Mew was getting extremely bored. Bouncing around on clouds was fun, but could get slightly annoying after years of doing it.

What Mew needed, was some entertainment. Watching Ash Ketchum struggle for Misty's affections as a Pikachu was amusing enough.

Mew giggled to itselft, an idea forming in it's mischevious mind. Yes, that would certainly provide entertainment.

What pokémon, though? A water-type obviously… a small, cute water-type.

Mew grinned to itself.

Azurill would do.


Misty awoke that day, to receive the surprise of her life.

She was blue. And furry. And round. And small.

Wow, that was something she'd always wished for. Wonder what my sisters would think if they saw me now, Misty thought sarcastically.

As she surveyed her round tail (which was the size of her freaking body), she realised what had happened.

Must've been that Mew which transformed Ash… she thought to herself.

Oh well, at least she was a water-type.

And, pokémon are Ash's soft spot (other than me) so this should be fun…


"Toge toge pri?" Who are you? Togepi seemed rather excited on having a new friend, who was it's size, and a baby like it.

"Azu ril rill. Azu azu riiiill." It's me, mommy, Togepi. I got transformed. Misty replied.

She wanted to pet Togepi, but it was rather difficult, as she was short and had no arms. So she settled for nuzzling it instead.

"Toge?" Togepi seemed worried, but Azu-Misty-ril assured her that she would probably transform back in a day.

At least she hoped… because only the real Misty got french-kissed by hot pokémon trainers with chocolate brown eyes and gorgeously messy black hair.


"Azu azu ril!" Misty squeaked cutely at Ash, who looked down at her with warm brown eyes.

"Hey, cool, a pokémon!" he cried, eyes glinting.

Don't bring out that annoying pokédex. Please, Ash, recognize me you idiot! I'm your freaking girlfriend! I mean – come on! If you transformed then – okay never mind.

Ash pulled out Dexter, who immediately spoke in it's annoying monotone.

"Azurill, the baby pokémon. Evolves into Marill. These pokémon are very bouncy and like to splash around in the water."

What an idiot, even Togepi could have told me that. Bouncy. Sheesh. Stupid Dexter, thought Misty, rolling her little Azurill eyes. It can't even tell I'm human.

Ash grinned at Misty, a wide grin that melted her heart, even though she despised him for what she knew he was bound to do next.

"Great! I'm gonna catch you Azurill!" Ash cried enthusiastically.

Don't you dare throw a pokéball at me, Ash Ketchum.

Ash rotated his hat. "Pokéball, GO!" he yelled.

Still hasn't learnt you have to weaken it before catching it. Moron. Hey, OUCH! That hurts you dense psycopath!!!

Misty gave a cry as the pokéball bounced off of her. She glared at Ash,

"You loser! You see an adorable baby pokémon and you throw a pokéball at it?! Have you no heart! Don't you want to cuddle me! I mean, I'm probably a scared, lonely defenseless little baby!!! Dumbass!" Misty scolded squeakily.

Ash looked at her, his mouth hanging open in shock. Apparently, he could understand her Azu-language.

"H-huh?" he asked stupidly.

"I'm Misty, you dolt!" the Azurill squealed, bonking him on the head with her large tail, which she thought could serve as a temporary mallet; unfortunately it wasn't as hard, but oh well...

Ash suddenly grinned, kneeling down till they were face to face.

"Hey, that's great Misty! Will you be my pokémon for awhile?" he asked, smiling. He was looking at her so sweetly, and he offered her his hand.

"Are you crazy, Ash Ketchum! Be your pokémon so you can order me around and win battles with me?! No thank you!" Misty squeaked.

Ash smiled even wider, patting Misty's soft head with his glove-covered hands. Misty shuddered. She loved those gloves, they were like some kind of a fetish with her. Fingerless gloves… ah, the feeling…

"I'll pet you, and cuddle you and do nice things to you…" Ash said with a charming smile, his eyes dancing.

Oh, how can I say no to that… he is really nice with pokémon… but he's like that with me anyways!

"You do all that anyways." Misty replied, bonking him on the head again with her tail. That was fun!

Ash laughed. "Is that your new mallet, Mist?" he asked, offering her his hand again.

Misty looked at him disdainfully (though the expression did not look as threatening as it would on her human face, since she had the adorable face of an Azurill).

