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Quote: "The Grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for" --- Allan K. Chalmers


We drove in comfortable silence down the long stretch of rode, Felix's hand securely in mine while his other held tightly to the steering wheel. We were going to meet my family, no our family, to stay with them for the next few years at least. We hadn't seen them in a few months due to our travels and I couldn't wait to get there. The Cullen's had recently moved and purchased a large thousand acre property in Abbotsford British Columbia and built three homes there.

Renesmee and Jacob had their own place, since living under the same roof as your parents can be awkward especially with a mind reading father. They, too, had only recently rejoined the Cullens after a few years living apart. From what I gathered it was a difficult time for Bella and Edward who never had to deal a prolonged absence of their only child but Renesmee and Jacob insisted. Renesmee had lived a very sheltered life for many years due to her rapid growth. While they both knew that it had been necessary once she reached her full growth she grew a bit restless. They wanted some time to be independent, to experience the world. To survive and live on their own. However, no matter how much they grew and enjoyed the experience they couldn't stay away for long and had now rejoined their family.

As for the other home, I knew that particular dwelling was for Felix and I while the rest were staying in the main manor. While I wanted to be close to them both Felix and I wanted some independence and Esme was more than willing to oblige. I had yet to see the finished product but I was sure it was going to be amazing like all of Esme's work. From my talks with Alice I successfully concluded that Esme was in renovation heaven with these three projects and I couldn't help but smile.

It had been twenty years since that fateful day that Felix and I left the Volturi and not a day had gone by that I didn't thank some form of deity for him. We had spent our time in various ways but went back and forth from staying with the Cullen's, one year with the Denali's, and travelling around the world, though far away from Italy. Felix embraced his new freedom cautiously at first but it didn't take long before a new spark ignited behind his eyes.

At one point we spent a few years alone but not travelling, settling in a town in northern Canada. While it was nice it also got annoying. It had been the first time I had to repeat high school and it was just as bad as the first time, if not worse. Everyday it took a lot of effort not to back hand many of the students and teachers through the walls since I was sure that it was frowned upon. I was fairly sure that human teenagers, well humans as a whole, weren't always that annoying. I sighed internally knowing I would have to repeat that whole fiasco again for the next few years.

It also challenged my self control greatly and I was forced to feed more than usual to resist the warm and delicious student body but I managed. Unfortunately Felix couldn't join me in that particular purgatory, he could never pass for a teenager being he was physically twenty eight. We had to pretend we were brother and sister in public during that time, orphaned several years ago leaving Felix to raise his 'baby sister'. I hated not being able to show any real affection for him in public but I always made sure to rectify that at home. He did, however, get a kick out of the idea of me being in school again and often refered to me as his 'naughty school girl' so we made it work. At least I wouldn't be alone next time I underwent that horror.

It took a few years for us to adjust to this new life, Felix especially, but the Cullen's helped us immensely in the beginning and still do from time to time. I could never express how much it meant to me that he committed to the 'vegetarian' lifestyle despite his dislike of it. Something he wasn't afraid of voicing every once in a while. He had a few slip ups in the beginning but each I could tell he was genuinely remorseful though I suspected it was more out of fear of disappointing me than the loss of life. I easily forgave him knowing the truth behind the words 'love is blind' and that change for someone who is so accustomed to a certain way of living is hard. He tried and that was more than enough for me.

Financially we were well off. Part of it was due to the Cullen's and Alice's uncanny ability to predict stock market trends. However, the majority of our money came from Felix's hobby or rather job. At first he was all over the place on what he wanted to do, never before having to interact like this in the human world and having his needs provided to him by the Volturi. He joked around in the beginning about selling his 'services' to the government, claiming he would be the ultimate assassin. Though I knew he was kidding there was a small ray of seriousness and hope in his eyes. I quickly squashed that particular ambition though I had to admit it saddened me slightly when I saw him pout, even if it was playfully. Even though the idea was ridiculous I felt a little bad for doing it.

