Hey, guys! Remember me? =] So, sorry again for abruptly ending my last story, but I plan to keep up with this one. College starts in the Fall, though, so I don't really know how it'll be then. But for now, you can expect regular updates! So, here's to my new story! *And obviously I don't own anything BONES related, but I do dream sometimes!* Enjoy…

She was almost there.

Almost to the warmth and comfort her home provided her with.

As she hastily walked down the dark, empty street, her mind kept going back to the night's previous events.

The pouring rain stung her face where a bloody gash occupied her left cheek, and the remnants of a hand print was plastered on the right. Her tank top, drenched from the rain, hung limp and lifeless over her body. Her jeans, clinging to her legs, and her hair strewn about her face.

Soon, she thought, Soon, and I'll be home and can forget about all of this.

But even with her amazing ability to compartmentalize any situation, Temperance Brennan knew that what happened would be seared into her memory forever.

Ok, so I know it's super short. But this is just a little intro. A prelude to what's coming next. And hopefully you guys find it somewhat intriguing and want to read more? If so, let me know. R&R. The next part will be longer, but it's still a work in progress. So when I finish it, I will post it. Let me know what you think!