Summary: Isabella Marie Swan, wealthy, beautiful, sporty, and only 17 years old and was abandoned by both of her parents when born and sent to live with her aunt. Her dads an retired NFL quarterback who disappeared after finding out about an unborn Bella. Bella also has a major secret. Bella meets young talented Emmett McCarty. He's the best QB in the NFL and 24 years old. When they suddenly meet will sparks fly? Will there relationship last with the 7 year age difference? Will jealousy ruin them? Or will Bella's little secret ruin them?

So this is the remake of Love on the Field! I hope you like!

Chapter one: Beautiful girls.

Pairing: Em x B.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight! Stephanie Meyer does!

Word count: 4701.

POV: Emmett's.

Love On the Field!

There is that one moment before the last play in a football game; when the crowd is dead silent, waiting with fierce hopeful thoughts that their team will win the game. That moment is my moment. The moment when I know that everybody is depending on me. The heavy pads on my body weigh down on me, the sweat is poring down on my tan forehead, my semi blonde hair is matted with sweat and dirt, and the inside of my football helmet smells the worst. My breathing is coming out labored, and my loud, deep voice calls out to my teammates. My Chicago Bears uniform is stained with green grass stains and mud stains. All my muscles groan in protest as I lift the ball one more time, ready to try to make the last touchdown. My job as the quarterback on the team is to find an open player as fast as possible, sometimes it doesn't work out. Sometimes I don't throw it far enough, or my teammate doesn't catch it, or my teammate gets tackled before the ball reaches him. My goal, as an offense player, is to get the ball to the touchdown. I have to trust my teammates to block me as I look for an open player, to guard me.

When I was a young boy, maybe around five or six years old, I remember always wanting to be in the Army when I was out of high school. All the other little boys wanted to be in the sports industry or a police officer, but my father was in the Army and he died defending my country and I wanted to be just like him. I wanted to die doing something that would change the world I live in today. I find it funny how dreams change over the years, how reality hits you in the face. In middle school I only played football because everybody else did and it got my mind off of school. In high school I played football because I hated school and I needed a reason for me to stay in school with semi good grades. In college I played football because I found out I was actually good at it.

I didn't have that fairytale child hood. The childhood where you have two loving parents, a huge backyard to play in all day, and all the toys you have ever dreamed off. Instead I was a boy, in an orphanage who nobody ever wanted to keep and had nothing at all but his little sister. I don't understand why nobody ever wanted me, they always wanted my little sister but I would never let anyone take her away from me. I was a cute little boy, with blonde curls, blue eyes, and dimples to kill. I was a trouble maker though, always getting in trouble anywhere I went.

My mom left my sister Alice and I at an orphanage when I was around four years old. Alice was like six months. I know most kids would probably hate there mothers who had left them at an orphanage, but my mom had a good reason. I learned the reason why my mom really did that when I was around twelve, she couldn't care for us. My dad was in the Army and he died when my mom was pregnant with Alice.

I've been told by so many people that I look and act like my father. I smile every time I hear it from somebody, even if it is a random person. One time a random guy at the store walked up to me and pulled out his wallet. He handed me a picture of my dad, my mom, and me when I was a baby. For years the only way I could go to sleep was staring at that picture wondering what would have happened if my dad wouldn't have died. My dad had blonde hair, ice blue eyes, dimples exactly like mine, he was tall, around 6'7 maybe, and had muscles everywhere. I have a softer nose then my dad, but still I look almost the same and I have my mom ears. I look like I could be my dad's twin, height and all.

Finally, when I was around eleven years old Alice and I were adopted by; Carlisle and Esme Cullen. We still have our father's last name, McCarty. I love Carlisle and Esme, they are such good people. There the best adoptive parents ever. I even call them mom and dad. They have one son named Edward, we are like real brothers. He's older then me, I'm twenty-four and he's twenty-six. He got drafted about a year ago, when he was twenty-five for the Chicago Bears. I got drafted when I was twenty-three, right out of College. A total of eight teams had tried to draft me. Chicago, being my home and the team I was most familiar with, I chose. I had awards one from Illinois state, such as QB of the year and many more. So they already had heard of me before. My best friend Jasper and I met when I joined the team. I am now one of the best Quarterbacks in the whole entire NFL.