Therefore he had surprised me one day after Emmett had dragged Felix, Edward and Jasper to Vegas, while I was subjected to Alice's version of a 'girls' night, that he wanted to play poker professionally. He was remarkably good and many of our travels now were now due to the various tournaments he entered throughout the world, many with million dollar minimums. I had never pictured him for just sitting around with cards in his hands but as he put it, 'I like watching them squirm while I clean them out of their money', and it made him happy. I was just surprised he found something he enjoyed doing that didn't require smashing someone's face in.

Granted he did have an advantage with his enhanced senses, apparently just the sound of their hearts was enough to tell him if they were bluffing. It also didn't hurt that many were too scared to not let him win. No one could deny he did have quite the presence in a room. I almost laughed as I remembered the many terrified faces as he entered the room and then seeing it turn instantly to appreciation when I appeared seconds later with him. This didn't last long, however, once Felix gave them a glare that could melt metal. Though I had to admit he was undeniably attractive when jealous.

"What are you thinking so intensely about that is putting that goofy grin on your face?" I turned my head in Felix's direction, who was eyeing me curiously but had a smile playing on his lips. I hadn't realized I had spaced out and now that I took in my surroundings I realized we were getting close to the Cullens.

"That's for me to know and you to find out." I said playfully.

"Well this should be fun. Hmmm I wonder what it could be." He mused, his voice smug. He turned his head in my direction, giving me a deliciously sinful grin and leaning a little closer to me. Even though I've said it a million times I'll say it again. He is just too irresistible for his own good.

"Just keep your eyes on the road." I said sternly though without heart. My body betrayed me by leaning closer to him in return.

"Yes ma'me." He chuckled and resumed driving, his thumb creating a circular design on my hand.

The forest encroached on both sides of the car and the road we were on was almost deserted, the occasional car passing us by. The sky was a light grey with the cloud cover, one of the reasons the Cullen's chose this particular town to live in, though I could see the sun was going to be setting soon. After a few minutes we saw a small turn off onto a paved pathway. Felix took the turn sharply, not bothering to slow down, and chuckled when the tires screeched on the pavement. I shook my head but said nothing.

The path was perfectly straight and small black posts with lights were stationed on both sides of the pavement every few meters. I knew this was for aesthetic reasons only since no one on this particular property had any problems seeing in the dark. However, when I thought back to the blurry night that was the Cullens graduation party twenty years ago I had a feeling Alice did this for her future guests. About half way down the path we literally came to a fork in the road. Two other paths leading to the other two homes, one going north west and the other north east, connected to the main road. I wasn't sure which one led to our place yet, Esme wanted it to be a surprise, so we continued straight. I could already feel each of them up ahead and I found myself getting excited.

Due to Felix's excessive speeding we made it to the main house in under a minute and I literally gasped at the home in front of me. The exterior of the house, by the looks of it the interior as well, the epitome of modern. The outside was a light grey with a slightly blusih tinge to it, the windows all outlined nicely with white. The inside, by the looks of it was mostly white and light creme colours. As is customary for Esme's design, part of the house was completely sheathed with glass, the window panes making it look sharp and distinguished. There were four levels to it and I could see the outline of a large patio near the back. While it was no classical Victorian beauty it took on a life of its own, creating an aura of warmth around it.

Before I could even open my door Alice was in the doorway, practically hopping on the spot, with a look of excitement on her face. My smile grew when I saw Alice, it had been a few months since we've seen any of the Cullens and I missed them, so did Felix for that matter but he would never admit it. I ran quickly to Alice's side and hugged her tightly, spinning her around once. I was never one for PDA (Public Displays of Affection) but I always made an exception for Alice.

"What took you two so long?" She asked, her voice faking annoyance. We broke apart but she kept a hand on my arm.

"What do you mean, I told you the other day we would be here around seven and," I glanced at my watch, "and it's just after. Surely you would've seen that." She rolled her eyes.

"Ya but I was hoping maybe you would decide to come earlier, you know since you missed me so much. Not to mention you need to get moved in."

