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Ages - Ash and Misty (16)

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Ash glared at his pokémon.

Pikachu, was doing it, again. Not that it was much of a surprise… Pikachu had been doing it from day one in Viridian forest.

First, Ash thought Pikachu had developed some sort of a crush; now as, Pikachu shot him a smirk, Ash confirmed that, perhaps his pokémon was also trying to piss the Mew-damned hell out of him.

It was working thunder-shockingly brilliantly.

Misty giggled, cuddling Pikachu closer, running her hands through his yellow fur. Pikachu gave an adorable "Chaaa" which he knew melted Misty's heart, and snuggled up to her, digging his paws into the sea-green fabric of her sweater.

Lucky, lucky, stupid rat, Ash thought bitterly, staring at the touching sight with narrowed eyes. Why couldn't I have been born furry and yellow and cute. Anyways, he's the one who fried her bike not me! Still he gets away with cuddles and I get – nothing… Ash looked at Pikachu, jealousy rising within him.

Pikachu, of course, was delighted by the affection lavished upon him by Misty, and snuggled it's face into Misty's fiery red hair. Misty's hair was down, and hung past her shoulders. It looked soft, so soft, and smelt heavenly, like strawberries, Ash decided. He wanted nothing more than to do what Pikachu was doing right now.

"Pika pika chu pi Pikachupi!" Pikachu chirped happily. You're hair is really pretty Misty.

Yeah it is… hey! Stop hitting on her, you rat! I'm gonna make Squirtle and Bulbasaur water gun and vine whip him into oblivion, Ash vowed angrily to himself.

"Pi pika chu…" it continued shyly. So are you.

Ash controlled the sudden urge to call Pikachu into it's pokéball… not that Pikachu would listen anyways, the brat.

Misty smiled sweetly, her green-blue eyes sparkling. She looked especially pretty today for some reason, and the sweater bought out the color of her eyes.

She is really pretty… and her eyes are so sparkly…gr, Pikachuuuuu!!! I swear you're staying in your pokéball now, I don't care if you hate it!

"Aw, thanks, you're such a cutie Pikachu!" Misty gushed, rewarding Pikachu by kissing him on the cheek, which made Pikachu's cheeks spark. It grinned at Ash, apparently unaware of it's trainers torment.

Ash nearly fell off the couch. What?! NO?!!! She – she – oh, I hate you Pikachu!!! Next time Team Rocket comes they can have you – I mean NO! Of course not! But why! Why why why! Why not me!!! I knew Misty liked Pikachu more than me, but this isn't fair!!! He whined mentally for a while, still unable to tear his eyes off of Misty.

Somehow, watching her play with Pikachu, (a common sight, which neither Misty nor Pikachu seemed to tire of; sometimes Ash felt like they both liked each other more than him) though infuriating, sent a shiver down his spine, as Ash wondered what it would be like if it was his hair she was running her fingers through and his cheek she was nuzzling with her own.

Ash however, for the time being, could do nothing, but sit whilst bubbling with envy, and wishing he was a yellow-colored, electrically charged rat.