Jasper Whitlock is my best friend. He is twenty-three years old and has a girlfriend, and that girlfriend just so happens to be my little sister, Alice. I've told him a million times that if he breaks my little sister's heart, I'll kill him personally. His twin Rosalie, is so fucking annoying, she is in love with me apparently and stalks me.

"Alright men! This year is going to be a great year for the Chicago Bears. We've got some talented players on our team. I know it's going to be hard, as we don't have a stadium to practice at for the next two weeks. So meet at the Chicago high school stadium. Fallow me if you don't know how to get there."

I sighed getting up from where I was sitting at the park near my penthouse with my football team. I glanced at Edward and Jasper as they walked to there cars that were parked behind mine. I sniffed, my practice football uniform would need to be washed, and I don't know how to do laundry. Usually I bring all my clothes to my mom or she comes over to Jasper and mine's penthouse, but last time she washed them she threatened me

That she would throw all my clothes away if she had to do my laundry one more time.

My maroon lifted Hummer sat next to the curb looking beautiful. I smiled brightly. My Hummer is my baby. I had it lifted when I got it. Now my Hummer towers of little Alice. She's barely as tall as the wheel.

Ten minutes later; I found myself pulling into the Chicago high school parking lot. The stadium wasn't huge but was pretty big for a high school stadium. There where a couple entrances that where tunnels.

It was a Saturday morning; I really didn't suspect anyone to be here. So I was rather surprised when I saw three cars sitting in the parking lot. The weren't shitty cars too, they where nice cars. Two Mazda's and one Nissan. They aren't cars I'd get excited about, but they look like they were redone. The first car is a blue Mazda and looked like it was redone into a drifting car, as the others looked. The second Mazda was green. The Nissan was by far the coolest looking. It was navy blue with a bright orange strip down the middle on the side. All the windows are tinted dark. I pulled in about two spaces from it.

"Do you know who cars these are?" Edward asked me. I stared at him. Is he stupid?

"Does it look like it? God Ed-" I was cut off by Jazz.

"Don't even fucking respond to that Edward." Jasper groaned. I stared at him not blinking. I cracked up laughing and Jazz and Eddie looked at me weird.

"Oh God!" I gasped through breaths. "Jazz you fucker! You sounded like a fucking girl. "Don't even Fucking respond Edward!" I mimicked in a girly voice.

Jazz and Eddie sighed and rolled their eyes at me. I stopped laughing after a minute.

"Alright let's go!" I said, looking around for everyone else. We where the first one's there.

I grabbed me and Jazz's bags of equipment out of the back. I threw Jazz's to him and we started to walk towards the Football field. In the distance I could see five guys playing football.

Four of them where in just shorts and shirts, but one of them was in a sweat outfit covering his whole body with the hood on. The guy looked too petite and small to be a guy. Oh well, not all guys work out.

They must have heard us walk in because they looked at us and ran. I stood there confused.

"You know why they ran all the sudden." Jazz asked me, I smirked.

"They saw my hotness and were blinded, so they had to leave." I said running a hand threw my pretty shaggy, blonde hair.

"More like blinded with your arrogance and ugliness." Jazz said shielding his eyes while Eddie snickered. I scoffed walking out onto the large field. Jazz and Ed fallowed me.

I opened my mouth and shut a couple times before I finally said with a pout "Please. At least I don't look like a girl."

"You're calling me a girl; you're the one that goes trick or treating every year like a five year old girl."

"Hey bro… you're old, I'm young. I can still trick or treat if I want to." I told him folding my arms across my muscular chest in a child like manner.

"Emmett, sorry to break it to you… but your twenty four."

"And you're twenty six. Now let's get past the things we already know and back to the current problem."

"Urgh… Emmett you're fuck-"

"Would you two shut up?" Edward snapped.

I turned to him pouting and whined. "But I was winning!"

"Emmett just be quiet, nobody wants to hear you." Edward groaned.

"Nobody wants to hear you Eddie. People would rather hear and see me more then they would rather see you. Did you know I was the most Googled person in the world last week? I finally beat Paris Hilton. "

"Emmett you moron, that is only because you kept Googling your self all day on Monday trying to raise your score." Jasper informed, I glared at him.

"Alright, alright let's go play some football." I said walking towards Jazz and stealing the football out of his hands. "Edward go long!"