"Sorry to disappoint Alice but we're here now and yes I did miss you, no need to try and be subtle about asking." I chuckled and she smiled brightly before switching her gaze to Felix, who had walked up to stand beside me. She quickly let go of my arm and wrapped her arms around his waist, her hands not quite touching on the other side. It was always entertaining to see the contrast between their two forms, not just in their size but their demeanors.

"Hello Alice." Felix said stiffly. He lightly patted her on the head awkwardly and I had to choke back a laugh. She stepped away after a second looking at him and frowning slightly.

"One of these days Felix you are going to hug me back." She said confidently, a smile playing around her lips as she tried to maintain her frown at his less than warm greeting.

"I don't hug." He said seriously, looking ready to bolt for it if she tried to hug him again. It wasn't that he didn't like Alice, he just wasn't really into that kind of physical contact. You mention a good wrestling match and then you'd get a better response out of him.

"As a matter of fact I know you do. You hug Anna all the time." She smiled, thinking she had him beat. He smirked a little at her antics before wrapping his arms around me and placing his chin on my shoulder. I leaned into his body, enjoying the contact.

"Fine, I don't hug anyone but her." He backtracked earning a death glare from Alice. She huffed and crossed her arms in front of her chest. I sensed the majority of others in a nearby room and judging by the occasional snicker they were finding this conversation as amusing as me.

"How about we go inside and see the others." I suggested quickly. That seemed to snap Alice out of it and she smiled before pivoting and running into the house.

"Psycho pixi" Felix mumbled into my ear but his tone was light and teasing. We followed her and soon entered what I assumed was the main living area. The walls were a cream and the couches white. Alice was now sitting on Jaspers lap in one of the lazy boy chairs while Edward and Bella took up the love seat. As soon as we entered the room Esme stood up from her spot next to Carlisle and headed straight for us, smiling warmly as usual.

She patted Felix on the arm affectionately before pulling me into a quick hug. "It's so good to see you two." Esme and Carlisle had quickly welcomed Felix into their lives, like alice, and the others soon followed. Jacob and Edward were the most reluctant but they've made great strides these last few years and have never expressed negativity towards him. I think they were merely wary considdering his past.

I squeezed Esme back and talked into her caramel coloured hair. "It's good to see you as well Esme." Felix nodded in agreement and gave a small smile. I turned and spoke to Bella and Edward. "How have you two been?"

"Very good thank you. I'm glad you two have decided to stay with us for a while." Edward responded kindly. Bella smiled and nodded her head in agreement.

"It's great to be back with you guys but I have to say you really out did yourself this time Esme with the house." I glanced around the room, taking more of it in.

"Thank you dear, I'm glad you like it."

""Where are Jacob and Renesmee?" I asked, curious as to why I couldn't feel them in or anywhere near the house.

"Oh they went out to get some food but they should be back any minute." She said as she made her way back to the couch. I nodded. I sometimes forgot that there are people in this family that still need to eat.

"How have you two been? How was your trip to Hong Kong?" Carlisle asked quietly, his arm wrapping around Esme's waist.

"We've been good. The trip was fun. We got some sight seeing in and I was finally able to put my Cantonese to good use. Felix cleaned a few more men out of their life savings." I chuckled as Felix grinned widely. "How's the new hospital? You a legend yet?" I joked.

He chuckled, "No not yet but the hospital is just fine. I think I'm going to enjoy it there, they have an excellent pediatrics ward that I'm anxious to work in." His eyes twinkled and I was once again struck by Carlisle's pure compassion and love for life. Emmett and Rosalie chose that moment to enter the room from upstairs.

"Yo Felix, Buffy! About time you got here, Alice hasn't been able to sit still all day, though I guess that's nothing new." Emmett chuckled while Alice stuck out her tongue.

"Emmett we've had this conversation before. My name is Anna. AAANNNNNNAAA." I said slowly, dragging out my name like I was talking to a toddler. If he mentioned me in passing to someone else he always used my actual name but to my face I was always addressed as Buffy. You would think after twenty years it would get old, especially since that particular title didn't exactly suit me anymore but he had yet to stop.

