"This is absolutely ridiculous." Raven lamented from behind the bathroom door.

"No it's not, it's awesome and you know it is." Beast Boy countered from the other side.

Even though Raven was standing in the bathroom, it was not actually the main bathroom of the Tower. Due to Beast Boy's frequent consumption of cans of XXL MEGA GULP soda, it lead to the green changeling using the facilities more-so than any other Titan. Due to this, Cyborg spent an entire week installing private bathrooms in each of their bedrooms. On this particular night, with the rest of the team asleep, Raven was locked inside the bathroom, with a very urgent Beast Boy on the other side.

"Yes, this is extremely awesome." Raven deadpanned, sighing heavily to herself. Beast Boy, however, was not to be deterred.

"Hey now, the way I see it, you owe me, dude." he said. And the truth is, she did owe him. Several weeks ago, Scarecrow had attacked a Wayne Chemical plant in the industrial section of Jump City, The Titans were quick to dispatch the foe, but not before Raven took a blast of Fear Gas to the face. Almost immediately the empath began to experience wild and vivid hallucinations of a resurrected Trigon tearing through the landscape, as she watched her hideous glowing birthmarks burn red and angry on her pale skin. It was actually Beast Boy who had encompassed the Azarathian in his strong gorilla arms and carried her, writhing and screaming, back to the Tower so Robin could induce an antidote into her blood stream.

"I admit, I do, but I never imagined this is what you would ask for." she said quietly.

"C'mon Rae, I do all kinds of stuff for you! I go to your poetry readings, and that weird coffee house you like so much. I read the books you recommended and I don't even play as many video games as I used to. So, you totally owe me."

Raven sighed heavily, knowing she had been beaten by her jade skinned beau. Hesitantly, she typed the access code from the inside of the bathroom, waited for the doors to slide open, and reluctantly stepped out into their bedroom. Her normal leotard and cloak were now gone and instead she was wearing something a bit more...revealing.

Her bosom was enclosed in a bra-like top that seemed to be made from brass, that fastened over her neck and behind her back with flimsy pieces of string. The bottom was a g-string like "panty", with red flowing silk over the front and back, accompanied with two ankle-high leather boots. To anyone else, this would seem like a normal thing a couple might use to spice up their bedroom life. But to a trained eye, such as Beast Boy's, this was obviously a perfect recreation of the outfit Slave Girl Princess Leia wore in Return of the Jedi, while under capture by Jabba the Hutt.

And Beast Boy couldn't be anymore excited.

"Happy now?" she said, not amused by her outfit.

"No, no, you gottta say the line! Say the line too!" he said.

Raven rolled her eyes, and recited her line with such over-the-top hamfisted delivery, it would seem to have come right out of Starfire's beloved soap operas.

"Oh save me, Han Solo! Save me from Jabba the Hutt! Quickly, as you are my only hope!" she mockingly lamented..

"Don't worry, Leia." Beast Boy said, trying his best to mimic Han Solo's cocky bravado and failing miserably at it. His hand slipped behind the small of her back as he pulled her in for a passionate kiss. "My engine is tuned and ready and we're gonna make the jump to light speed."