Chapter 10

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Bulla opened her eyes. Bulma was holding her hand, resting in the chair next to the bed. She looked over to the other side of the room, Gohan was resting in the other hospital bed. She tried to sit up, her body hurt all over. A hand helped her up, she looked up to see Goten.
"Hey Goten, are you okay?"
"our the one covered in bandages, I should be asking you that."
He brushed her hair back with his hand. "How are you feeling?"
"I think I'm on some heavy drugs, I feel funny, how long have I been asleep?"
"Three days and for the first we thought we were going to lose you."
"I'm sorry," she looked at her mom who was still sleeping, she would have felt terrible if she left her. Right now all they had was each other, Vegeta was gone, Trunks was gone. Bulla couldn't bare the thought of leaving Bulma. She squeezed the hand Bulma was still holding. "Is it over? Did my attack hit him?"
"Yes Bulla, Vegeta is dead, you are safe."
He kissed her forehead, "Bradley is coming and your mother is waking up. I'll be back later."
He walked out of the room and Bradley walked in shortly after.
"I'm glad to see your awake, how do you feel, do you need anything?"
She let her free hand take his, "It's over but I don't feel at ease."

He sat on her bed, pushing back her hair to stroke her face.
"It's probably because you've been asleep for a few days, once you are fully healed you will be able to relax."
They talked lightly for a little while about what happened after Bulla had passed out.
"I'm happy to see Bulma asleep, she hasn't slept in two days, especially after that first night. Goku had to force her eat something. Bulla squeezed her hand. Bulma stirred and quickly sat up.
"Did I fall asleep?" She rubbed her eyes, blinking to get her vision back. "I'm sorry, oh..!" she jumped up and hugged Bulla, bringing her head to her chest. "Your awake, thank goodness, how are you feeling?"
Bulla struggled to get free from her mom, "Mom, I'm okay, but your hurting my bruises." Bulma quickly let go, Bradley started laughing but stopped when he heard laughter behind him. Everyone turned to see Gohan sitting up. Bulla smiled at him and waved as much as her wired hand would let her.
"Good to see you up Gohan, sorry you got so beat up."
He waved her off, "Nah, it's all cool, the doctors say in a few weeks my arm will probably be out of the cast and just in a splint."
"Bradley walked over to him, "how are your ribs, mine still hurt?"
"Yea same here, but I think Vegeta broke a couple of mine. Bulla, I think Vegeta liked to go after ribs. All of us have either a couple cracked or broken." Gohan said it joking but Bulla had to force herself to laugh back. It didn't seem real, she killed her father. She knew she didn't have a choice when it happened but that didn't mean she wasn't allowed to be upset.

After a few hours a nurse came in and unhooked a few wires giving Bulla a chance to move around on the bed. She felt so stiff. Bulma decided to go get something to eat, Gohan was sleeping again making Bulla bored.
"Your alone, I'm surprised." she looked up to see Goten at the door. " Bradley left?"
She nodded and pat the bed summoning him next to her. She noticed he seemed caught up in something.
"Yea, Bradley had to go, something about his grandfather needing him, and paperwork." she stroked his face when he finally sat on the bed next to her. "Goten what's wrong? I know something is troubling you so fill me in."