"BBBUUUFFFYYY" he said, copying me. The others couldn't hold back their laughter, including Rosalie, and soon I joined in.

"When are you going to give that name up? I haven't been a vampire hunter for, ummm lets see, about twenty years." I said lightly.

"Never, you'll always be that vampire slayer in my eyes." He chuckled and I shook my head. "But enough with your name, now that you two are here I think the forest needs a thinning don't you?" He looked directly at Felix when he said this. Both their smiles grew and I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. Every time we stayed with the Cullens those two spent half their time fighting, though it was all in good fun. While Emmett loved hanging out with Edward and Jasper, his preferred wrestling/fighting partner was now Felix. Not only were they similar in size but Emmett commented on his inability to cheat allowing for a more exciting and fair match. Though I couldn't entirely agree with that observation since Felix could fight pretty dirty when he wanted. Still, this was a common occurrence whenever we stayed with the Cullens and their 'little' matches had become a favorite for Jasper and Edward, even Jacob on occasion, to bet on.

"I agree." Felix said enthusiastically and began to move forward.

"Thousand on Felix." Jasper said quickly, glancing towards Edward expectantly. Edward grinned and nodded before reaching into his pocket to pull out his wallet. Esme shook her head slowly looking at him, not approving of their gambling.

I grabbed the back of Felix's shirt and pulled him back. "Tomorrow, tonight we need to get settled in." I said. He looked like he was about to pout pulled his face together quickly. Felix did not pout, well not in front of an audience anyway.

"We have all day tomorrow to do that." He challenged, Emmett nodding his head in agreement. Rosalie sighed and rolled her eyes before making eye contact with me and exchanging a quick and silent message. The two of us were fairly close now, partly due to our husbands uncanny abilities to act like overgrown children and because I actually gotten to know her, finding her straightforwardness kind of refreshing. Most of the timeā€¦

Though he had a point I was actually hoping to spend the night in our new home togetherā€¦alone. "Well if you really want to but I was under the impression you wanted to find out what I was thinking earlier." I said simply. There was only one thing Felix enjoyed more than fighting and unfortunately for Emmett it was something only I could provide. Felix caught the underlying meaning to my words and quickly changed his tune.

"Well now that I think about it maybe we should really get settled in tonight. Tough luck Emmett, maybe tomorrow night." He said quickly, not bothering to look in his direction. I could tell by the look in his eyes he was very tempted to just pick me up and rush over to the house right this second. I heard Edward let out a small groan, rubbing his temples as he clearly tried to block whatever Felix was thinking from his mind. He had complained to me on more than one occassion not to suggest such things in his presense since apparantly Felix had a very vivid memory and imagination. Opps, sorry Edward I thought quickly, though part of me was both embarrased and amused.

"Freaking whipped." Emmett mumbled, looking genuinely disappointed.

"What was that Emmett?" Rosalie asked, raising an eye brow.

"Nothing." He said quickly and I pressed my lips to hold back a laugh. Rosalie gave me a smirk and I quickly returned it.

I was about to ask Esme which road led to our place when I heard the very faint sound of tires turning onto the Cullens driveway. It wasn't long before I felt the unique auras of Jacob and Renesmee. They pulled into the garage that was off to the side before making their way inside, hand in hand.

Neither had changed since the last time I saw them, with the exception that Jacob's hair was slightly longer, but that didn't surprise me. He wore a simple pair of dark jeans and a red t-shirt though it was all designer due to Alice. I remembered the fight he had with Alice when she refused to allow her niece to be with anyone who wore old, grease smeared faded clothing. He caved eventually like the rest of us but to his credit he lasted a few years. His usual grin was in place as the two of them came towards us.

What always managed to surprise me, however, was Renesmee. For some reason I half expected that adorable and inquisitive little girl to walk through the door even though it's been over ten years since she reached full maturity. She was truly beautiful, a perfect mix of the two worlds she belonged to. Her auburn hair used to cascade down her back almost to her knees but a few years ago she had cut it, much to Alice's dismay, and it now hung a few inches past her shoulders in waves. Unlike her mother she was actually fairly tall, only a few cm off me, though this was a good thing since Jacob was a freaking giant. She also wasn't as slender as Bella but also wasn't as curvy as Rosalie. Her chocolate brown eyes had deepened over time and she wore her father's crooked smile.

