so you have a deal, you better not leave me.""Where could I go? I'll always be here for you, always."*End flashback*"Miss, are you okay?"Bulla snapped out of her daze. She took the flower and stared at it."This is my favorite flower it's rare here because it's conditions to grow are only on a few spots on this planet.""Yes, it needs only a little heat and light from the sun to grow right.""Oh I see someone knows her flowers.""It's my favorite as well.""Then it is yours for even more reasons, may it bring your hearts joy like it is claimed to do."Yes, thank you, I hope it does too.


That about does it for a first chapter, I'm not 100% sure about what I want to do with this story. This was just something that I had to start because a lot things I was doing mentioned whit wings so I said it was a sign that I had to write a story with it. Some references are Final Fantasy X…mainly because AMVs with it are playing as I am typing it giving me the idea to add it and I think some songs are going to be added later but I'm not sure. Also Final fantasy VII Crisis Core and The Mortal Instruments City of Ashes. Both have white wings in them sparking the sign to create this. Please review.