So while I take my time with Crises of Infinite Ravens, I figured I'd do a series of quickie one-shots to keep people occupied. Like the title suggests, each one-shot chapter showcases a different moment in the life of Beast Boy and Raven. Some funny, some sexy (like this one. Lemon ahead, just so ya know), some sad, others just downright random. Consider this the appetizer before the main course, mmmk?


It always happened the same way, just like tonight was going, and he never got tired of it. Her bounces would pick up speed, the bed squeaking louder and louder. Her breathing would be become hard and ragged, her hair stringy and matted with sweat. She would start to chant his name over and over, like it was her new mantra, all the while bouncing and grinding harder. Her hands would ball up the sheets, almost as if she had to hold for dear life, lest she fall off of him.

But there was no way he was going to let that happen.

"Garfieeeeeeellddddddd!" she hissed behind clenched teeth. He nodded and didn't say anything, though he couldn't speak if he wanted to. In moments like these, his eyes locked on to her, admiring every delicate inch and curve she had to offer.

She never exercised as much or as hard as Robin, but she did train in her own way. Meditation and yoga kept her "mind and body at peace" she would say. He would say it just made her look hot, though that was a topic of debate between the two. It's not like he could exactly help it. He thought she was hot and that's it, especially now at this exact second.

When he was a boy, before his parents took him to Africa, he remembered going on a field trip to a museum and seeing some statutes. Most of them were made of hard, chiseled granite and had sturdy, rigid features, but there was one statute that he could never forget. It was some naked lady, maybe a goddess or something, he didn't pay attention to that. But rather, he paid attention to the way it looked. It was carved from what seemed to be a smooth, pale marble that almost seemed to glow in the light. It was smooth to the touch, without flaw and in stark contrast to everything else he saw. And that's what she reminded him off, that marble statute.

Well, a marble statue with great boobs, anyway. He always loved her boobs.

The climax was drawing closer and closer, with each thunderous moment passing in a heart beat. He could tell by the franticness in which she moved she was close too. His skinny green hands rested on her pale hips, holding her in place as she went for broke. Her eyes flashed a solid white like they always do, her head tossed back and she screamed his name as loud as she could. (This never bothered the other Titans like it used to, since Raven discovered a spell that would basically make the room sound proof for 24 hours.)

She collapsed on top of him, resting her head on his wirey green chest. A few moments passed by, with neither one speaking, but rather enjoying the company of the other. Like always, he kissed the crown of her head, which would cause her to crawl back up and share a more intense, passionate kiss with him. The blankets would illuminate in her powers and cover them in their warmth, and soon they'd be snuggled up close together on the satin sheets.

It was almost the same routine every time, but he'd never get tired of it.