He pulled her closer to him, "Bulla, I screwed up, I let things go too far and you had to pay the price."
"Goten, I'm fine, what are you talking about?" He looked over at Gohan to make sure he was sleeping.
"Bulla, were pregnant, or so the doctors think. I'm sorry, I never knew or else I wouldn't have let you fight."
"How did you hear this, I didn't even know I was...and how is it possible?"
"The other night, in the woods, I took a human form. When I take that form I am considered alive. It never dawned on me if it had I never would have allowed it to happen." He stood up and walked to the wall, just stopping short of punching it. "I was so careful before that too, damn it!"
"Goten calm down, please don't get upset and talk to me. How did you find out that I was pregnant it seems like it have too early to tell? And does anyone else know?"
No, I over heard the doctors and asked them not to say a word. As for finding out they said it was when they took blood, they said the hormone or something that tells them was present. "
She didn't say anything for a few minutes, the news crushed her, she had been so close to seeing an old dream come true. Now that dream had crumbled again and the pain hurt her worse then she ever could expected. "Goten, I'm sorry, if I had known then I could have done things differently,"
"No Bulla, it's not your fault at all, it's mine. I messed up, I let things go to far in the woods and I never looked to see if those actions would change anything. I feel so horrible, I'm a murder, as horrible as your father."
"Goten, enough!" Bulla was now aggravated past her breaking point. "You are not to blame, I'm not bad at you! While I am saddened by the loss I'm not upset at you! I refuse to consider you a murderer or in the same league as my father. If I ever hear you say that again I won't forgive you do you understand!?"

Goten sat next to her again, Gohan turned in his sleep.
"I'm sorry Bulla, for making you upset." She rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes.
"It's okay Goten, can you do me a favor and stay with me tonight."
"Sure, I'll stay right here," he watched her out of the corner of his eye. "Are you okay? Do you want me to get a doctor?"
"No, I'm okay it's a long day, I'm just tired." She laced her hand in his and snuggled closer.

A week and a half later Bulla was released. Gohan was released earlier in the week once he could stand up without wincing in pain. She stepped out of the carriage, both Bradley and Goten were next to her in case she fell. She looked at her knew home, Chi-chi and Goku were given a new home twice the size of their first by the palace. Bulla walked around outside enjoying the fresh air. She felt so lost, ever since the fight ended. Being here in this town didn't seem right anymore. People learned of her past and rumors flew all over. Her friends and family stood by her side to support her and block out the hatred people had. The kingdom feared Bulla would try to gain power like Vegeta, and try to over throw the current ruler. Bradley stood strong next to her as people spoke up about him leaving her and forcing her and her family to move. Bradley had walked inside with the others, he had learned that Bulma was Bulla's birth mother when she was still in the hospital, knowing that didn't change anything for him. He had a rocky past as well so why should he pass judgment.
"Can I join you Bulla?" She turned to see Goten coming up behind her. "It's really nice here, the palace couldn't have given my parents a better home."
"Yea, your right."
He grabbed her wrists, stopping her from going further."Bulla something is on your mind, fill me in."
She looked away from him and stared at the red roses blooming in the garden.
"You and Trunks don't have much more time here, do you?"
He stared at the the ground, letting go of her hand and stuffing them in his pockets. "No, I don't think Trunks does, but, I'm not going anywhere for a while, not until you tell me to go."
She turned and stared at him. She was confused, sad, and happy all at once.
"What are you telling me, that you can stay with me?"

He touched her cheek to stroke her face.
"No and yes, I'm still dead Bulla, but, I have left the guardian group, as long as I don't go back to other world I'll keep my body but when I go I'll lose it. I won't be able to come back ever again."
She started crying, Goten wiped the tears away but more fell in the others place.
"I don't want you to go away, it's bad enough I'm losing my brother again. I get you both back to lose you both again, it's not fair."
"I know." He pulled her into her arms. "We both don't like it and feel terrible about it but we don't have a choice. Trunks though is and always will be your guardian. Just like me, even if I no longer have a body I will watch over you.
"Goten.."he shh her and kissed the top of her head. "I'm not leaving until the time is right, don't dwell on it, let's enjoy the time we have okay?"
She nodded and pulled away to wipe away the remaining tears.