Edward starting running, his bony legs taking him as fast as he could go. I laughed at loud, I mean any one would, it's an amusing site. I threw the football towards him. He turned and caught it.

"Hey Emmett man, I got to go pee. I'll be right back." Jazz yelled walking threw one of the tunnels. I laughed at him.

Edward threw the football towards me but he over threw it and it went into one of the tunnels.

"You know I think it's funny that you even got drafted for the team, you suck! I'm not getting that!" I yelled. The ball was sitting half way threw the tunnel. It was about 35 yards away.

"Emmett you stupid idiot! You're so lazy!" Edward yelled. He was 45 yards away from the tunnel. I burst out laughing at Stupid Idiot. That's what I named my old dead turtle in the 7th grade because I didn't want him so I named him 'Stupid Idiot'. Then after I started to get used to him, I named him Jose.

After I was done with my laughing I yelled. "Edward, you're calling me lazy. Look at you; you have more fat than a woman who only eats fried Twinkies!"

"Uh, you're an idiot Go suck a wiener" He yelled starting to run towards me. Edward doesn't like to cuss.

"No thanks, pussy!" I yelled back. Edward all the sudden stopped running and were starring past me at the tunnel where the football was. I fallowed his gaze to the tunnel and was surprised to see five figures. The guys who ran when they saw us. The one with the sweat outfit on was holding the football in his hands.

He put his hand up signaling me to back up another 10 yards. I scoffed; the guy looked like he weighed 105 pounds, no muscle. I backed up to the 45 yard line.

"I doubt you can actually throw that far!" Edward yelled.

"You want to bet?" One of the other guys yelled.

I was about to open my mouth and say something to the guy in the sweat outfit threw the ball towards me. The ball was coming at me in a perfect spiral. It was going to go past me, over my head. I quickly jumped up and reached my hand out over my head. I felt the ball touch my hand. I closed my one hand around it then brought it down to my other hand pocketing it into my side. I stumbled back a few steps from the force of the ball. I caught my balance and looked up. Four of the guys just laughed at my amazed face.

I slowly started to walk towards them. I looked behind them to see Jasper behind them confused. I just shrugged at him.

I turned my focus back to the five guys. The one who threw it had his head bent forward. I couldn't see an inch of skin on his face. As I got closer to them the 4 guy's laughs died down into total silence.

"Nice arm dude." I said to him nodding. One of the guys snickered while one of the other guys hit him upside the head.

"Don't talk or something?" Edward asked him coming up behind me.

"Oh s- he talks." one of the guys snickered.

"Really he might be able to throw but can he get the ball pass me to the touch down?" Edward asked. I smirked my cocky smirk, knowing nobody, not even some of NFL' s best football players could get past Edward.

"Is that a challenge?" asked one of the guys.

"You know it." I said still smirking.

"Okay go ahead 'B'." the guy said to the one guy who wasn't talking at all. The guy nodded and stepped forward.

Me, Edward, and the guy walked to the 50 yard line. The four guys and Jasper walked over to the side in between the 50 yard line and the touchdown. I turned to Eddie and the guy.

"Okay." I started rubbing my hands together. "This is how it's going to go down. Edward you going to go to the 70 yard line. Uh, what ever your name is you'll have the ball and you'll have to get pass Eddie here to the touchdown." I said. They both nodded. Edward ran to the 70 yard line.

I turned to the guy and passed the ball. He caught it easily. I thought I saw a piece of long curly brown hair stick out but he turned quickly. I shook my head. Must be imaging things.

I jogged over to the side lines by the 50 yard line. I crossed my arms against my chest making my huge hulk like muscles look even bigger. Eddie and the guy where looking at me waiting. I nodded at them.

The guy took off like a damn NASCAR. God, was this kid fast or what? He seemed to have no muscle under those baggy clothes but damn can he run. The ball was tucked into his side. I started to jog slowly towards the 70 yard line to get a better look. Eddie lunged at him but the guy spun around him with ease. Holy Shit… Edward fell. He quickly got up and sprinted towards the guy.

The guy slowed down. I shook my head. Why the hell is he slowing down?

Edward quickly caught up to the guy and lunged for his legs again. The guy jumped up doing an, what is it called? Uh, oh shit, that cheerleading move, oh yeah, a toe touch.