She was dressed a little nicer, a dark blue blouse with a pair of white pants. She wasn't as into fashion as Alice but she didn't shy away from it like Bella. The one accessory she never took off was a charm bracelet that matched Bella's but contained a lot more charms; it had miniature, hand carved wolves that corresponded with each member of Jacob's pack as well as something to represent each one of her family members.

"Sorry we're late, Jake practically bought out the entire grocery store." She teased while leaning forward to give me a hug. Jacob had moved past us and flopped down onto the other free chair beside Alice and Jasper. He turned on the TV and began watching a football game and Emmett quickly joined him, sitting on the couch beside Carlisle. I saw Felix's eyes slowly make their way to the screen.

Jacob shrugged, "Hey I can't help it if I eat a lot, its a shape shifter thing. Out of my control."

"Sure, sure. I think it's funny that I'm the one who always ends up putting the food away yet I almost never eat a single bite." She said annoyed.

"Almost never." He agreed, his tone light. He tilted his head back and gave her a smile. She shook her head but her gaze was still loving as she stared at him. She could never stay mad at him long. She turned back to Felix and I.

"So when did you two arrive? I'm surprised you're not at your place."

"We only got here about ten minutes ago. Actually," I tilted my head towards Esme. "I have no idea which road leads to our place."

"Oh I am so sorry. Yours is the one heading north west, I meant to tell you earlier this week but I was just so caught up in finishing up last minute details with all the homes." She replied.

"No need to apologize Esme. I can't wait to see it actually, I'm sure it's amazing as usual." She smiled warmly at me and though she was not one to gloat I could also see the pride in her eyes. Carlisle leaned in and kissed her temple, whispering something into her ear I couldn't hear.

"So have you gotten a glimpse at our uniforms?" Renesmee asked suddenly, a frown on her face. Emmett and Jacob both snorted and the others smirked. Renesmee gave them a hard stare, clearly not amused.

The Cullen clan was splitting up this time in terms of schooling. While Bella, Edward, Jasper, Alice, Emmett and Rosalie were all attending the local public school me and Renesmee had to suffer and attend a private school a bit further away. We thought it best since eight new students in one semester, from one family and who look inhumanly beautiful might be a little too much to pull off. This is one of the reasons Felix and I were not always with them, there were just so many of us and it's hard coming up with a believable story to explain.

I groaned, "No. Are they that bad?"

Alice chimed in, "Oh ya. I went to the school and tried to convince them to let me design some new ones, I even offered to pay for them myself, but they wouldn't budge. Some people just have no sense when it comes to fashion." She sighed and shook her head sadly.

"I think I'll just skip the whole high school drama and go straight for college then." I said hopefully.

"Oh no you aren't. You are not abandoning me." Renesmee said sternly, her hands falling to her hips.

I grimaced, "Fine, I'll endure the uniform for you. Happy?" She nodded her head but you could see the relief there of not having to attend the hell hole alone this coming Monday.

Felix wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me closer, placing a small kiss on my shoulder. "You want to go see the house now?" he asked, not exactly being subtle in his intensions.

"Ya Anna, I'm sure Felix is just dying to check things out." Emmett said loudly, wiggling his eye brows. Alice giggled and I could see the others exchange loaded glances. I didn't bother responding, choosing to grab Felix's hand and head towards the door.

"Good night!" I said quickly as we passed through the threshold.

We were walking down the steps when we once again heard Emmett's voice. "Try not to destroy the thing before the paint has even had a chance to dry." His laugh vibrated through the house. I growled a little.

"Shut up Emmett!" Felix and I said simultaneously, only encouraging his laughter. We jumped into the car and quickly took off down the road. Felix managed to make the turn down leading to our place without leaving tread marks and I found myself getting excited for a number of reasons. The ride took an extra minute, as our place was apparently a bit further into the property. Soon the place came into view and I smiled. Thank you Esme.

