A ficlet in response to a livejournal meme. Enjoy.

Her Skin

She had such lovely, lovely skin. Truly stunning and so damned touchable that even when they were in public, he couldn't control that wayward hand sliding up her knee or resting on her thigh, caressing the spine down a backless dress.

It was something he knew well, her skin. He could close his eyes and reach out to touch the precise spot where a 1.5 centimeter scar dipped into her left forearm from a measles shot years ago. He could find with his lips the odd freckle that rested between her shoulder blades, slightly misaligned to the left. He knew just the right angle at which to graze his teeth so that it tinged pink and brought about that choked moan between pain and pleasure that had her digging her nails into his back. And, of course, he knew just how hard it took to leave a little mark in a visibly hidden place – the underside of a wrist or behind the ear.

He was creative.

She nearly glowed, especially against her dark waves of carefully tended locks and the black pearls of her eyes. Her features, so carefully set by hand by some divine creature, for sure, contrasted so cleanly and beautiful against the smooth stretch of her skin that she at times looked drawn and painted very carefully within the lines.

He traced them with his fingertips while she slept. Sometimes she woke up giggling and he knew it would be a good day.

In the summer at their house in the Hamptons, she would lie out on the beach in hopes of assimilating herself to the California-girl looks of his step-sister and even then he loved her. Her ivory skin tanned only just a shade, like a mildly toasted marshmallow.

He put a peony in her folded lily white hands and touched her face. Still, her skin was smooth even if the flesh beneath it had hardened and the blood stopped cold. Two stalks of white hydrangeas rested on her flowing curls on either side of her face and she looked 20 years younger than the 50 she had accrued.

As they lowered her to the ground, he left the care of their children to their friends and got on his knees and for the first time in his life, Chuck prayed. Only because he knew she would be listening and he would be able to touch her once again.