"Oh, fuck…" I yelled dragging out the fuck. Holy shit, that would hell a hurt. Men aren't supposed to be able to do that.

The guy landed while Eddie fell to the floor breathing fucking hard. He keeps running to the touch down and made it rather quickly. I just stood there gapping like a damn fish.

"Damn man! You got some fucking skills!" I yelled running up the guy.

"Is that how you talk to your mom?" a tinkling bell like voice rang from under the hood. My eye brows scrunched together.

"Are you gay?" I blurted out not really thinking. Maybe he has a voice problem?

"Nah, I'm straight." he said. Now I'm confused.

"Uh..." was my smart response. The she-man let out a tinkling bell like laugh filling my ears with music. What the fuck? Am I gay?

The she-man started to pull down it's pants.

"Oh man…Dude, what ever the hell you are I really don't want to see your junk? I am not gay." I told myself blocking my eyes. "In less you don't have any." I added.

I heard a soft snort but I just chose to not watch.

"You can look!" came an extreme sexy bell like voice. Damn, I am gay?

I couldn't control my curiosity at all. My head instantly turned towards who ever the hell this person is. I probably looked like a complete moron. Standing there with my mouth totally dropped open and my eyes probably wide as saucers. I can't help it though. This girl, no woman! Is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She's short, but taller than Alice. Maybe around 5'2, 5'1. She wore a pair of simple green Vans. Her mile long legs wore a simple pair of dark wash jean shorts. Her tight green wife beater fit her perfectly. Showing all her perfect, tight abs. Her skin tone was tan. Her face was perfect. Heart shape with a thin chin and high, strong cheek bones that held a faint blush.

Her eyes are beautiful. Almond shaped and the deepest green I have ever seen. Her button nose fit her beautiful face perfectly. Her lips are plump and kissable. Her hair is a soft brown, with a reddish tint in it. It fell in soft curls, all the way to her perfect ass.

I gave a low whistle.

"Damn." I growled. She smirked at me.

"You have a very large vocabulary." she said sarcastically.

"Well baby, when it comes to you; those are the only two words I can think of. Let me say it one more time; damn, you're beautiful."

"That was uh, three words." she corrected patting my shoulder. I felt a huge tingle go threw my spine. I shook my head, she was definitely something.

"It's your beauty, it makes me speechless… and brainless. " I winked at her.

"Charming… but cocky." she looked up at me threw her long lashes.

"Baby, is that-"

"McCarty, lay off!" Coach yelled. I stepped away from this beautiful girl and turned to see coach behind me. The rest of the team where standing behind him gapping. I just stared at Coach shocked. He has never yelled at me to lay off when flirting with a girl.

"What the hell? When did you get here?" I asked him, he glared at me. I shut my mouth.

"Would you all stop gapping like damn fish." she snapped at al of them. I watched in amusement as they all snapped there mouths shut.

"How'd you learn how to play like that?" Coach asked her.

"Its in my genes." she turned to coach with a kind smile.

"In your genes? I know I'd like to get in your jeans." I said with a cocky smile, Coach slapped me up side the head.

"What do you mean?" Coach asked ignoring my incredulous stare.

"What I mean is; that it is in my genes." I just stared at her confused. What? She saw my stare and sighed. "My dad was the star NFL football player Charlie Swan." she mumbled, I stared at her with my mouth open. Thee Charlie Swan? Oh shit! Charlie Swan; retired QB of the bears. The guy is a fucking legend. He broke so many NFL records, it got him a record. He led the Bears into eight-back to back-super bowls. I heard that he fell in love with some cheerleader, Renee Dwyer and got her pregnant. He wasn't ready he claimed. He than left her. Nobody has heard from him since. I glanced at coach, he had an unrecognizable expression on his slightly, wrinkled, tan face.

"You know, it's really hard to believe that he just got up a let. Leaving everything behind. Stupid bastard. If I had a beautiful girlfriend and probably a great kid on the way I wouldn't leave like pussy. I'd be a man and face my problems, not run away." I ranted, from the side I saw Coach give me the evil eye.

"Thanks Emmett. That was kind of sweet of you." Bella mumbled. I stared at her in shock memorized. She stared right back at me.