"Do you want to hold my hand? Well, Ash Ketchum, you're as blind as a Zubat. Haven't you noticed, I don't have any freaking hands?!"

Ash raised his eyebrows, and took Azurill's tail in his hands, stroking it. "Will this do then? And stop trying to scowl, it doesn't work on that cute little face of yours…"

Azu-Misty stuck her tongue out at Ash. "Are you gonna cuddle me or not?!"

Ash smirked. "So that's what you wanted all along…" He picked Misty up, and placed her in his lap, stroking her with divine, fingerless-gloved hands.

Misty shivered with delight, as his fingers brushed her fur, but then froze.

Ash Ketchum, I am a female. Do NOT touch me there!

Oblivious Ash, however continued to caress her, which was not really inappropriate, considering she was a baby pokémon.

"Ash Ketchum, you dirty boy, stop feeling me!" Misty demanded, opening her mouth wide, and shooting a well-aimed water gun into is face.

That was even better than the mallet! Hahahaha…

"M-Mist?!" Ash spluttered, shaking his wet bangs out of his eyes.

Ooh, he looks sexy when he's all wet, Misty thought, and proceeded to water gun him again.

Ash glared at her, his wet hair dripping, and his shirt now stuck to his torso, accentuating the muscles underneath.

Misty trilled happily, as she stared at him. He looked delicious. Too bad she was stuck as a damn pokémon when all she wanted at that moment was to be french-kissed by a wet Ash.

"Gee, Misty, what was that for?!" he demanded with that sexy glare, to the tiny pokémon which was bouncing around gleefully in his arms. Misty cuddled up to his chest.

"I'm a female. You shouldn't touch me there Ash!"

Ash snorted. "You're a baby, Misty. You haven't exactly – uh – developed yet."

Misty chose to ignore this, as he was right. "Besides, I think you're really sexy when you're wet" she squeaked, annoyed at the high pitch of her babyish Azurill voice.

Ash raised his eyebrows. "If you weren't a baby pokémon, I'd be kissing you like crazy for that one, Mist."

"Azuuuuuuu!!!" Misty moaned despondantly. I knoooow!!!

Ash smiled sympathetically, and cuddled her closer to him, nuzzling her with his cheek.

"It's alright Mist. Just wait a bit, and you'll transform back." He kissed her softly on the head, and Misty trembled with pleasure.

"I don't know why I'm being so nice to you…" Ash continued, and Azu-Misty glared at him.

"Don't try glaring, it's not effective, you're too cute." Ash said, smirking.

Misty narrowed her eyes.

"What I meant was, I shouldn't have kissed you. You were such a tease when I was a Pikachu… you never kissed me even though I complimented you and everything…"

"I didn't understand a word of what you were saying. And anyways, I kissed you later, so you should be happy."

Ash winked. "Oh, I was…" he replied, trailing his fingers across her round little body, and nuzzling her cheek with his lips.

"Ash don't – do – mm, that feels nice – I'm – an – Azurill – Ash, you shouldn't – oh…." Misty succumbed to temptation and allowed his gentle caresses.

"This is inappropriate Ash… what if someone sees…" she whispered.

"They'll think I'm just cuddling my favorite pokémon, big deal!" Ash replied nonchalantly. "I think I like you like this… I can do whatever you want, without fearing you'll beat me up…heh…"

Misty immediately bounced out of his arms, and proceeded to shoot a stream of bubbles in his face.

Ash coughed. "Th-thanks a lot Mist, I was just –"

"I'm a pokémon, Ash. Stop flirting with me." she commanded.

"Like I'm gonna listen to you, pip-squeak." Ash replied insolently, flipping onto his stomach so he was eye-level with her. He grinned, winking at her.

Misty wanted to kiss him and punch him at the same time. Since the previous was not possible, she bonked him on the head with her tail again.

"Sheesh, Misty… I know you love me, but try to be less obvious with your physical affection… control yourself, girl!" Ash was smirking again.

Oh damn. How'd he figure that out? He can't know that I only beat him up so I can flirt with him and touch him?! I thought he was scared of me!!!

"That is not true, Ash Ketchum." Azu-Misty snarled, or attempted to snarl, which wasn't easy, as it came out squeaky.

Ash's mouth curved upwards. "You're really cute when you're mad. Even as a human." he said coquettishly.

Misty's heart leapt, and she felt a funny fluttering in her stomach.

