Sequel! Sorry it took SO long.

Summary: Sequel to The Impossible. Max and the Flock set out to save the world. Fax. The Flock heads out to save the world and meets a ton of trials along the way. Max and Fang are tested, the strength of the Flock is tested. They have to fight a war. Not all of their army will survive. They might not even win.

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I'm about to die, to say goodbye to everything and once again become part of that dark sanctuary that still hovers on the outskirts of my dreams. I've been there before, and it waits for me now.

Those familiar dark eyes are filled with hate. It gets to me in a special vulnerable place. I never expected this. All of my paranoia and pessimism still didn't prepare me for this outcome.

Swords clang around me. That must be their way of mocking me. Didn't I once say that if I was in charge, wars would be fought with swords? Ha ha, it's so funny. Note the sarcasm. We stand almost no chance of winning. Not without them.

Anyway, this is my destruction. Really this time. How can I get out of this one? I've been lucky one too many times. There's no one left to save me, no one left to shoulder my blame. I'm facing a judgment that frightens me. It's ironic. My unbeatable opponent is the one I can't fight. Fang. Actually, Fang's clone.

The distinction doesn't matter. I can't kill either one of them. It may not be Fang, but he looks the same. He has Fang's arrogant smirk. He has the jet black wings. He moves in the exact same way, the way I know so well. And I love him. I'll never be the one to make the light fade from those deep, dark eyes. I can't do it. It would kill me. It will kill me. So, like I said: irony.

And while I'm moving steadily closer to my death, they're fighting. There's a cloud of blood and death and violence topped by a cause and a hate.

People fight, people die-for me, for the world. I did my part. I always knew this would be the price. Sometimes in war there are sacrifices. I just didn't expect it to hurt so much. I know, I'm always dying. It's a curse. Don't worry; this will be the last time. No one will have to save me anymore. No one will have to hear my pathetic last words, my depressing goodbyes. I'm as good as gone.

My thoughts don't go to all of the people I've lost, to those I've left behind. I don't allow them to. Dying for the second time isn't as scary. It's not as painful on an emotional level. I've loved, I've lived, I've fought, we've won. There's nothing to grieve. So the part of me that's weeping is the selfish part, the part that won't give in. That's the same part that saved me last time, that part and Fang…and Jeb.

They're all fighting a different cause right now. It's my cause, but it's not the cause for my life. Thoughts are getting blurred in the haze of battle. I don't know who's going to make it, who I'll meet up with on the other side, whose lives I've cost. Now he's swinging the killing blow. At least his face will be the last thing I see, even if it's not him. Even if his eyes hold hate and rage and destruction, burning like a fire in his irises.

It seems a shame to die now. I won't see the end of the fight. I won't get to grieve or cheer, but they can do that without me. It doesn't hurt, but it does. It's not the end, but it is. I can't cry, but I can. I won't close my eyes, but I will. I don't die, but I do.

Really short, but it's just the prologue. This prologue is, again, in the future. The next chapter backtracks. I have that written already.

I realize that this is a lot like the first one with the whole death thing, but it will be different. Please review.