"Okay. Break it up you two. It's nice to meet you. I'm Coach. This young cocky shit is; Emmett McCarty. Even though he usually isn't this cocky." Coach informed, I glared at him.

She giggled and it was the most beautiful sound in the world. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Isabella-"

"Well Isabella-"

"Bella, please."

"Well Bella. I was wondering if we could go speak in private for a minute. It won't take long. I'd like to ask you something." Coach asked her, she nodded. He motioned for her to fallow him to the stands. She flashed me a brilliant smile before going. I felt my heart beat faster

Shit now she'll never like me. I know I'd like to get into your jeans. Why the hell did I say that? What the fuck is wrong with me.

"McCarty!" I heard a distant yell. I snapped out of my disturbing thoughts. I spun around to see Jazz standing there. "What's wrong with you man? You looked at that girl-"

"Bella-" I corrected.

"You looked at Bella like I look at Ali (Alice). Oh shit! Mann…."

"Who was the hot chick?" Edward asked us walking up and taking a glance at Bella who was sitting in the stands deep in a conversation with Coach with lust in his eyes. I growled at him, surprising myself and Eddie.

"Bella Swan." I snapped at him, he looked at me with raised eyebrows.

"Wait, wait… Is that thee Charlie Swans daughter?" Edward asked.

"Yeah" I answered.

"Oh yeah, I've heard of her before. Last week I was watching E! Channel with Ali and they were doing the true Hollywood story on Charlie Swan. Anyways the where talking about Charlie and how he left Renee, his knocked up girlfriend back in the 1990's. He sends checks every month I guess into Bella's checking account. She's like 17 now." Jasper said to me. Wow 17. Ah shit, she is under age.

"Who's 17?" a bell like voice asked from behind me. I turned around quickly coming face to face with a beauty. Bella stood before me.

"Nobody." Jasper said. I shot him a look.

"Uh, I didn't get to properly introduce myself. I'm McCarty, Emmett McCarty." I said with a goofy grin, running my left hand threw my short, curly, dirty blonde hair and sticking my right hand out.

She smiled at me, and shook it. I felt a spark run threw my body. I froze and so did she. I looked into her eyes and seemed to get lost. She was staring at me intently the same way.

After a minute or so I cleared my throat and let go of her hand. Immediately I felt and ache in my chest. What the fuck?

"I'm Jasper Whitlock, please to meet you ma'am." Jasper said shaking her hand. Edward turned to her with lust in his eyes.

"I'm Edward Cullen and baby we are going to go far." he said kissing her hand. I growled again not so shocking myself but shocking Jasper who was standing next to me.

"Oh, are you related to Carlisle?" she asked, how the fuck does she know Carlisle. He is one of the best Doctors in the world.

"Yeah. That's my dad and Emmett's adopted dad." Edward informed, she glanced at me. I shrugged; why in the hell does Edward always have to bring up my adoption in front of hot girls.

"How do you know Carlisle?" I asked her. She looked at me with sad eyes.

"Well, uh, I, uh, met him once when I had to go to the hospital." she said nervously, I instantly knew there where more to that story than she was letting on but I wasn't going to push. Couldn't say the same for Eddie though.

"He's in the major s-"

"Edward let it go." I snapped cutting him off. Bella looked at me thankfully.

I heard something buzz. Bella took out a Blackberry Storm out of her pocket. She answered it.

"Hey Braxton. No. Yeah I know. Today? Yeah I guess. Okay. I'll ask. Bye." She said to the Braxton dude. I hope that's not her boyfriend.

She turned to us and asked "Are you guys doing anything today?"

"I'm not. Why?" I asked with a small smile. Please ask to hang, please…

"Well… the guys and I are thinking about going out tonight. Do you guys want to come?" she asked with a smile.

"I can't. I got plans." Jasper answered looking a little bummed.

"Oh, it's alright Jasper." she smiled at him than turned to me. "Emmett?"

"Sure. Where are we going to go?" I shrugged.

"Oh, that's a surprise." she answered with a sly smile.

"I like surprises." I grinned widely. "What time?"

"Meet me here around nine tonight? I got to go down to the garage. I'll see later. It was nice meeting you Jasper, Emmett." she gave us a smile before walking away. I glanced at Eddie; he was staring at me with a jealous look. Kind of funny. She forgot Edward.

"Bye Bella." I called out with a wave.

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