"And you do it because you can't get enough of me, I know it!" he continued.

"Why you little – I do not!" Misty cried, resorting to the phrase she unfailingly used when she couldn't think of a good enough insult.

"You do too!" Ash challenged with his ultimate comeback, sinking back into their old, redundant and extremely immature argument, which neither of them tired of even after years.

"A zu rill!" I do not!

"You do too!"

"A zu rill!"

"You do too!"

"Zu Rill!"

"Do too!"





Brock walked in at that moment, to see Ash, lying on his stomach, yelling at an adorable little squeaking pokémon.

Gee Ash, Brock thought. Are you pretending that's Misty or something.

Misty, finally tired off this argument in a few minutes, and proceeded to unleash a water gun into Ash's face.

"That was unfair, Misty!" Ash cried, coughing, shaking his head.

Azu-Misty smiled sweetly at him. "Azu azu…" I love you Ash.

Ash's eyes immediately softened, and he petted her sweetly.

"Love you too Mist…" he said, gazing at her in adoration.

Misty shivered. She loved that look. Usually it meant he would kiss her soon, but that wasn't possible now. She still loved it though.

Brock watched on in shock. I was right! But why is he calling that blue furball Misty and telling it he loves her?! Crazy, hormonal kid…

A few hundred metres up, watching from the clouds, Mew was rolling around in hysterics.


Ash sat, leaning against the tree, watchin the sun set over the horizon. Azu-Misty was cuddled in his arms, and they sat together in silence.

"Too bad you're not a human." Ash told her. "Isn't this what you'd call really romantic?"

Misty nodded up at him with shining black eyes.

"I guess we'll have to wait till tomorrow…" Ash conceded, though he dropped a kiss on her head. He loved her so much, even as a pokémon.


Mew watched from above, squeeing at the pair. Mew liked romance, it really did.


Misty squeaked as she felt a weird tingling sensation in her body. She started to shimmer, and Ash looked at her in shock.

"Azu – I mean Misty – are you okay?!" he asked, panicking.

Misty realised what was happening immediately.

Well since this is the last time I can do this… she thought, she opened her mouth and sprayed Ash with a full-force water gun, until he was soaking wet.

"Misty!!!" Ash groaned, but opened his eyes wide as she transformed back right in front of him.

"M-Misty?" he asked tenderly, looking at the beautiful girl who was now sitting in his lap, her arms around his neck, and his encircling her waist.

"Well, I guess I'm back, Ash…" she whispered, heart thumping in anticipation. The look in Ash's eyes gave her hope of what to expect.

Ash smiled, brushing a few strands of bright hair off her cheek, and pulling her closer.

"Do I get finally get kissed now?" Misty begged.

"Maybe…" Ash said teasingly, caressing her cheek with his fingertips.

"Please Ash…" she said in a voice as sweet as honey. "You know I have my mallet back now…"

Ash laughed. "But you wouldn't want to ruin a perfectly romantic moment, would you Mist?" he whispered, kissing her (finally human) cheek, and shifting his hands to her hips.

Misty glared at him now, a deadly, dangerous glare, which was quite threatening on her human face.

"You're really hot when you're mad Misty… I think I'll annoy you more…" Ash smirked incorrigibly, doing precisely that.

"Ash Ketchum…" an extremely turned on Misty growled, in a way which Ash found extremely sexy.

"Do that again, Mist… sounds nice…"

"You are horrible!" she hissed, her lips still a few cm away from his. "I made you wet because I think you look so good that way, and you do, and I've been dying to get frenched by you for hours, and all you do is act like the insensitive, moronic jerk that we both know you are, and tease me!"

Ash grinned, running a hand through his wet hair (which he knew Misty longed to do herself, but her ego would not let her) and winked. "Come on, Mist, we both know you love the teasing…" he said smoothly.

"You little imbecile! How can you be such a –"

Ash, still smirking, cut off Misty's rant by pushing her down onto the grass, and pressing himself against her. She gasped.

"You were saying?" Ash questioned, raising an eyebrow cockily.

"I – I hate you…" Misty whimpered. "And – I think you're a – a – mmm….!"

Misty was cut off, as Ash lowered his lips to hers, rewarding her with a long, passionate, much-desired french kiss.


Up in the clouds, Mew clapped it's hands in delight as it watched Ash lead Misty by her hand into his tent.