Together they walked back to the house. Bradley was helping Trunks move some things for Chi-chi since Gohan and Goku had vanished at the word chores. He noticed Bulla's puffy eyes and became concerned. "Are you okay Bulla, did something happen?" He looked at Goten, as if to accuse him of something. Trunks and Goten had a silent conversation behind them.
"No, I'm okay, Goten and I were talking about the past and I laughed so hard I cried." She planted a big smile on her face as if making him try to argue what she said. Trunks came up next to her, putting a hand on her shoulder.
"That's my sister for you, cries so easily, oh well I still love her."
"Trunks..."she ducked away from him, "stop being mean to me."
"But, I'm not, I'm just speaking the truth." Everyone started laughing as Bulla went after Trunks like she used to when she was little. The older women walked in completely clueless to what was going on.

Two days later everyone sat outside, they started a bonfire, Trunks had to go back soon so they wanted to enjoy the few hours they had left. Goten was joking around with Gohan, when Trunks nudged Bradley's shoulder almost into the fire.
"Alright I'm up, jeez you don't have to be so pushy."
Everyone stared at Bradley, curious about what he was talking about with Trunks. He walked over to Bulla, ignoring the stares behind him. He grabbed her hands and gracefully stood her up off the make shift chair she was on.
"Bradley what's?..." She stopped as he knelt down and pulled a box out of his coat pocket. "Bulla Briefs, will you accept this ring from me, and wear it as my wife?" Her jaw dropped, Trunks folded his arms and nodded in approval . Bulma jumped up and hugged Bradley.
"Welcome to the family...congratulations!" He hugged her back but watched Bulla who was staring at the ring.
"Bulla is something wrong?" She looked up at him, her face was in shock and sadness. He quickly got ready for her answer which he figured would have been 'no'.
"Bradley I want to marry you, but I can't. I have decided to go to the planet my father was creating. It turns out many people are living there waiting for him to rule them. Since he can't I will go and rule, hopefully I can do a better job then he ever did."

Everyone stopped what they were doing and listened to Bulla, all were as surprised as Bradley was.
"Bulla, why didn't you tell me this sooner? You know I would have supported it."
"I know, I wasn't sure though if I really wanted to, and I couldn't ask you to come with me, that's not fair. You shouldn't have to say good-bye to your home for me."

He grabbed her hand and lifted her chin, "Bulla I would go anywhere with you, I want to leave this place as much as you do. I only ask that if I go, I take my mother if she wants to come."

She smiled and hugged him, "Really, you want to come with me, oh thank you so much!" She let him go and slipped on the ring on her finger.

After everything was settled down Trunks decided it was time to head back to other world. "It doesn't matter if you get married here or at the other planet, I'll be there no matter what. Whether you want me there or not." He said good-bye to his friends before locking Bulla in his arms. "Take care Bulla, I'll be watching over, even though I know you don't need it."
"Thanks Trunks, I'll miss you."
"Same here, little sis." They let go and Bulma started to cry in his arms. She was ready to say good-bye this time, but she just didn't want to.
"Trunks, always remember that I love you."
"I know mom, I'll try and come as much as they let me, but know that other world has strict rules when it comes to crossing worlds so it won't be all the time."
"I know son, I would say take care but it doesn't seem like it would work too well." They laughed at her sentence and she let go. He closed his eyes and concentrated hard until large white wings came out of his back.
"Until next time everyone, love you...and Bradley take care of Bulla or I'll personally haunt you forever." he said it jokingly as he took off towards the sky.

That night Bulla laid in bed, Goten was sitting on the floor, stretching to keep his muscles loose.
"Goten are you happy for me?" He looked up at her and saw her staring at her finger.
"Yes I am, Bulla why do you ask, aren't you?"
"Well yea, but I know it can't be easy for you, it isn't easy for me..when I see you I see the future that was originally laid out for us."

He stood up and sat next to her on the bed. She moved over to give him space. "Bulla, it is hard for me, but I am happy to see you continue to live your life. I'm happy with you living with someone that makes you happy and you can spend your days with. We will get our time together, and now isn't that time, that's all." He grabbed her body and moved her closer to him so they could snuggle together.
"Thank you Goten, you don't know how happy I am to hear you say that."


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