It was modern and much of it covered with glass like the main house but it was smaller, consisting of two and a half stories. It was white on the outside but was offset with dark wood accents. From what I saw through the window, the walls were a plain white but Esme did that because she knew I would want to see it before I picked out the colours. I loved it.

Once Felix parked the car I grabbed my small bag from the back and exited into the night air. Most of our stuff, which was not much to begin with, had been shipped here last week. All I had on me were a few personal items and some clothes. I already knew Alice had stocked and organized our closet so I didn't have much on me.

"Home sweet home." Felix said, his voice teasing while he took my hand.

We walked up to the door and took the two keys with ribbons around them hanging from the handle. I walked inside and gazed around as I walked from room to room, taking everything in. The place was simple, not too big and not too small. Every room in the house had a piece of artwork, much of it from Renesmee who happened to have a passion and talent for art. I headed towards the stairs but Felix beat me to it, picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder, earning a playful scream from me. I had a feeling he was dying to do this since he turned off the car but held back to allow me to look around a little.

I didn't ask how he knew which room to go to since I soon myself lying on a bed while Felix kissed me passionately. I made quick work of his shirt, never breaking the kiss, and he did the same to mine. Before I could continue, however, he pulled away slightly. I looked at him questioningly since he had never done that before, usually getting completely lost in his desire.

He stared into my eyes. "Anna." His voice was low and husky. He didn't continue after he said my name and just stared at me.

"What is it?" I said after a moment. I was curious to what was so important for him to stop.

"Are you happy?" He asked. He stroked my face gently, his other hand running up and down my leg. I moved my hands from his chest and wound them around his neck. I was confused to why he would ask that or why he felt the need to.

"Yes. Why are you asking? I haven't given the impression I'm unhappy have I?" I asked, concerned.

"No it's not that." He said quickly.

"Then what?"

"It's just, I know this isn't the life you wanted. I've been there since you were changed and I saw what it did to you and how unhappy you were. I've seen you struggle all these years with what you are. While you seem happy now I was just wondering if part of you still wishes you were human, that you had a different life. Do you have any regrets? You can tell me, I won't get upset." He said seriously while continuing to stroke my face. His eyes held such love but also concern. These types of conversations were not Felix's forte so for him to bring this up meant it was important to him.

"Felix, does a part of me wish I was still human? Yes, I cannot deny that." He opened his mouth to speak but I placed my hand over his, I wasn't done. "But that wish has greatly diminished and I rarely think about it. I have come to terms with who and what I am. There is no going back and no I do not have any regrets. I may have lost my humanity but I gained you and you have made me happy in this life. I couldn't imagine you not in my life and I wouldn't have it any other way." I titled my head and kissed his palm.

He smiled and captured my lips once again. When he moved on to my neck I took the opportunity to ask him something in return

"What about you? I know leaving the Volturi was exactly your idea and that Volterra was your home for so long. Are you happy? Do you have any regrets?" I asked.

He lifted his head and placed a chaste kiss on my lips. "Nope, I have no regrets. Like I said before, I had no problems leaving the Volturi and I must say I enjoy the freedom immensely. You are the best thing to happen to me, anywhere you are is my home." He touched the necklace he gave me, his own dangling just above me, and stared at it before looking me in the eyes. "So yes I am happy." I searched his eyes for any deception and found none. I nodded my head, relieved. "So, should we agree to leave the past to the past?" He said quickly before ducking his head and placing a kiss on my stomach sending a tingling sensation throughout my body.

"Agreed. What matters is today and our future." I said breathlessly, quickly realizing how corny that sounded despite it being grounded in truth.

I felt his lips turn upward as he smirked, kissing his way back to my face, "Even if that future contains ugly uniforms."

"Ugh don't remind me."

"Sorry. I guess I need to find a way to make you forget about them now." His mouth was only a few millimeters away from mine, his breath caressing my lips.

"That sounds like a good idea." I whispered before latching myself onto him. Somehow forever didn't sound like such a horrible thing when you have something amazing to live for.


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